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International & British Cooking Classes in Central London

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Cookery School at Little Portland Street:
Located in Marylebone, Central London, Cookery School’s aim is to take people back to honest, homely, delicious cooking. There is nothing cheffy or fancy about our food – we simply love sharing our ideas for delicious home-made food, using common utensils that can be found in most home kitchens. Our focus is on demystifying cooking, removing jargon and bringing back solid cooking skills, using high quality, primarily organic, sustainable ingredients. Just a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus is an unexpected gem in the heart of London, UK. Our school is very close to Oxford Circus tube station, at the end of Little Portland Street closest to Regent Street, near London's West End.

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Photo of International & British Cooking Classes in Central LondonClasses

The Ultimate Afternoon Tea:
This is the ultimate Afternoon Tea! This alternative afternoon tea is the perfect way to get together with friends or family and do something a bit different. In this class, you will learn to make your own afternoon tea, including a range of quintessentially British cakes, sandwiches, pastries and, of course, scones. At the end of the class you will sit down to enjoy what you have made as a class, all presented on a lovely tea stand, with a glass of English sparkling wine or a cup or two of Tregothnan Cornish tea.

In this pastry class you will master the techniques needed to make and use perfect pastry every time. Called ‘a perfect pastry lesson’ by The Financial Times, our pastry class will take you from the basics toImage of International & British Cooking Classes in Central London more advanced techniques.
After a welcome snack or breakfast, depending on the time of day, the class will watch a demonstration on how to make and use choux pastry and puff pastry. Students then make their own puff pastry and shortcrust or sweet shortcrust pastry. Each student will then choose whether they would like to use their shortcrust or sweet shortcrust to make either an apple pie, vegetable quiche or Cornish pasty which will be taken home, along with the puff pastry you have made to be used as you wish.

French Breakfast Pastries:
Join us to learn to make croissants and brioche, using traditional techniques and delicious organic butter. These two classic dough recipes can take years to perfect but are both very versatile and can be extended to a number of recipes. You wPhotos of Cookery School at Little Portland Streetill learn how to produce wonderful buttery croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins and brioche.

Bread Making:
In our popular bread making class you will knead, pummel and stretch your way to the perfect loaf. We will introduce you to a range of flours from Shipton Mill and you will learn about using fresh and dried yeast to make a variety of doughs for different types of bread. Once you have learned these basic doughs you can experiment at home with different shapes and adding extra flavours to them.

In our cake making class you will explore different methods of making cakes and learn the all-important rules for successful cake baking. You will acquire a lovely and varied cake repertoire, including butter cakes, oil based cakes and quick cakes plus preparing aPicture of International & British Cooking Classes in Central Londonnd adding the toppings to your freshly baked cakes. You will be welcomed with an aperitif and a substantial snack before rolling up your sleeves to start baking. Some cakes will be demonstrated and others will be hands-on. It’s a short class so a few of the more straightforward cakes are pre-made so that you can taste them and see the appearance and texture.

Sourdough Masterclass with Dan Lepard:
This is a hands-on sourdough bread making class with award-winning baker and food writer, Dan Lepard. Dan is an expert baker known for his innovative approach to baking, who has written a number of books on baking and regularly features in The Guardian, Delicious magazine and other publications and was a judge on the first series of the Great Australian Bake Off. Head to our blog to findImages of Cookery School at Little Portland Street out a bit more about him. In this sourdough masterclass you will learn to achieve the crust and crumb, taste and texture you’ve always aspired to. This includes creating and keeping a healthy leaven, mixing, kneading, shaping, and baking the perfect loaf. You’ll be welcomed on arrival with a lovely Cookery School breakfast. The day also includes a beautiful lunch of La Fromagerie cheeses, paté, salad and Dan’s homemade bread. Then an afternoon tea break with time for a sourdough recap and a Q&A session.

Chocolate Making Masterclass:

Cookery School has always used the finest chocolates and today’s chocolate making masterclass is no exception. The day will start with a Cookery School breakfast, followed by a chocolate tasting, which will include top brands such as Original Beans, Amadei and Valrhona as well as some of the more popular but more adulterated brands to understand what makes for the best chocolate. You will then learn the techniques necessary to make your own truffles and different shaped chocolates. You will have a chance to catch your breath over a Cookery School lunch and then roll up your sleeves to continue reinforcing the chocolate making skills acquired during the morning, including moulding your own Easter eggs.

Dim Sum:
Join us for this exciting new class where you will gain an insight into the techniques required to make a variety of dim sum. After a traditional Chinese breakfast of the most delicious congee that all of us at Cookery School just love, you will learn a range of new skills, from making authentic fillings through to rolling, folding, steaming and frying your way to a delicious dim sum feast. You will become familiar with a plethora of Chinese ingredients that may currently seem overwhelming but will provide you with a whole new food vocabulary. Having mastered these techniques you will be able to extend your repertoire to other shapes and flavours of dim sum at home.

