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Kickstart School, The Hague:
Kickstart School is a Dutch language school in The Hague, centrally located at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86 in a beautiful 19th century building. We provide Dutch language & English language courses to students at all levels - from total beginners to advanced.

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Dutch Language Courses:

Starterpack - the Beginners' Course
- Group size: 4 to 8/10 students:
Photo of Dutch Language Courses in the NetherlandsThis course aims to provide you with the tools you need to cope with the real-life situations you encounter in your daily life in Holland: speaking on the phone, shopping, filling out forms, understanding traffic signs and going to a restaurant. We provide you with all the necessary language skills which help to build your confidence in communicating with people in your new environment.

The emphasis in class is on learning by doing. Basic grammar will be taught but only to support the learning process of active speaking and a good comprehension of the spoken word.

A major focus of the content of this course is on etiquette, behaviour and social norms in the Netherlands. The course aims to provide you with not just language skills, but the cultural information you need to successfully navigate within Dutch society. The cultural differences between your culture and that of the Dutch people are also examined.

You can choose between a number of different course formats:
• 12 sessions of 2 hours, once a week; (regular)
• 8 sessions of 3 hours, two times per week; (semi-intensive)
• 2 times 12 sessions of 1 hour (the so called Lunch & Learn option; see Tailor Made Courses)

In terms of the European Reference Charter this course aims to get you to the A1+ level.

Basic Dutch for Au Pairs - Group size: 4 -12 students:

Course Objective:Image of Dutch Language Courses in the NetherlandsThis course has been specifically developed to enable your au pair to quickly learn essential Dutch phrases in order to integrate into your community. The focal point of the course is communication with children.

The lessons are provided in a group setting with a maximum of 12 participants. We recommend that German Au Pairs start their learning of Dutch at Stepping Stone II or Stepping Stone III level of the 'Expat Language Courses'.

Course Material:  Kickstart’s course material is specifically tailored to the needs of Au Pairs. We have used the actual experiences of Au Pairs and their host families in order to develop and test this programme. For instance, the vocabulary and topics discussed are directly relevant to the daily lives of Au Pairs. Some knowledge of English is required to take this course.

Course Contents:  The following topics are covered:
Traffic safety (instructions for taking the children to school and picking them up)
General care (instructions for 'dinner time', getting dressed, etc.)
Playtime (possible activities)
Emergencies (including questions about aches, pains and injuries)
Greeting the children and asking them about their day (picking up from school)
Reading to the children
Describing the environment (animals, shops, etc.)
The homework for this course takes up 1.5 to 2 hours per lesson.

Photos of Kickstart School, The HagueCourse Details:  The courseconsists of 24 hours of tuition. Lessons take place either twice weekly: on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 20:00 - 22:00 hours (12 lessons), or weekly: on Wednesday mornings from 8:45 - 11:45 hours (8 lessons). 

Intermediate Dutch Courses for Au Pairs
Au Pairs who have completed the Basic Course and wish to continue learning Dutch may progress to the Stepping Stone I, II and III Language Courses.

We recommend that German Au Pairs start their learning of Dutch at Stepping Stone II or Stepping Stone III level. They will receive the discount which is available to post-secondary students.

For best results, it is necessary for potential students to put in a certain amount of self-study by way of preparation for these courses. Please email us via our Contact Us page for advice or to make an appointment for an assessment.

Stepping Stone I, II and III Intermediate courses - Group size: 4 to 8/10 students:
Picture of Dutch Language Courses in the Netherlands
All three courses have the same format in which emphasis is placed on improving fluency in speaking and expanding vocabulary. Grammar is an integral part of all three Intermediate courses.

Stepping Stone I will start with a revision of the basics. Learning about the Dutch culture plays a central part in all three courses. It is possible to enroll for a course after it has started. Students might however need to have a number of private ‘catch-up’ lessons before they can join the course. 

Intake: It is recommended to make an appointment to assess your level. It is free of charge.

Exam Preparation Course for the Staatsexamen NT2- programma I (18 hours) or Programme II (35 hours)
Dutch NT2 exam training is one of the special focus areas of the Kickstart School. Through focused coaching sessions the students are prepared for either the NT2 programme I or programme II exams. Our courses will provide you with the necessary skills and abilities to take the test with confidence.

Digital Writing Courses - ‘Social Dutch’ / “Business Dutch”:
This writing course is available at two levels. The first one is dImages of Kickstart School, The Hagueesigned for students who have achieved level B1 and leads to level B2. It is the ideal preparation for the writing section of the NT2-exam Programme II.

The second course, is for students who are at level B2, giving them the possibility progress to level C1. The content of this course can be adjusted according to your specific requirements and objectives. The standard courses have a section which focuses on ‘social Dutch’ and one which deals with “business Dutch”.

