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Bahasa Indonesia School in Yogyakarta

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Realia Indonesian Language Training Center, Yogyakarta:
Realia Indonesian Language Training Center is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The school is acclaimed for providing quality Indonesian language tuition in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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Why choose Realia:

Realia offers more than just a language. We believe that learning a language without understanding the cultural aspects of the country is incomplete. Therefore we provide Cross-Cultural Orientation for both foreigners and Indonesians, hence when learners complete their studies at Realia they not only speak Indonesian or English grammatically correctly but culturally appropriately as well.


Photo of Bahasa Indonesia School in YogyakartaThe teaching methodology we use is skills-based, meaning the 4 macro-skills - speaking, listening, reading, and writing - are incorporated into each lesson rather than taught separately. Grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary development are taught across all the skills.

In teaching, we use a communicative approach. Learners speak whatever level of Indonesian they are able to with the teachers, bringing "real-life" communications into the classroom both constantly and actively. This method encourages students to express themselves in the manner that best meets their own communication needs.


Intensive Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesian) Courses.


All courses are run by highly trained and experienced, friendly teachers who understand the importance of learning through the method of engagement. We know, having studied second languages ourselves, how vital it is for students to be interested in the topic source to learn quickly and effectively. At Realia, students are motivated through the use of various media to ensure that the needs of each individual are addressed.


I studied Bahasa at REALIA during working hours and therefore I had to decide how many hours I could effort to succeed both in my job, as well as in Bahasa. During the first week, I had 6-20 hours per week and finally decided that three mornings per week was best for me. REALIA is flexible in this and each student can decide upon his/her own schedule. During the period I am in the course, I am assessed from time to time, to check on progress and vocabulary. Opportunities are taken to have a conversation and to let me use my growing knowledge of the language. It is obvious that practice outside the school hours is very important ad this might be something which is lacking. I have now had approx. 50 hours lessons and believe I can have a reasonable conversation. The atmosphere at REALIA is good and believe that, we, the student have to give credit to our “guru-guru” for the patience they show during our attempt to develop our Bahasa.


Realia will gladly assist in locating accommodations for students. Accommodation choices include living with an Indonesian family (homestay), in a boarding house (rumah kos) or in a hotel.

• Homstays:
In addition to having easy access to our campus, being immersed in the traditional hospitality and friendly atmosphere of an Indonesian family is an ideal way for students to practice their language skills in real-life situations away from class and to experience the Indonesian way of life. Homestays are private rooms for one or a maximum of 3 guests in the homes of Indonesian families who are accustomed to accommodating students. A private, non-air-conditioned room with cold shower, a light breakfast, and laundry (up to 3 pieces per day) is complimentary for learners taking Intensive Courses (all levels) of 6 hours/day. For homestays with the same service but with air-conditioned rooms and hot showers, Realia charges Rp.50,000 per night. We have a network of 4 homestays which are located within walking distance of our campus(maximum 10 minutes walk). Homestay accommodation is based on availability on a first come first served basis.

• Hotels:
We are happy to make hotel reservations for students not wishing to stay with a family. Our travel agent, Angsa Indonesia Tours & Travel, has special arrangements with the following hotels: Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, Melia Purosani, Jogjakarta Plaza, Novotel Yogyakarta, Grand Mercure Yogyakarta, and Santika Yogyakarta, with a possible 20% discount from the published rates, depending on seasonal availability and rates. We provide daily transportation to and from Realia for the following hotels: Jogjakarta Plaza, Novotel Yogyakarta, Grand Mercure Yogyakarta, Santika Yogyakarta and any budget accommodation located in Jalan Sosrowijayan (near Jalan Malioboro). Melia Purosani & Hyatt Hotel is not included on our shuttle bus route, however, Hyatt provides complimentary transport if reservations are made via Realia.

• Boarding Houses (RUMAH KOS)
A rumah kos is a men-only or ladies-only boarding house used by most out-of-town university students and young professionals in Jogja. Accommodations are a single room which is part of a house or a large complex of many rooms. They range from very basic with just a simple bed and table to very luxurious with private bathroom, hot water and air conditioner. Most have shared public areas such as t.v. room and a kitchen. Living in a rumah kos is the easiest way to meet and to make friends with young Indonesians. However rumah kos life can also be very challenging because of the differences in expectations and cultural backgrounds between young Indonesians and foreigners. Rumah kos accommodation (no hot water and no air conditioner) is complementary for learners taking Intensive Courses (all levels) of 6 hours/day.


Her a just a few of the examples of excursions we offer:
- A field trip to to Borobudur.
- An Independence Day celebration.


Image of Bahasa Indonesia School in YogyakartaYogyakarta - also sometimes spelled Jogjakarta and fondly called "Jogja" - is a city and a province on Java Island. It is located about 600 kms southeast of Jakarta and 1000 kms west of Bali. Now that it has an international airport, Jogja is easy to reach from other countries. and airlines, trains and buses service domestic connections. Yogyakarta is a great place to visit and an ideal place to study; it has long earned its reputation as the center of Javanese tradition, cultural heritage, academic excellence and intellectual trendsetting.

Due to its status as a university city, Jogja is a melting pot where different cultures from throughout Indonesia meet. Every year thousands of students from Indonesia and abroad come to study at over 30 universities, one of which is Gajah Mada University, Indonesia's oldest and most prestigious. As the second most popular tourist destination after Bali, Yogyakarta is not only famous for its rich heritage and cultural performances, such as gamelan music, classical dance and shadow puppet shows, it is also known for its vivid contemporary art scene. In the Jogja area, numerous ancient temples and monuments, ruins of great past kingdoms, art galleries, and historic buildings stand magnificently side by side with more contemporary development.

Surrounding Jogja is breathtaking nature that contributes to the unique equilibrium of the people. To the north of the city is the beautiful active Merapi volcano, "the fire mountain", which is filled with awe-inspiring traditional beliefs. Within an hour drive to the south is the Indian Ocean with kilometer after kilometer of stunning natural beaches.

Views of endless rice fields are near to most of the major highways. This gives Jogja a timeless rural atmosphere which can only be found in a few large cities in Indonesia.

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Address: Pogung Utara, Yogyakarta 55281 , Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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