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The Qasid Institute, Amman:
Located in Amman, Jordan, the Qasid Institute has quietly developed a reputation as one of the leading centers in the Middle East for Arabic language learning. We teach classical Arabic as well as modern standard Arabic. We also offer supplementary skill-specific courses including Arabic for diplomats, newspaper fluency, grammar and modern literary prose. Graduating students who have applied themselves will find understanding an all-Arabic university course to be within reach, and translating general texts to be manageable.

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Each class meets four hours per day, five days per week, over the course of nine weeks (summer session), and three hours per day, five days per week over the course of twelve weeks (fall, winter, and spring sessions). Classes are conducted in a comfortable institute setting; students sit along custom-made U-shaped tables ideal for discussion. Every student, whether in level one or five, is encouraged and expected to actively participate in class. Our program places a special emphasis on developing a student's ability to converse in Arabic.

The Academic Program is divided into two tracks, Classical and Modern Standard. Incoming students have the option to apply to either, both of which provide training at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Classical Arabic:

Within the Academic Program, Classical Arabic refers primarily to the language of the Qur'an, and secondarily to the various texts and works that are directly inspired by both its form and content. Students receive direct exposure to Islamic legal, theological/philosophical and mystical texts from the classical and medieval periods.

The first three levels are foundational in that they focus on “linguistic mobility”, i.e. equipping a student with the necessary skills in grammar, morphology, and rhetoric (nahw, sarf, and balagha), and to excel in the reading, understanding, analyzing, translating, and interpreting of classical texts; in addition to “Classic 4” skills development (listening, reading, speaking, writing) necessary for advanced-intermediate fluency.

Levels 4 & 5 represents a unique milestone in the student’s Arabic development – a transition from learning the language to using it as a tool to access classical texts comprised of rotating special studies modules focusing on both classical and contemporary subject matter. Among these mini-modules (usually each two-weeks in length) are Scriptural Exegesis, Poetry (pre-Islamic and classical), Psychology, Literary Criticism, Islamic History, Theology, Prophetic History, Speech Presentation (Khutba), and Terminology of Sacred Law and Hadith. The books are identical to those used by native-Arab university, itself evidence of the advanced level reached by Qasid students after 15 short months, for those who come with absolutely no knowledge of the language. Those who have previous background in Arabic will complete the program in even less time.

Modern Standard Arabic:
Modern Standard refers to the standard literary and communicative language of the Middle East and North Africa, recognized as one of the UN's six official languages. It is the common medium for nearly all formal communication, both printed and spoken, and, as the official language of all Arab countries, provides the most versatile tool for those interested in living or working in an Arab country, or those whose field intersects with any aspect of the Arab world.

The first four levels of the track follow normal undergraduate curricula, each level equivalent to an entire year of university Arabic. Currently, the base text is the now standard al-Kitaab series (our own unique curriculum, similar to the Classical track, is in the works), ensuring a smooth transition for those continuing studies at their home institutions. All four language skills are emphasized from the outset of class such that students develop balanced, confident command of the language. Actual texts are introduced early, such that by the end of the fourth level, students are fully functional outside the classroom.

Level 5 provides advanced students with an opportunity to further enhance their language skills through rotating modules (normally 2 – 3 per term) dealing with a variety of topics. Topics include Media Arabic, Readings in International Relations, The Arabic Novel and Short Story, Poetry, Literary Criticism, and Economics. Students may also custom design modules that suit their needs and goals. No language acquisition materials are used other than the very books and audio used by Arab university students; graduating students will find themselves well-equipped and literate enough to engage Arab society, culture and literature with ease.

Supplementary Courses:
In addition to the core track classes, other skill-specific courses, including 'Ammiyya, Arabic for Diplomats, Tajweed, Newspaper Fluency, Calligraphy, Grammar Intensive, Arabic in the Qur'an, and Modern Literary Prose are available at extra cost, subject to demand, and on a by-request basis.

Advanced Course Modules:
Students who have achieved fluency and want to continue a deep exploration of the language, learn how to teach Arabic, or focus on using their language skills to unlock, review, and translate texts will find a home at Qasid. Advanced modules are custom designed and are subject to demand; among the most popular are Historical Readings, Teaching Arabic Grammar and Morphology to non-Native Speakers, and Advanced Classical Texts.

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Address: 22 Queen Rania Street, Suite 300, Amman, Jordan
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Al Baher Training Center, Amman
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Located in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, Al Baher Training Center welcomes all students who come with a passion to learn Arabic. We provide expert Arabic language training to students from all around the world of all ages, educational levels and careers. Our programs offer students the opportunity to truly learn the Arabic language as they practice it in real life situations. Courses include individual, group, one-on-one, semi-private, and conversational classes as well as intensive weekend and custom-made classes for professionals.

We are committed to profoundly expanding the possibilities for, and expectations of, each student. The essential elements to delivering this commitment include not only instructional methodology but also an important shift in the process and patina of education at every level we provide at our center.

