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Music Production / Engineering Programs in Los Angeles

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Garnish Music Production School, West Hollywood:
Ideally located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood CA, Garnish Music Production School is a commercial recording, programming and mixing facility, with award-winning instructors delivering cutting-edge 6-week music production Diploma courses for adults in small class sizes. We provide weekday, weekend, and evening study options, with 6 hours of training per week. From technical courses like Ableton Live and Pro Tools, to creative topics such as Songwriting, Mixing & Mastering, our programs are designed for people who just want to get straight to the point and produce quality music in their style, fast!

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Intensive 6-week Music Production Diploma Courses:
Our music production diploma courses are generally run over a six-week period, with six teaching hours per week. If you attend one of our evening courses, there are two three-hour evening sessions per week, otherwise your weekly material will be covered in a single information-rich day. We know that committing to a six-week course isn’t always easy, so if you can’t make a session we’ll do our best to arrange for you to catch up on a future cycle.

Electronic Music Production (EMP)
Learn to produce electronic music (EMP) in Los Angles No matter what your style, you will be shown how to craft your tunes, and build them from the ground up. Our instructors are all professional producers and electronic music specialists, and they will help you get the sounds you want out of your head and into your DAW, sharing the techniques and tricks they’ve built up from years of experience. Weekly modules include:

- Week 1 – Beats and Pieces
- Week 2 – Subtractive Synthesis
- Week 3 – Huge Sounds Using Wavetable & Additive Synthesis
- Week 4 – Granular & Frequency Modulation Synthesis, and Advanced Groove Techniques
- Week 5 – Arranging & Track Analytics
- Week 6 – Out Of The Box & Mixing Electronic Music

Electronic Sound Design (ESD) 
Our advanced course in Electronic Sound Design is suited to experienced producers whose focus is on electronic music and sound design, keen to widen their armoury of skills and add the final polish to their dance and electronic tracks. You will explore an entire new world of creative tools and sound-morphing toys, many of which are free using Reaktor and all of which will save you valuable time on your mission to achieve the original sounds you need. Weekly modules include:

- Week 1 – Sound Science & SPEAR
- Week 2 – Sound Design & Music for Media & Video Games
- Week 3 – Glitch
- Week 4 – Up, Down & Sampling
- Week 5 – Reaktor
- Week 6 – Real World In-The-Box Mixing Electronic Music Masterclass

Hit Songwriting Course
If you aspire to be a songwriter then our hit songwriting course will equip you with many indispensable skills as you delve into the art of writing hit songs. Weekly course topics include:

- Session 1 – Introduction to The Craft of Songwriting
- Session 2 – Music Theory-Melody & Chords
- Session 3 – Melodic Rhythm and Further Lyric Concepts
- Session 4 – Writing Hooks & Hit Choruses
- Session 5 – From Theory To Practice
- Session 6 – Co-Writing With A No.1 Hit Selling Songwriter

Pro Tools 10 Course
Our six-week Pro Tools course based in Los Angeles provides an in-depth introduction to producing high quality music. It doesn’t matter what genre your music is, if you use Pro Tools to create your tracks, this course will cover the essential music production and engineering skills you need. Weekly topics include:

- Week 1 – Introduction and setup, computers, programming MIDI.
- Week 2 – Making Your Own Unique Sounds
- Week 3 – Sound Engineering and Recording Techniques
- Week 4  – Advanced Editing and Production Tricks
- Week 5 – Using Samples and Loops.
- Week 6 – Tips, tricks and Preparing to Mix

Ableton Live 9 Course
Our six-week Ableton 9 course based in Los Angeles introduces all the essential skills you need to create and perform your own music using this software, whatever style of music you make. Weekly course topics include:

- Week 1 – Getting set up: Audio and the preferences window
- Week 2 – Creating With Audio & MIDI
- Week 3 – Recording Techniques and Introduction to Mixing
- Week 4 – MIDI Tracks and Composing with Virtual Instruments
- Week 5 – DJing and Live Performance
- Week 6 – Advanced Techniques

