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Malaca Instituto, Malaga:
Malaca Instituto, located in the heart of Málaga in southern Spain offers intesive Spanish Courses for all levels. We have spent the last 30 years developing our teaching philosophy and evolving an approach to teaching Spanish which we believe is innovative and effective. The beauty and culture of Malaga guarantees each student the experience of a lifetime. The extremely positive feedback from our students confirms this. Our professional approach has enabled us to assemble an impressive list of quality guarantees : Accredited Centre of the Instituto Cervantes, EAQUALS, EFQM, CEELE, etc. Leading American universities and other national and international institutions also use our services. Whether studying Spanish for school or university, for work or purely for the pleasure of knowing another language and its culture, you will find that we offer the course you need.

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At Malaca Instituto we have students of all ages (from 16 to 90 +), from all parts of the world and from a variety of different cultural and professional backgrounds. They have differing levels of Spanish and differing reasons for studying Spanish.

Intensive Spanish:

Our standard general Spanish course, provided at all levels from complete beginner to upwards. (levels).

The level test on the first day ensures that you are placed in a class at your specific level. There are a minimum of 10 levels and often 15 or more.

This course is designed to enable Photo of Learn Spanish in Malaga, Spainyou to rapidly improve your ability to communicate in general Spanish. It covers all aspects of the Spanish language at your level. (for further information about our teaching philosophy click here). As you progress to higher levels, elements of Spanish culture and general knowledge about Spain are introduced as appropriate.

The course is for 4 teacher-led lessons per day with an extra 1-2 hours of integrated homework to help consolidate and reinforce the day’s work.

Courses are in 2 week units. Thus the minimum stay is for 2 weeks and class groupings can change after 2 weeks. Students who are continuing are re-graded allowing each student to progress at the pace appropriate to their language knowledge and linguistic ability. The maximum length of study on this course would normally be around 24 weeks after which students would continue on other courses such as Hispanic Studies, Selectividad or DELE:

* If you want to reinforce a specific area of your Spanish you can always ask for extra individual lessons.
* If you want to progress more rapidly or follow a more intense or personalised course, we recommend that you consider a Mini Group or 1-1 programme.
* If you are planning to stay for morethan 24 weeks we recommend that you consider the Spanish plus Hispanic Studies programme.

Superintensive Spanish:
This course is of 6 lessons per day and is based on the Intensive Course. Students are frequently in the same classes. It is designed for those who feel more comfortable with a greater intensity of teacher-led instruction.

During the extra 2 lessons each day, there is emphasis on developing confidence in using the structures and vocabulary already presented during the first 4 lessons.

The duration of the course and the unit structure is exactly the same as the Intensive course meaning that you can start a course every 2 weeks with a minimum stay of 2 weeks. Please notice the observation below about the recommended length of study on this course.

* If you want to reinforce a specific area of your Spanish you can always ask for extra individual lessons.
* If you want to progress more rapidly or follow a more intense or personalised course, we recommend that you consider a Mini Group or 1-1 programme.
* If you are planning to stay for more than 24 weeks we recommend that you consider the Spanish plus Hispanic Studies programme.
* 6 lessons per day is fairly intensive and our experience shows that most students staying for more than 8 weeks find this level of intImage of Learn Spanish in Malaga, Spainensity very hard to maintain. We recommend therefore that if you plan to stay more than 8 weeks you seriously consider whether the Intensive Course would be better - you can increase the number of lessons easily in the school.

Spanish for Business:
Designed for those who prefer the intensity and greater personal attention of a small group this course is especially suitable for those who need to make rapid progress in the short time they have available.

The intensity of this programme (6 lessons per day in a group of max. 6 participants) requires a high level of commitment but the rewards justify it!

It is available at all levels from beginner upwards. (levels)

The focus is on general Spanish but supplementary materials (frequently of a business nature) can be introduced based on a consensus of the class.

The serious student will find that this type of course supported by considerable individual work in the Multimedia Study Centre provides the opportunity for achieving extraordinary progress.

Spanish for International Trade and Commerce:

This is a specialised course of 2 weeks 6 lessons per day in Mini-Group format (max. 6 students per class).

You need to have an advanced level of Spanish to join this course. (MI Advanced 1 [old C2])

This course combines the study of advanced Spanish with the teaching of concepts and customs of commerce in Spain: e.g. Import/export procedures, banking infrastructurePhotos of Malaca Instituto, Malaga, the Media, marketing, business correspondence, etc.

In addition, Malaca Instituto, as an official examination centre of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce offers you the chance to prepare for the prestigious Commercial Spanish exams organised by the Chamber.

* Entry for the Chamber of Commerce examinations is on a request basis and if you wish to prepare for the Chamber of Commerce examinations you need to make this known at the time of booking.

DELE Preparation:

Preparation for the official examinations in Spanish as a foreign language.

Spanish for Tourism:
Combined course of General Intensive Spanish with 1 lesson per day of specific vocabulary and phraseology used in the tourism industry. This course is aimed at young professionals working in the travel trade.

