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Escuela Europea De Negocios:
Escuela Europea de Negocios (The European Business School EEN) is located at C/ Ancha, 8, 37002 Salamanca, Spain. This is a highly prestigious institution, situated among the best of the kind in Spain. In EEN we are aware of the fact that universities progress more slowly than the economic market, which makes it necessary for a training envisaged around the business world.

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Photo of MBA / Masters Degree Programs in SpainMBA. Master of business administration
Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) puts focus on the role of the manager/entrepreneur in a larger business context from a broad and pragmatic perspective.

Our aim is to produce leaders with the ability to make organisations and people work together through an effective knowledge of the different areas underpinning current business frameworks. Leaders with an understanding of an increasingly tougher competition, and of the importance of cooperation, specialised knowledge, new technology and globalised markets.

Our MBA programme stresses academic excellence and, in addition to facilitating specialised knowledge and efficient management skills, it promotes the sort of individual and leadership qualities, as well as conceptual and analytical abilities, that are essential in today’s corporate world.

MBA Internacional
Our Master in International Business (MNI) of the European School of Business has one chief aim: to train future leaders with the ability to help make ventures and projects of international scope successful, and to help develop business organisations of global reach from a managerial position.

In an increasingly globalised world with internationally common business practices, companies need managers with a broad vision and knowledge of leading-edge business organisation strategies in the face of stiff competition. Our aim is thus to produce leaders with the ability to make international organisations and people of different cultures work together through an effective knowledge of the different areas underpinning current business frameworks. Leaders with an understanding of an increasingly tougher competition, and of the importance of cooperation, specialised knowledge, new technology and globalised markets.

Our Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) has as its chief aim to provide specific knowledge of the workings of the modern company, as well as the experience it demands.

Conceived from a global perspective, this programme has everything an MBA has to offer, plus a specialisation course.

We stress the highly international scope of this programme, which provides in-depth knowledge of corporate globalisation, and features exchange programmes with business schools abroad.

Specialist subjects: International Business, Marketing, Finances, e-Business, Human Resource, and Business Start Up.

Our Master in Sales and Marketing Management (MMK) puts focus on a global and integrated understanding of the management-related areas of the company, and more particularly on the tools and techniques of marketing, as well as sales and marketing management.

Adapting products and services to market demands requires specialised skills and are of great importance to the company.

The abilities you will acquire from the Master in Sales and Marketing Management programme enables you to perform at the very highest managerial level.

The Master in Sales and Marketing Management provides you with training of academic excellence. Besides facilitating marketing-specific knowledge and effective management techniques, it promotes the sort of individual and leadership qualities, as well as conceptual and analytical abilities, that are essential in today’s corporate world.

Our Master in Human Resource Management (MDRH) is set out, both in its technical and its practical modules, to produce specialists in people management for any kind of business organisation.

We stress the importance of methods and techniques for Human Resource planning, management, control, and development, conveying a comprehensive understanding of the running of business organisations.

Our programme is designed to give you a global and pragmatic understanding of the essential role that individuals play for the overall running of the company.

The MDRH programme provides you with training of academic excellence. Besides facilitating specialised knowledge and effective management techniques, it promotes the sort of individual and leadership qualities, as well as conceptual and analytical abilities, that are essential in today’s corporate world.


Our Master of Integrated Management (Environmental Policy, Quality Control, Prevention) (MGI) has as its general aim to give you the specific knowledge required to implement integrated management systems (Environmental Policy, Quality Control, Prevention).

In response to social demands, companies are forced to come up with competitive strategies to administrate existing resources and to improve efficiency. Therefore, an ever growing number of companies are making efforts to implement integrated management systems.

The management of environmental policies, quality controls, and the prevention of work-related accidents are an increasingly essential part of the evolution of companies. Given the close interaction between these three fields, they tend to fall under the responsibility of a single manager.

The more specific aim of the programme is to provide you with the specialised knowledge and skills that qualify you to work with Prevention of Work-Related Accidents, under the Article 37 of the Royal Decree 39/97 establishing the Regulations of Prevention Services, and to work with Quality Control and Environmental Policy, as established in the relevant Regulations in force.

A unique programme providing in-depth knowledge of integrated management of environmental policy, quality control, and prevention, based on a comprehensive understanding of the company, our focal point of study.

Our Master in Environmental Sciences (MMA) is a unique programme providing in-depth knowledge of integrated environmental management, based on a comprehensive understanding of the industry, our focal point of study.

The effects of the industrial and urban activities on the environment, and the need for reducing their impact, call for qualified workers with the ability to offer solutions to the problems arising from the pollution and deterioration of the environment. The only way to prevent the negative impact of industrial activity is adopting environmental criteria at all managerial levels, reducing both the risks of altering the environment as well as the costs of preventive measures and pollution amends.

The basic aims are to qualify you to identify and assess the impact of urban and industrial activities on the environment; to define prevention measures and establish pollution-handling systems; to define, develop and implement environmental management systems and monitoring mechanisms; to fully grasp environmental legislation, especially in relation to industry, and the specific rules applying to environmental management systems.

Our Master of Pharmaceutical Marketing (MMKF) has been designed to meet the demands of pharmaceutical companies for professionals with field-specific knowledge and a business training enabling them to rapidly adjust to a wide range of company activities.

Within this business training, Marketing and Sales is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical field. It is a field subject to constant technological and organisational change, and therefore demanding constant adaptability.

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Address: C/ Ancha, 8, Salamanca, Spain
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Schellhammer Business School
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• Enhance your business and management-related skills with a Diploma or Degree program from Schellhammer Business School (SBS). 

