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Design & Art Courses in Christchurch, New Zealand

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Design & Arts College of New Zealand, Christchurch:
The Design and Arts College of New Zealand (D&A) in Christchurch, New Zealand is the South Island’s only tertiary institute dedicated to design and arts education. We offer certificate and diploma courses in fields including Art; Interior Design; Photography; Fashion Design; Makeup Design among others. We also offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in in partnership with Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. The aim of D&A is to bring students from all over the world together with industry professionals to create a community of people passionate about design and arts. We are New Zealand government funded (TEC) and registered (NZQA).

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Art & Design certificate, diploma and degree courses include:

Certificate in Design and Arts (Foundation):
Half an Academic Year, Level 4, January & July Intake

Students who complete the Certificate in Design and Arts (Foundation) will have a guaranteed pathway to other courses offered at thImage of Design & Art Courses in Christchurch, New Zealande Design and Arts College of New Zealand.*
*Academic entry requirements must be met before acceptance into some courses.

- Open entry. No portfolio required.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

Drawing, life drawing, painting, photography, print media, three dimensional studies, principles of design, fibre arts, critical studies, digital media, portfolio development.

The Foundation course is an intensive eighteen week course of full-time study. It is designed to give students confidence to develop the skills necessary to begin study at tertiary level. It brings students with little or no prior experience up to speed, or improves existing skills in the development of visual arts.

Throughout the course students will become increasingly aware of and are encouraged to explore some key techniques of visual expression, with components in drawing, life drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, three-dimensional studies, principles of design, fibre arts and graphic design. In addition to studio practice, students develop an understanding of the terminology used to describe and interpret works of art. They are encouraged to develop critical thought processes and research skills when reviewing their work and the work of others.

Graduates emerge with a well-rounded appreciation of the visual arts and cultural values, and a solid basis of experience from which to explore future study or career options.

Fine Arts Courses:
- Diploma of Art (Advanced) -3 Academic Years, Level 7, January Intake
- Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts – 4 Academic Years, Level 7, February

- Portfolio and interview. NCEA level 2, preferably level 3 (High School Year 12/13) or equivalent.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Drawing, life drawing, painting, photography, print media, three dimensional studies, fibre arts, critical studies, digital media, art history, theory and criticism, business studies, body of work, studio research, marketing, art and design theory.


The Fine Arts course offers a unique combination of learning through practice-based study supported by comprehensive research, reflection, critical analysis and academic study. In the initial stages of a fine arts education students experience and experiment with a broad range of studio subjects, disciplines and media; spending the majority of their studio practice time with tutors. As students progress they are able to select media from a range of studio subjects and their studio practice becomes increasingly self-directed.

First Academic Year:
The first academic year provides a solid grounding in arts theory and history, while developing a wide range of practical skills through studio learning.

Second Academic Year:
The second academic year is designed to further consolidate student’s skills and understanding of a fine arts practice, theory and history.

Third Academic Year:
Photos of Design & Arts College of New Zealand, ChristchurchThe third academic year allows students to develop an individual course in research and studio practice in the media of their choice. This self-directed study is negotiated through a learning contract with assistance from tutors. In addition to self-directed study, students take classes in art history and theory. 


Fourth Academic Year:
The Bachelor of Fine Arts year is delivered at D&A in Christchurch on behalf of Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. The course includes the study of arts, marketing, promotion and business practices.
Students produce a body of work in their studio practice. They are required to demonstrate in-depth research and write two academic essays that locate their work into a contemporary theoretical context.

Photography Courses:
- Diploma of Contemporary Photography - 2 Academic Years, Level 6, January
- Diploma of Art (Advanced) - 3 Academic Years, Level 7, January
- Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - 4 Academic Years, Level 7, February

- Portfolio and interview. NCEA level 2, preferably level 3 (High School Year 12/13) or equivalent.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Technical aspects of photography, contemporary practice, history of photography, drawing, digital media, business studies.

