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Italian Language Courses in Milan, Italy

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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan:
The SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI was founded in 1977 and is located in the historical centers of Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena. SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI ranks among the best known language Institutes in Italy and we can offer you 30 years experience in teaching Italian in Italy! Moreover, we can give you the possibility of attending all 4 schools in 4 different cities while doing a continuous course, always finding:

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Standard Italian Course
The Standard Course is held throughout the year on 6 (monthly) levels of ability. Duration: min. 2 weeks. The 4 lessons are held daily from Monday to Friday, usually beginning at 9am. If there are many participants the Standard Course may also be held in the afternoon at 2pm. There is a maximum of 12 students in each class.

There are special price discounts for long term stays:
Middle Length Standard Course: minimum 6 weeks;
Long Term Standard course: minimum 12 weeks;
Long Term Semester Course: minimum 24 weeks.

Middle Length Standard Course
This is our new Standard Course with a 6-week minimum duration to deepen students basic knowledge of the Italian language... at a very special price!

Long Term Standard Course
Students wishing to study Italian for longer periods are especially welcome at our schools and receive special care and attention from our staff, as well as benefiting from our long-term discounted prices. With this course, students profit from all the advantages of learning a language in the country where it is spoken. Through our experience in teaching the Italian language, we know that the ideal minimum stay for a course is 12 weeks. Not only you will have more confidence in your language skills, but instead of feeling like you are on holiday, you will be completely immersed in the Italian culture and way of life. Many of our long-term students are preparing to enter university or rounding off their Italian Long-Term Standard Course with the recognised AIL "Firenze" examination.

Long Term Semester Course
Would you like to enjoy 6 months in Italy and travel to different cities, too? We have the right program for you! The Long-Term Semester Course is an extended version of the Long-Term Standard Course. The general structure is similar, but the objectives are targeted on a long-term basis. If you would like to live in Italy for several months, the Leonardo da Vinci schools offer you the possibility of an attractive package. You may start learning Italian in Florence, and after a few months you can move to Rome, Siena or Milan. The curricula in the semester course are the same; thus you can change the course location any time you want and you will make the most of your stay in Italy.

An excellent opportunity to attain a more in-depth and continuous study of the Italian language. You can combine learning the language and enjoying your free time. This course is also an excellent preparation for Master Courses in Art, Italian Design, Italian Fashion or Restoration.

Last abut not least, the Long-Term Semester Course has a particularly attractive price!

Sabbatical Year
This program has a length of 48 weeks, especially appropriate for students who want to spend a very long period in Italy and take a break from their everyday life. During these 48 weeks your students have the possibility to learn the Italian language from the basis to the high proficient level. They can also combine the language course with cultural courses offered by the school as well with guided visits and sports activities.

Since programs are the same in each Leonardo da Vinci branch, students have the possibility to live in different cities during their stay and so to enter in the Italian culture and way of living. For example: 12 weeks in Florence visiting the Uffizi and the amazing museums of the city, 12 weeks in Milan breathing the fashion and design atmosphere as well as making shopping in the most known boutiques, 12 weeks in Rome, the Eternal city full of ancient buildings from the Roman Empire and 12 weeks in Siena relaxing in the Tuscan countryside enjoying the Chianti wine.

What more? The very competitive price ...

Intensive Group Course
The Intensive Course consists of 4 lessons Standard Course and 2 extra lessons of group language course per day. In the supplementary session students have the opportunity to
increase their knowledge with practice in speaking and conversing.

Intensive Course "PLUS" & 10
The Intensive Plus Courses consist of daily 4 lessons Standard group course, plus additional private lessons (one to-one). The individual lessons are specifically designed for
specific needs of the student.

We offer two kinds of Intensive Plus Courses:
• Intensive Plus-5 Course: 20 lessons of Standard Course and additional 5 lessons of Private Tutorial per week;
• Intensive Plus-10 Course: 20 lessons of Standard Course and additional 10 lessons of Private Tutorial per week.

Language and Culture Course "Italy Today"
For students who want to learn Italian and at the same time become acquainted with the culture and history and the current social and political situation of their host country, we suggest to choose the "Italy Today" Course. In addition to the 4 lessons Standard Course, they will be introduced to art and culture, history and folklore, press and films as well as the current political and economical situation of Italy.

The cultural part of this course consists in 10 supplementary lessons in two weeks.

