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Music, Culture & Art Courses in Florence, Italy

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Accademia Europea Di Firenze:
Accademia Europea di Firenze is an Italian language, culture, art and music school situated right in the heart of historic Florence in Tuscany, Italy. Our high standard of teaching makes us the fastest-growing school in Florence in recent years while still retaining our fun and pleasant atmosphere. Our main objective is to offer high quality courses in every subject we teach, through fully qualified and highly trained instructors. The Accademia is located at the Via Roma, exactly in the center of Florence historical sites, between the Duomo and the Repubblica square.

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Our art, music and culture courses can be taken on their own or combined with Italian language courses.

Art Classes:

Figure Drawing:

Students will learn the basic techniques of drawing (line, space, form, texture), the use of the materials and techniques to draw from still-lifPhoto of Music, Culture & Art Courses in Florence, Italye compositions. Beginning with pencils, the students will also learn to use charcoal and sanguine. More advanced students will then move on to drawing from life models, thereby furthering the study of anatomy and figure-space relationships.

Sketches of Florence:
The students will draw views of everyday life as well as the landscape of Florence which they find most interesting or significant. The mediums used will vary from charcoal to pencil, from ink to colored pencils and watercolors.

After having studied the basic notions of color theory and the techniques of form and content, transparency and opacity through the "language" of figurative painting, the students will begin to paint on paper. In each class, students will practice and apply skills to various themes and challenges. The goal of the watercolor course is to improve or perfect the skills they need to pursue this medium independently.

Oil Painting:
At the AEF you will learn how to use this ancient expressionist form of painting and learn the techniques. This course is designed for aspiring or professional artists looking for new approaches or searching for a deeper knowledge of creative processes involved in artistry.

The beginners' ceramic course in Florence will help the student to become acquainted with ceramics and all the potential forms it might take and which techniques should be applied to achieve each one. The course contemplates all the primary methods of molding and adorning clay, covering the essential theoretic information about the nature of clay and glazes. The intermediate ceramic course in Florence is designed to provide students who already have covered all the basic notions of building and glazing of ceramics among some other basic techniques.

The AEF offers a complete sculpture course enabling you to develop and perfect your sculpting skills, transforming shapeless mediums into beautiful and intriguing works of art. This is a course for those interested in learning or perfecting the technique of clay modeling. The students will create their sculptures by using both their hands and with the use of simple but irreplaceable tools.

Appraisal of Antiques:
This is a specialized course for students in field of antiques or restoration or even for antique lovers. The course will teach students how to correctly evaluate the origin and age of antique objects and furniture.


This course is indicated for those who are interested in starting and specializing about the techniques of refurbishing books, drawings, or antique paintings.  After some introductory theory refurbishing lessons and its appropriate materials and equipments, the students will learn to take the books to pieces, clean, and refurbish the papers; and also to amend volumes with paper, parchment and leather, and to make pictorial repairs in drawings and paintings.

This beginners course begins with the understanding the basics of photography: the camera and how it works (the light meter, aperture, shutter and film speeds) as well as the use of the darkroom (developing film, printing photographs, enlarging, techniques for correcting exposure, etc.).

Music Courses:
Whether you would like to begin, continue or perfect your music studies, here you will study with specialized instructors, from the main Italian conservatories. Courses include:

Neapolitan Song; Group Singers; Diction for Singers; History of Italian Music; History and Language of Melodrama; Opera Directing; Opera Libretti; Piano Accompaniment; Piano - Elementary/ Advanced; Musical Instruments; Vocal Technique for Lyrical Singers; Vocal Music of the Middle Ages- the Renaissance and the Baroque; Interpretation of Chamber Lyrics.

Italian Culture Courses:
In the Italian culture course, you will study Italian language together with the aspects of Italian culture that interest you most. Courses include:

Art History; History of ItaImage of Music, Culture & Art Courses in Florence, Italylian Cinema; History of Italian Theater; History of Literature; History of Contemporary Italy; Short Courses in Art History

Italian Cuisine Courses:
The Italian cuisine is the most universal and savoured cuisine of the occidental world. Our students also have the opportunity to do an internship in one of the best restaurants in Florence. This course is fundamental for professionals and for those who desire to delve deeper into Italian Cuisine. Courses include:

Italian Cuisine; Italian Cuisine + Wine Appreciation; Italian Cuisine + Internship; Italian Cuisine + Wine Appreciation + Internship

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Address: Via Roma 4, Florence, Italy
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• Founded by Chef John Nocita, ICI presents Italy's most advanced culinary programs for professional chefs, pastry chefs, students, serious home cooks & epicureans. Courses (taught in English or Italian) include full immersion culinary, baking, pastry and gelato programs, with 1-week, 2-week, & 3-month study options available.

• Each of our culinary arts programs include quality hotel accommodation, meals with wine, course materials, culinary travel, market visits, and more!