Emphasis is on learning through making work and producing photographic images to a high standard. During the Contemporary Photography course, students are encouraged to develop a strong, personal and creative direction in their work through the briefs that cover a wide range of topics and ideas. At the end of the course, graduates will have produced a body of photographic work that can be used for a portfolio.

Graphic Design:
- Diploma of Communication Arts and Design - 2 Academic Years, Level 6, January and July
- Diploma of Art (Advanced) - 3 Academic Years, Level 7, January
- Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design Bachelor of Fine Arts – 4 Academic Years, Level 7, February

Picture of Design & Art Courses in Christchurch, New ZealandENTRY REQUIREMENTS:
- Portfolio and interview. NCEA Level 2 (High School Year 12) or equivalent.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Computer practical, basic design, colour theory, typography, drawing, production, graphic design, design history, photography, business studies, portfolio development.

The Graphic Design course is modelled on the working environments of top creative agencies. Students prepare for situations they will encounter in their careers, building confidence and an industry perspective that cannot be taught in a typical class setting.

In the process of working with industry based briefs the students become skilled in working with the software.

Diploma of Architectural Design and Technology:
3 Academic Years, Level 7, January

- NCEA Level 2 (High School Year 12) with Level 3 (High School Year 13) Physics or Science, and Graphics or Art or equivalent.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Design studio, environmental design, architectural drawing, digital communication/computer aided design and documentation, presentation techniques, construction, laws and regulations, business studies, urban design, history of architecture, theory of architecture, critical studies, drawing and presentation, architectural drawing, professional practice, internship experience.

Images of Design & Arts College of New Zealand, ChristchurchAlong with the study and practice of freehand and perspective drawing techniques, Architectural Design students learn architectural draughting, working with relevant national and international standards in the presentation of detailed working construction documents. Familiarity with industry standard computers is gained in the digital communication component. This digital imaging component also gives the students the chance to apply their draughting, design and presentation skills digitally and enables them to explore 3D modelling, computer rendering and the production of digital drawings.

Diploma of Interior Design:
2 Academic Years, Level 5, January and July Intake


- Portfolio and interview. NCEA Level 2 (High School Year 12) or equivalent with good Mathematics, English and Art or Graphics.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

Theory and principles of interior design, design process, critical studies, furniture and product design, retail design, product knowledge, ergonomics, construction technology, perspective/technical drawing, design history, drawing and presentation, digital communication/CADD, laws and regulations, business studies.

An analytical and strategic approach to presenting a design solution is encouraged in the Diploma of Interior Design mainly through the design process, critical studies, and interior design modules. Problem solving skills are considered an important and integral element of the course. Students research leading design movements and the work of influential designers. The students apply this knowledge as they interpret real-world client briefs, coordinating, managing and presenting their own design solutions.
Preparation for success in the real world is stepped up with components that provide the seamless integration
into the workforce.

Fashion Design:

- Diploma of Fashion Design - 2 Academic Years, Level 5, January and July
- Diploma of Fashion Design (Advanced) - 3 Academic Years, Level 6, August

- Portfolio and interview. NCEA Level 2, preferably Level 3 (High School Year 12/13) or equivalent.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

Patternmaking, construction, drawing, textiles, history of fashion, design development, fabric printing, millinery, digital media, computer aided patternmaking, business studies, designing a collection, internship.

In the Fashion Design course the emphasis is on industry relevant teaching. Components such as fabric printing, millinery, and designing a collection are incorporated into the course, as well as regular industry visits. An internship programme at the beginning of students third year of study also plays a huge role in students development.

Certificate of Makeup Design and Production:
1 Academic Year, Level 4, January intake

- Portfolio and interview.
- English language entry requirements, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

Corrective, fashion and catwalk makeup, character and period makeup, special effects and prosthetics, hairstyling, body art, photography, drawing, airbrushing.