Academic Year / "GAP" Year
The “Academic School Year” is a 32 weeks language and culture course for students who wish to experience living and studying in Italy. The course not only combines language courses with Italian culture classes at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci but its syllabus also includes fundamental elements of level C2 of the European Language Portfolio (CEFR). All in all, the course offers students the opportunity to see at first hand the various aspects of Italy’s rich history and culture. The course consists of both, a linguistic part and an academic part.

"La Dolce Vita" Courses for mature students of any age
This course is specifically designed for mature students of any age. Students will learn Italian in a pleasant and relaxing environment, accompanied by a wide variety of cultural activities.

Morning Program:
The morning course of Standard Italian Language is designed to improve language and conversational skills, and heighten the awareness and appreciation of the Italian culture.

Afternoon Program:
Milan Orientation tour of the city; Traditional Italian dinner with program instructor; Guided
tour to the ‘Museo della Scala Opera House’ and Brera district; Professional lectures
in History of Italian Opera and guided listening of famous arias; Participation at a
classical music concert or opera; Visit to the “Foundation Giuseppe Verdi - House for

Examination Courses for Italian Diplomas "Firenze" AIL
Our school is recognized examination centers of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL), and we organize preparatory courses for the different Italian examinations «Firenze» of the AIL.

We organize different course cycles (standard course combined with specific preparatory courses) for beginners and advanced students. The duration of the courses can be from 4 to 48 weeks, depending on the knowledge of the Italian language.

The specific preparatory courses always start one month before the examination dates and consist daily of 4 lessons of grammar review and conversation plus 2 lessons of test taking strategies and examination drills. On request we can send you our entry test to check your knowledge of the language and to establish the time necessary to prepare yourself for the different exams.

Professional Courses
The professional courses consist of four lessons in a Standard Language Course plus two private tutorials daily that focus on terminology from the selected professional field. An intermediate knowledge of Italian is suggested for those attending the professional courses.

The student can choose among subjects as Business Correspondence, Italian for Healthcare, Business Italian, The Language of Fashion, Italian Literature, Italian for the Hotel Industry , The Language of Tourism, Italian for Flight attendants and many others.

Courses for Italian-Language Teachers
The main purpose of this course is to support Italian-language teachers by bringing their theoretical knowledge and teaching methods up to date. The emphasis is placed on revitalizing linguistic and didactic abilities and refreshing the teacher’s socio-economic and political-cultural knowledge of Italy.

This group course for teachers in Italian is held six times a year with the following program: The pedagogy of Italian as a foreign language: theoretical and practical use, techniques, teaching material / DITALS exam for Italian teachers preparation / Phonetics / Body language Workshop / Exercises / Lessons of observation and practice in Italian language classes.

“DITALS EXAM FOR ITALIAN TEACHERS PREPARATION COURSE”: This preparation Course is part of the Training Course mentioned above. It takes place during the first week of the course and contains the following subjects: The pedagogy of Italian as a foreign language; theoretical and practical use, tecniques, teaching material / DITALS exam for Italian teachers preparation.

Participants who are only interested in the first part of the course, can choose to do it, but the DITALS preparation course will not be recognized by the «Socrates / Comenius / Grundtvig III» program.

Preparatory Courses for University Studies in Italy
The SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI preparatory courses for University studies in Italy are intended for students who wish to attend Italian Universities. To be admitted to an Italian University, students must pass an entrance exam.

The entrance exams are held in September at the faculty chosen by the applicant. Since 1977, SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI has offered preparatory courses for University studies, preparing several hundred students to successfully pass the entrance exams for Italian Universities.

Internship / Work Experience
SCUOLA LEONARDO DA VINCI offers you the unique experience of living and working in Italy. The Work Experience & Internship program consists of three stages:

The first part consists of an Italian language preparation course with a minimum duration of 4 weeks. However, to attend the Internship program, a very good knowledge of Italian is required (proficiency level - C1).

To widen the professional knowledge and to acquire sufficient skills to start a period of Internship placement, participants get 20 lessons of professional orientation course.
The orientation course is normally organized in accordance with the last two weeks of their
language course.

The third stage consists of an unpaid internship in a carefully selected Italian company for two to four months: The minimum duration is 8 weeks that can be extended up to 16 weeks (or as long as the visa of the participant is valid). Students may choose from several fields listed under unpaid experience. The position offered is influenced by the applicant’s previous work experience, education and level of Italian. Most of the employ locations are in Florence, Rome, Siena or Milan. We assist in selecting the Internship company according to
the curriculum vitae and interests of the applicant. We arrange meetings with the internship coordinator to plan the internship experience. We will help applicants with the interview at the chosen companies. We will assist applicants to get the permit of stay and to define contact agreement with the selected company. We will monitor the internship experience together with the internship company. During the Internship experience applicants will get an insurance covering workplace accidents.