Mixing & Mastering
Learn the Art of Mixing & Mastering in Los Angles. In this course you will learn a host of classic mixing techniques, as well as newer, innovative tricks used by the best in the industry. Our course tutors are all established mix engineers, and they will share their tips and tricks as they cover everything you need to create great mixes. Weekly topics include:

- Week 1 – EQ, Environment, Acoustics and Separation
- Week 2 – Dynamics
- Week 3 – Reverbs, Delays and Other FX
- Week 4 – Vocals, Automation and Getting Creative in the Mix Process
- Week 5 – Out Of The Box
- Week 6 – Mastering

Logic Pro 9 Course
Our six-week Logic course based in Los Angeles is suitable for both beginners as well as self-taught learners wishing to fill in gaps and use Logic properly to make all genres of music. Weekly courses include:

- Week 1 – The Basics
- Week 2 – Instruments & FX
- Week 3 – Sampling
- Week 4 – Sound Engineering and Recording Techniques
- Week 5 – Arranging In Logic & Advanced Midi
- Week 6 – Advanced Audio & Introduction to Mixing

Electronic Music DJ School
Suitable for beginners, and learners who have played around at home, and want to fill gaps and learn from a professional DJ with a track record playing top venues up and down the country. The quickest way to learn how to DJ electronic music, is to be taught in a group environment so you can interact not only with an instructor, but with your fellow learners at our unique electronic music DJ school here in Los Angeles. At the end of your course, you will play out at a top Hollywood club (venue TBC) live infront of a crowd! Weekly topics include:

- Session 1 – Equipment, set up, and ready to go
- Session 2 – In ‘n’ Out (not lunch!)
- Session 3 – Building a Set
- Session 4 – FX
- Session 5 – Software
- Session 6 – Recording and editing your demo mix

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Address: 7600 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90046, USA
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The Colburn School, Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
The Colburn School is a non-profit independent institution located in downtown Los Angeles, Southern California consisting of two divisions: the Colburn School of Performing Arts (CSPA) and the Conservatory of Music (CCM). The Conservatory of Music is a highly-selective college offering classical instrumental music training at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels. The Colburn School is a community-based school that provides music, dance and drama training from introductory to advanced levels to students from ages preschool through adult. The Conservatory of Music is predominantly college-age students.

As an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, we offer a curriculum that includes a rigorous academic program. The school selects unique and gifted musicians and supplies room and board and tuition. Students must audition for admission. The application process for non-U.S. citizens is the same as that for U.S. citizens.
- Bachelor of Music Degree

- Performance Diploma

- Artist's Diploma

- Professional Studies Certificate
College of Extended Learning at San Francisco State University
Courses / Programs
Conveniently located at the corner of Market and Powell in downtown San Francisco, The College of Extended Learning at San Francisco State University provides a variety of music business and recording industry classes which are open to everyone. You can select any class that interests you, or follow our Music/Recording Industry academic certificate program. Our downtown campus is directly on the Powell Street BART and Muni lines, and close to affordable parking.

Designed for students who want to gain a solid foundation in the music business and/or recording industry, this program offers a comprehensive education in all aspects of the music business. Students choose an emphasis on either the recording arts/technology or the music business, which enables them to acquire real marketable skills to compete successfully in a fiercely intense environment.

All certificate students are required to complete a professional internship as well as a portfolio of projects such as audio engineering demos or music business and marketing plans. In addition, students can select from a number of electives and seminars for the most comprehensive music industry education in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coursework in the program may be applied toward the certificate, or individual classes may be taken to learn or update skills.
- Music/Recording Industry (MRI) academic certificate program: Choose an emphasis in either the recording arts/technology or the music business. All students must complete a professional internship.