You will do each assignment at your own pace and send your work to your tutor by email. The tutor reviews the work and comments on specific aspects which need improving. They then return the work to you so that you can make the improvements as required. You then return it again to the tutor. This two-phased approach has proven to be very effective in improving a student’s writing ability.

Corporate Customised Dutch Courses:
Kickstart can organize tailor-made group courses at all levels for people who wish to form their own group. We can teach these courses at our school or at your home or workplace, if required. One of the popular options is the Lunch & Learn format. Each lesson takes 1 hour and typically starts at 12:00. Students can bring their own lunch. Drinks will be provided. We can also provide customised language courses for your staff.

Private Dutch Lessons:
These private lessons can be held at the school at Koninginnegracht 66 or 72 or at your home or work place, if required. (In some cases we will have to charge for the travelling time.) Before the lessons start, a personal plan which is entirely tailored to your wishes is made and discussed with you. The programme can be altered at any time to continuously reflect your need through regular feedback. Usually these lessons last 1 hour and are totally flexible.

Dutch Culture and Conversation Programme:
By joining this Dutch culture conversation group, you will get a chance to further your knowledge about several aspects of historical and contemporary Dutch culture. This conversation-based group covers a wide variety of ‘every day’ topics allowing you to delve deeper into topics that interests you. This course is meant for anyone who would like to keep up their Dutch language skills in a fun and meaningful way.

The level of Dutch is about B1(-B2). The format is 12 sessions of 2 hours. We offer you a "Money back guarantee". If you are not satisfied after the first lesson, you can get your course money back (less €15 administration costs). So, why not give it a try?

Further Language Instruction:
- Summer Dutch Courses
- English Language Courses

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Address: Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86, 2585 GE, The Hague, Netherlands
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Dutch Courses Amsterdam
Courses / Programs
Dutch Courses Amsterdam offers quality Dutch courses for expats, students and world travelers! We provide Dutch language instruction for all levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference, from beginners' level (A0) to experienced (B2, state exam level Dutch as a foreign language 1 and 2). You can choose from different modes of study - intensive courses, evening classes, Saturday classes, private & semi-private lessons and distance learning via Skype. Study materials are being carefully selected and prepared from various sources. They are easily understandable, fun and interesting to learn from. There is no ONE boring textbook!

We focus on good grammar and useful vocabulary and our groups are limited to a number of 7 people (6 for higher levels) to insure the full development of each student and to provide the maximum attention and advice from the teachers. We provide a friendly & relaxed atmosphere, with two teachers assigned for each course, one for grammar and one for conversation. Nice class rooms and a beautiful garden provide you with excellent learning conditions. Coffee breaks and lunches make it even work better!
- Intensive Beginners Dutch Course A0/A1
- Intensive 4 week Study Dutch Course A0/A2
- Evening Beginners Dutch Course A0/A1
- Evening Intermediate Dutch Course A1/A2
- Intensive Intermediate Dutch CourseA1/A2
- Intensive Advanced Dutch Course B1/B2
- Private / Semi-private Dutch Lessons
- Dutch Lessons via Skype
Koentact Language School, Amsterdam
Courses / Programs
Founded by Koen Gijzel, Koentact Language School is centrally situated in the city center of Amsterdam at the Elandsgracht, and provides Dutch language courses with a modern and uniquely developed method. The classrooms are located on the Elandsgracht, close to the Westerkerk and the Amsterdam Woonbootmuseum. We offer group, individual, in-company and thematic Dutch language courses.

Language courses at Koentact consist of small groups, practically oriented lessons, linguistic exchange / language ‘dating’ (a language exchange with a Dutch person learning your language) and interactive learning via the internet. Our Dutch language courses are adapted to the needs and requirements of the student. All our courses focus on daily (practical) communication and culture.

At Koentact, all our teachers are native speakers of Dutch, fluent in your native language, highly experienced and well educated individuals. They are enthusiastic and flexible in their teaching approach and provide a friendly learning enviroment for all students.
Dutch language courses for all levels from beginner's to advanced:

- Private, individual one-to-one Dutch language lessons

- Dutch language group courses

- Thematic Dutch language and culture courses

- Dutch language conversation course for advanced leaners of Dutch

- Dutch language course for businesses

* We use the CEFRL 'Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Kickstart School, The Hague
Courses / Programs
Kickstart School is a language school in The Hague (Den Haag) in the Netherlands that provides English and Dutch language courses. Our school is located at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86 in a beautiful 19th century building with spacious classrooms. It is easy to reach by public transport.

Our English courses are available for students from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level and include IELTS exam preparation, business English and private English lessons for individuals / groups. Private tuition can take place at your office or home, or at our school and class content can be completely customized according to your needs.

