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Co-Ed Military Boarding School in Indiana

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Howe Military School:
Located in LaGrange County, north Indiana, Howe Military School is a co-educational private American middle and high boarding school organized under a military-like structure for Grades 7 -12. Our military program is not intended to prepare students for military service but to give our students a competitive edge regardless of their career paths.

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Military Boarding Programs for Boys & Girls in Grades 7-12:

Military Program:

We believe the military program makes Howe a better school. Here it is used as a time honored approach to facilitate education. For centuries military training has been utilized to create pride, efficiency and success.

At Howe, we use the techniques of the military to teach our students pride in their academic work and overall performance. The military program is a proven tool for preparing our graduates for success in college and in life.

Our military program is not intended to prepare students for military service. Howe’s military training in leadership gives our students a competitive edge regardless of their career paths. Graduates credit the self-discipline and organization they learned at Howe for their success in life.

Howe is designated a military institute JROTC program and has earned the designation of “Honor unit with Distinction” – the JROTC programs highest. Leadership, EducPhoto of Co-Ed Military Boarding School in Indianaation, and Training (LET) are required JROTC classes for all cadets in Grades 9-12.

Caring teachers, small classes, a Potential Achievement Ratings (PAR) system- these are the foundations of the Howe academic program. In a student body of less than 200 students, the teachers, administrators and coaches learn who your son or daughter is as an individual and what motivates them toward success.

Lower School:
The Lower School serves grades seven through eight. Our academic curriculum consists or the core subjects of English, math, reading, science and social studies. Our cadets also participate in four 9-week elective courses – Beginning leadership, keyboarding, introduction to foreign language, and physical education.

Eligible eighth graders can elect to take their first year of foreign language or a combination of computer applications and photography for high school credit.

Upper School:
The Upper School provides a Howe cadet the opportunity to prepare for college and the world beyond. The curriculum is college preparatory and over 97% of Howe graduates continue their education on the undergraduate level. Key subjects include English, math, science, social studies, foreign languages, the arts, athletics.

Howe’s Upper School encourages cadets to pursue a rigorous and demanding course of study. Extra effort helps cadets to develop character, self-esteem and the determination to succeed throughout their lives. To that end, Howe keeps class size small. Typically there are never more than 16 students per class section. These classes are taught by an accomplished and involved faculty.

Image of Co-Ed Military Boarding School in IndianaPotential Achievement Rating (PAR) System
Our unique Potential Achievement Rating (PAR) system challenges each student to see and attain measurable academic goals. PAR is established by past academic performance and is updated every six weeks by academic staff.

The PAR is pre-agreed GPA (grade point average). Howe students are expected to achieve these goals. This system serves as an incentive for our students to work and stretch their potential reaching for excellence.

College Preparation Courses:

All students begin preparing for college by taking the PSAT during their sophomore year and again their junior year. The PSAT allows cadets the opportunity to practice for the real SAT as well as to qualify for National Merit Scholarships. In the spring of the junior year and the fall of the senior year all or most cadets will take the SAT test, which is given on campus.

We assist any students wishing to take the ACT with materials, filling out forms, and at times transportation to get to the testing sites for that test. Students can prepare for the tests by taking on-line versions of the test in guidance or in the barracks. We also have written copies of the test prep materials that cadets may use.

Advanced Placement Courses:
We offer AP courses in English, math, science and languages.

Summer Camp:
We also offer a Summer Camp.

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Address: Howe, 5755 North State Road 9, Indianapolis, Indiana , USA
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The college counseling department creates comprehensive, individualized plans for each student, beginning in sophomore year. Our English Language Program prepares international students for academic success in America.

Our Residential Life Program focuses on community building, forging friendships and teaching our young men how to navigate adolescence. Students are admitted anytime throughout the year.
Residential / Boarding Programs for Boys (Grades 9-12 & Post-Grad)

Subjects include:
- ESL (English as a Second Language)
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Earth Science
- Physics
- English
- History
- Algebra
- Geometry
- Calculus
- Spanish
- Computers
- Art
- Government
- Economics
- Psychology
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Whether it is in the classroom, in the dorm, in the equestrian ring, on the slopes, or volunteering in the community, everything about Leelanau is a life-enriching experience.

We build on each student’s learning strengths, creatively using hands-on projects and our dramatic natural setting to help students gain a fresh new sense of independence, engagement, and capability.

The Leelanau School’s Residential Life Program works within our mission to “inspire, encourage and support the discovery of individual potential” through teachings from our residential staff and guest speakers as well as unique Life Skills offerings from our entire faculty and staff.

We are accredited by the Independent Schools Association Central States (ISACS).
Co-Educational Boarding and Day Programs for Students in Grades 9-12:

- College Preparatory Curriculum
- Advanced Placement Courses
- College Prep PSAT and SAT
- Core Subjects include humanities, math, science, fine arts, foreign languages, athletics
- ESL and TOEFL Programs for international students
- Learning Resource Center
- Exploratory Week Program with five-day educational adventures
- Life Skills Program
- Mentor Program
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