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Jewellery Courses in Florence, Italy

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Scuola di Gioielleria Perseo - Professional Jewellery School Perseo:
Scuola di Gioielleria Perseo - Professional Jewellery School Perseo is a jewellery school in Florence - a city that has always been identified with art - in the Tuscany region of Central Italy. Founded in 1998, we offer training courses on subjects relating to jewellery and goldmithery. In addition, we offer specialisation and refresher courses in areas including stone-setting, wax-casting, engraving and gemology.

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Photo of Jewellery Courses in Florence, ItalyJewellery & Gold-smithing Courses:
Is jewelry your passion? Would you like to learn how to create them using various techniques directly to a laboratory along with Florentine artisans?

In this case, we organize courses in the goldsmith school in the center of Florence that are perfect for you. Even if you only have 1 or 2 weeks time, you can make your jewelry. The courses are professional courses of jewelry, focus on practice and taught by real experts Florentine artisans, jewelers for more than twenty years. The course participants will be fully immersed in the work style of "boutique" artisan, and will cover all aspects of the ancient Florentine goldsmith tradition, following the creation of jewelry from the idea through to its completion, by modeling the various parties with their own hands.

Jewelry-Making Course:
This course is directed to the making of high quality objects. This course was designed and put into action by four teachers. The course includes different ways of gold-smithing. The first method begins with teaching the students the basics with simply made objects - how to get accquainted with the tools and various materials, and how to handle the different gems and metals.

The second begins with teaching how to give shapes to the metal plates and wires, and how to make modern objects with mobile elements, and parts made with metal embossement technique.

The third is a more classical teaching, using techniques like: Open-working (boring), Florentine style and elements constructed with metal wires. All of these notions are brought to sight of the student by rotating lessons between those teachers, in a way that they get a complete and secure grip of the subject .

This course also includes Design lessons and also Wax-working lessons.

Wax Casting Course:
Quarterly courses, to extract from the soft wax the most fantasy filled forms to curry out in precious metals. Modelling of the different types of wax ( hard, medium, soft, tube, slab, block); use of the saw, scalpels, files, emery-paper and spirit lamp. You will also learn soldering techniques with electric pen, bezel making for stones and settings; polishing of the wax prototype and finishing of the piece and casting with metal fusion.

Precious Stone Setting Course:
This course is given by two highly-experienced teachers and allows students - in a relatively brief time - to experiment all the most used stone setting systems. Starting with metal plates the students are brought to learn how to use the tools and gems. After that the students are given semi-finished jewels given them by the best gold-smiths in Florence.

The quantity and variety of those objects, helps to see and repeat the most commonly used types of stone setting, reaching in the end those types less used. Although this course is designed for students starting at zero, it is also suited for craftsmen and stone setters who want to borden their knowledge with the newest techniques. The success of this course is proven by the number of students who have started working with well known firms or alone. During the annual course, gemology lessons are given.

Engraving Course:
Six months courses, to obtain charming designs, simple and particular inscription, from the precious metal, all with the guidance of real craftsmen who have been working in the sector for many years.

Additional Courses:
- Jewellery design
- Goldsmithery
- Jewellery Open Work
- Gemology

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Address: via dei Rustici 10, Firenze, FI, Florence, Italy
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