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Italian Language Courses in Rome, Italy

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Italiaidea, Rome:
Italiaidea is one of the most famous Italian language schools in Italy, providing Italian language courses for all levels from beginner to advanced. We are centrally located in Rome at Via dei Due Macelli, just 5 minutes from the spectacular Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain. We have another location at Piazza della Cancelleria, close to Piazza Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Navona, a very famous area in Rome. We are officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. We also offer Italian language teacher training courses and culture courses. Our students come from all over the world to learn Italian.

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Italian Language Certificate Courses:
All of Italiaidea's Italian courses, individual or group, are offered at seven levels of Italian language awareness: two elementary, two intermediate, two advanced, and one for perfection. The levels of the Italian courses respond to common EU (Quadro Comune di Riferimento Europeo) standards of language proficiency.

Italian Language Group Courses

- Intensive:  15 hours per week for 55 minutes Monday to Friday in a class of minimum 4, maximum 10 students in the morning or afternoon. The program and teaching materials (included in course price) are tailored to each class in order to ensure a teaching constantly renewed and attentive to the progress and needs of each student.

- Semi-Intensive: 4 hours per week, 2 sessions of 2 hours in a group of minimum 4, maximum 12 students. It is possible to attend the group for at least four weeks throughout the year. The textbook, not included in the price of the course, can be purchased at our office on the first day of class. The course is targeted at students who wish to learn Italian in Rome to deal with life but do not have much time to attend classes. The progress of the language is mainly achieved by developing the conversation and the skills needed in everyday life.

- Small Evening Group:  The Italian course (Small Group Evening) is a period of 30 hours 60 minutes. The attendance of classes is 2 hours a day for 2 times a week in the evening for 8 weeks and a maximum group of 4 students. The days of classes are determined according to the students' needs. The limited number of participants ensures maximum attention and makes possible a rapid progression with a few hours.

- Tailor- Made Education Courses:  Italian language intensive courses tailored to the needs / requirements of the student. These can be arranged weekly at our headquarters or where the students reside, according to your needs and preferences.

Special Group Courses:  20 hours per week, each lesson of 45 minutes Monday to Friday on a group of minimum 4, maximum 12 students in the morning or afternoon. Designed for those seeking a balance between the study of Italian in a relaxed and fun environment, and also having free time to enjoy the beauties of the city.

Italian Language Individual Courses

- Italian One-to-One:  Individual courses of Italiaidea offer flexibility and adherence to the language requirements and timetable of the student. Classes are 60 minutes and you can play at our two offices in Via dei Due butchery or the Chancery Square, as well as outside where you want.

- Full Immersion:  25 hours per week, 3 hours in the combined group in two hours 60 minutes each individual day from Monday to Friday.
Maximum effort for maximum results.

- Italian for Specific Purposes:  This Italian course is for a period of 15 hours individual with a customized program of technical language or culture. Our Italian language school offers a wide range of courses in specialized language or culture for those with special needs to work or study. The course syllabus and materials are designed according to the specific requests of the student. Courses may be offered in theological language, law, medicine, etc.. as well as courses in Italian history, cinema, literature, art history.

- Italian Office:  Individual lessons of standard Italian and Italian for business at your office. The time and duration of Italian lessons are to be arranged according to your needs. Our Italian language school is able to organize a course for you even if you prefer to study while you are comfortably at home or at work, thus allowing you to combine all your commitments. A team of specialist teachers coordinated by the directorate is available wherever your place of work.

- Italian Language with Walking Course:  Combining Italian lessons in class and various walks around Rome.

- Italian Language Exam Preparation CILS
:  The Italian school is also approved for the CILS exam preparation, with which you get the certificate of knowledge of 'Italian University for Foreigners of Siena.

Homestay Program with a Local Italian Family
Totally immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture by living locally with an Italian family.

Business Italian Courses:
The business Italian course consists of 24 hours made of 60 minutes each, meeting two hours three times a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for 4 weeks. This business Italian course is for students or professionals with some prior knowledge of Italian who wish to study language for specific use in the work environment.