Student Reviews:
"Life changing experience. They approach all culinary endeavors paying due respect to the ingredients being used"
- Mark, USA

"Studying at ICI was among the most amazing experiences of my life. I attended courses both as a student and was then invited to be an assistant to Chefs John and Nic. Not only did I get a Great Education but the setting overlooking the Ionian Sea was absolutely marvelous and breathtaking."
- Charles, USA

"Attending ICI was the best investment I have ever made for my future. Not only did we learn everything about authentic regional Italian cuisine and become better industry professionals, I learned how to taste and trust my palate. Chef John is a true master and will always be a mentor to me."
- Mike, USA
Professional Italian Cooking Courses / Chef Training
(Short & intensive culinary courses taught in English & Italian languages)

3-month course:
• Master of Italian Cuisine

2-week course:
• The Evolution of Italian Cuisine

1-week courses:

• Foundation of Italian Cuisine
• Traditional Italian Charcuterie
• Artisan Italian Cheese Making
• Pastry, Desserts and Gelato
• Pizza Focaccia and Specialty Breads, Artisan Baking
Updated: 2021-09-19
Updated: 2021-09-19
European Cultural Academy - Art, Architecture & Design Courses
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• Experience Venice, Italy and the Venice Biennale together with like-minded students from all over the world with immersive and creative art & design courses from the European Cultural Academy (ECA).

• The aim of the ECA is to enhance knowledge and advance your career in architecture, art, design, and other creative industries.

• Our participants come from all backgrounds and the course is open for anyone with an interest in arts, architecture and culture.

• For more than a decade, we have helped creative communities to increase visibility, build connections and make a lasting impact on their careers.

• You and your peers are immersed in an inspiring environment led by renowned faculty and industry experts. Gain new skills to create greater impact with your work immediately.

• Prominent professors in related fields ensure a solid academic component and will enable you to gain a wider perspective.

• Our faculty includes artists, designers, curators, gallerists, architects and scholars that will help you to build necessary skills and enable you to navigate through an opaque and very competitive industry.
Contemporary Art, Architecture & Design Courses in summer, spring & fall - taught in English:

• Join for 1 week to focus on a particular topic

• Join for 2 weeks to cover wider field of subjects

• Join for 3 weeks for in-depth all-round experience and extra opportunities

Course Options:
• Contemporary Art
• Contemporary Architecture - Opening Of The Architecture Biennale
• Contemporary Architecture
• Venice Architecture Biennale
• Design: The World Around Us
• 3-Day Venice Architecture Biennale Power Course
The Florence Art Studio
Courses / Programs
• Located in the heart of the historic city center, The Florence Art Studio provides intensive art programs taught in English to international students and professionals from around the world. We offer short, customized courses that teach the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life.

• Choose to study for 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks or longer. 

• Our programs can be divided into six discrete and sequentially progressive modules, each of which can be studied from one week to one month or longer. Alternatively, each module can be taken as a stand-alone course.

• The majority of our students are adult professionals of all backgrounds and levels, from complete beginner to advanced, who are passionate about Florence, the Renaissance, Painting & Drawing.

• Students work within a structured environment, under the guidance of an instructor who personally monitors their progress and development for three hours a day, and the remaining time is structured with other activity.

• Your drawing or painting program is intensively taught in an encouraging environment, with a great deal of personal attention given to each student, through intensive individual training and one on one lessons.

• Our studio is situated on Via Ghibellina, only a few steps from the main historic and artistic places of interest in the center of the city.

Student Review:
"It was wonderful. Not only is the studio a magnificent space to work in, but also Gary is a brilliant instructor. I loved every moment of it." - Penny, UK
Intensive Art Program of Drawing and/or Painting
- Taught in English

A program of academic training divided into six separate modules covering life drawing & painting skills, each serving as the foundation for the next.

Alternatively, you can choose to take any module as a stand-alone course, from one week to a month or longer.

Modules / Areas of Study include:
• Bargue Drawing
• Cast Drawing
• Portrait and Figure Drawing
• Freehand Cast Drawing
• Still Life Painting
• Portrait and Figure Painting

The starting date for any program is generally at the beginning of the week (Monday).
Metallo Nobile, Florence
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The school was estabished in 1998 and is located in the old part of Florence. There are classrooms for drawing and designing both by hand and by computer, and a large. fully-equipped workshops with individual professional workbenches, and the instruments and tools needed for the various specialisations as well as machinery for complete cycle casting. Courses are available for a minimum of one month and a maximum of a year and are aimed at those are newcomers to the craft and also those who already have some basic knowledge and wish to gain specialisation. Lessons are morning and afternoon every day from Monday to Friday. Lessons are held in Italian but we have a teaching assistant who can help students when they do not understand.
- Jewellery crafting (basic and advanced)
- Jewellery design and technical drawing
- 3D Computer design
- wax modelling
- Enamelling
- Casting
- Engraving
- Stone settng
- Chiselling / Embossing
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We welcome international students from around the world, as well as students living in Italy. Our courses include fashion photography and private photography, and are suitable for all levels - from complete beginner to advanced.
Photography courses taught in English:
- Photography & Fashion Summer Course
- 2-year Professional Photography Diploma Course