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Year-Round & Summer Spanish Immersion in Spain

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Fun Time in Spain:
Based in Madrid, Fun Time in Spain organizes year-round Spanish immersion activity programs for adults and summer camps for teenagers & kids. The best way to improve your command of the Spanish language is through immersion. Our programs give you the opportunity to enjoy fun activities in a typical Spanish town or city while practicing your Spanish on an everyday basis. No lessons, just live in Spanish enjoying the activity you choose. Golf, Sailing, Sports Adventure or a week or two in Andalusia.

Photo of Year-Round & Summer Spanish Immersion in SpainWeek-Long Spanish Immersion Programs:

Adventure and Sports
Designed for those who really enjoy adrenaline pumping up, it will be a challenge to practise the Spanish between breaths. On air, water or ground, a week full of excitements lays ahead. And, from time to time, a quick visit to a SPA just to keep alive... and speaking. 

Andalusian Lifestyle
Enjoy Spain´s classical face becoming an "andaluz". You will join many traditional activities, taste the gastronomy of the country, and share a good time both doing and resting. A little "Experto en Siesta" course with certificate is included. And all in Spanish.

Golf & Siesta
Just imagine a cocktail made up of travel, golf, warm hotels, SPA and Spanish. Ready? And also add some authentic tastes of the country, cultural activities out of the golf time, and of course time for good rest. This is the "Golf and Siesta" Spanish Program.

Sailing Days
As long as you really love the sea, no matter your qualifications for sailing, you will be delighted with this program. Sailing during the day, and visiting nice fisherman´s villages and staying in hotels in the nights. Your Spanish language coach and the crew will, certainly, move your Spanish to a higher level of fluency. 

Image of Year-Round & Summer Spanish Immersion in Spain
ESCAPADES (2-4 days)

an Snack
A short but intensive break enjoying the emotions that arise from the Andalusian country. Fun activities, culture, tasteful gastronomy, colour and music. A good excuse to get for a while in the Spanish mood.

Museums in Madrid
Museo del Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza, Lázaro Galdiano or Reina Sofía are just a sample of the world´s best museums. An intensive stay in Madrid and surroundings visiting your favourite art collections and enjoying the cultural life of the City is a choice to get to practise your Spanish.

Temples of Seville
Seville is perhaps the world´s city with more temples and religious buildings per inhabitant. And each one has its own story, a reason why somebody´s faith led to such monuments. Breath and smell the traces of such magnificent religious architecture legacy. 

Body & Mind Retirement
Stop. Or Pause. But relax. An exhausted and burned out mind is of little use. Give yourself some anymic maintenance. Change your rythm. Recharge. Take care of your body. Dive to a different routine in a friendly language.

Wine & Gastronomy
Photos of Fun Time in SpainGetting together a good wine with its proper course is an art. A white Albairiño with fish is a worthy experience. Have you ever imagined a gastronomy-style escapade? And with a Spanish language coach? 

Family Weekend
Sharing experiences is one of the best ways to reinforce personal relations. Much too often, adults and children have separate lives during the week. So, a weekend together, in a different country, and with a little competition on who does it better at speaking Spanish, makes a lot of sense as a special escapade plan.

Personal Shopping Day
The weekend program is really hard. Clothing styles, world-known and hidden shops, breaks in fashion cafés, and everything explained in Spanish. Discover the new trends to prepare you wardrobe and get ready for the coming season. The Spanish language coach, who also loves the fashion world, will help you to get the best of your shopping days.

Spanish Castles & Palaces
History has left many traces in Spain. A lot of civilizations have visited the Iberian Peninsula. If you are interested in the reminds of such times, come and visit the medieval Spain and enjoy it in Spanish. Castles, Palaces and other architectural treasures will fill your intensive stay.

Golfing Break
Hole in Two? No, no mistake. It could even be three. It is easy to claim the need of an escapade for relaxing purposes, the unavoidable duty of improving the swing to play with that friend who always wins, and the advantage that will bring a little better fluency in Spanish if you are about to do business here or in some Spanish-speaking countries. A better excuse for a golfing break in Spain is hard to imagine.

Gliding Days
Soar above the clouds and the daily problems. Do enjoy a weekend full of flying -with weather´s permission- and tapas and nightlife. Gliders, no matter if you are a veteran pilot or just a newcomer, are the main idea. You dare to jump with a parachute with an expert? The sky waits for you... in Spanish.
Picture of Year-Round & Summer Spanish Immersion in Spain
Kids Summer Camps in Spain... in Spanish
There is nothing that young people like more than the thought of freedom from their parents, and if it’s at a Youth Camp in the middle of the countryside, with the opportunity of making friends, it sounds great! If the camp was supervised, with TOTAL IMMERSION IN SPANISH, and it offered the possibility of practising the Spanish that they already know, then even better!

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Address: C/ Castelló 109 --28006 Madrid, Madrid, Spain
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We offer you optimum conditions for this effective and quality way of learning Spanish. A professionally led language school with motivated teachers with university degrees in language teaching and an island which invites to use the language all the time and with fun and interest.
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