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Nanyang Kindergarten, Singapore:
At Nanyang Kindergarden in Singapore, southeast Asia, we see the role of kindergarten education as preparing children for the enjoyable and exciting journey of life-long learning. Early childhood is the best time to ignite a child’s love for learning. A child who sees learning as pleasurable and challenging has a headstart on the journey of life-long learning and looks forward to the spectrum of opportunities they can explore and discover.

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Photo of Singapore Nursery School / Kindergarten ProgramsOur Curriculum:
At Nanyang Kindergarten, we aim to bring out the full potential of our children through a holistic approach as we believe in the development of the whole child. We strive to provide an inclusive environment by taking into consideration each and every child’s unique strengths and differences. Our Kindergarten's curriculum is based mainly on the Integrated Thematic Approach supported by fun, objective-driven hands on learning centers. Field trips are incorporated into our themes to encourage children to learn from the world outside their classroom. Our children are exposed to various activities in this conducive learning environment which allows them to freely explore, imagine, create and learn. The approach combines the traditional Chinese with Western principles approaches of interactive learning experiences.

Pre-Nursery and Nursery Programme:
Classes for Pre-nursery and Nursery are conducted entirely in Mandarin. Our teachers extend our young children's learning in language and numeracy skills as well as social skills through hands-on sensorial methods and creative play. Activities such as music and movement, art and crImage of Singapore Nursery School / Kindergarten Programsaft, cookery, drama, music and movement, physical development, sand and water play were some features of the Pre-Nursery and Nursery program. Other prominent features of the program activities include reciting short rhymes, the recognition of simple Chinese Characters, numberings and teaching of simple strokes of 'Bi Hua' and sing-along sessions.

Kindergarten 1 and 2 Programme:

To develop our kindergartner to have a well-rounded love of language, from listening and speaking to reading and writing, we are using a phonics-based English program which covers basic language and literacy skills that lead eventually to reading and writing. It combines stories using big books, songs, rhymes, language activities, reading, spelling and creative writing. We are currently using the Australian Fitzroy reading program to introduce children to the frequently used sight words that will help them to read. There are 10 readers per year for K1 and K2.

Similarly, in Chinese, we are using stories, songs, rhymes, language activities, reading, spelling and creative writing to learn basic strokes and characters. We continue to emphasize on oral and listening skills which we have been developing since the pre-nursery and nursery level but more focus is given to reading and writing skills to prepare the children for Primary 1.We are currently using the local Chinese story books to encourage our children to cultivate the habit of reading in Chinese and be familiar with Chinese characters. There are 10 readers per year for K1 and K2.

Children are given a foundation in early math skills such as counting, grouping, shapes, graphing and patterning through everyday experiences that are relevant to their lives. The strengthening of these mathematics concepts are reinforced Photos of Nanyang Kindergarten, Singaporethrough concrete manipulative through games and activities. The teachers encourage the children to develop Mathematical thinking by facilitating questions to help them to observe, reason and problem solve.

Music and Movement
While elements of music and movement are integrated into the teaching of English, Chinese and Mathematics, there is a separate time set aside for the exploration of music and movement in a creative and imaginative manner with a music specialist once a week. During this music class, they will sing, play with instruments, and have structured or spontaneous activities in nature that permit a higher degree of expression and individuality.

Art and Craft
We encouraged aesthetic appreciation and creativity and integrate art activities into our other activities in our program. Drawing, handicraft, painting, collages are different mediums in which our children can express themselves. Aside from that, there is also a separate time set aside for an art specialist to conduct art calligraphy lessons.

Computer Aided Education
We would like to give the children a good head start in their learning journey. Computer Aided Education teaches the children to master computer skills by educating them with the proper and logical applications of computer technology. The children build up their confidence, independence, enthusiasm and creative thinking strategies that are needed for meeting new challenges in a fun-filled learning environment. Our computer program incorporates themes and traditional academic subjects that the children enjoy. Each curricular unit features activities that are infused with interesting themes and academic content in core subject areas such as Language, Mathematics and Science etc.

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Address: 51 Coronation Road, Singapore, 269460, Singapore
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- Pearson Edexcel IGCSE ('O' Level)
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