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Dutch Language School in Brussels, Belgium

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Learning Dutch with Richard van Egdom:
Learning Dutch with Richard van Egdom offers intensive Dutch language immersion courses at Averbode abbey in Belgium. Courses are designed to help you to learn Dutch fast, in an efficient and nevertheless relaxed way. These one-on-one immersion intensives are designed for the higher educated only, executive managers, diplomats, civil servants, professors and other who need to learn Dutch up to A2, B1, B2 level or higher in the shortest possible time. Private one-to-one 'learn Dutch retreats', are residential, held in a pleasant quiet countryside propice to relaxed and intensive learning. Weekend courses as well as 5, 7 or 9-day intensives.

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Richard van Egdom:

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Richard teaches you how to understand and speak Dutch fast. He studied family sociology and post master organizational development at Louvain University. He knows and understands what executive managers, diplomats, lawyers and the higher educated are concerned and talking about.

Richard is fluent in Dutch (his mother tongue), English, French and German and understands some Spanish, Catalan and Polish. He also teaches phenomenology of social learning and moral development at school of ontinuing studies (SCFP) of Lille II university (France)

His hobbies and interests include his job, Dutch language teaching, languages, learning strategies, life sciences, research on happiness and moral development, economics, hiking the Pyrenees Mountains and aikido.

Intensive Dutch Language Immersion Courses:

- One to one / private Dutch language courses
- 1, 2 or more residential weekend courses
- 5, 7 or 9-days intensive programs
- Non residential courses and other locations available on demand

Learning Dutch in 5, 7 or 9 days:

Richard offers a conversation based approach, private one to one theme centered teaching, full immersion and person centered Dutch language courses.

Learning Dutch or any foreign language, research shows, is one of the most demanding mental activities. A relaxed non-schoolish atmosphere, a pleasant 'small is beautiful' and quiet homely setting at the countryside, a well-balanced mix between contact and withdrawal, learning and integrating Dutch, are necessary to support learning Dutch process and Dutch language acquisition.

Full made to measure intensive one to one Dutch lessons with Richard an experienced dedicated private Dutch teacher, make learning Dutch more efficient and easier. Richard emphasizes on progress in understanding and speaking Dutch, at your pace in the shortest possible time. His theme-centered way to teach Dutch is efficient. Conversation is on topics you are interested in. Topics you want to be able to communicate about in Dutch. 

Richard hands the Dutch vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structures and grammar you need for daily communication while talking with you about your topics. Ongoing feedback improving your pronunciation and sentence structure, no unnecessary stress on formal grammar, focus is on understanding en speaking Dutch. With Richard you'll learn Dutch the fastest way: to understand, think, speak (and even dream!) in Dutch the way natives do.

Richard coaches and guides you to learn the Dutch you really need: you learn to understand, speak or improve your Dutch the most efficient way. You're not only learning Dutch : you're learning about Dutch ways of live, attitudes, ways of thinking and feeling, from inside too. You learn about Dutch habits, values, topics, our concerns and the way we are, our customs and social rules.


Image of Dutch Language School in Brussels, BelgiumBased in a pleasant quiet countryside business hotel near Brussels in Belgium, Dialoog-Nederlands offers intensive residential Dutch language immersion courses that are designed to help you to learn Dutch quickly.

Our school is in Hotel Greenpark, in a relaxing surroundings in Sint Pieters Leeuw, just 10km from Brussels.

Our private Dutch courses are residential courses. Our one-on-one immersion programs are aimed at the higher educated, especially executive managers, diplomats, civil servants, professors and others who need to learn Dutch fast. Study options include weekend courses as well as 5, 7 or 9 day intensive courses.

Student Testimonials:

"Wonderful training, really an impressive learning experience. Richard is a very dedicated and efficient professor. I will always remember this experience. Dank u Richard, dit was een bijzondere week!" 
- Mauricio, Inbev

"Richard listens well, shares is own story, is precise with details and feedback and always with a good feeling. Hartelijk dank Richard."
- David, O.D. Reflection and Action

"This was an excellent course. Richard is to be complemented on his friendly and sincere manner and his keen sense of the specific needs of his students."
- Robert, Canada

"A great learning experience, a great technique and a great learning environment"
- Robert, Duke University

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Address: Nonnemastr Sint Pieters Leeuw, Brussels, Belgium
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-07-08 were from:

Anderlecht; kowloon, Hong Kong; and more.
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Amira Language School, Brussels - Online French Classes
Courses / Programs
• GROUP CLASSES WILL REMAIN ONLINE for the time being due to Covid. Also, ONLINE PRIVATE French lessons are ongoing.

