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Simitri China, part of Simitri Group International:
Simitri Group International is a communication skills training, coaching and consulting company. With our offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America, your employees will receive the same support delivered by a single supplier. Simitri China is part of Simitri Group International and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. Simitri improves clients’ bottom line by transforming individual and team behaviour. By combining our business expertise, industry knowledge and some of the most effective courses, techniques and tools from around the world, we provide our clients with uniquely personalised solutions that address their issues and requirements.

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What Simitri Do:

Simitri is about change: Changing behaviours, attitudes, perceptions and mindsets to drive business results. Simitri improves clients’ bottom line by transforming individual and team behaviour. Our training workshops are focused on skills that individuals and teams need to succeed in today’s business environment. These include: selling to clients, influencing colleagues, presenting ideas and recommendations, leading teams and negotiating with suppliers.

Our executive coaching sessions are focused on improving communication, leadership and interpersonal skills of key team members, thus helping them to become more productive and focus on achieving their key performance indicators. Our consulting services are designed to help our clients become more effective when implementing change, identifying training requirements, pitching to prospective clients, facilitating group sessions, and creating internal communications.

Simitri Partners:
Simitri is proud to partner with these companies to deliver training, coaching and consulting services that meet the needs of our clients:

- Bharti Resources a wholly owned subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises, is a premier end-to-end learning and development solutions organisation in India that specialises in the customer experience arena.

- Corporate Visions Inc. helps companies differentiate themselves from their competitors – where it counts, in their customer message.

- Fifty Lessons is the world's leading digital video business library.

- Genos is a provider of organisational development programmes and associated professional services underpinned by research-based psychological assessments.

- Hot Rivet is the professional services company with a single focus on Sales Culture.

- PACE - The PACE Partnership is a business development consultancy providing expert advice to professional services firms, financial services and other blue-chip commercial organisations.

- Team Management Systems (TMS) - recognised as the foremost intergrated system of work-based, research, proven assessments and feedback instruments - supports individuals, teams and organisations to effective positive, lasting change and achieve higher performance in the workplace.

- Team Performance is a Paris based firm which help leaders and their team implement ambitious strategies and improve performance in complex multicultural environment.

- Vervago provides training and consulting grounded in critical thinking to intellectually demanding companies and their employees.

Training Programs:

Presentation Skills Open Workshop in China (Shanghai) on 9 Sep 2016

Training Workshops:

- Presentation Skills
- The Master Presenter
- Influencing Skills
- Negotiation Skills
- Media Skills
- Precision Questioning
- Having an Opinion
- Business Strategy
and more

Executive Coaching:
- Management & Leadership
- Developing High Performing Teams
- Communication Skills
- Sales & Business Development
- Career Transition
- Vision Development
- Strategic Planning
- Change Management

Consulting Services:
- Training Needs Analysis
- Vision Development
- Pitching for Business
- Developing the Message
- Facilitating Meetings
- Change Management

Please see the Programs Page for a full list of programs.

Why Choose Simitri?

- Training and coaching that works in your business:

We understand your industry, your business and your issues because we’ve been there. 

- Asia-wide delivery in your local language:

With offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America, your employees will receive the same support delivered by a single supplier.

- Access to a local team of facilitators:
Our offices are staffed with people from that country. Some have local work experience, others international.

- Proven courseware, tools and techniques:

We combine our knowledge and experience with some of the best courseware, tools and training techniques from around the globe to help you drive change and improve the bottom line.

- Tailored to meet your needs:

Since the issues and concerns of every company are different, we take the time before our engagements to work with your management team and talk to every participant to ensure we deliver what your company needs.


“It was great to have had the opportunity to receive some coaching from you. I believe I have gained important insights and awareness into my behaviour as well as a better understanding of the behaviour of others. Of course, this is a work in progress, and I will have to keep my efforts focused on fully adopting my learnings.”  - Vice President, Information Technology.

“I want to thank you for this positive work with Steve. I know he has appreciated it and will most certainly help him move forward into more challenging leadership roles. I also want to thank you for reminding me as well that positive comments and verbal recognition is important for everyone to practice.”  - Vice President, Human Resources.

“They were bowled over and riveted, the feedback was great – both from our executive directors as well as the analysts so our sessions worked! Everyone sent in lots of praise incl at least one who thinks I should become a professional motivational speaker!”  - Senior Executive, Financial Services.

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Cheung Kong Graduate School Of Business
Courses / Programs
Cheung Kong Graduate School Of Business is one of the leading business schools in China with state-of-the art campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. We offer a range of degree and non-degree management education courses at graduate level and above, including a one-year, full-time, English-language MBA program in Beijing.

We also offer a 20-month Executive MBA program which is taught in Chinese and is available at all of our campuses. In addition, we offer a two-year Finance MBA program (taught in Chinese) and executive development programs which are taught in both English and Chinese.

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business is China's first private, non-profit and independent business school. It was established in Beijing in 2002 by Li Ka-shing, Asia's most successful entrepreneur.