Photo of Design & Art Courses in Christchurch, New ZealandThe professional makeup artist must be ready and able to work in a multitude of environments where creating the right look is essential. From film and television to fashion, theatre and music, the makeup artist is called upon to create characters and illusions, enhance reputations and explore the imagination. The resounding success of film, television and theatre in New Zealand has created a demand for highly skilled makeup artists.
Students work in an industry-style studio environment and respond to briefs requiring specialist practical application. The theory of makeup design covers a range of topics, from professional ethics and research to the interpretation of scripts and their makeup and styling requirements.

The application of the fashion, corrective, character and period makeup, special effects, ageing, body art, airbrushing and prosthetics are the key elements taught within the course. Hair styling, wig application, moustache knotting and the use of prosthetic materials are also integral course elements.
Photographic skills are essential for documentation and presentation of work and are gained through an introduction to camera use, lighting and the development of a portfolio. Students need to provide their own 35mm SLR digital camera so they can keep a photographic record of their work. See student handbook for camera functions needed.

A business studies component prepares the student for work as an independent contractor. In addition to formal classes, the course encourages students to seek work experience whilst studying. This often involves experience as a makeup advisor or artist for local theatre groups, TV advertisements, music videos, short films, fashion shows and high school productions. Close liaison with industry provides many opportunities for workplace visits and experience throughout the year and for the development of students own networks with industry.

The course includes a Fashion and Visual Show produced with fashion design students. This event gives students the opportunity to parade their work in front of key industry representatives.

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Address: 116 Worcester St, Christchurch City, Christchurch, New Zealand
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"The facilities that the Arts University Bournemouth has to offer are absolutely amazing. First off, the library was one of the most resourceful places I have come across in my entire stay there."
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Diploma Courses:

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• Computer Graphic Design - Level 6
• Interactive Design - Level 6
• Web Development - Level 6
• Animation (Advanced) - Level 6
• Video Post Production (Advanced)-Level 6
• Digital Media (Advanced) - Level 7
• Advanced 3D Graphics – Level 7

Foundation certificate course:
• iCreate Foundation course in Digital Design – Level 3
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Undergraduate Bridging Certificate of Art and Design (Foundation), Certificate of Art and Design - 1st year BFA exit qualification, Diploma of Art and Design - 2nd year BFA exit qualification, Diploma of Art & Design (Advanced)- 3rd year BFA exit qualification, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (4 years)

4 majors in the undergraduate BFA: Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion Design & Photography, Film/Video.

Postgraduate in Fine Arts and Arts Administration, Arts Therapy and Arts Therapy (Clinical).
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• We offer foundation courses in art & design, day and evening courses year-round, as well as one-to-one tutorials tailored to your needs. Online classes are also available.

• Located in Wapping, the Borough of Tower Hamlets, East London close to Tower Bridge, LAP welcomes students from throughout the UK, as well as international students from around the world.

• London Art Portfolio was set up by Julia Dennis, a practicing artist who exhibits regularly in the UK and abroad.

• Julia has many years of experience in preparing art and design portfolios for all specialist areas for degree applications, organising exhibitions, and preparing students for interviews.

• Our courses attract a vibrant, diverse mix of creative students from all over the world, great for making new friends and fully enjoying London too!

Student Review:
"Thanks so much for your help Julia! Our sessions gave me that step up that I really needed to get my portfolio and statement together in the nick of time!

The focus, encouragement and ideas that came out of sessions together were invaluable."
- Amy - Otis College of Art and Design, MA Degree in Fine Art
Online Portfolio Preparation Courses in Art / Design.

Art & Design Portfolio Courses / Career Change / Private Tutoring in London UK:

• Fine Art
• Fashion Design
• Textiles
• Graphic Design
• Photography
• 3D Design / Architecture

Year-round & Summer Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Courses: 24, 18, 12, 6, or 4 weeks
• Digital Portfolio Preparation
• Foundation Course in Art & Design
• 1 week Enrichment Course in Drawing or Model Making
• One-to-one Tutoring
• Art & Design Short / Evening Classes
• Art & Design Summer Courses (Adults & Teens)
• Corporate Workshops
• Private Online Tutoring (Adults & Teens)