At the end of the Internship program participants will receive a Certificate stating the Italian
proficiency and the acquired Internship experience. Fields of intership: Tourism / Restaurants / Hotel management / Travel Agency / Web design / Web marketing / Design / Architecture; many other fields on request.

Preparation Courses for Fashion and Design Academies
This course is intended for students who wish to attend Italian Fashion and Design Academies, like NABA, Domus Academy, Istituto Marangoni, Polimoda, Scuola Politecnico di Design, Fashion School Carlo Secoli, Uptodate Fashion Academy, Istituto Europeo di Design, etc.

The students can choose the course according to their ability in Italian language, from the beginner to the advanced one. Students are taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers. The main objective of the course is to enable the students to immediately take up their studies at the chosen academy and to help them to pass the entrance exam if required.
During the course, students will improve their Italian language and learn the specific vocabulary used in the fashion and design field. The program also includes an introduction to the history of art, design and fashion.

Private Tuition
Many years of experience in giving private tuition, a flexible choice of courses and teachers experienced in individual teaching programs allow us to offer tailor-made private tuition courses.

Thanks to our proven individual system “LinguaKIT” ©, we are able to suit the private tuition program to your needs with regards to dates and specific areas of interest. Lessons can be freely scheduled as long as length and intensity, from daily 3 to 8 lessons.

On request, the private tuition can also be organized to include lunch with the teacher, to continue practising the new language during the lunch-break.

Should there be already sufficient knowledge of Italian, the participant can also learn vocabulary orientated to certain professions, such as general business Italian, banking, trading import/export, law, insurance, marketing, Hotel management, tourism, medicine and so on.

On request, we offer also “TWO-TO-ONE-COURSE” and “THREE-TO-ONE-COURSE”. In this case, the same knowledge of the Italian language of the participants is requested.

Preparatory Courses for Music Academies
The preparatory courses for Music Academies in Italy are intended for students who wish to attend Italian Conservatories. To be admitted to an Italian Conservatory, students must pass an entrance exam.
The courses prepare for the following specializations:


Italian Plus Art Semester Courses
Thanks to the collaboration with NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts and Design), we are
able to offer our students the possibility of attending a semester inside a University of
Arts, choosing between one of the following areas:

• Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing, Photography
• Fashion Design
• Design: Interior, Product, Furniture

Before starting these courses, students can attend a language course to reach the following minimum level of knowledge of Italian requested necessary to join in the Art classes.

The standard language course of 4 weeks consists of 80 lessons. The Art courses have a duration of 12 weeks and consist of 144 lessons.

Italian Preparation Courses for Fashion Shows
This course consists of 20 lessons held at the school followed by 20 hours of guided visits to
Fashion Shows, Showrooms, Shops, Fairs, Fashion and Design Magazines.

All lessons are held by academic professors and professionals in the fashion and design fields. The general part of the program always remains the same, while the specific topics change in consideration of events that are happening in the city at the time, i.e.: Milan Fashion Week Woman - «Milano Moda Donna», Milan Fashion Week Man - «Milano
Moda Uomo» or Milan Furniture Fair - «Salone Internazionale del Mobile».

History of Italian Art
The course program is comprised of two parts:

Theoretical lessons, which are held in the school classrooms and are dedicated to introducing students to Italian history and art history, and specifically how those artistic periods correspond to the history of Milan.

Outdoor lessons, which are held at the end of the course and aim to deepen those topics that the students liked the most and to visit the artistic monuments of the city of Milan.
During the lessons the use of visual materials will be very important and useful. The artistic periods are introduced and presented by giving students the visual image of the main artistic works (paintings, sculptures, architectural monuments, etc.) of that period. The visual support consists of images, VHS, and CDRom material.

Italian Cuisine - Cookery Courses
Would you like to be able to cook Italian food at home? Our cooking course will enable you to prepare typical Italian meals and to learn recipes from the various regions of Italy. The course is based one meeting of approx. 3 hours a week and shaped for all potential participants, also for the novice who is interested in learning about cooking.

During each lesson the students prepare and cook a different complete menu which consists of typical dishes of Italian cuisine in the tradition of genuine simplicity. At the beginning of each lesson the teacher explains the menu of the day and distributes the work. During the preparation and the cooking of the food, the teacher demonstrates, explains and gives valuable hints and tips. The students prepare the table and dine together. Each student or pair of students presents and serves to the others the dish they have prepared.

