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Private K-8 School in Manhattan, NYC

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The Mandell School:
Mandell School is a co-educational institution for Toddlers through the Eighth Grade located on the Upper West Side, since 1939. We are committed to providing a nurturing educational environment for children and their families, which through intellectual stimulation and emotional support, enable them to become responsible, active citizens of the world. Mandell School curriculum is well balanced, exceptionally rigorous, yet flexible enough to allow for a range of leaning styles. Mandell uses both traditional and progressive approaches to teaching, incorporating use of manipulatives, collaboration and hands on experiential learning.

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Good citizenship at Mandell is the first and most important element of our philosophical blueprint. It is a constant awareness on the part of our students, families and staff of the feelings and challenges of all other human beings as well as a heightened consciousness of our potential impact, both positive and negative, on the world around us.

Our Mission:

Photo of Private K-8 School in Manhattan, NYCThe Mandell School is committed to providing a nurturing educational environment for our children and their families, which through intellectual stimulation and emotional support, enables them to become responsible active citizens of the world. Mandell challenges each of our students and their families to use their experience with us to determine how and through what means they will pro-actively choose to have a positive and meaningful impact on their world.

In turn, it is our responsibility to provide a blueprint for learning, consistently high expectations and a dedicated and exceptionally talented faculty. We provide these in support of the emotional, social and intellectual development of our students and their extended families. This is accomplished through passion and compassion, active exploration and the collaborative use of individual talents.

In this way, our students can build for themselves a common foundation of moral, emotional and intellectual independence that enables them to meet and exceed their individual goals. It is the combination of this Mission and our Values, which serves as the foundation of our Philosophical Blueprint.

Our Values:

It is our belief that in order for a community to flourish, there must be a common set of values shared among all members of that community. These values are the “givens” that guide how we set our priorities and how we make every small and large decision affecting our students, their families and our community as a whole.

- The Value of Respect:  In its broadest sense, respect is our first and foremost guiding principal.

Respect can be defined as:
* Respect for ourselves - our bodies, our thoughts/ideas/beliefs
* Respect for each other - the bodies of others, the thoughts/ideas/beliefs of others, the emotional and physical well-being of others
* Respect for our environment - our physical space, our environmental resources and our planet

- The Value of Collaboration:  No matter what the problem to be solved or the goal to be achieved, a collaborative approach is more effective and meaningful then any solo effort.

- The Value of Diversity:  Without diversity of ideas, cultures, language, talents, etc., our students cannot accomplish real learning or long term problem solving.

Co-Ed School for Toddlers through 8th Grade:
- Pre-School Division
- Kindergarten Program
- Elementary Division
- Preparatory Division

As part of our curriculum we place a strong emphasis on Music, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages and Wellness / Athletics.

Our Philosophical Blueprint:

Image of Private K-8 School in Manhattan, NYC
- Good Citizenship
"Good Citizenship" at Mandell is the first and most important element of our philosophical blueprint. It is a constant awareness on the part of our children, our families and our staff of the feelings and challenges of all other human beings as well as a heightened consciousness of our potential impact, both positive and negative, on the world around us. 

Through this emphasis on "Good Citizenship" Mandell students develop the social and emotional maturity that allows them to think and to act independently, but with constant regard for the needs and feelings of others and the world around them.

Academic Preparedness:
Along with our focus on the social and emotional well-being of Mandell students is our goal to ensure their academic preparedness as manifested by a deep love of learning and a strong and accessible set of skills and knowledge. At Mandell, a love of learning, the development of skills and the pursuit of academic excellence are deeply connected to love of school and joy of collaborative exploration.

Parent Involvement:
First and foremost, we encourage parents to be deeply involved in their own child's career at Mandell. Then we ask them to find ways to bring their skills and passions into the classroom to share with all the children. Through its efforts, our PA not only supports the goals of the Mandell School Community but works to develop and implement avenues for families and staff to give back to the greater community around us. We are very proud of our parents and believe that their efforts are a large part of what makes Mandell such a special place.

Our Curriculum:

Mandell curriculum is first and foremost a collaborative exploration amongst parents, teachers, students and administration to sustain our student's ability to learn and grow. It teaches fundamental skills in a creative and dynamic way while fostering an appreciation for the values of listening, kindness, community and diversity. Mandell curriculum is unique while challenging; it recognizes a child’s potential to achieve extraordinary feats both inside and outside the classroom.

Requiring "high expectations" of both students and teachers, we consistently provide opportunities for communication, creative problem-solving and self reflection. Our curriculum is developed by teachers who are passionate about their work and who love and respect the children in their care. It is designed to nurture and develop self-esteem, creativity, and to inspire our students to make a meaningful impact on the world.


Photos of The Mandell SchoolAt the Mandell School we aim to foster and develop an understanding and appreciation among students, teachers and parents of diversity. The socio-economic and ethnic composition of our nation's children is so diverse that many view this as a challenge for educators. We do not. At Mandell, we see diversity as an opportunity. A fundamental part of our philosophy is our belief that all children, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, can achieve high standards of learning and should be encouraged and mentored to do so. We also believe that it is our responsibility as educators to ensure that our children's educational environment accurately reflect the diversity of the world that we are preparing them to be proactive citizens of.

Individual differences in cultural or socio-economic background must not affect a child's right to nurturing and stimulating academic setting. The Mandell School feels that all children can benefit from exposure to a diverse learning environment and we encourage families from all backgrounds to apply. Our educational programs are designed to approach diversity as an asset that can be used in the preparation of our students for citizenship in an increasingly diverse society.

The Mandell School believes a diverse learning environment is key to nurturing your child's individual development as well as instilling a sense of community with their peers, regardless of cultural background. We strive to teach all our students that knowledge comes in many forms, all of which we should be and are open to.

History of the Mandell School:

Picture of Private K-8 School in Manhattan, NYCMandell School was founded in 1939 by Max Mandell, a pioneer in early childhood education. Mr. Mandell believed that in order to flourish, every young child must have a nurturing and stimulating environment that focuses on and provides for their unique and individual development. He also believed that supporting the families of young children was a significant part of an educator's role. The Mandell School was founded on these beliefs and under the care of his daughter, Barbara Rowe and his granddaughter, Gabriella Rowe, continues to foster and build on them today.

Community Service:
Each school year, students will select a community service project that they will be responsible for developing and implementing. Each community project must include three basic elements: Education, Action, and Outreach. Students problem solve how to run their project, with the support of Mandell teachers and staff.

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Address: West 95th Street, New York City, New York , USA
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With over 131 years of history and tradition, we continually draw upon the values and experiences of those who came before us to forge an ever stronger school for today and tomorrow. We are accredited by the the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
Day school program & boarding school program for 5th-12th grades:

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- Full-residential Boarding Program (grades 9-12)
- Arts program
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Class scheduling is extremely flexible - students register by the semester or year.
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2. Junior Program: Grade 7-8
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4. Young Talent program: Gr.4-6
5. AP Studio Art Program: Gr. 10-12
6. Foundation Program: Gr. 7 and Up
7. Curating and Art Research Program
8. Art College Counseling Service

- Painting/Drawing
- Illustration
- Perspective Drawing & Painting
- Figure Drawing & Painting
- Advanced Drawing & Painting
- Mixed Media & Collage
- Sculpture
- Group Crits
- Film & Animation
- Fashion Design
- Business of Design
- Graphic Design
- Digital Art
- Installation Art