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St. Rita Catholic School, Fort Worth:
Saint Rita Catholic School, located in Fort Worth in North Central Texas, just south-east of the Texas Panhandle, is a private accredited catholic school offering programs from PK3 through 8th grade. St. Rita Catholic School was established in September 1954 as a parish school staffed by the Felician Franciscan Sisters. Initially, St. Rita housed seven grades in three classrooms. The growing enrollment resulted in an additional four classrooms and a library constructed in 1966 / 67. In 1995, the early childhood wing was established to meet the needs of preschool children, grades PK3 and PK4.

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Early Childhood Program (PreK3 through to Kindergarten):
The Early Childhood program at St. Rita School is an all day program that strives to implement principles into the child's daily curriculum.

Elementary School Program (Grades 1st through to 5th):
The Elementary program at St. Rita School is an all day program that strives to implement the following principles into their daily curriculum.

* 1st Grade:

The 1st Grade curriculum is composed of many challenging academic subjects. For example, Religion classes focus on creation, signs of God, and how the students can become more like God. Language Arts is composed of Reading activities in the Scott Foresman reader including learning consonants, vowels, and blends in Phonics, and sentence structure in Grammar. The study of Mathematics include addition/subtraction skills and utilizing them in measuring, counting money, and telling time. The 1st graders like to demonstrate their learning through creative expression such as writing stories and book reports, sharing show and tell items, and making art projects.

* 2nd Grade:
Second grade is an adventuresome year, studying about dinosaurs and animal habitats in science. Mathematics bring the class into addition and subtraction with regrouping. Writing is a priority in English class. And most importantly, the students READ, READ, READ.

* 3rd Grade:

3rd grade is a time for mastery of skills learned in 1st and 2nd grade. Mathematics focus on multiplication and geometry, Language Arts emphasize mastery in decoding and encoding skills. Social Studies focus on geographical components and several Native American tribes. Science develops knowledge of plant and animal life cycles. And then, tying everything together, is Religion which brings faith into the students' lives.

* 4th Grade:
In 4th grade, students spend time on the core curriculum which includes Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In Mathematics, the students concentrate on long division and fractions. Language Arts center around the eight parts of speech and their usage.

* 5th Grade:
Grade 5 is a time to reflect upon the outside world and our responsibility to be the person God intends all of us to be. Through Vocation awareness, the students extend their views of how God may be calling on each of us, and to see how we can reach out to help the world.

Junior High School Program (Grades 6th through to 8th)
Saint Rita Catholic School's curriculum is designed to educate the whole child. The students take a wide variety of courses and are exposed to many different experiences. Students engage in many cross curricular activities into establish real life connections in the learning process. Subjects include:

* Science:

Throughout junior high, students are engaged in project centered learning. Students participate in many experiments. The students work to prepare a Science Project for Saint Rita School's annual Science Fair. Sixth grade students study a composite of Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences.

* Language Arts:
As part of the junior high curriculum students must demonstrate mastery in writing and composition as follows: 2 book reports per year over summer reading, 7th and 8th will write an additional 2 book reports; persuasive, narrative, expository and comparison/contrast; and research paper(s). The 6th grade research paper has a 750 word minimum, 2 resources, and a bibliography, the 7th grade research paper has a 1,000 word minimum, 3 resources, and a bibliography, and the 8th grade will write 2 research papers with 1,200 word minimums, 5 resources per paper, and a bibliography for each paper.

* Religion:
Students of Saint Rita Catholic School incorporate their faith in every aspect of their academic and social experience. The Religion curriculum provides the students an understanding and appreciation of Christianity and their Catholic values. All students study the bible and learn about God's love for humanity. Students study the traditions of the Church and that their Church is rooted in the words of Jesus and the apostles. Charitable giving and community outreach are crucial components of the curriculum.

* History:
The students of Saint Rita study three courses of history at the junior high level. In the sixth grade students explore World History, the seventh studies Texas History, and the eighth examines American History. They explore the past through literature, primary sources, charts, diagrams, timelines, art, and maps. Students analyze, synthesize and evaluate historical events and their impact on society. History comes alive as students meet the men, women, and children of past times.

* Mathematics:
Four levels of math are offered in Saint Rita's Junior High: 6th grade math, 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I. Seventh grade students participate in either 7th grade math or Pre-Algebra. Eighth grade students participate in either Pre-Algebra or Algebra I. Student's placement in the advanced math classes is dependent upon: prior math grades, placement test, and teacher recommendations.

* Computers:
The computer curriculum provides students the opportunities to advance their technology skills with a variety of activities. Computer ethics is an essential part of the technology curriculum.

* Physical Education:
hysical education is an integral part of the total education process that focuses on the intellectual, social, emotional, and the physical needs of all students. Students will participate in a variety of individual, team, and cooperative experiences.

* Music:
Students attend music class twice a week. Students are immersed in the pleasures and joys of a versatile music program. The students participate in a variety of lessons and opportunities.

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Address: 712 Weiler Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas , USA
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Middle School Curriculum:
- Grades 5 - 8

Upper School Curriculum:
- Grades 9 - 12

- Before/After School Care for K-5 students
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