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Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga, South of Spain

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Academia CILE :: Centro Internacional de Lengua Española:
Learn Spanish on the beautiful Costa del Sol! Academia CILE is an accredited Spanish language school in the heart of the mediterranean city of Malaga in the Andalusia region of southern Spain. We offer high-quality intensive Spanish courses to international students from around the world. We teach students of all levels - from total beginner to advanced. Our start dates and timetables are flexible. If you want to study Spanish in the centre of one of the most interesting and cosmopolitan cities in Spain then we are the school for you!

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Spanish Language Courses in MPhoto of Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga, South of Spainalaga:
We offer a range of Intensive Spanish Courses with flexible start dates and timetables. The courses are designed to make our students feel confident in daily use of the language in all kinds of social situations. From the first day on Spanish is the only language spoken in class. Teaching is based on modern methods and equipment. In addition to up-to-date text books, our school has developed own study material* to give more variety to the courses.

Course Information:
- Designed to help you improve your general ability to communicate in Spanish
- 5 levels according to the European Framework (from Elementary to Superior)
- Written and spoken test to assess your level of Spanish and to place you in a class appropriate for you
- Minimum number of weeks – 1, no maximum
- Maximum 8 students per class
- Minimum age 16
- Each lesson is of 45 minutes
- End-of-course certificate on the last day of your course

* The Department of Spanish of the prestigious university Ecôle Normale Supérieure of Paris is using the text book for beginners developed by our school in their classes.

Image of Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga, South of Spain
Intensive Spanish Language Course - 20 hours per week:
daily: 4 lessons; levels: all (a1 to c1); groups: 4-6 (max. 8)

The intensive course will cover all aspects of the Spanish language: listening, talking, reading and writing. The first two lessons are dedicated to grammar studies, related with exercises, and after a break of half an hour, the next two lessons are dedicated to vocabulary development, reading, writing, oral comprehension of radio programmes, video sessions, discussions, work with newspapers, etc.

Superintensive Spanish Language Course - 30 hours per week:
daily: 6 lessons; levels: all (a1 to c1)

If you dont have much time to learn or improve your Spanish, these courses provide more rapid results in less time than the Intensive Language Course. The Superintensive Course consists of 6 lessons a day, four of them in a group of the intensive language course (max. 8 students/group), and 2 extra lessons in a special intensive course group (1-3 and max. 6 students/group).

Academic Year (28 weeks / 40 weeks):
Photos of Academia CILE :: Centro Internacional de Lengua EspañolaA long term Spanish language course for those who wish to achieve true fluency in the Spanish language. Ideal for Gap Year students, University graduates or any adult looking for maximum progress and fluency in the Spanish language.

Intensive One-to-One Spanish Tuition:
One-to-One tuition is the ultimate course for making maximum progress during a short period of time. We can offer tailor-made individual classes all over the year. The classes can be arranged flexibly regarding quantity and schedule.

Group Spanish Courses Plus One-to-One Tuition:
You can combine One-to-One tuition with a group course. This gives you the advantage of the interaction of a group in the morning and individually tailored tuition in the afternoon. This is a great way of accelerating your progress. Besides the 4 hours in a group of 3 to 8 students, the students have 1 or 2 additional hours per day of individual instruction.

DELE Exam Preparation Course:
This course prepares the student to obtain the "Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera" (D.E.L.E.). The DELE is the official certificate of Spanish knowledge for non-native speakers officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture and carried out by the Instituto Cervantes.Our Spanish language school in Málaga is a member of FEDELE (organizer of DELE exams of Instituto Cervantes). The course offers per week 10 or 20 lessons intensive course plus 10 extra hours in a mini-group (1-5 students), focusing on the preparation of the exam.

Business Spanish Certificate Course:
Our language school Academia CILE prepares students for the exam of "Spanish for Business" organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Málaga. This course is also suited for students interested just in achieving a high level of ability to act in a business and office context. The course is held by economists and takes place in the morning or the afternoon, daily 2 or 4 lessons in a general language course group and 2 lessons in a special business course group. Participants must have an advanced level of Spanish.