Italian Language University Courses (For American Universities)
Italiaidea offerscourses of Italian language and culture accredited by American universities and colleges. Courses can be designed according to the needs, to the objectives and to the specific requirements of each individual institute; alternatively, students can take part in our intensive GI group courses.

At the end of the course all students receive a final grade (in letters) and the transcript equivalent to the relevant credits according to the grading system of the university they are attending.

Italian Language Summer Program:
Italiaidea gives you the chance of studying Italian for two weeks in a group course in the summer. Our Italian language summer course will be in the morning, three hours a day, Monday to Friday, so that everyone will have time to visit the wonderful sites of Rome, take part in leisure activities organized by Italiaidea, or walk around Rome freely.

Italian Culture Courses:
Art History:  The art history course consists of 24 hours made of 60 minutes each. A panoramic overview of the history of Italian art from ancient times through 1700. Each week presents a look at a different period and stage of artistic development within Italy: ancient art, medieval, renaissance, mannerism, and baroque.

Italian Culture Course
:  12 hours, 6 sessions of two hours in 2 weeks in a group of minimum 4, maximum 10 students. The course is designed to give an overview of contemporary Italian culture in six encounters looking at some of the country's fundamental features: 2 lessons of art history, one lesson on Italian cinema, one lesson on history, one on music and one on the nation's political situation. The course can be combined with a standard language course.

Italian Language Teacher Training Course:

The training course for teachers that we have designed consists of a two parts: a base module and a module specialized for a total of 150 hours.

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Address: 47 Via dei Due Macelli, 00187 , Rome, Italy
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2017-10-11 were from:

Ansoeng-si, South Korea;   Saint Simons Island, USA;   Switzerland;   and more.
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Located in the historic centre of Milan, Northern Italy, SPAZIOLINGUA is an Italian language training school for foreign visitors that provides a wide range of Italian language and culture courses. Classes can be taken individually or in group format, with day, evening, and weekend courses available from beginner to advanced levels. We also have classes that offer a unique taste of Italian culture, with Italian cooking, wine tasting, and travel Italian options available. Our school is conveniently situated on Via Carducci, close to Red & Green Line underground public transport services.

Taught by a team of dedicated linguistic professionals, our goal is to enhance learning with a human connection and to work in a calm and welcoming environment that encourages the ' pleasure ' of learning. The character of each individual student and their needs are our starting point. We then plan and build a path that enhances and gratifies the student constantly.

Our methodology is based on an effective humanistic approach; everything revolves around the student, their needs and their competences. Our students are constantly accompanied from the beginning to the end of their successful path.
Beginner to advanced level Italian language & culture classes:

- Standard Group Italian classes
- Twice-a-week Italian courses
- Evening / Weekend options
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- Italian language test preparation courses for CILS and CELI on demand
- Corporate Italian courses
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- Italian Culture & History classes
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Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci Rome
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Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci was founded in 1977 and is located in the historical centers of Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena. It ranks among the best known Italian language institutes in Italy and can offer you 30 years experience in teaching Italian in Italy.

Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci in Rome was opened in 1984. It is situated in the centre of Rome in the pedestrian area, halfway from the astounding Piazza Navona, Castel S. Angelo and St. Peter Basilica. This area, typically Roman, abounds with charming cafes, shops, boutiques, libraries and a vibrancy found nowhere else in the city.

The school is located in an attractive, elegant typical aristocratic building, where the decoration has some kinds of luxurious touches, with 13 spacious classrooms, full of light, a common room with vending machines, a computer room with free Internet access, a video room, a conference room with capacity, lift, wheelchair accessible and central heating. It is one of the largest schools in Rome.

