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Bay Ridge Preparatory School:
Bay Ridge Prep is a private K-12, non-sectarian school in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NYC, offering lower, middle and high school programs. The school started in 1998 with 35 students and currently has over 250 students, spread out over two facilities. The instant and continued success of the school has been based on an outstanding professional team with a flexible approach to education. Our faculty consists of a unique blend of teachers, educational and school psychologists, and professionals in their respective fields, coming together to create an environment that promotes both academic achievement and social maturity and growth.

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Photo of Private K-12 School in Brooklyn, NYEducation Programs:

Bay Ridge Preparatory School is made up of a Lower School (K-5th), a Middle School (6th-8th) and a High School (9th-12th). In addition to our mainstream K-12 academic program, Bay Ridge Prep also provides the Achieve Program and the Bridge Program for students with specific learning needs.

The Lower School (Kindergarten - Fifth Grades):
The Lower School at Bay Ridge Prep employs a developmentally responsive curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of each child. We organize our teaching and learning around topics and activities that are meaningful, interesting, and relevant to children at each stage of their development. We foster a safe and warm environment where children are expected to take risks, ask questions, pursue interests, and think critically.

We strive to meet the needs of every child. This is facilitated by our highly trained teachers and very low student/ teacher ratio. Teachers continuously prepare individual lesson plans for students based on special talents, interests, or weaknesses. From the first day of school children are taught to embrace their varied strengths and talents and address areas of difficulty. Our classrooms celebrate multiple intelligences, which makes the acceleration and remediation of curriculum possible.

The children enjoy the family atmosphere established by the lower school. All lower school children eat lunch together with teachers. Weekly Lower School classroom meetings encourage children to see themselves as important members of tImage of Private K-12 School in Brooklyn, NYhe school community and the broader society. Integrated school-wide projects promote cooperation and problem solving skills and give older children leadership opportunities by mentoring younger children. The rich and rigorous experiences children have at the Lower School fully prepare them for the academic and social challenges of middle school.

The Middle School (Sixth - Eighth Grades):
The middle school years are an important transition period in a child's life. Academically, the students must adapt to the increased demands present at the middle school level and become more independent in their academic preparation. In addition, these are critical years for personal and psychological growth. Middle school students often encounter a variety of social and psychological challenges and influences that can have a strong impact on their development and ultimate success in school and in life.

The goals of the Middle School are to challenge students academically while developing the leadership qualities and social judgment necessary to maneuver through the adolescent years and become a caring, productive adult. The curriculum is set up to meet both the general and individual needs of the students. All students take the required courses and as the students advance in these areas, elective courses become available.

Course work is engaging and aimed at reaching a range of different types of intelligence. This is accomplished through a balanced curriculum of direct instruction, group work, projects, and dramatic instruction. This ensures that all students engage their strengths in learning. It also reinforces the material through a variety of mediums and makes learning more engaging and more fun.

The High School (Ninth - Twelfth Grades):
The philosophy of our High School is based on a belief in the value of the integration of intellectual, emotional and practical learning. Our program offers a rigorous college preparatory program built on novel mix of classical traditions and progressive conceptual and experiential learning.

Core courses in English, history, mathematics, foreign language, science, art, music and physical education are supplemented by challenging honors and elective courses such as Shakespeare and Playwrights, U.S. Government and Politics, Psychology, Forensic Science and Honors Calculus among others.

At Bay Ridge Prep, students are motivated through positive reinforcement without punishments or detentions. We expect our young people to be outstanding students, positive role models, and leaders. A dedicated faculty comprised of educators who go the extra mile for individual students supports student efforts. Our faculty members' strong academic expertise is drawn from ongoing, real-life experience, which translates into and extraordinary learning experience for students.

In addition to academics, a variety of extra-curricular activities and athletics are offered at the High School and there is a strong emphasis on college guidance.

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Address: 8101 Ridge Boulevard, 11209 , Brooklyn, New York , USA
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Millennium Tutors
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Gold Material Montessori Schools also have branches in the Bensonhurst area of southwest Brooklyn and the Kips Bay area of Midtown Manhattan.
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- Kindergarten
- Summer Camp
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Oakdale Academy is the largest independently owned and operated child educational school on Staten Island, New York. We have two locations offering modern and cosy facilities to serve families throughout Staten Island and Raritan Bay and Bay Terrace communities. Our school serves children from infants, aged one month through children of eleven years. Our programs are designed to foster creativity and independence, promoting academic enrichment through a specifically designed curriculum utilizing challenging and stimulating materials and teaching methods.

Our programs care for the child as a whole so that there is also emphasis placed on nurturing emotional growth, while sparking excitement and enthusiasm in learning endeavors. We have programs to care for and educate your children at all stages of development and growth.

We are open 7 AM to 7 PM to serve working parents. We have holiday care available year round as well. We also have available door to door bus transportation for one way or round-trip use.
- Infant Care program

- Preschool program

- Kindergarten program

- Elementary program

- Summer Camp programs

* We have holiday care available year round.

* We also have available door to door bus transportation for one way or round-trip use.