• Conveniently located near the European institutions in the centre of Brussels, Amira Language School is a large and friendly language learning center for adults and international college students (of ages 20+).

• Established in 1983, we provide year-round French courses in small groups of maximum 8 students, as well as Individual French Immersion courses (private French lessons), and a cultural immersion programme.

• We offer all learning levels from Total beginners (A0) through to Advanced (C2), with day & evening classes available.

• Our experienced and friendly teachers all have Master's degrees in teaching French to adults as a foreign language.

• Our language school is just a 3-4 minute walk from Kunst-Wet / Arts-Loi metro station.

• Our qualified tutors can also come to your home or office in the Greater Brussels / Brabant area.

• Additionally, we teach English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian & German.

• All of our courses are built around 12 progressive modules in accord with the common framework of levels for language teaching established by the Council of Europe.


"I completed two French intensive course at Amira and I am very satisfied with the result, i.e. my capability to speak. The courses are very efficient and fun due to the excellent teachers and the small groups."
Ramona, Germany

"Relation quality-price is the best, very good teacher."
Antonio, Spain
French Language Classes in Brussels / Online:
For adults, beginners to advanced

• Beginners French (European Reference Level A1)
• Intermediate French (A2)
• Higher - Advanced French (B1 - B2)
• French Proficiency (C1 - C2)
• Intensive French courses
• Twice weekly French groups (morning & evening classes available)
• Business French classes / In-company courses
• Semi-private & private French lessons (at our school or your home / office)
• Actiris (Brussels Employment Office) collaboration for private language classes
• Cultural immersion programme

Also: English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian & German classes.
TalQ: French Immersion Programs, Liege
Courses / Programs
Built on fifteen years of experience in language courses, TalQ focuses on high added value language and communication training. After your class sessions and workshops you will enjoy the local cuisine ... then choose between opera, theater or a stroll through downtown streets.

You will rapidly make new friends and share good moments with them in the bars located in “the Square” (le Carré), the animated city center. Visits to Brussels and Bruges are also scheduled in your program. An unforgettable program designed for motivated students.
Intensive French immersion course for Graduates and Young adults; Business Culture Program; French Executive Immersion Program.
Koentact Language School, Amsterdam
Courses / Programs
Founded by Koen Gijzel, Koentact Language School is centrally situated in the city center of Amsterdam at the Elandsgracht, and provides Dutch language courses with a modern and uniquely developed method. The classrooms are located on the Elandsgracht, close to the Westerkerk and the Amsterdam Woonbootmuseum. We offer group, individual, in-company and thematic Dutch language courses.

Language courses at Koentact consist of small groups, practically oriented lessons, linguistic exchange / language ‘dating’ (a language exchange with a Dutch person learning your language) and interactive learning via the internet. Our Dutch language courses are adapted to the needs and requirements of the student. All our courses focus on daily (practical) communication and culture.

At Koentact, all our teachers are native speakers of Dutch, fluent in your native language, highly experienced and well educated individuals. They are enthusiastic and flexible in their teaching approach and provide a friendly learning enviroment for all students.
Dutch language courses for all levels from beginner's to advanced:

- Private, individual one-to-one Dutch language lessons

- Dutch language group courses

- Thematic Dutch language and culture courses

- Dutch language conversation course for advanced leaners of Dutch

- Dutch language course for businesses

* We use the CEFRL 'Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Direct Dutch, The Hague
Courses / Programs
The Direct Dutch Institute, founded in 1985, is situated near the centre of The Hague, a few minutes away from Laan van NOI station. Direct Dutch provides effective courses for foreigners who wish to acquire an active command of Dutch while staying in the Netherlands.