Individual courses for general or specific Spanish, usually for executives/professionals.

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Address: Calle Cortada, Málaga, Spain
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Student Testimonial:
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Spanish Language Courses:
Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Levels

• General Spanish
• Intensive Spanish
• DELE Exam Preparation
• Afternoon Spanish Classes (3 hrs/wk)
• Afternoon Plus Spanish Classes (6 hrs/wk)
• Business Spanish
• Intensive Crash Course for Executives
• Intensive Refresher Courses for Teachers
• Homestay with Local Host Family
• Culinary Arts Internship
• Hospitality Internship Programs
• Work Experience / Job Placement
• Virtual / Online Spanish Lessons via Skype / Zoom for individual students, groups, adults, children, family.
Four Ways
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Improve your Spanish language skills while discovering the wonderful region Galicia on Spain's north-west Atlantic Coast.

Situated in the stunning coastal city of La Coruna, Four Ways International Education Centre provides Spanish classes to students from around the globe that bring together language and culture. The aim of these courses is to experience a linguistic and cultural immersion. 

Students will learn the Spanish language while enjoying Galicia’s breathtaking landscapes, exquisite food and superb wines. Students will become immersed in our local celebrations and traditions.

Tear down Spanish stereotypes and get to know the hidden Spain in Galicia!
Standard & Intensive Spanish Classes:
- Standard Spanish course: 20 lessons
- Intensive Spanish course: 25 lessons
- Course duration: Minimum 1 week
- Number of students: 3-7
Spanish Plus Classes:
- Spanish + Wine tasting
- Spanish + Cooking
- Spanish + Sports (Surfing, sailing, rugby..)
- Spanish + Local festivities
- Spanish + Internship
- Online Spanish lessons!
Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza
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Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza is an acclaimed language school in the centre of Elvissa on Ibiza island. In language learning, you will achieve the best results if you open yourself completely to the language and the corresponding environment. Speak Spanish the whole day, think in Spanish and dream in Spanish. You will see that you will not get frustrated. You will virtually absorb the language and that way you will learn the fastest way possible.

We offer you optimum conditions for this effective and quality way of learning Spanish. A professionally led language school with motivated teachers with university degrees in language teaching and an island which invites to use the language all the time and with fun and interest.
Intensive Spanish Courses; Business Spanish classes;
One-on-one Spanish lessons; Group Spanish Courses; Preparation courses for language certificates.
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Situated in the heart of Barcelona, Berlitz Spain provides a wide range of beginner to advanced level Spanish immersion courses to students from around the world. Courses include Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish, DELE Exam preparation, Spanish Crash courses, and more.

Berlitz has helped millions of men and women speak new languages and has helped countless business professionals cross cultural boundaries to communicate more effectively with others.

The most effective way of getting to know a language is to visit a country where it is spoken. Whether you study language abroad for a week or several months, you are immersed in the language and culture 24 hours a day. It is a fascinating and productive experience. The leader in language services, Berlitz offers foreign-study programs to help you reach your personal, academic or professional language goals.
Beginner to Advanced Level Spanish Language Courses:

- Spanish Intensive (20 hours per week)
- Spanish Intensive 20 + Culture
- Spanish Super Intensive (30 hours per week)
- DELE Exam Preparation
- Spanish Crash course
- Spanish Total Immersion

Course features include:
- Personalized learning one-on-one or in small groups

- Excellent instruction based on 130 years of experience

- Proven-effective Berlitz Method®, which has become the industry standard for language instruction
AIL Español
Courses / Programs
Our campuses are located in Madrid and Málaga, where we offer an extensive range of year-round Spanish courses with flexible start dates and schedules to meet each student’s preferences and interests.

Learn Spanish in small groups with passionate, experienced teachers and communication-based methodology. Academic excellence combined with a fun atmosphere.

We’ve also built plenty of opportunities for you to immerse yourself in local Spanish culture, combining our quality programs with daily Fun After Class Activities to ensure you live a well-rounded Spanish experience.

Our motto is “¡Locos por el español!” which translates to “Crazy about Spanish!”. We really are! Our passion for the language and culture of Spain is at the heart of everything we do, and we can’t wait to share this love of learning and our home with you.
Spanish Language Classes in Madrid/Málaga:

- Intensive Spanish
- Premium Spanish
- Total Immersion
- Semi Intensive Spanish
- Long term Spanish
- Private Spanish
- Spanish Evening Classes
- Weekend Spanish Classes
- Club 50+
- DELE Preparation
- DELE Extensive Evening Course
- Spanish GCSE, A-LEVEL, Scottish Higher
- Business/Tourism Exam Preparation
- SIELE Exam
- CCSE Exam Preparation
- SIELE Exam Preparation

Online Spanish Language Classes :

- Intensive Spanish
- Premium Spanish
- Total Immersion Spanish
- Semi intensive Spanish
- Evening Spanish Course
- Weekend Spanish Course
- Private Spanish Lessons