Our mission is to generate world-class insights on management theory and practice and to develop leaders for a new era of global business in China and beyond.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs:

- 12-month / 1-year intensive MBA program (taught in English)
- 20-month Executive MBA program (EMBA taught in Chinese)
- 2-year Finance MBA program (taught in Chinese)

Executive Education Programs:

- Executive Development Programs (EDP taught in English & Chinese)
Allied Gateway, Shanghai
Courses / Programs
Allied Gateway offers our students the opportunity to study Chinese medicine in China. We are located throughout China in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guilin, Nanchang and Guangzhou. We offer a Chinese medicine clinical study program and training courses in TCM, Acupuncture course, Tuina, Qigong, Chi Kung among others.
Training Courses include:
- Acupuncture
- Tuina
- Qi Gong
- Chi Kung
Qingdao Technological University Qindao College, China
Courses / Programs
Qingdao Technological University Qindao College (QDC) is a comprehensive university approved by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is located in the beautiful coastal city Qingdao, which is famous for its beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and complete facilities. QDC covers over 1,100,000 square meters, and 520,000 square meters of building area with advanced teaching instruments and equipment.

QDC is a student-centered university with over 16000 students and 1100 staffs. QDC offers a wide variety of undergraduate and diploma programs. There are 31 undergraduate degree programs and 19 diploma programs in 8 different facilities ( Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Economics and Trade, Faculty of Foreign Language, Faculty of Accounting and Faculty of Arts).

QDC has established partnerships and cooperation programs with more than 20 oversea universities from France, Italy, Australia, US, UK, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam ect. QDC regards Internationalization as an important part in the process of developing. QDC takes full advantage of the high-quality resources, such as advanced faculties, experience and education reform achievements, which enabled us to build up an excellent reputation for teaching, management and researching.
Online Chinese Language Program (General Chinese from level 1 to level 16); HSK4/5 intensive courses

Semester Chinese Language Programs

Degree Majors-Taught in Chinese. Topics include:
- Accounting
- Animation
- Architecture
- Art Design
- Business English
- Civil Engineering
- English
- Financial Management
- French
- German
- Logistics Management
- Marketing
- Project Management
- Software Engineering
- Traffic Engineering
- Urban Planning..
International Hotel and Tourism Industry Management School
Courses / Programs
I-TIM is located in Bangkok. It was established in 1988 and has been awarded "The best school award" by the Ministry of Education. Students learn both theory and practical subjects. With a belief in education as a means of fostering individual moral and intellectual growth, I-TIM has dedicated itself to professionally educate and train students interested in challenging careers in hotel and tourism industry management. I-TIM's success will be measured by how well it assists individual students in defining and fulfilling their careers and life goals.
1 year Certificate in Hotel & Tourism Operations and a 2 year Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management.
College of International Education, Tianjin University of Technology
Courses / Programs
The College of International Education (CIE) at Tianjin University of Technology (TUT) in China is a school established especially for recruiting international students for TUT, offering short-term and long-term programs in Chinese language study and programs for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various fields of science, engineering, management, literature, art and law.

Apart from the language programs and degree programs, international students can also learn Wushu (Chinese martial arts), Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Beijing opera, etc., and take rewarding tours throughout China to experience the unique Chinese culture. International students from more than 20 countries have come to study at TUT and we have productive cooperation with universities and institutions in many countries.

The College of International Education (CIE) will help you with application and admission, entry visa, registration, course selection, housing, and residence formalities in China.
Bachelor's degree programs include:
- Business Administration
- Insurance
- Engineering Management
- Information Management & Systems
- Social Work,
- Art Design (including fashion design)
- Computer Science & Technology

Master degree programs include:
- Chinese language and literature
- Social work;
- Mathematics
- Material science and engineering
- Mechanical engineering
- Industrial design
& many more
Berlin School of Business and Innovation
Courses / Programs
• Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) will help you become an exceptional leader in your chosen field of study.

• BSBI has three concepts at its heart: Enterprise | Leadership | Success.

• BSBI's main focus is to help international students and talented graduates to reach their career potential.

• We offer a Global MBA program, Master's Degrees in the fields of Finance, Marketing, International Tourism, and Fashion, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Program in Economics and Business Administration - all taught entirely in English

• BSBI aims to deliver the best educational experience for all students. That’s why we collaborate with a range of academic and commercial partners who provide guest speaker events, mentoring and employment opportunities.

• In addition, our students will benefit from excellent student support, affordable fees and flexi pay options.

• BSBI's hands-on teaching methods will make sure that teaching goes beyond the classroom: you will gain key practical skills through company visits and guest speakers from our commercial partners. Choose BSBI, you will understand how the concepts you learn should apply to the real business world!

• Berlin School of Business and Innovation is located in the heart of Berlin, Schöneberg, a lively district surrounded by green spaces, good transport links as well as bars, shops and restaurants. The business school itself is located near Potsdamer Platz, home of a range of large companies.
Degree Courses in English:

- BA in Economics and Business Administration
- BA in Economics and Business Administration with Foundation Diploma

- MSc in International Health Management
- MA in Finance and Investments
- MA in Strategic Marketing
- MA International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
- MBA Maritime and Shipping
- Global MBA