• Situated on a private resort in Estepona, close to Marbella and Malaga in the sunny south of Spain, SBS provides BBA, MBA, Executive Diploma in Business, and Foundation Diploma in Business courses, taught in English, to students from around the globe.

• All programs include the option to learn one or more foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian and English.

• Students at Schellhammer Business School are provided with all the tools, knowledge, skills and visionary capacity to realize their goals.

• Students can enjoy quality 4-star accommodation on-site, in 2 bedroom apartments shared exclusively with other SBS students, available throughout the academic year, from October to June.

• Estepona is a beautiful seaside resort town 20 minutes south-west of Marbella in the province of Malaga in Southern Spain. 

• Easily accessible from Malaga International Airport, Estepona is perfectly located for a quick weekend trip to other cities in southern Spain, including Seville, Granada, Cadiz, and Cordoba.

• We look forward to greeting you to charming Estepona.

"I would like to express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to attend SBS over the last three years, it has been an amazing experience and I feel that I am really prepared now for the world and my future."
Jenny, BBA Graduate
Bachelor, Masters & Diploma Programs taught in English:

• Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BBA, 3-years)

• Master of Business Administration (MBA, 1-year)

• Foundation Diploma in Business (Alternative route into our Bachelor Program, 1-year course)

• Executive Diploma in Business (13-week course focusing on Business, Economy, Politics, Education, and Understanding)
Barcelona Business School
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Barcelona Business School is an independent, privately held institution of higher learning, part of the International University of Southern Europe that groups the business, management, language and cultural studies in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia into one university dedicated to cross-cultural international education with a global perspective. Operating under the authority of the coordinating United International Business Schools organization, our study programs and courses are regularly reviewed and modernized in cooperation with the Global Council for Management Education, the organization's academic council. Partnerships and links with other schools, colleges and universities are developed and maintained through the International Student Mobility Initiative. Committed to offering quality business and management education at the undergraduate and graduate level, we strive to continually improve our academic programs in accordance with the demands of the global marketplace as well as with the guidelines received from reputable American, European and international educational organizations.
Bachelor in Business Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration
- Business and Entrepreneurship
- Finance and Economics
- Marketing and Management
Master in Business Studies
Master of Business Administration
Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
Master of Arts in Marketing Management
Master of Science in Financial Management
Master of Science in Operations Management
- Business Communication and Public Relations
Universidad Carlos III De Madrid
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With three campuses in the Madrid metropolitan area, Carlos III University of Madrid provides a wide range of business and management-related bachelor, masters and doctorate programs to students from around the globe. Many of our programs are taught in English, including our MBA degree.

The Department of Business Administration at Carlos III, consistently ranked first in Business Administration Studies in Spain, is committed to high quality teaching and research.

Despite of being a very young university, it stands out within Spain as one of the top centers of business-related teaching and research. In addition, it is increasingly being recognized within Europe as a leading academic center.

Our vision is to be the leading Spanish university- based school of business and economics and among the best in Europe with a reputation for academic excellence, global diversity, and social responsibility.

Admission to the business programs entitles selected students who meet the admission requirements to spend an additional year at Arizona State University and obtain the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from that University.
Bachelor Degree Programs:
• Business Administration
• Economics
• Finance and Accounting
• International Studies
• Dual Bachelor Degrees..

Masters Degree Programs:
• MBA Program
• Marketing
• Economics
• Finance
• Human Resources Management
• Management
• Business & Finance
• Online Masters Degrees..

PhD / Doctorate Programs:
• Business and Quantitative Methods / Business and Finance
• Economics
• Economic History
• Management (Strategic and Human Resources Management)
IE Business School, Madrid
Courses / Programs
The Instituto de Empressa (IE) Business School, located in Madrid, Spain, has been offering outstanding business degrees for more than 30 years, in both Spanish and English, and is recognized as one of the world's top business schools, being consistently highly ranked in the international press. Catering to the needs of both the future and the recent graduate through to the seasoned executive; and covering a range of formats to suit you and your personal and professional commitments, IE offers a variety of programs which prepare you for whatever challenges the future brings, regardless of your time constraints or professional background.
The IE Business School offers an extensive variety of Bachelor Degrees, Masters in Management programs, MBA Degree programs, Executive MBA programs, Masters of Law programs, Specialized Masters and Doctoral programs, in both English and Spanish.

Subject areas include:
-Business Administration
-Tourism Management
-International Management
-Advanced Finance
-International Relations
-Digital Online Marketing
-Sports Management
-International Legal Practice
-Telecom and Digitial Business
ESADE Business School, Barcelona
Courses / Programs
ESADE Business School is a top ranked business school worldwide with over 50 years heritage in management development. Through our Barcelona, Madrid and Buenos Aires campuses, we deliver a variety of MBA and Executive Education programmes.

ESADE Business School’s distinctive methodology, balances theory and practice rather than solely focusing on the case method. Simulating real working conditions, cross-functional and multicultural teamwork is an integral pillar of our cooperative methodology structured around the geographic, functional and academic diversity of our student population. We also place a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship as a means to creating value for organisations and the development of leadership competencies through the LEAD programme.

ESADE Business School is internationally recognised for the excellent standard of its MBA programmes and is accredited by the world’s three most respected management education organisations: AACSB International, the EQUIS accreditation from the EFMD and the British Association of MBAs (AMBA).
- Full Time MBA (12, 15 or 18 months)
- One Year MBA (12 months)
- Global Executive MBA (16 months)