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toBE, Dublin:
toBE is a training company based in Dublin, Ireland that provides professional and personal development programmes through theatre-based learning methods. Our courses and workshops cover topics including Leadership Development, Management Development, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Team Development among others. For over 20 years we have been designing and delivering programmes that give people insight in how they perform and how they can develop to optimal performance.

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Photo of Professional & Personal Development Courses in DublinLeading with Emotional Intelligence:
toBE’s Leading with Emotional Intelligence Programme is an integrated approach to the development of leaders for optimal performance. This intervention will increase our participants’ awareness of the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) while also providing the opportunity to enhance their leadership effectiveness by smarter use of their EQ.

EQ refers to the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions in us and in our relationships. It allows managers and leaders to have:

- The trust to build fruitful and productive relationships;
- The resilience to perform under pressure;
- The courage to make decisions;
- The strength to persevere through adversity;
- The vision to create the future with others.

EQ therefore influences how you handle yourself and others in coping with the demands and pressures of your business and personal life. Research shows that EQ is more than twice as important as IQ and technical skills as to what sets star performers apart from the average.

When it comes to technical skill and the core competencies that make a company competitive, the ability to outperform others depends on the relationships of the people involved that ultimately relates to the degree of EQ of its employees and leaders. In addition, there is a ripple effect - leaders possessing EQ will create an effective work climate that will further develop EQ in other parts of their organization. This programme uses the original and most validated EQ tool: the BarOn EQ-i.

Confident Assertiveness:

toBE assertive is not just a difficulty for some – everybody ‘suffers’ from it somewhere. Do you often find that others coerce you into thinking their way? Is it difficult for you to express your positive or negative feelings openly and honestly? Do you sometimes lose control and become angry at others who don't warrant it? A "yes" answer to any of the above questions may be an expression of "lack of assertiveness."

Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the rights of others. It is appropriately direct, open, and honest communication which is self-enhancing and expressive. Being assertive will allow you to feel self-confident and will generally gain you the respect of your peers and friends. It will improve your decision-making ability and possibly your chances of getting what you really want from life.
This course, based on positive psychology, gives you the insights and techniques to be confidently assertive in the most daunting experiences. It is run by Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs

Who will benefit from attending?
Anybody who wants to get to grips with their lack of confidence and assertiveness – real or perceived – in a controlled, safe and impactful manner.

What are you learning?
- The understanding of what confident assertiveness is
- Managing Perceptions of self and others
- The 4 ways to build confident assertiveness
- The practice of confident assertiveness
- Believing in the right toBE confidently assertive

How are you learning?
This unique programme is a mixture of 15% theory and research, 25% of reflection and awareness homework, 10% of writing and 50% action-based and experiential practice.

Customer Loyalty using EQ:
You will master the techniques that build loyalty from your Customers. You will have the confidence, innovation and creativity to enjoy the best Customer Service interactions. Evidence shows that the majority of people place more importance on the behaviour of the service giver than on the system. Using your emotional intelligence (EQ) to deal with difficult behaviours will strengthen your impact on Customers – resulting in turning complaints into opportunities.

Petra Costigan-Oorthuijs will run this programme with 2 actors.

Who will benefit from attending?
Experienced Customer Servants and Sales People on the phone and/or face-to-face, who want to raise their customer ratings to the highest level, will benefit. If you have challenging messages to deliver to customers whilst needing to build their trust in your role, this course is an absolute must.

What are you learning?
• Have an increased understandinImage of Professional & Personal Development Courses in Dubling of what customers really want
• Know how to interact with people creatively and skilfully
• Be able to handle difficult and emotional situations successfully
• Be customer focused as well as technically skilled
• Have a toolkit of techniques which can be used every day
• Be able to turn negative situations into positive opportunities
• Increase customer satisfaction ratings within your organisation
• Built lasting relationships with customers for sales and service
• How to use your EQ in Customer Relations

This course utilises leading edge learning methods, strongly linking theatre-based training with solid, well-grounded models and theory, used in best-practice companies.

Storytelling for Leaders:
Theatre is the place where for decades stories of our time, our culture, our people and our deepest feelings are told. Where audiences are enthralled, appalled, challenged but always captured by the weaving of words, embodiment and setting. This enjoyable, hard-working day will give you the stories to capture your audiences and the techniques to create those stories. You will tap into your seanachaí with ease and wisdom on every occasion.

Who will benefit from attending?
Anybody who leads in Executive Leadership Roles or is about to step into one.

What are you learning?
- The key elements of a story
- The performance of telling a story right
- Your personal story unfolded
- Choosing the fitting story for the message in Organisations

How are we learning?
This unique programme is a mixture of 15% theory and research, 25% of reflection and awareness homework, 10% of writing and 50% action-based and experiential practice.

toBE Emotional Intelligence:
What makes some people more successful then others and is it true that this has little to do with technical skills or IQ? These and many other questions you may have on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will be answered through experience in this fun, exhilarating and personal workshop. Not only will you get a thorough understanding of what EQ is, more importantly you will know how much you are using your EQ abilities at present and what is the smartest choice you can make for your success.

Who will benefit from attending?
Anybody with a personal and professional interest in EQ and who is up for a physical and vocal development challenge is welcome on the course.

What are we learning?
- What EQ is (and is not)
- The difference between EQ and IQ
- A thorough understanding of each EQ competency
- Identify how you are using your EQ (body & voice)
- Prioritize & develop your EQ abilities to meet your personal & career challenges
- Create and implement your EQ development plan

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Address: Bawn Hill, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland
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