This course is organized in such a way that the students can experience with their own hands the way of cooking in the Italian style. Participants receive a recipe book including a vocabulary in several languages.

In addition to our Culinary Arts for Amateurs, our schools offer special cooking courses for professionals. Every month, the school organizes stages and special programme courses which treat specific subjects like: culinary tradition of Val Pusteria, the Traditional Roman cuisine, menus for special holidays, etc.

Italian Wines
Did you know that Italy is the largest producer of selected wines? Our wine course gives you an introduction to the art of grape cultivation, processing and storing of the most well-known Italian wines. The practical part consists of wine tasting which will allow you to get to know the wines from the different regions of Italy. When possible we will organise a visit to a renowned wine-cellar.

Program topics: How to read the etiquette of an Italian wine bottle; Classification of the Italian wines (house wine or denomination of origin, D.O.C. and D.O.C.G.); The traditional techniques of cultivation, fermentation and aging used in Italy; Wine tasting and terminology; The wine production in Italy and its consumption; New, non traditional wines; The products of Tuscany, the north-western region (Piedmont), the north-eastern region (Friuli, Sud-Tyrol) and the other regions, especially of the central and southern area of the peninsula.

During the course 24 quality wines will be presented and tasted. Maps will be shown and illustrated material handed out (statistics, charts, descriptions etc.). Other subjects will be discussed too, such as the combination of food and wine and the comparison with foreign products.

Christmas and Tradition Language Courses
The Christmas season lasts for three weeks: it starts 8 days before Christmas and ends on the Epiphany Celebration (January 6th). This time of the year is called “La Novena”.
In Italy, as in many countries, Christmas celebrations are very important and most of the time they are related to ancient traditions.

To get in touch with the spirit of the Italian way of celebrating Christmas and to share Italian
traditions with other students, the Italian language school Leonardo da Vinci in Milan has developed a "Special Christmas Course" for those who would like to discover the typical Italian Christmas.

The course starts every morning with two lessons of Standard Italian Language, designed to improve language and conversational skills and heighten the awareness and appreciation of the Italian culture.

Afterwards the program developes in the following way:
How to decorate your home during Christmas time / How to set your table for Christmas lunch / Guided visits to typical shops for Christmas home design / Preparing a Christmas lunch/dinner from A to Z / Italian traditions during Christmas and introduction to the Milanese ‘Panettone’ tradition (Christmas sweet bread) / Guided visits to typical shops for Christmas food / Christmas and after Christmas: New Year and Epiphany / Typical Italian Christmas dinner in a restaurant.

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Address: Corso di Porta Vigentina 35, 20122, Milan, Italy
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-05-13 were from:

USA;   Zagreb, Croatia;   Vietnam;   bishkek, Kyrgyzstan;   Cairo, Egypt;   Chandler, Arizona, USA;   Saint Simons Island, USA;   Getafe, Spain;   Cape Town, South Africa;   Arlington, Massachusetts, USA;   and more.
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All the teachers are Italian native speakers, with a University degree and a long experience in teaching the Italian as a foreign language. We guarantee small class sizes, with a maximum of just 6 students. This means that everyone has the opportunity to always talk directly to the teacher and get the individual attention they need. We merge all the advantages of individual learning with the liveliness and vivacity of learning in a small group!

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We offer intensive Italian courses, Italian evening classes, preparation for the CELI exam and private Italian lessons. Our courses are suitable for students of all levels of Italian - beginner, intermediate & advanced.

We organise a series of cultural and social activities that range from Italian and international cuisines to cultural displays, tours to discover the city of Genoa, sailing and excursions. You will be able to appreciate the fabulous riches of Liguria while acquiring and using the Italian language in an easy and enjoyable manner.
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- Private Italian lessons
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Koiné - Italian Language Centre in Rome
Courses / Programs
Learn Italian in the heart of Rome, Italy with Koiné - Italian Language Centre! We provide Italian language courses for foreigners, including intensive Italian courses, CELI exam preparation, private Italian lessons and corporate Italian training for professionals / companies. We also offer online Italian classes via Skype.

Our teachers are native Italians who hold the DITALS professional qualification awarded by the University for Foreigners of Siena for teachers of Italian as a Foreign Language. They are also members of APIDIS (Italian Teachers for Foreigners Professional Association) with significant teaching experience. Their work is based on passion and love for their own language and culture.