Perfect Eggs:
Eggs have had bad press over the years but are again being hailed as a healthy, high protein food. They are quick and easy to prepare and the ensuing dishes are a real treat. You will leave our egg cooking class knowing how to make a range of failsafe dishes that will delight with their delicious flavours, not break the bank, and be easy to prepare for a family meal or a low calorie, sustainable snack. There are a few tricks for cooking eggs successfully and you will leave us having mastered these and keen to test these out at home again.

Ferments and Pickles:

We will take you through the basics of how to create pickles and ferments that are not only delicious but also give you a wealth of good gut bacteria and nutrients. Research has shown that fermented foods and drinks are loved by our gut, help keep our immune system healthy and even curb sugar cravings! Aside from all these benefits, they also taste delicious and are simple to make once you know how. The class will demystify ferments and pickles and show how easy these healthy, probiotic foods are to make at home. We will teach you the techniques for making for making both a dry-salted vegetable pickle (kimchi and sauerkraut) and a brine pickle (sour dill cucumbers) as well as a fermented drink (kombucha). By learning these pickling techniques, you will be able to create a wide variety of pickles and ferments at home. At the end of the class you will sit down to enjoy a delicious kimchi and noodle dish accompanied by a glass of wine and you will take home with you a jar of your kimchi, pickled cucumbers and a SCOBY so that you can make kombucha at home.

The Ultimate Fish and Shellfish:
In this enlightening fish cooking course you will learn how to choose, prepare and cook the freshest sustainable fish and shellfish. Along with the best restaurants in London, Cookery School is at the forefront of ensuring that cooking fish will not deplete our oceans. The fish we use are always seasonal, line-caught and local and we are the only cooking school in the UK to gain MSC certification. During this intensive fish cooking course, you will master techniques such as skinning, filleting and boning. You will also learn the most appropriate methods of cooking various fish and shellfish, including grilling, frying, baking, poaching and steaming. We will make a range of beautiful accompanying sauces, including hollandaise, tartare, gooseberry, green salsa and a fresh chilli sauce.

Fantastic Fish:

People are often intimidated by cooking fish so in this class, we debunk the myth that fish cooking is difficult. Far from it, it is one of the simplest things you can cook and in this class we show you our favourite ways to use it. You’ll learn to fillet, grill, poach, steam, bake and sauté the freshest of sustainable fish. Cookery School is at the forefront of ensuring that cooking fish will not deplete our oceans. The fish we use are always seasonal, line-caught and local and we are the only cooking school in the UK to gain MSC certification. In addition to learning to cook beautiful fish, we’ll teach you how to judge freshness, the differences between farmed and wild fish and teach you how to source sustainably.

Waste Matters:
As the old adage goes, waste not, want not! This class is to look at how we can reduce food waste and at the same time save money. We are running this class in partnership with Magimix and will show you how to make use of its iconic food processor and a variety of its attachments to prepare these dishes easily – saving you time as well food.  Don’t fear if you’ve never used a Magimix before, we will take you through the it step by step, showing you tips and tricks along the way so you can recreate these meals at home. You will learn how to make a series of delicious, economical and easy dishes and be given loads of tips on how to reduce your food waste. In addition, by being super clever, you will learn how to make dishes that you can even take to work the next day.  All that from leftovers! We conducted a survey to find out exactly which ingredients people end up throwing away on a regular basis. Using the findings from our survey, we devised this class to provide inspiration on how to re-purpose these ingredients to produce tasty food that you want to eat. In the same way that we learnt how to recycle, this class is aimed at showing how easy it is to avoid food waste and, at the same time, learn how to use food so that as little as possible of it is wasted.

Gluten Free Cooking:

Over the past years we have had a growing number of people ask us to do a gluten free cooking class so we developed this class where the gluten free food does not compromise on flavour. Recently we have done loads of experimenting with our classic recipes so that those who have found it tricky to cook wonderful gluten free food at home can learn how accessible it can be. We are steering away from the obvious gluten free foods, like salads and stews, and by substituting for gluten free ingredients we have come up with some wonderful surprises. Our gluten free food has no additives or nasty chemicals – this is real food!

Gluten Free Baking:

We had so much demand for our Gluten Free Cooking class that we have added this class that simply focuses on baking so that our gluten free friends can indulge too. We have done lots of experimenting with gluten free baking, using only ingredients with no additives or nasty chemicals and come up with a set of recipes that we are proud to share with our students.