We use the direct method, which means that we try to speak Dutch as much as possible during the lessons. (Since some aspects of the grammar will be explained in English, it is important that participants of beginners courses have a basic knowledge of English).

You might like to get to know the Dutch better, the people and their culture; perhaps you have Dutch relatives or have to live in the Netherlands for a few years; you may need Dutch for business reasons, or wish to take part in Dutch social life; or maybe you just have linguistic or historical interests, and simply like Holland, Belgium and their people. Whatever the reason, learning Dutch will make you an insider rather than an outsider in these countries.

The Hague on the North Sea coast, with a population of 0.5 million, is the third-largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and is the seat of Dutch government.

"As a student of Direct Dutch I feel that I have made excellent progress in my learning of the Dutch language..I’ve made many friends while attending class. I cannot wait to come back to do another session and to see all of my friends at Direct Dutch." 
Daytime & Evening Dutch Classes:
- Beginners Dutch A1 course (0-A1 level)
- Beginners Dutch A2 course (A1 - A2 level)
- Intermediate Dutch course (A2 - B1 level)
- Advanced Dutch course (B1 - B2 level)
- Intensive Beginners course (0 - A2 level)
- Intensive Intermediate course (A2 - B1 level)
- Intensive Advanced course (B1 - B2 level)
- NT2-II Course (Dutch as a Second Language examination preparation)
- Conversation plus (B1 +)
- Private Dutch lessons
- In-Company courses (Dutch for business)
AAA Europa Language School ASBL, Brussels
Courses / Programs
AAA Europa Language School is a non-profit organization centrally located in Uccle in the heart of Brussels, with easy access by public transport. The school offers language courses in French, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and more. We have over 20 years of experience in language training, translation and interpreting and have forged strong relationships with the area's leading companies, embassies and diplomatic missions.

As a result, the school is a hub that serves as a connection point for national and international students and reaches beyond language training into total language and cultural immersion. By providing linguistic and cultural education, we can help your organization achieve its goals.

We offer courses for the general public (individual one-to-one or courses in very small groups of max. 6 students), as well as for the professional (companies, etc) with emphasis on business language (group or individual courses in our facilities or in-company).

All the language instructors are university-trained with diverse backgrounds. This ensures a better understanding of the needs and objectives of each student.
Language programs include:

- More than 15 language courses including French, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese,

- We focus on tailored individual and group courses for professionals, academics, and newcomers to Brussels.

- Group courses (daily intensives or twice weekly mornings or evenings, Saturday mornings), individual (one-to-one) classes, and also in-company courses.
BSN Language Centre, The Hague
Courses / Programs
• The BSN Language Centre is part of The British School in The Netherlands and offers Dutch and English courses to the international community of The Hague and surrounding cities. 

• Located on Holland's west coast, less than one hour from Amsterdam and 30 minutes from Rotterdam, we provide beginner to advanced level Dutch language classes to students from around the globe.

• We have great experience of teaching international students with zero knowledge of Dutch to people who wish to take the NT2 (Dutch as a second language) exam with the Dutch Government.

• We pride ourselves on delivering high quality courses taught by native speaking teachers in a modern yet welcoming environment close to the centre of The Hague.

• We have a programme of daytime and evening courses for adults at all levels (0-A1 Beginners to B2 Upper-Intermediate on the Common European Framework). Courses include Courses include General and Intensive Dutch, Conversation classes, Dutch Exam Prep (NT2), Private language lessons, and Online Dutch classes.

• Our centre offers a truly international experience. BSN Language Centre attracts 1,500 students from all over the world every year. All of our teachers are native speakers.

Student Review:
"I am so pleased that I made the effort to take a Dutch course when I arrived here. The BSN Language Centre has been brilliant, not only did I pick up the language but I made new friends at the same time too."
BSN Language Centre student
Dutch Language Courses for Adults:

• General Dutch courses

• Intensive Dutch courses

• Private Dutch lessons

• NT2 Exam Preparation

• Online Dutch course

• Dutch Conversation classes

• In-Company courses

Course features include:
- Lively course format
- Small group classes
- Qualified & experienced, native-speaker teachers
- Modern facilities with interactive whiteboards in all classrooms