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International Boarding School in Singapore

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United World College South East Asia:
UWCSEA is a not-for-profit IB World school offering day (Kindergarten 1 - Grade 12) and boarding (Grades 7-12) programmes on two campuses in Singapore. We provide a challenging, holistic education with an emphasis on academic achievement, service to others, teamwork, environmental stewardship and leadership.

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UWCSEA offers a unique opportunity to board at a world-class school in a clean, modern and safe city. A multi-cultural hub for travel and business, Singapore is a welcoming country, an easy place to live, and an ideal place to study.

While the language of instruction at UWCSEA is English, the boarding houses truly reflect the international nature of the school, with students from around the world living in custom-designed accommodation.

Singapore has a vibrant and varied expat community, and expatriates from over 60 nationalities make up our student community. Most of our students, day or boarding, understand both the challenges and opportunities of living in a new country.

Boarding Community:

Photo of International Boarding School in SingaporeBoarding life nurtures self-discipline, self-management and leadership skills and is true to the traditions of the UWC movement. Students live together and develop enduring friendships and a sensitive understanding and respect for other cultures.

UWCSEA encourages and supports boarders in developing their leadership skills and showing individual initiative. The busy life of boarding provides many opportunities for students to contribute to house life. Boarders are encouraged to join house committees to represent boarders' views, and actively work together to support social, charitable and sporting initiatives and events.

Early in the year, all boarders participate in a carefully planned programme of age-appropriate bonding and team-building exercises, designed to assist the group settle in to the boarding house, get to know their fellow boarders and find their feet in their new community. They can include activities such as cooking schools in Singapore to island retreats in Malaysia.

Over the course of the year, a number of cultural and participative events are also held, including opportunities for students to share their culture and meet new friends.

Life in the boarding community is enriched by UWC National Committee and other UWCSEA-sponsored scholars. On Dover Campus over 40 UWC scholars contribute much to the rich and culturally diverse life in our international boarding family and a similar number of scholars will contribute their unique perspectives to the East Campus. Scholars from a number of countries will form a key part of our boarding community from the first year of operation.

Location and boarding facilities:

Dover Campus
UWCSEA Dover has a flourishing boarding community of around 190 young people, which provides boarders with a friendly, enjoyable and rewarding residential experience based on UWC values.

There are two boarding houses at UWCSEA Dover Campus. Mahindra House accommodates students from Grade 7 to Grade 10 level (including Foundation IB), while Senior House houses students in Grades 11 and 12. Boarders live in air-conditioned bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, designed for a maximum of four students.
In addition, they have access to a range of recreational and academic facilities catering to a diversity of special interests.

East Campus
A total of 120 students will eventually be accommodated in the East Campus boarding house. In the first year of operation around 40 students are expected to be housed there, including several scholars.

The tallest building on the East Campus, at 14 storeys high, the boarding house boasts impressive modern facilities. Consisting of specifically-designed accommodation, the boarding house is split according to the grade level of the students. There are spacious communal and social spaces on every floor and students will have access to a number of school facilities, such as the swimming pool and other sports facilities.

Four-, two- and single-room configurations have been designed so that as a student progresses into the higher grades, they will move into more private accommodations. The boarding house is being fitted with state-of-the-art facilities including the latest IT, communications and security systems.

Nearby are biking and walking trails, opportunities for sailing and other water sports. Singapore has an excellent public transport system; the train (MRT) station is close by and offers connections to most other parts of Singapore and its myriad of recreational and educational facilities.


We seek to provide a caring "home away from home" for boarders, where they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives as part of an international boarding community which has the feel of a large family.

Experienced and caring staff are appointed to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of students. House parents, who are also teachers at the College, live in the same building, providing students of all ages with pastoral care and ensuring their welfare. The Head of Boarding on East Campus when it opens is currently Senior Houseparent in the Dover Campus boarding community, as well as the Coordinator for the Theory of Knowledge course and teacher of Spanish Literature. Max Hull, Head of Boarding on Dover Campus is also a teacher of Histroy.

Dedicated dayparents manage the day-to-day running of the house during the week, and house parents are rostered on duty during the weekends at all times.

Middle and Upper School boarding:

Middle and Upper School boarders - Grades 7 to 10 - live under the care of two houseparents. These younger boarders are often living away from home for the first time and UWCSEA provides a caring environment with high levels of social and emotional support to help them make the transition to boarding life.

The daily routine followed by Middle and Upper School boarders allows time for students to study and relax as well as pursue a range of extra-curricular activities such as in sport and music. There are ample opportunities for boarders to relax and recharge after a busy day and week at school.

Senior School boarding:

UWCSEA offers our Senior boarders, in Grades 11 and 12, the IB Diploma. This is a two-year, pre-university residential experience; students may only join the IB Diploma programme in Grade 11.

On Dover Campus, the Senior House is set in a corner of the UWCSEA grounds, and home to 135 students. The house features comfortable air-conditioned rooms of four, each room with an ensuite bathroom.

When the Senior boarding is opened on the East Campus in August 2012 as the first students enrol in Grade 11, the boarders will move into single-room accommodation, affording more privacy and opportunities for self-management.

While there are still day and house parents on duty for Senior boarders at all times, students at the Senior House level enjoy a greater level of freedom that comes with increased maturity. This also comes greater responsibility, not only in terms of self management but also in taking an active role in contributing to boarding life.

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Address: 1207 Dover Road , Singapore, Singapore
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Hyderabad Telangana filmnagar, India;   ;   Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam;   Tbilisi, Georgia;   Nashville, USA;   Karnal, India;   Singapore, Singapore;   Jaipur/Rajasthan/Vaishali nagar, India;   Berlin, Germany;   Mauritius;   and more.
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A curriculum of this ambitious nature cannot be confined to the classroom, and we place equal importance on the worth of curricular and extra-curricular components. Experiences in the arts and sports, on expeditions, using technology, through service to others, are integrated with classroom learning.

The curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop all their intelligences - analytical, practical, creative and emotional. These then strengthen each other, leading to well-balanced, perceptive individuals who have the confidence to take action to improve the lives of others.
- IB Primary Years Programme (K1 - G5)

- Middle School Programme (G6 - G8)

- (I)GCSE (G9 and G10)

- Foundation IB (for those starting in Grade 10)

- IB Diploma (G11 and G12)

- Extensive Gap Year programme
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