Eating Deliciously for a Healthy Gut:
In this class we will produce an array of dishes that are not only delicious but also good for your gut while Nutritional Therapist, Jeannette Hyde, talks you through how to eat to achieve optimal gut health. We now know that having a healthy gut microbiome is critical to your overall health and that a healthy gut doesn’t just keep weight and digestive symptoms down, mood and energy up, it is also linked to healthy skin and an improved immune system. When you feed your gut bacteria the right food, you should feel fantastic, physically and mentally. Jeannette is a London-based practising Registered Nutritional Therapist (BSc mBANT, CNHC) who specialises in helping people improve digestive symptoms, skin, mood, memory and immune system, through her innovative gut diet approach. The welcome side effect of this work for many is weight loss. She is author of The Gut Makeover and The Gut Makeover Recipe Book which have reached thousands of people across the world with improved health for many.

Healthy Eating:
Our healthy eating cookery class will teach you how to make good wholesome food that is filling yet will allow you to keep off the pounds. At Cookery School we love food and are loathe to eat dull diet food, so we have come up with a class of exciting healthy recipes based primarily around fruit and veg. It is becoming increasingly evident that a plant-based diet is considered to be a healthy one so this class is primarily, although not strictly, vegetarian. We promise a panoply of wonderful flavours. Even the desserts will taste wonderful but leave you feeling happy and guilt-free!

Jams and Preserves:
This class busts the myth that jams are tricky to make. Once you have mastered the few simple tricks required to produce perfect preserves, you will find yourself wanting to use all manner of fruits and veg throughout the year to make your own jars of jam, chutney, marmalade and pickles. Preserving is a great way to use up leftover fruit and veg, particularly when there is a glut in the summer months. We will be using whatever fruits and vegetables are in season from strawberries, raspberries, apricots and peaches through to apples and pears and rhubarb. Lemons and oranges will feature in marmalade and you will learn how to make a cucumber pickle as well as piccalilli. You will leave us with bottles of all that you have made during the session to be enjoyed over coming months.

Best of Jewish Cooking:
Jewish food is gaining recognition in America and the trend is following slowly but surely in London. In this Jewish cooking class we want to explore this truly wonderful and memorable cuisine. Sephardic dishes, made popular by Yotam Ottolenghi, are characterised by fresh herbs and vibrant flavours typical of Israeli food. Ashkenazi cuisine hails from Eastern Europe and is heartier and warming. This Jewish cooking class will focus on traditional Ashkenazi foods with a few typical Sephardic dishes thrown in to lighten the mix. Once the cooking is done, we will gather together around the Cookery School table to enjoy the feast with matched organic wines. This class emphasises the wonderful culture of Jewish food, but is not religion based and not kosher.

Knife Skills- Slice and Dice:

Learn to chop, slice, dice and fillet! Using Wusthof knives, we will teach you all the tricks of the trade so that you can understand how to choose the right knife for the job and use your knife to best advantage. Most importantly, you will learn how to use a knife safely. Once all the knife work has been done, we will show you how to make delicious dishes using the ingredients you have chopped.

The Ultimate Meat and Poultry:
This very intensive meat cooking class addresses how best to select and cook with the vast range of meat and poultry now available to us. The meat that we use at Cookery School is all organic. You will learn about different cuts of meat and which cooking method is most appropriate. During the day you will learn a myriad of tricks to produce the tastiest of meat-based meals and even take away with you a boned and stuffed chicken to cook at home. You will learn how to use a chicken four ways so that no part of the bird is wasted. Using the beautiful chicken stock produced during the session, we will also make a risotto using seasonal veg.

All Manner of Pies:
Learn to make pies in the cooking class the FT called the ‘perfect pastry lesson.’ Pies are a great make-in-advance cuisine and always a crowd-pleaser! In this class you will not only learn how to make the pie fillings and form the pies but also pick up tips on how to make and use beautiful buttery shortcrust, sweet shortcrust and puff pastry. In a three hour class we don’t have time to make all the pie fillings from scratch and then cool them before topping with pastry so we prepare some of the ingredients in advance to be put together in the class and some elements are demonstrated.

Pasta, Risotto and Gnocchi:
Enjoy a day discovering the staples of Italian cooking: learn to make pasta, risotto & gnocchi. In this Italian cooking class, you will learn how to make pasta from scratch, use a pasta machine and make, shape and use fresh pasta. You will also learn to make the lightest potato gnocchi and ricotta gnocchi, plus a fantastic risotto. Once you have learned to make one good risotto, you can make any risotto so it is an excellent staple to learn.

You will leave our sausage making class having tasted sausages from around the world, learnt how to make the fillings, seasoned to perfection, and to fill and form different types of sausages. Throughout the class we use organic meat from British farms. Of course, our sausages have a high proportion of meat and absolutely no preservatives. You will then learn how to fry and bake the sausages perfectly, to produce the tastiest of meals that will be eaten at the end of the lesson, with some delicious accompaniments and a beer.

