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United World College South East Asia:
UWCSEA is a not-for-profit IB World school offering day (Kindergarten 1 - Grade 12) and boarding (Grades 7-12) programmes on two campuses in Singapore. We provide a challenging, holistic education with an emphasis on academic achievement, service to others, teamwork, environmental stewardship and leadership.

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Middle School (Grade 7 - 8)
Students in the Middle School are taught by specialist subject teachers for all subjects. As students move into Grades 7 and 8 they increasingly move between rooms and teachers, adopting more of a High School model. Each grade follows a 40-period week. Please note that the way in which creative and practical subjects are offered is currently under review, and that the language offerings on East Campus may vary.

Grade 7 curriculum
• 5 periods of English or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
• 5 periods of a Language Other Than English (LOTE)*
• 5 periods ofPhoto of International Boarding School in Singapore Mathematics
• 6 periods of Humanities (Geography and History)
• 5 periods of Science
• 2 periods each of: Art, Drama, Music, and Design and Technology
• 2 periods of Food Technology for half the year
• 2 periods of Life Skills for half the year
• 4 periods of Physical Education

Grade 7 students are taught as a tutor group except for Mathematics, LOTE, ESOL and Physical Education.

Grade 8 curriculum
• 5 periods of English or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
• 5 periods of a Language Other Than English (LOTE)*
• 5 periods of Mathematics
• 3 periods of Geography
• 3 periods of History
• 5 periods of Science
• 2 periods each of: Art, Drama, Music, Information Technology and Design and Technology
• 4 periods of Physical Education

Grade 8 students are taught as a tutor group except for Mathematics, LOTE, ESOL and Physical Education.
Students in Grade 8 spend eight periods on Life Skills during Term 2 or 3.

* For students whose native language is not English and who need extra support in English, an alternative to a LOTE course may be offered, where students have five periods of Additional English during the time allocated to LOTE.

Upper School  (Grade 9 - 10)
Upper School students pursue one of two curriculum programmes. Students in Grade 9 take the two-year International General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) (I)GCSE while students joining the College in Grade 10 undertake the UWCSEA-developed Foundation IB.

Normally, UWCSEA students take (I)GCSE examinations in nine subjects. The Upper School courses lead, after two years of study, to external public examinations at the (I)GCSE level. The GCSE is the British national examination for students at age 16, however in many subjects, an equivalent qualification, the International GCSE, or (I)GCSE, is offered as it is more appropriate for UWCSEA students in the international context of the College.

A balanced curriculum is made up as follows:
- Global Perspectives UWCSEA – the course embodies the values of UWCSEA and is excellent preparation for the IB DP. All students are strongly encouraged to choose this option.
- Mathematics - compulsory core subject for all Upper School students
- English Language (first or second language)
- English Literature (only for English first language students) or English as a Second Language (for English second language students)
- One other language chosen from:
• advanced languages - for native speakers: Chinese, Dutch, German or Japanese
• continuation languages – taught foreign language: Chinese, French or Spanish
- At least one humanity selected from Business Studies, Economics, Geography or History
- At least one science - most students select Coordinated Science, combining Biology, Chemistry and Physics and preparing students to study any of these options at IB DP level (both Higher and Standard Level). Coordinated Science counts as two subjects - students selecting this subject are able to keep their IB DP options open by not taking the curriculum time of studying three separate Science subjects, thereby allowing them greater choice in other subject areas.
- A creative or practical subject – students are strongly encouraged to consider selecting one of the following subjects:
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Sports Studies
• Music
• Drama
• Art and Design: Fine Art
• Art and Design: Photography
• Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology
• Design and Technology: Graphic Products
- All students take a double period of PE each week that is not part of the Sports Studies subject listed above.

Please note that subject choices in languages and creative subjects may vary on the East Campus; and that Coordianted Science will be the only Science option available.

Foundation IB (Grade 10):
The aim of the FIB course is to give students opportunities at the appropriate depth in a wide range of subjects that lead to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) courses in the Senior School. After studying in the FIB programme, students are able to select IB DP subjects from a firm foundation of skill and understanding. All students who have previously enrolled in the FIB programme have been offered the opportunity to take a package at IB Diploma level.