The emphasis in our English courses is on verbal communication, though reading and writing is also covered. The lessons are in English only and are taught by experienced and fully qualified (e.g. Cambridge CELTA) teachers. Courses are normally 24 hours in duration, usually consisting of 12 sessions of 2 hours, or 8 sessions of 3 hours. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) preparation programme is 35 hours in duration. At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance if you have attended at least 80% of the programme.
- Group English classes for students at pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels
- IELTS exam preparation
- English conversation classes
- Private English lessons
- Customised Corporate English Courses: Business English, Technical English, Legal English & more...
BSN Language Centre, The Hague
Courses / Programs
• The BSN Language Centre is part of The British School in The Netherlands and offers Dutch and English courses to the international community of The Hague and surrounding cities. 

• Located on Holland's west coast, less than one hour from Amsterdam and 30 minutes from Rotterdam, we provide beginner to advanced level Dutch language classes to students from around the globe.

• We have great experience of teaching international students with zero knowledge of Dutch to people who wish to take the NT2 (Dutch as a second language) exam with the Dutch Government.

• We pride ourselves on delivering high quality courses taught by native speaking teachers in a modern yet welcoming environment close to the centre of The Hague.

• We have a programme of daytime and evening courses for adults at all levels (0-A1 Beginners to B2 Upper-Intermediate on the Common European Framework). Courses include Courses include General and Intensive Dutch, Conversation classes, Dutch Exam Prep (NT2), Private language lessons, and Online Dutch classes.

• Our centre offers a truly international experience. BSN Language Centre attracts 1,500 students from all over the world every year. All of our teachers are native speakers.

Student Review:
"I am so pleased that I made the effort to take a Dutch course when I arrived here. The BSN Language Centre has been brilliant, not only did I pick up the language but I made new friends at the same time too."
BSN Language Centre student
Dutch Language Courses for Adults:

• General Dutch courses

• Intensive Dutch courses

• Private Dutch lessons

• NT2 Exam Preparation

• Online Dutch course

• Dutch Conversation classes

• In-Company courses

Course features include:
- Lively course format
- Small group classes
- Qualified & experienced, native-speaker teachers
- Modern facilities with interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
Direct Dutch, The Hague
Courses / Programs
The Direct Dutch Institute, founded in 1985, is situated near the centre of The Hague, a few minutes away from Laan van NOI station. Direct Dutch provides effective courses for foreigners who wish to acquire an active command of Dutch while staying in the Netherlands.

We use the direct method, which means that we try to speak Dutch as much as possible during the lessons. (Since some aspects of the grammar will be explained in English, it is important that participants of beginners courses have a basic knowledge of English).

You might like to get to know the Dutch better, the people and their culture; perhaps you have Dutch relatives or have to live in the Netherlands for a few years; you may need Dutch for business reasons, or wish to take part in Dutch social life; or maybe you just have linguistic or historical interests, and simply like Holland, Belgium and their people. Whatever the reason, learning Dutch will make you an insider rather than an outsider in these countries.

The Hague on the North Sea coast, with a population of 0.5 million, is the third-largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and is the seat of Dutch government.

"As a student of Direct Dutch I feel that I have made excellent progress in my learning of the Dutch language..I’ve made many friends while attending class. I cannot wait to come back to do another session and to see all of my friends at Direct Dutch." 
Daytime & Evening Dutch Classes:
- Beginners Dutch A1 course (0-A1 level)
- Beginners Dutch A2 course (A1 - A2 level)
- Intermediate Dutch course (A2 - B1 level)
- Advanced Dutch course (B1 - B2 level)
- Intensive Beginners course (0 - A2 level)
- Intensive Intermediate course (A2 - B1 level)
- Intensive Advanced course (B1 - B2 level)
- NT2-II Course (Dutch as a Second Language examination preparation)
- Conversation plus (B1 +)
- Private Dutch lessons
- In-Company courses (Dutch for business)
Baay Dutch Language Courses, Rotterdam centre - Wijnhaven 36
Courses / Programs
Welcome to Baay Dutch Language courses based in the centre of Rotterdam. 

Baay DLC is a Dutch language school that offers Dutch courses for business professionas and students from around the world. Besides our regular small group courses and intensive courses, we also teach one-on-one lessons. Since we are a small company, we are very flexible. You can start a course at a time that suits you best and if required, we also come to your house / office. Even ‘Dutch abroad’ (online) is possible.

Baay works together with motivated freelance trainers (native speakers). Each with several years of experience in teaching ‘Dutch as a foreign language’.
Day and Evening Dutch language courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

• Group courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels

• Summer course
• Dutch for Business courses (in-company)
• Saturday morning classes with field trips