The program can be completed in as few as two semesters; however, most students take four semesters, or two years. Evening classes are also available.
Musicians Institute - School of Contemporary Music, Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
Musicians Institute’s unique campus is located in the center of Hollywood, Los Angeles, in Southern California. We offer a wide variety of degrees and areas of concentration in the field of contemporary music. These include a Bachelor of Music degree with majors including guitar, bass, drums, voice, audio engineering and music business programs. We also offer Associate of Arts degrees and many certificate programs. MI is a microcosm of the contemporary music industry, a place where performers, songwriters and producers rub shoulders with engineers, filmmakers and music business professionals. Professional tracking, mixing and post-production studios line the hallways next to fully-equipped performance stages, classrooms, practice rooms, audio workstations, film production and editing facilities, all running virtually around the clock. With new programs and features constantly in development, MI is dedicated to remaining "The World's Most Innovative School of Contemporary Music".
- Bachelor of Music in Performance degree with majors in Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, Keyboard or Voice. Minors available include audio engineering and music industry studies.
- Associate of Arts Degree
- Certificate programs including Music Video, Film and Television, Independent Artist Development and Guitar Craft
ProMedia Training Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
Are you looking for an alternative affordable option to an Audio Engineering Degree in Los Angeles? ProMedia is a Pro Tools-Centric Audio Engineering School that focuses on recording, mixing, music production and multimedia training for musicians, producers and recording engineers. We offer Pro Tools classes on premises within the Ametron campus in Hollywood, CA. You never know who will be spotted in one of the Ametron studios - Cee Lo Green has had a studio on premises at the Ametron complex!

We offer a wide range of packages and programs featuring Pro Tools 10 Training, Pro Tools 11 and Certification, and also have state-of-the-art facilities, and partner facilities in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Diego, New York and Washington, DC.

ProMedia Training helps you apply your creativity using modern applications so your digital audio production skills match the pace of the industry. Accelerated training is the best option for professionals already in the audio world. We also provide on-site training for corporations and worship facilities where professionals can advance their skills while learning in their own working environment.

ProMedia Training has certified more students in Pro Tools than any other organization and is the industry leader in Pro Tools Certification. We look forward to you joining us!
Pro Tools Courses & Audio Education in Los Angeles:

- Pro Tools Certification in 10 Days
- Weekend Workshop Classes
- 9-Week Audio Engineering Program
- Grammy® & Emmy Winning Faculty
Opus Music Education
Courses / Programs
Opus Music Education, located in Los Angeles, California, is a unique music school offering private music lessons to students of all ages throughout the Greater Los Angeles & Southern California areas. Lessons are provided either at the student's home or at the teacher's studio. We have teachers that teach in a variety of instruments and styles. Currently we offer lessons in the following instruments: Drums, Guitar, Piano, Violin & Voice. We recommend that students have their own instrument to maximize efficiency in your music learning. If you don't have your own instrument, your teacher can provide a recommendation at your first lesson.
Lessons in the following instruments:
- Drums
- Guitar
- Piano
- Violin
- Voice

- Classical
- Jazz
- Rock
- Pop
Southwest Conservatory of Music
Courses / Programs
Southwest Conservatory of Music, located in Fountain Valley, Orange County, California, is a music school offering professional music instruction to students as young as 18 months old, up through high school level and adults. We offer group lessons and private lessons for and have music students at all ages and levels. Students participate in music recitals, evaluations and competitions when they are ready to do so. Many of our students participate in the Certificate of Merit music evaluation program, which is organized by the Music Teachers' Association of California. This is a comprehensive music exam which evaluates the students in 5 areas of music study, including performance, technique, music theory, ear training and sight reading.
Music Lessons for all ages and levels:

Group Music Lessons:
- Group Piano Classes
- Guitar Classes
- Group Singing Lessons
- Ensembles

Private Music Lessons:
- Piano
- Voice
- Guitar
- Violin
- Cello
- Flute
- Saxophone
- Clarinet
- Drums
- Trumpet
- Trombone
- Baritone