All students study the following programme:
• English - one of two options: English as a first Language, English A, or English as a Second Language, English B
• Mathematics
• Global Perspectives
• Individuals and Societies: Economics and Business Studies is a compulsory subject, and a choice of either History or Geography
• Coordinated Science: covering the core subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
• Information Technology
• A choice of Aesthetics subject: Visual Arts, Theatre or Music
• Physical Education or a Language other than English (LOTE) choice* from: French continuation, Spanish continuation, German continuation, Chinese advanced, German advanced, Japanese advanced

*Please note the language choice may vary on East Campus.

Senior School (Grade 11 - 12)
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) is an academically and personally challenging two-year pre-university course. It is designed to provide students of different linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds with the intellectual, social and critical perspectives necessary for the adult world that lies ahead. It is highly respected by schools and universities throughout the world.

The IB DP is a high-quality educational programme designed and monitored by educationalists with the aim of encouraging international awareness.

In 2010 UWCSEA students who sat for the IB Diploma achieved an average points' score of 36, approximately five points above world-wide figures. They achieved a 99% pass rate. Five students achieved the maximum 45 points, an extraordinary feat, whilst another seven scored 44 points. In all, 25% achieved more than 40 points and 91% achieved 30 points or above. Most importantly, the vast majority were accepted into their first choice university.

The IB DP involves choosing three subjects to study in detail at higher level (HL) and three subjects at standard level (SL). Students must select six subjects by choosing one from each of the following groups:

Group 1
Language A (first language) Both ‘Language’ and ‘Language and Literature’ are offered in English. Either
‘Language’ or ‘Language and Literature’ are offered in languages other than English

Group 2 - Second Language
Language B (foreign language) or Ab Initio Language (beginners)

Group 3 - Individuals and Societies
Business and Management; Economics; Geography; History; Information Technology in a Global Society; Science, Technology and Society; Philosophy; Psychology; Environmental Systems and Societies

Group 4 - Experimental Sciences
Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Science, Technology and Society; Design Technology; Environmental Systems and Societies; Sports, Exercise and Health Science Students selecting Environmental Systems and Societies standard level are deemed to have satisfied the requirements of both Group 3 and Group 4. They have the possibility of choosing a second subject from Groups 1 to 4 or 6

Group 5 – Mathematics

Group 6
Music; Theatre Arts; Visual Arts; Film Studies. Alternatively, students may select Computer Science, or a second subject from one of Groups 1 to 4 or 6.

Further Mathematics is offered as a seventh subject at SL.

Further requirements
Three further requirements contribute to the unique nature of the IB DP, with compulsory participation necessary in:
1. CAS (Creativity, Action and Service);
2. the Extended Essay which demands independent research under appropriate guidance;
3. a course on the Theory of Knowledge which explores the relationship between the disciplines, and ensures that students engage in critical reflection about knowledge and experience acquired both within and beyond the classroom.

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Address: 1207 Dover Road , Singapore, Singapore
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2019-01-26 were from:

Jaipur/Rajasthan/Vaishali nagar, India;   Hyderabad Telangana filmnagar, India;   Delhi, India;   Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam;   Chittagong, Bangladesh;   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;   Singapore, Singapore;   mumbai, India;   Yogyakarta, Indonesia;   Minya / Minya / Egypt, Egypt;   and more.
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A curriculum of this ambitious nature cannot be confined to the classroom, and we place equal importance on the worth of curricular and extra-curricular components. Experiences in the arts and sports, on expeditions, using technology, through service to others, are integrated with classroom learning.

The curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop all their intelligences - analytical, practical, creative and emotional. These then strengthen each other, leading to well-balanced, perceptive individuals who have the confidence to take action to improve the lives of others.
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ISB offers quality education based on the British international programme, as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma for senior students (ages 16-18).

We are supported by the British Council and the Catalonian Dept. of Education.

At ISB, we aim to provide an international perspective to your child’s learning from a young age. He or she will receive a comprehensive education, with an approach designed to personalize the learning process.

ISB offers you everything you could wish for your child: a strong academic programme, good manners, sport and top-class facilities in an excellent environment.

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