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Road2argentina Semester Program, Buenos Aires:
We are a study abroad organization based in Buenoa Aires, eastern Argentina, that offers programs for international students who wish to study in Argentina. We work with two top universities in Buenos Aires, the University of Belgrano and the University of Buenos Aires. Our semester programs begin in early March and early August. The first week of class works as a “trial” period, during which time you may visit all the classes that interest you and reconfigure your course schedule accordingly.

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Semester Program at the Universidad de Belgrano:
Road2Argentina offers a comprehensive university semester at the Universidad de Belgrano, one of Argentina’s top private universities. The university semester in Buenos Aires is specially designed for international students. Courses are available in English, Spanish (designed for international students) and from the general university catalog (classes with Argentines). This program is ideal for students who wish to study abroad for a semester or an entire academic year and wish to receive university transfer credit.

After you apply for the program, Road2Argentina completes your registration at the Universidad de Belgrano. The orientation at the University begins a week before classes and includes a city tour, university/program information session, appointment with an academic adviser, Spanish placement exam and course selection. The first week of class works as a “trial” period, during which time you may visit all the classes that interest you and reconfigure your course schedule accordingly. Courses last approximately four months and are completed with a final exam.

Course Schedule
Students may choose any number of courses and combinations.

Courses in English (for international students):

* Political and Social Change in Argentina and Latin America
* Argentinean and Latin American Economy
* Comparative History of Argentina and Latin America
* Argentina: The Making of a Country through its Literature
* The Latin American Role in the Context of Economic Globalization

Courses in Spanish (for international students):
* Historia de América Latina en los Siglos XIX y XX
* Argentina, Sociedad Abierta en transformación
* Literatura Argentina e Hispanoamericana I (del siglo XVII al siglo XIX)
* Literatura Argentina e Hispanoamericana II (siglo XX)
* Tango, la expresión de Buenos Aires
* Español Intermedio
* Español Profundizado A
* Español Profundizado B
* Español Avanzado
* Arte Argentino Contemporáneo
* Argentina y América Latina frente a la Globalización Económica
* Historia Económica de la Argentina en los siglos XIX y XX
* Política Económica Argentina* Sistemas Políticos Latinoamericanos Comparados
* Tradiciones y Culturas Argentinas
* Ética

Political and Social Change in Argentina and Latin America:
This introductory course concentrates on the dynamics of social and political change and the building of citizenship in Argentina within a Latin American context. Although it is especially focused on Argentina's experience, constant reference is also made to other national cases, such as those of Mexico, Brazil and Chile. The course includes a brief description of Argentina´s political system, and topics such as the role of the military, political parties, unions and social movemets. In order to provide a complete picture of contemporary Argentine politics, we analyze in more detail the processes of breakdown of democracy and the military dictatorships in the '60s and '70's, the transition to democratic rule that took place in the '80s, the subsequent changes in political dynamics and political actors, and the current debates about democratic consolidation and the quality of citizenship and democratic institutions, with an emphasis on the problems of representation.

Argentinean and Latin American Economy:
Analyze and understand the process experienced by the Argentine economy from independence until the present days. Argentina , once one of the richest and fastest countries in the world is now entrenched in the rankings of less developed countries. Several interpretations have been given to this phenomenon , but the main focus of the course will be placed in explaining this evolution using the theory of economic growth and capital accumulation linked with the political and institutional changes that characterized the different periods of economic evolution.

Comparative History of Argentina and Latin America:
The course aims at studying the formation and evolution of the Argentinean and Latin American societies through a comparative approach since the Crisis of Independence up to the present; analyzing the confluence of the complex ethnic and cultural components of the regional societies; and comparing the different institutional evolution of the regional societies throughout the period.

In addition, the course aims at studying some of the most influential personalities in the social and political thought of the continent; analyzing typical Latin American institutions, like caudillismo; comparing the development of democracy in the different countries throughout the second half of the twentieth-century; and locating the contents of the course within the frame of world history.

The weekly classes will be complemented by occasional lectures by-and meetings with-outstanding scholars and influential local leaders.

"Argentina: the making of a country through its literature":
This course tries mostly to suit students' interests and/or needs. However, in order for them to fully understand their object of study, the course has been designed based on four mandatory and key texts that allow thinking and discussing the main issues of argentine culture and literature. They should be seen as readings that help foreign students to approach the central issues of XIXth and XXth century Argentina.

The course deals with the analysis of the international relations between the Latin American countries (L. A.) and other main geo-economic regions of the world; i.e.: Europe (European Union / E.U.), North America (NAFTA), and Asia (ASEAN). Main aspects to be taken into account are: economic cooperation, trade issues, business development and socio-political aspects.

Semester Program at the Universidad de Buenos Aires:
International students can complete semester programs through UBA's College of Social Sciences and College of Economics. Both colleges are known for their excellent faculty and demanding course work. It is recommended that students who wish to study at UBA have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish as all coursework is in Spanish. However, Road2Argentina arranges for its all students studying at UBA to work with a tutor. These tutors are UBA faculty members or graduate students who have experience in advising international students studying at UBA. Tutors ensure that throughout the semester international students understand course material and requirements.

At the Colleges of Social Sciences and Economics, students will be able to take courses relating to the following majors:
* Communications
* Political Science
* Labor Relations
* Sociology
* Social Work
* Accounting
* Business Administration
* Economics
* Information Systems

Recommended Courses in Spanish (please note this list does not reflect all courses available):
* Historia Argentina
* Historia Contemporanea
* Historia Latinoamericana
* Filosofia
* Fudamentos de Ciencia Politica
* Administracion y Politicas Publicas
* Opinion Publica
* Sociologia Politica
* Teoria Politica y Social I
* Teoria Politica y Social II
* Teoria Sociologica
* Derecho Constitucional
* Filosofia y Metodos
* Sistemas Politicas Comparados
* Technicas de Investigacion de Ciencias Sociales

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Address: Anchorena 1676, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Sweden;   Birmingham, UK / GB;   Changchun, China;   USA;   Despotovac, Serbia;   Saudi Arabia;   New Providence, Bahamas;   Kochi, India;   Buenos Aires, Argentina;   and more.
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3-Year BA Design Courses - with BA (Honours) Degree awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, UK

• Interior Architecture & Design
• Graphic Design & Media
• Fashion Design & Manufacture

3-Month Intensive Foundation Course
Starting in June & Sept
• Graduates can qualify for the 3-year Design Programmes

Summer Courses 2018 (2-5 weeks)
• Fashion Design
• Interior Decoration
• 3D Studio MAX
• 3D Printing
• InDesign
• AutoCad
• Illustrator
• Photoshop
• Photography
• Screen Printing
• Videography + Premier PRO