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Art Business / Art History Programs in New York City

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Christie's Education, New York:
Christie’s Education New York (situated in midtown Manhattan opposite Bryant Park and the New York Public Library) is validated by the New York State Board of Regents to offer a Master’s program in History of Art and the Art Market: Modern And Contemporary Art. Students are offered an unparalleled set of resources for professional training, academic learning, and personal growth through the study of the arts.

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Art Programs in New York:Photo of Art Business / Art History Programs in New York City
At Christie's Education New York, the history of modern and contemporary art is explored through first-hand study of works in many media as well as through the history of the art market, patronage and art institutions. Works of art are studied in terms of their unique properties as objects but also in historical, social, economic, and visual contexts. Students address questions of quality and meaning, originality and authenticity, while developing practical and analytical skills.

By investigating the history of the modern art market as a type of patronage, students explore its development from the Academies and Salons of the 19th Century to the present. They examine how the collecting taste of prominent individuals has shaped many of the art world's key institutions, how avant-garde works by early 20th Century artists first reached their audiences through commercial gallery exhibitions and the role of corporations as patrons of the arts today.

Master's Degree - History of Art and the Art Market: Modern And Contemporary Art

Program Objectives:

The Master of Arts in Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of tImage of Art Business / Art History Programs in New York Cityhe Art Market is designed to prepare students for the following:
- Visual Analysis, Identification, Interpretation and Description of Works of Art
- Assessment of Quality
- Art Historical Knowledge
- Cataloguing
- Research
- Promotion of Independent Thinking
- Knowledge of the Art Market and the Auction House
- Preparation for Employment

The master’s program is made up of the following components:
* Modern Art Survey: Provides the basic frame work for understanding art history. The course is arranged chronologically from circa 1860 – present.
* Connoisseurship Seminar: Teaches the critical skills needed to look at art, write about art, research and evaluate works. Students regularly handle or view art objects from Christie’s Education’s study collection and visit artists’ studios, conservation labs, museums and alternative spaces.
* History of the Art Market Seminar: Introduces the institutional network that supports and promotes modern and contemporary art. Students frequently visit Christie’s to meet with specialists.
* Art Business: Enables students to understand the inner workings of the art world. Students Photos of Christie's Education, New Yorkhear from a range of professionals such as auction house specialists, curators, arts administrators, art dealers, private dealers, critics and many others.
* Historiography and Methods of Art History: Introduces students to the origins and development of the discipline of art history. This course serves as a general preparation for researching and writing the thesis.
* MA Thesis: Addresses topics in the history of fine art from 1860 to the present with emphasis on the problems of connoisseurship and/ or the history of the art market.
* International and National Study Trips: Every year the class attends a major contemporary art event such as the Venice Biennale or the Cassel Documenta. Each term students travel on day trips to visit great collections in neighbouring cities such as the Newark Museum, Ballatine House, and the Wadsworth Athenaeum.
* Internship Program: An opportunity for students to use the skills that they have obtained through the program. Typical internship opportunities include Christie’s, commercial galleries, museums, non-profit arts institutions, and elsewhere. Christie’s Education also selects one qualified applicant to intern with the Peggy Guggenheim collection in Venice.

Certificate in Modern and Contemporary Art in New York:
Picture of Art Business / Art History Programs in New York CityProgram Objectives:The Certificate program is offered as a non-degree option for those who are unable or do not wish to commit to a full-time degree. The program begins in late September and ends in early June.

The program is made up of the following components:
* Modern Art Survey Lecture Course - Chronologically organized lecture series from Realism to Contemporary Art.
* Certificate Seminar - Intimate classroom sessions with occasional field studies to enable students to develop basic connoisseurship skills and become familiar with the recent markets and the New York art world.
* Art Business- A series that exposes students to practical knowledge and career options.

Christie's Art Business Course:
Christie’s Education, New York is pleased to present an innovative new program: the Christie’s Art Business Course. The Christie’s Business of Art Course is designed for both art professionals and newcomers to the field who wish to gain the knowledge they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive art world.

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