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Chinese Traditional Medicine Schools in China

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Allied Gateway, Shanghai:
Allied Gateway offers our students the opportunity to study Chinese medicine in China. We are located throughout China in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guilin, Nanchang and Guangzhou. We offer a Chinese medicine clinical study program.

Courses / Programs:

Photo of Chinese Traditional Medicine Schools in China- TCM / Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture / Tuina / Taiji / Qigong Programs
- 4-week intensive Chinese medicine theory / acupuncture / tuina basic program
- TCM / Acupuncture / Tuina Clinical Practice Program
- 3-month Acupunture / Tuina TCM Basic Course
- Advanced 3-month Acupunture / Tuina TCM Course

Program advantages
1) The program focuses on educational quality and given by lecturers who are either of at least 10-years-up experienced TCM doctors or of high TCM degreed teachers. They are all real elites in TCM;

2) The program has a big part on case-study by hospital doctors who have many years of treatment experiences. It is not only a normal theoretical program but a unique one;

3) Unlike other program which gains a superficial understanding through cursory, to ensure a best results, class is set up to small class with about 10 students each time, sometimes 4-6 students, hence every student can be paid highly attention.

4) The program also includes TCM therapies on modern treatments to illnesses like weight-loss, beauty etc which is advanced on the earth;

5) The program includes a quarter of time length on TCM hospital probation which TCM doctors teach you hand to hand and you can talk to patients face to face!

What Is Included?

Image of Chinese Traditional Medicine Schools in China- Class / lecture
- Clinical practice / probation
- Accommodation
- Airport arrival-pick-up
- Orientation package
- Allied Gateway Live-in-China Handbook
- Map of China city
- English / Chinese menu
- Emergency card with 24/7 staff contact info
- Weekend activities within city
- Money exchange and bank account openning assistance
- Assistance with travel plans and arrangements
- 24/7 emergency support
- Allied Gateway on-site on-going assistance

How to Apply

To apply, you need to meet requirements below
1. Over 18 years old
2. Be a high school graduate and/or with medical background
3. Be in good health

Hotel single room, well furnished with bed, TV, telephone, private bathroom, desk, and air-conditioner. We offer you internet access free of charge. PC not included. The accommodation covers from one day prior to the program starting date to the day when the program finishes.

Airport Transfer
Allied Gateway offers free arrival-pick-up at the airport. Our staff will meet you at the arrival gate after you get your luggage and take you to your accommodation. You need to provide us with correct flight information – flight number / flight arrival date / airline.

Other Courses Available :

Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture / Tuina Courses
4-week Acupuncture / Tuina Intensive Basic Course
3 week / 2-week Tuina Program
TCM / Acupuncture / Tuina Clinical Practice Program
Shanghai 3-month Acupunture Basic Course
Beijing 3-month Acupunture Basic Course
Advanced 3-month Acupunture Course

Taiji / Tai Chi / Qigong / Chi Kung / Qi / Chi Courses
26-day Taiji / Qigong course in Shanghai
Taiji / Qigong Course in Beijing

Mandarin / Chinese Courses
Spring Intensive Business Mandarin Course
Spring Intensive Mandarin Course
4-week Mandarin Immersion Spring Short Term Program
Spring Semester Mandarin Course in Shanghai
Spring Semester Mandarin Course in Guangzhou
Spring Semster Mandarin Course in Beijing
4-week / 8-week Mandarin Summer Course in Shanghai
Mandarin Summer Course in Beijing
Mandarin Short Term Course in Beijing

Martial Arts / Wushu / Kung Fu Courses
Short Term Martial Arts Course in Shanghai
Semester Martial Arts Course in Shanghai
Beijing Short Term Martial Arts Course
Semester Martial Arts Course in Beijing
Martial Arts Summer Course in Beijing

International Mandarin Summer Program
Mandarin Summer Camp

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Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2020-05-26 were from:

Bihar, India;   GA, USA;   Brussels, Belgium;   India;   Hoshiarpur/ punjab, India;   Mexico;   toronto, Canada;   Shanghai, China;   Beijing, UK & England;   Italy, Italy;   and more.
Related Schools & Programs. Inquire to our admissions team today:
College of International Education, Tianjin University of Technology
Courses / Programs
The College of International Education (CIE) at Tianjin University of Technology (TUT) in China is a school established especially for recruiting international students for TUT, offering short-term and long-term programs in Chinese language study and programs for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various fields of science, engineering, management, literature, art and law.

Apart from the language programs and degree programs, international students can also learn Wushu (Chinese martial arts), Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Beijing opera, etc., and take rewarding tours throughout China to experience the unique Chinese culture. International students from more than 20 countries have come to study at TUT and we have productive cooperation with universities and institutions in many countries.

The College of International Education (CIE) will help you with application and admission, entry visa, registration, course selection, housing, and residence formalities in China.
Bachelor's degree programs include:
- Business Administration
- Insurance
- Engineering Management
- Information Management & Systems
- Social Work,
- Art Design (including fashion design)
- Computer Science & Technology

Master degree programs include:
- Chinese language and literature
- Social work;
- Mathematics
- Material science and engineering
- Mechanical engineering
- Industrial design
& many more
St Theresa International College
Courses / Programs
• Situated just 1 hour north-east of Bangkok, Thailand, St Theresa International College is an English speaking university that provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

• Academic programs at St Theresa International College have been designed to prepare students in pursuing careers anywhere in the world.

• It has five faculties: Business Administration, Humanities & Social Sciences, Education, Nursing Science and Public Health, offering numerous degree programs that allow students to maximize on their potential.

