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Qalam Center, Rabat:
Immerse yourself in the exquisite Arabic language... Located in Rabat, Morocco, Qalam Center for Arabic Studies is an institution with a reputation for excellence in providing a comprehensive program for the study of Arabic as a foreign language to students from around the world. Specializing in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA), Qalam Center's intensive courses give students the opportunity to learn the Arabic language through immersion.

Motivated Teachers:

Each class is led by an experienced and enthusiastic native-speaking Arabic teacher. Our teachers are all former Fullbright scholars. They have previous experience teaching at American universities during a Fullbright exchange program. They also have held positions as Professors of Arabic at distinguished Moroccan Universities.

Like most Arab cultures, Moroccan people are famous for their hospitality. Moroccans love to meet international students and are excited to share their culture with guests. Our staff very much enjoys participating in this exchange of ideas.

Courses for every learner:

Photo of Study Arabic Abroad in Morocco- Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) consists of three levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Arabic. Courses focus on the four basic language skills of modern standard Arabic: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

- Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA, also known as "darija") is the spoken dialect of Morocco. CMA is grammatically simpler and has a less voluminous vocabulary than Modern Standard Arabic. While most CMA words find their root in MSA, many CMA words are borrowed from Spanish, French, and Berber.

- Qur'anic Studies - The aim of the course is to provide learners with a comprehensive study of the rules of Tajweed through three different levels.

- Cultural Studies - Our Arabic courses can be supplemented with a wide variety of fascinating opportunities to learn about Arab and Moroccan culture. Students can also take elective courses in the following areas: Arab women's history, Islamic history, Qur'anic studies, Arab Poetry, Moroccan Architecture, Calligraphy, Arab Literature and Classical Texts, Arab Media, Andalusian Music.

- Also: Arab Literature, Arab Women's Studies, Homestay Program with a Moroccan family.

Classroom Methodology:

Image of Study Arabic Abroad in MoroccoArabic Courses at Qalam wa Lawh are intended to merge seamlessly with Arabic courses taken at home institutions, while at the same time providing an atmosphere where vocabulary can both be acquired faster and retained with greater success.

The concept of immersion is based on the idea that we acquire knowledge faster and better when we learn it naturally through comprehension.  While "immersion" methodologies are widely considered modern teaching techniques, they are in fact nothing new. For as long as human beings have learned to speak we have acquired language by imitating and then comprehending the meanings behind the words we say. An immersive language curriculum merely imitates the natural processes we use to learn language as children from the environment around us.

In practice an immersion curriculum does not rely heavily on grammar drills or assignments in translation. Grammar is learned by inference and gentle corrections of speech by the teacher. At the beginning level of our Arabic classes teachers will speak as little English as possible (less than 5%). From the intermediate level onward English will not be spoken at all.

Several different types of immersion methodologies are incorporated into the curriculum. One methodology is task-based learning. During a task-based learning activity the focus of the classroom is the completion of a task and language is the instrument used to achieve it. The aim of this method is to create a need to learn and use language skills.

Another technique, Total Physical Response, is based on the theory that memory of a new language skill is enhanced when associated with physical movement. This method works especially well in learning commands as well as simple actions and nouns.

Simply put, the curriculum strategy is to involve students in a multi-faceted process of learning rather than simply lecturing to them. Students are encouraged to speak and use their new language skills, as much as possible, in order to incorporate them into memory.  What this curriculum demands of students is merely that they be open to learning and willing to try to speak and practice the language skills the teacher wants them to produce.

Cultural Programs:

Photos of Qalam Center, Rabat
Exploring Morocco:
The chance to experience the rich diversity of Moroccan cities is one of the most rewarding aspects of studying Arabic in Morocco. From Qalam wa Lawh’s central location in the Moroccan capital, all the major sites of the country are within easy reach. And without even leaving Rabat, there are amazing things to see.

Course Excursions: Every course taken at Qalam Center includes two weekly excursions to Rabat’s most famous historic and cultural sites. These excursions are an integral part of our curriculum and include handouts with relevant vocabulary as well as informative summaries about the sites.  Students are accompanied on these excursions by Arabic instructors, and the excursions are conducted in Arabic in order to further the student’s experience of immersion.  

Academic Clubs & Activities: Qalam Center Arabic instructors each maintain a cultural club, which is open to all students and takes place after class hours. These clubs are yet another opportunity for students to use their emerging language skills, improve their oral skills, and become accustomed to comprehending the Arabic language in context. These clubs meet either weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis. Clubs are free to join. 

Weekend Excursions: As an opportunity for students to visit some of the world famous cities and spectacular sites so near to Rabat, Qalam wa Lawh organizes very affordable weekend trips exclusively for our students.

Our Center:

Picture of Study Arabic Abroad in MoroccoQalam wa Lawh Center is truly an oasis within the city of Rabat. Located in the up scale neighborhood of Souissi, it is a 10 minute ride by taxi to the center of the city and the Medina.
Housed in a spacious facility and enclosed within it's own tranquil garden, our school is an ideal place to learn and also offers our students plenty of space for quiet study or reflection, away from the every day hustle and bustle of city life in Morocco.

The school building combines old architechtural style with modern. Each classroom is bright and spacious, with vaulted ceilings and exquisite wooden finishes throughout the building.  Wireless internet signals run throughout the building and the library and computer lab also give students access to computers and the internet. Language lab stations can also be found throughout the building. 

The school garden is the perfect place to relax between or after classes and our students really enjoy this tranquil oasis. The garden offers several social areas with water fountains, beautiful flowers and fruit trees including lemons, plums, apricots, apples and even an avocado tree.


There are two housing options offered to students at Qalam wa Lawh Center:

Self-Catered Rooms: Offered in single and double cccupancy. These fully furnished rooms are located in each of our student residences. Each student residence and room has its own style and atmosphere and is located within 2 miles of the center. Self-catered rooms include cleaning, internet access, and breakfast Monday-Friday.

Host Families Housing: Offered in single and double occupancy. Our Moroccan host families are exceptionally warm and generous. They love sharing their homes, language and culture with our students. Most of our host families are located walking distance (within 3 kilometers/2 miles) of the school location. Host family accommodation includes breakfast and dinner every day.

Student Residence Sites:
Student residences offer a quiet, clean, and comfortable living enviroment for language study.  Each room is equipped with necessary amenities such as a study table, and Internet access.   Qalam wa Lawh student residences are all located within 2 miles of the campus and are easily accessible via bus and taxi.

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Address: 3 Avenue Ahmed Balafrej, Souissi, Rabat, Morocco
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2020-06-20 were from:

Philadelphia pa, USA;   Worcester Massachusetts, USA;   DOUALA, Cameroon;   Rabat, Nigeria;   New York, USA;   Fort Meade, USA;   Abuja, Nigeria;   Fayetteville,NC, USA;   Mombasa, Kenya;   Jakarta, Indonesia;   and more.
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