Our Italian lessons are based on dynamic teaching methods and a stimulating language program that incorporates the student’s interests and various aspects of Italian life. We use communicative and humanistic-affective methods of teaching Italian. We also organise tours of Rome and many other social events, so that you are fully immersed in the Italian language and culture.

In addition to our Italian language courses, we provide a DITALS II certification course which trains you to teach Italian as a Second Language and Italian as a Foreign Language. This course is monitored by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

Koiné is conveniently located in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, which is less than 10 minutes from Termini Station and 2 minutes from San Giovanni underground station.
- Intensive / Super-intensive Italian group classes
- CELI / CILS exam preparation
- One-to-one Italian lessons (private tuition)
- Corporate Italian training for business professionals/ companies
- Italian summer courses in Calabria or Rome
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- Italian lessons offered worldwide: We have a comprehensive network of teachers, ready to travel to your home, office or other suitable location.
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- Italian cooking courses & more
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Located in the heart of the lovely neighbourhood Monti, Kappa Language School provides basic beginner to advanced level Italian language courses to students and professionals from around the world.

We offer Standard and Intensive courses, PLIDA Italian language certification classes, private Italian lessons, lessons via Skype, study group and special courses. A Homestay option with an Italian family is also available as part of your studies.

Kappa is a member of the Dante Alighieri Society network, and was created to promote Italian language and culture among international students, expats and professionals in Rome. In addition to our language courses, we also arrange cultural events and guided tours of the city.

Kappa Language School is a Certified Learning Center of Dante Alighieri, meeting quality standards in teaching Italian as a foreign language, recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and authorized to issue certificates and host exam sessions.
Basic Beginner to Advanced Level Italian Language Courses:

- Standard Italian course (A1-B2 level)
- PLIDA (Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project) Certificate Course (exam preparation)
- CELI exams
- Intensive Italian course
- Lessons via Skype
- One-on-One / Private tutoring
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- Combine your course with a Homestay with an Italian family
OMNILINGUA Italian Language School, Italian Riviera
Courses / Programs
OMNILINGUA is an Italian Language School located in the famous seaside resort town of Sanremo on the Italian Riviera. OMNILINGUA's objective is to offer high quality, stimulating Italian language lessons in a warm and friendly environment. The team of motivated teachers are all professionally qualified and have several years of experience teaching Italian to foreign learners. All of them are native Italian speakers and fluent in at least two other languages, including English.

The school is recognised by A.S.I.L.S. (Association of Italian schools as a second language) and has received "Excellence Awards" for outstanding customer services.

Sanremo is situated on the western end of the beautiful blue Ligurian Riviera, which stretches right along the coast from Cinque Terre and Portofino as far as Monte Carlo on the Côte d'Azur, (55 kms from Nice Airport in France).
- Standard Italian courses
- Standard-PLUS Courses
- Intensive Italian Courses
- Private Italian Lessons
- CILS-Exam (Preparation Course)

Combination Cultural & Commercial Courses:
- Italian + Cookery & Wine
- Italian + Sculpture
- Flight Attendant Italian
- Business Italian
- Teaching Italian

Other Italian Courses:
- Italian for Seniors 50+
- Educational language stays for school groups
Accademia Europea Di Firenze, Florence
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Accademia Europea di Firenze (AEF) is an Italian language, culture, art and music school situated right in the heart of historic Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy. AEF offers a variety of Italian language courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

A range of standard Italian courses are available depending on how many hours per week you wish to study. You can also take intensive Italian courses, Italian for Business & Commerce, exam preparation courses for the CILS, CELI, DELI and DALI exams, private Italian lessons or combine group classes with one-on-one tuition. Our music, art and culture courses can be taken on their own or combined with Italian courses.

At AEF, our main objective is to offer high quality courses in every subject we teach, through fully qualified and highly trained instructors. The teachers at AEF are highly qualified professionals with plenty of teaching experience enabling you to make the most of your studies in Florence. For full Italian immersion, homestay accommodation with local host families is available.
- Standard Italian courses (10, 12, 16 or 20 hours of Italian lessons per week)
- Intensive Italian course
- Private Italian lessons
- Combined Italian course (Group classes + individual tuition)
- Yearly Italian program
- CILS, CELI, DELI and DALI exam preparation
- Business Italian
- Italian for Tourism
- Italian for Business & Commerce
- Art courses
- Music courses
- Italian cooking classes
- Italian culture courses
- Homestay program with an Italian host family