• Whichever program you choose, you shall be given full access to high quality learning resources that’ll help you expand on your intellectual horizon.

• Our undergraduate programs have been fine-tuned to international standards. As a student, you will be exposed to an environment where you are free to question and challenge innovative ideas together with esteemed professors, giving you the opportunity to expand upon your chosen academic field and prepare you to step into the professional world.
Undergraduate & Postgraduate Degree Programs:

• B.Sc. in Aeronautics
• B.Sc. in Air Traffic Control
• B.B.A. in Airline Business
• B.Com.Arts in Digital Media
• B.Ed. in English
• B.Ed. in Mathematics
• B.A. in English for Business Communication
• B.B.A. in International Business
• B.B.A. in Logistics Management
• B.N.S. in Nursing Science
• B.Sc. in Occupational Health and Safety
• B.Sc. in Public Health
• B.Ed. in Science
• B.B.A. in Tourism & Hotel
• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• M.Ed. in Educational Administration
• Graduate Diploma in Teaching
Stamford International University, Bangkok
Courses / Programs
• Stamford International University Thailand (STIU) is an accredited international university in Bangkok and Hua-Hin that offers a range of full-time and part-time Degree programs taught in English to international students and Thai natives.

• Study options include BBA, MBA, and General Bachelor Degree courses in a range of business, marketing, technology, and media specializations.

• Stamford utilizes the most innovative teaching and learning methods, with courses designed to be as supportive and “student-centric” as possible.

• This focus, combined with small class sizes, allows for more individual attention to be given to each student, leading to a gradual increase in English language confidence and proven, quantifiable outcomes.

• Stamford International University and our programs, curricula & degree programs are fully accredited by the Ministry of Education (MoE) & the Ministry of University Affairs (MUA) of Thailand.

Student Testimonial:
"The courses are interesting and not just about learning theories, it is practical, you learn through discussions, case studies and field trips."
- Petr, Czech Republic, MBA student
Undergraduate & Graduate Programs taught in English:

MBA Programs
Full-time (12 months) & part-time (18 months)

• Marketing Management
• Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degrees
3 yrs study + internship
• International Business Administration
• International Business Management
• International Hotel Management
• Marketing
• Entrepreneurship

Further Bachelor Degrees
• Creative Media Design
• Information Technology
• Broadcast & Journalism
• Advertising & Public Relations
International Hotel and Tourism Industry Management School
Courses / Programs
I-TIM is located in Bangkok. It was established in 1988 and has been awarded "The best school award" by the Ministry of Education. Students learn both theory and practical subjects. With a belief in education as a means of fostering individual moral and intellectual growth, I-TIM has dedicated itself to professionally educate and train students interested in challenging careers in hotel and tourism industry management. I-TIM's success will be measured by how well it assists individual students in defining and fulfilling their careers and life goals.
1 year Certificate in Hotel & Tourism Operations and a 2 year Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management.
Simitri China, part of Simitri Group International
Courses / Programs
Simitri Group International is a communication skills training, coaching and consulting company. With our offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America, your employees will receive the same support delivered by a single supplier.

Simitri China is part of Simitri Group International and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. Simitri improves clients’ bottom line by transforming individual and team behaviour. By combining our business expertise, industry knowledge and some of the most effective courses, techniques and tools from around the world, we provide our clients with uniquely personalised solutions that address their issues and requirements.

Our training workshops bring together the skills that individuals and teams need to succeed in today’s business environment. These include selling to clients, influencing colleagues, presenting ideas and recommendations, leading teams and negotiating with suppliers.

Our executive coaching sessions and consulting services improve the communication, leadership, management and interpersonal skills of key team members; helping them to become more productive and focused on achieving their goals.
Training Workshops:
- Presentation Skills
- The Master Presenter
- Media Skills
- Precision Questioning
- Having an Opinion
- Business Strategy
- Influencing Skills
- Negotiation Skills
and more

Executive Coaching:
- Management & Leadership
- Developing High Performing Teams
- Communication Skills
- Sales & Business Development
- Vision Development
- Strategic Planning
and more

Consulting Services:
- Training Needs Analysis
- Vision Development
- Pitching for Business
- Developing the Message
and more

Presentation Skills Open Workshop in China (Shanghai) on 9 Sep 2016
Tsinghua University
Courses / Programs
Tsinghua University located in the District of Haidian, northwestern Beijing (38km from Capital International Airport), China, is ranked as the best university in mainland China.

Tsinghua University offers Bachelor, Masters and Ph. D. degree programs to both national and international students in academic fields including sciences, engineering, humanities and arts, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, education and medicine and so on.

In December 1950, fifteen students from Eastern Europe were enrolled into Tsinghua, and it was the first time for the universities of new China to accept foreign students. In the past six decades, Tsinghua has enrolled a total of 15,000 international students.

The School of Economics and Management, ranked as “the best business school of China” by Fortune, has been certificated by AACSB and EQUIS, and it is the only school in China who has won this certification.

The research papers from this university have ranked in the top 1% in the world in such areas as physics, chemistry, material science, engineering, and computer science.
Masters Programs taught in English:
- Environmental Engineering and Management
- Mechanical Engineering
- Advanced Computing
- Architecture
- Law Program (LL.M. Program) in Chinese Law
- International Development (MID)
- International Master in Business Administration (IMBA)
- International Relations

Graduate Programs taught in Chinese:
- Master in Public Management
- Master in Arts
- Master of Business Administration (MBA)

- Chinese Language Program