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The Mandell School:
Mandell School is a co-educational institution for Toddlers through the Eighth Grade located on the Upper West Side, since 1939. We are committed to providing a nurturing educational environment for children and their families, which through intellectual stimulation and emotional support, enable them to become responsible, active citizens of the world. Mandell School curriculum is well balanced, exceptionally rigorous, yet flexible enough to allow for a range of leaning styles. Mandell uses both traditional and progressive approaches to teaching, incorporating use of manipulatives, collaboration and hands on experiential learning.

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Toddlers Program:
Photo of Private K-8 School in Manhattan, NYCThe Mandell School for Toddlers provides children, two years of age, with an educational environment that is designed to nurture their physical and developmental needs. As such, Mandell's Toddler programs offer a fun and stimulating environment that functions as a gentle transition from home to school. This is not a separation mandatory program. Adult inclusion in the classroom is optional. We do, however, encourage parents to allow their child independence when they are ready. Through the year, we work on a one-on-one basis to guide parents through toilet training, separation and other early childhood issues that may arise.

Our curriculum centers on monthly themes with related activities such as specific daily projects, songs and special events. In addition, our 95th Street facility includes an indoor gym space which the children use for "outdoor" play, structured movement and assessment. Our goal is to provide a well rounded experiential environment for your child that enhances their emotional, physical and intellectual development. Mandell School for Toddlers offers a two half-day per week program for two year olds with both morning and afternoon session available. The morning session meets from 8:45 am to 10:45 am and the afternoon from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Both sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pre-Nursery Program:
Mandell School for Toddlers offers a three half-day per week program for older 2 and very young 3 year olds. Both morning and afternoon sessions are available. The morning session meets from 8:45 am to 11:15 am and the afternoon session meets from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Both Sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Kindergarten Program:
Junior Kindergarten is the second year of "Pre-Kindergarten" prior to Kindergarten for those late summer and fall birthday children who have spent a year in Pre-Kindergarten I. Independent decision making, collaborative learning and the fostering of leadership skills are again essential to the functioning of this class. As the class between Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, the curriculum and expectations change rapidly during the course of the year.

Kindergarten students at Mandell continue to develImage of Private K-8 School in Manhattan, NYCop and solidify their independent decision making, collaborative learning and leadership skills through the exploration of themselves, their newly assembled peer group and the families that comprise the community of their school. Independent choice-time, literacy creative writing, science, math and technology are all part of the students' daily routine.

This is accomplished through both integrated thematic units of study and independent "mini-lessons". Throughout the year each student is encouraged to participate in the assessment of their development and to provide input to their teachers in the assembly of their ongoing "portfolio" of work, fostering self-assessment as a natural extension of their school experience.

Elementary Division:

1st Grade - 4th Grade:

The Elementary Program will continue Mandell’s commitment to academic excellence and good citizenship. These students will develop solid foundations in both literacy and numeracy and will be supported as they gain confidence in their abilities as increasingly independent active learners. Through small group and individualized work, students will master early academic skills and become effective readers, problem solvers, and communicators.

Weekly experiences in Music, Wellness/Athletics, Library, Science, Art, Computers, American Sign Language, Spanish and French will expand the students’ understanding of themselves and the world around them. Conflict resolution and community building skills will be presented and modeled throughout each grade in age-appropriate ways. Reading and math specialists will be available to provide both enrichment and support for all students.

Preparatory Division:

Photos of The Mandell School5th Grade - 8th Grade:
Students in the Preparatory Division will be required in grade five to begin to assume increasing levels of independent responsibility for their learning. Each student will be assigned a class advisor who will support them both individually and as part of small groups as they begin to make individual section and subject choices. With the introduction of formalized subjects including English, Math, History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, and Research Skills, students will continue to develop effective reading, writing, and analytical skills with specialized teachers for each subject.

This will continue as well in more familiar subjects such as Music, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages and Wellness/Athletics. Group and individualized assignments will be designed to foster each student’s skills and interests. Conflict resolution skills will continue to be presented, modeled and fostered. Reading and math specialists will also be available to provide enrichment and support as determined by the students, their advisors and their families.

After-School Programs
At the end of the school day Mandell students are invited to participate in one or more of our Firefly Program workshops. These workshops are organized in six one-hour or two-hour sessions, Monday through Friday, and span a six-week period during each fall, winter and spring term. Most are limited to no more than eight children, however, the enrollment may be expanded for older groups.

Summer Camp:
We offer exciting summer camps. Children spend most of the time in their classroom in supervised structured free play. They also participate in special science, art, crafts, music and drama classes throughout the week.

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Address: West 95th Street, New York City, New York , USA
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In addition to challenging academic programs, we also offer a foreign exchange, an extensive arts program, English as a Second Language, SAT and TOEFL preparation courses. We welcome international students. Dwight continues to be a pioneer in international education and today nearly 40 countries are represented in its student body.

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Abraham Joshua Heschel School, located on West End Avenue in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is an independent, Jewish day school offering a pluralistic approach to Jewish learning in addition to secular studies. We have four school divisions consisting of Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School and High School. The quality of our humanities, arts, and science programs has enabled our graduates to be welcomed by outstanding institutions of higher learning.

Our approach to education, pluralism, and concern for students' intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development informs our daily interactions in the school community. Our school is characterized by team teaching and an integrated curriculum. We select faculty who have demonstrated mastery of their subjects, encourage academic excellence, and support our mission.

We strive to cultivate the spiritual lives of our students and nurture their commitment to Jewish life. We help them understand and respect a range of Jewish practice and traditions. We engage our students in a meaningful relationship with the language, culture, land, and people of the State of Israel.
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