The office of Scuola Leonardo Italian Language School in Rome is open 10 hours a day (from 8 a.m to 7 p.m, Monday to Friday). You will find our staff ready to help you and solve your problems.
- Intensive Course with 4 lessons/day (special price for at least 6 week course)
- Intensive Course with 6 lessons / day
- Intensive Plus Courses with 4 lessons in a standard course. Plus 1 or 2 private tutorials, each day
- Long-Term Courses with 4 lessons per day (minimum 12 weeks)
- Academic School Year (minimum 32 weeks)
- Courses for Musical Specialization
- Sabbatical Year with 4 lessons per day (minimum 48 weeks)
- Private Tuition
and more...
Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera, Sardinia
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Located in Alghero on the North West coast of Sardinia, the Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera offers Italian language and culture courses all year round. From the very beginning, we take language out of the classroom and onto the streets of Alghero. We also offer a special Vacationer's Course - AllegraMente is for visitors here only a short time and its purpose is to teach basic notions of Italian, to ease communications with locals, in restaurants, bars and shops, to gain more insight as to the way of life in Alghero, and just generally for a more enjoyable holiday.
Our Italian language courses are small in size, max. 8 persons and we offer a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the learning of Italian and familiarising with this country's culture. Italian cooking sessions, culture courses, summer courses for children as well as a special vacationer's course called AllegraMente.
Scuola Toscana, Florence
Courses / Programs
Scuola Toscana is an Italian language school located in the historical centre of Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy (approximately 3 hours north of Rome).

Recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, we provide a wide range of Italian language courses including intensive communication, university preparation, business, culture, art history and many more.

There are 6 levels from absolute beginners to advanced allowing you to reach the various levels of the European Language Portfolio.

Our Italian language courses open the doors for our students from all over the world, in order to get to know each other and their different cultures.

In the past 15 years, more than 8,000 students have discovered the Italian culture at our Italian language school.

Our classes consist of small groups, but we also cater for individuals offering private tuition courses. We organise extra-curricular activities in Italian language: visits of history of art, seminars, video evenings, excursions and more.

Student Testimonial:
Scuola Toscana me taught me Italian grammar in the morning, found me a place to stay, and showed me where they have the best breakfasts and lunches at a fraction of the cost anywhere else in Florence..... The teachers are so nice and helpful, they're also experts on local history! You're in the best of hands with Scuola Toscana!
- Dawn
Italian Language Courses - Beginner to Advanced levels:

- General Italian courses
- Intensive Italian courses
- Private Italian classes
- Homestay Program (with a local Italian family) 
- Italian University Preparation
- Family Holiday Italian courses (children & adults)
- Italian for Business
- Italian for Tourism
- Internship program (work experience placements)
- Italian Culture courses
- Italian Art History courses
- Italian Language + Jewellery courses
- Italian + Fashion & Design
- Italian + Music & Opera
- Italian + Wine & Cooking
Reggio Lingua, Reggio Emilia
Courses / Programs
Reggio Lingua is a specialized language center in Reggio Emilia, north of Italy, teaching Italian language and culture to people of all ages and nationalities. We organize Italian courses for groups, individuals, and businesses (for managers, technicians and employees), as well as for high school and university groups, homestay programs in an instructor’s home, and courses in preparation for the CILS and CELI exams.

Courses are offered year round. They are organized by level, with a limited number of students in each class to encourage the students’ active participation and to provide a peaceful, relaxed working environment.
Intensive Italian Homestay Programs; Group Italian Courses; Private Italian lessons; Preparatory Courses for the CILS and CELI exams; Specialized Business Courses; Italian cooking classes.
The Language House
Courses / Programs
The Language House is a cross cultural program that offers Italian language holidays and Italian immersion programs for adults and teenagers in Florence, Milan and Genoa, Italy. Our Intensive Italian language courses take place all year round, from Monday to Friday, usually from 9am to 1pm (20 hours a week). Students take a placement test in order to be placed at an appropriate level.

Our classes are very small (max.10 people) and no matter the location are held in the city centre. We feel that small class sizes are essential to facilitate the learning process and ensure that focus is placed on the learning requirements of the individual student, and on helping him/her to overcome any difficulties in a friendly environment. The range of courses offered allows the student to adapt the program to their individual needs.

Our clients also take advantage of immersing themselves for several months with our Multi-Country Adventure Program where you can combine language training in more than one country as well as include our TESOL course and/or a short-term internship.
Intensive Italian courses at seven levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency according to European standards.

We also offer:
- One to one immersion homestays
- Multi-country adventure program