Our professional teaching techniques in addition to the excellent feedback we constantly get from our students led to giving us the credit of providing Arabic instruction services for the officers working at various embassies in Amman and their spouses.
Beginner to advanced level Arabic language classes - tailored to meet each student’s needs:

- Individual / one-on-one Arabic lessons
- Group Arabic classes
- Semi-private courses
- Conversational Arabic
- Intensive weekend classes
- Custom-made Arabic classes
- Arabic for travelers
- Business / Diplomatic Arabic
- Arabic immersion courses

- All classes are taught using books and printed handout materials in both Modern Standard Arabic and the Jordanian colloquial dialect (Levantine).
Berlitz Language Center, Amman
Courses / Programs
Berlitz Language Center in Amman, Jordan provides high-quality language instruction in a wide range of languages, including Arabic. We offer Arabic courses for individuals and small groups as well as a total immersion program that helps you to learn Arabic quickly.

The Berlitz Arabic program is specifically developed for non-native speakers. We can customize your course to suit your learning objectives. We recommend starting with the “Colloquial – Aamieh” before moving to “Classical – Fussha” Arabic.

Our “Spoken Aamieh” program is developed in the “Levantine” dialect, which is the most popular dialect that all Arabs understand. Learning this dialect gives the learner consistent and practical speaking skills. It avoids the confusion that can arise as a result of the different Arabic dialects whilst ensuring introduction of level appropriate reading, writing and knowledge of alphabets.

Berlitz language courses give excellent results, while giving you an enjoyable and unforgettable learning experience. In addition to Arabic, you can learn the following languages in Amman: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian & Polish.
- Total Arabic Immersion (TM)
- Private Arabic Instruction
- Small Group Arabic Classes
- Arabic Lessons + field visits to touristic/historic sites as part of the program
- Virtual Classrooms
& more...
Stenden Institute Qatar, Doha
Courses / Programs
As one of the oldest institutes of its kind in Doha, the Stenden Institute, previously known as the CHN Institute, was established in 2004 as a division of the Stenden University, formerly known as the CHN University, a Dutch university specialising in international business management, hospitality and tourism management.

Stenden Institute currently specialises in English and Arabic language courses as well as ‘soft’ business skills workshops.
We offer morning and evening Arabic language and culture classes designed for beginners.

- Modern Arabic I
- Modern Arabic II
- Arabic Language and Culture
Arabeya Arabic Language Center, Cairo
Courses / Programs
Welcome to the Arabeya Arabic language center for the study of the Arabic language in Egypt. At Arabeya, in the heart of Cairo, you will have the opportunity to learn how to read, write and speak Arabic under the tutelage of professionally trained native speakers.

Arabeya specializes in the instruction of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). MSA is formal Arabic (fos-ha), the most widely used in the media and closely resembling the Arabic in the Holy Quran. Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) is the common language of the largest country in the Arab world, known by Arabic speakers around the world through Egypt's prolific film and television industry.
-Intensive Arabic Winter Package

-Intensive Arabic Summer Package

- One to One courses

- Small groups (2-5)

- Arabic for special purposes:
+Arabic for Business Communications.
+Arabic for Diplomats.
+Media Arabic.
+Arabic Calligraphy.
+Classical Arabic.

- Online Arabic Courses
Ali Baba International Center, Amman
Courses / Programs
Ali Baba International Center is an Arabic language school located in the heart of Amman; the beautiful capital of Jordan. It has been established in recent years to meet the demands of the worldwide renewed call to learn Arabic, which has resulted from the increased global importance of Arabic in the social and professional spheres.

Ali Baba International Center takes pride in being the only center in Jordan exclusively devoted to promoting Arabic as a foreign language to students from all around the world. We hereby invite you to come to Jordan to learn Arabic in Amman, and to discover and enjoy the long and amazing history of Jordan and to become acquainted with the people of Jordan.
Ali Baba International Center offers Modern Standard Arabic courses and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic courses throughout the year. The courses cover different levels; entry level, beginners-level, intermediate-level, and advanced courses.
ABC Languages, Manhattan NY
Courses / Programs
• Learn Arabic in NYC with ABC Languages! Conveniently located in Manhattan, ABC is a leading provider of foreign language instruction in New York as well as NJ, Westchester County NY & Fairfield County CT.

• We offer group Arabic classes and private Arabic lessons to adults, kids, business professionals, travel enthusiasts, heritage enthusiasts, and college students of all levels - from basic beginner to advanced.

• Arabic, with 246 million speakers worldwide, is one of the world's oldest languages. Our Arabic group classes focus on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). With day, evening and weekend classes available, this is a fun and interactive way to learn Arabic.

• Our popular language school is located in Chelsea, Manhattan West Side at 146 West 29th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues, near Penn Station, NoMad, Flatiron, Koreatown and Midtown Manhattan).

• ABC also provides private Arabic lessons - you can study MSA or choose a particular dialect to learn, such as Lebanese or Moroccan. Private lessons can take place at our school or at your Manhattan home or office.

Other Foreign Languages:
Farsi, Hindi, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, & more.

Student Review:

"The people who work at ABC Languages are very warm and helpful and the teacher's been fantastic. I feel I have learned so much in such a short period of time and I appreciate everything both the teacher and ABC's employees have done."
Arabic Language Courses:
Year-round & summer. For beginners to advanced.

• Group Arabic classes for adults
• Private Arabic lessons at our school or your home/office
• Weekend Arabic classes
• Arabic conversation classes
• Corporate Arabic training onsite for business professionals & organizations
• Private Arabic classes for kids & teens
• Skype / Online Arabic lessons