This course meets the program requirements of the 5 great European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The exam takes place in May or November, and students can enrol directly at our school Academia CILE. On request we provide our " Info Business Spanish" for more detailed information. 

SpPicture of Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga, South of Spainanish + Sports:
These courses are ideal for those who like to continue during their study of the Spanish language with their sport activities or just try another type of sport. It's also a very good chance to get in contact with Spaniards, as the sport activities take place not in groups of foreign students but together with Spanish people. These courses may be combined with any of our language courses and include also the membership in our sportclub (sauna, fitness room, step, gym-jazz, jacuzzi, pump, aerobic).

We offer the following courses, the sport activity chosen combined with the standard language course of 20 lessons/week:

- Spanish + Sailing: 15 hours of sailing in 4 weeks
- Spanish + Diving course for beginners: 15 h diving in a two weeks diving course.
- Spanish + Golf: 2 hours/week private golf lessons.
- Spanish + Horse riding: 2 hours/week + 1 horseshow/week.
- Spanish + Tennis: 2 hours/week private lessons

Both Spanish and sports courses run on all levels from beginners to advanced students. Therefore, it does not matter whether you just want to try a new sport activity or you want to carry on practicing your favourite passtime during your language stay. All you have to do is choose the sport activity that appeals to you the most.

Special Spanish Courses:Images of Academia CILE :: Centro Internacional de Lengua Española
Apart from the general language tuition we offer a series of special courses for particular needs and purposes, with 4 or 6 lessons daily:

Legal Spanish Course: Gives an introduction to the terminology of jurists, and can be combined with 2 or 4 lessons of general language classes.

Medical Spanish Course: Medical Spanish course in Malaga is ideal for any healthcare provider (doctors, nurse practioners, nurses, ems and other health care workers) who comes in contact or communication with Spanish speaking patients.

Course for Airline employees: Gives an introduction to the special terminology used by stewards and stewardesses, prepares for the exams of the different airlines, and can be combined with 2 or 4 lessons of general language classes.

Advanced Course in Subjunctive: This course deals with one of the most difficult aspects for foreigners of the Spanish grammar.

Hispanic Studies Course: The aim of this course is to give students a basic knowledge of Spanish history, art, litterature and current events:

- Spanish History: The most important events and historical evolutions which made of Spain what it is today.
- Spanish Art: Masterworks, artists and styles from the first manifestations to the present.
- Spanish Literature: The most important writers and styles in Spanish language.
- Spain Today: Spain and the Spanish people. Institutions and sociocultural changes.

The complete course lasts 8 weeks, and students must have an advanced knowledge of Spanish. For more detailed information we provide our “Hispanic Studies Information Sheet” on request.

Homestay Programme:
Learn Spanish while living with your teacher. This course is different from any other. It consists in living and learning Spanish at your teacher’s home, which means being taught and corrected not only during class but at all time. It is not only taught through a textbook, but rather, by practising living Spanish as if it were your own language. The teacher and his/her family devote exclusive time to the difficulties and problems faced by an individual student.

Some of the leisure activities, such as chatting over a meal, watching TV, family visits and social life are carried out in Spanish with the Spanish family and its friends. You can start on any day of the year (except public holidays) and the duration of the course is from one week onwards. This course is suited for students of all ages and levels.

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Address: C/ Cister, 4-3º, Málaga, Spain
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The school is accredited by Instituto Cervantes in Spain which means it meets certain quality standards in the teaching of Spanish and has adequate teaching resources and teaching plan that guarantees satisfactory progress.
- General Spanish course
- Intensive Spanish course
- Semi-intensive Spanish course
- Super-intensive Spanish course
- DELE exam preparation
- Private Spanish lessons
- Academic Year programs
- Tailor-made programmes designed for school groups
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