Stews and Casseroles:
Learn to make stews & casseroles and master the techniques for making simple but outstanding dishes. You will be amazed by how many dishes are based on the principle of a basic stew and once you have made a good stew you can extend this knowledge to many other dishes so that suddenly a range of apparently difficult recipes will seem very accessible. To go with your stews you’ll cook perfect rice and delicious Italian polenta to soak up the fantastic flavours. We will also whizz up delicious dumplings.

Improve your vegan recipe repertoire with this five-hour vegan cooking class! You’ll learn how to cook delicious vegan dishes that are nutritionally balanced, using real ingredients such as pulses, grains and vegetables. We only use natural and additive-free ingredients as we don’t believe in using unnatural substitute ingredients. If you’re thinking of becoming vegan, or simply want to expand your knowledge of vegan food, this comprehensive class is a great place to start!

The Ultimate Vegetarian: 
In our Ultimate Vegetarian cooking class the food is always delicious and never a weak substitute for those that do not eat meat. With more and more people seeing the benefit of being vegetarian or even flexitarian through taking part in initiatives like Meat-Free Monday, demand for our vegetarian cooking classes has increased. We have always encouraged people to eat less meat to minimise our impact on the environment so we are pleased to share with you some of our favourite veggie meals and offer inspiration. The meals we are cooking in this class are substantial, nutritious and many of them can be made in advance.

India Masterclass with Kumud Shah:
Learn how to cook an authentic Indian feast in this fantastic cooking class with food writer, Kumud Shah. In this masterclass, Kumud will take you step by step through the wonderful spices and flavours of Indian cooking. Kumud’s food is wonderfully fragrant, delicately spiced and always delicious. The recipes you will learn are all vegetarian but can be easily made vegan too, on request. These are dishes that well-loved by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. We will welcome you with a light Indian breakfast when you arrive whilst Kumud gives you a good understanding of the background of Indian cooking and talks you through the nutritional value the various spices and ingredients you will be using.

A Taste of Mexico:
n this Mex Mex (as opposed to Tex Mex) class,  Kelly Peak of the wonderful Cool Chile company, will introduce you to the authentic flavours of Mexico and how to achieve them in your own cooking. The session will start with familiarising you about the ingredients and spices.  You will then learn a few essential techniques that form the basis of Mexican cuisine like grilling tomatoes, making salsas and preparing and cooking your own tortillas.

A Flavour of the Middle East:
During our popular Middle Eastern cooking class, you will enjoy learning about the soft spices and fragrant aromas of the Middle East. You will learn new techniques and lots of recipes starting with an introduction to bread making. Then we will work on a variety of delicious mezze and finish with baking a cake.

Spanish Home Cooking:
Join us to learn to cook wonderful authentic Spanish food in this Spanish cooking class. Spanish food is renowned for its bold and punchy flavours and this class is no exception. You’ll learn to make food that is seriously delicious at the same time as learning some new skills that will apply across all your cooking. You will be welcomed with a snack before launching into making a variety of wonderful tapas, a traditional chicken and prawn paella and regional desserts.

All Day Thai:
In our exciting and authentic Thai cooking class you will learn the art of balancing the wonderful flavours of Thai cuisine. You will learn how to identify and prepare a range of new and delicious ingredients, which include plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables. Once you have mastered the recipes in this class, you will leave us with the confidence to replicate them at home.


The Essential Vegetarian:

Following the success of our one day vegetarian classes, we are launching this brand new vegetarian cooking course which takes place one evening a week for eight weeks. It’s designed for beginners or those with a basic knowledge of cooking who are looking for fresh inspiration to include more plant based foods in their diet. This exciting course will show you how to eat seasonally, create nutritionally balanced meals, teach you some of the fundamental techniques of cookery and make you a more confident cook. We have always encouraged people to eat less meat to minimise our impact on the environment so we are pleased that more and more people are keen to learn about vegetarian cooking. The vegetarian food we make is delicious in its own right and never a weak substitute for those that do not eat meat. We have also included a session on vegan desserts that are decadent and indulgent.

The Ultimate Baking:
Learn to bake! With the current mania for baking, our baking classes have been in high demand with requests to add even more to them so we have launched this four day intensive baking course. Quite simply, we will teach you the skills required to bake well. This course takes you through the key principles of cakes, pastry, breads, macarons and meringue making plus cake decorating. At the start of each session you will be welcomed with breakfast before rolling up your sleeves to start baking. The course will be a mix of hands-on and interactive demonstration.

Advanced Baking:

For those who already have a good knowledge of baking but would like to take their baking to the next level, we have developed this advanced baking course. Although most good baking simply takes a bit of practice to make perfect, there are some techniques that are best learnt from someone who can guide you. This four day intensive course has the same content as our eight weekly evening sessions but is in a slightly different order taking into account the full days. We take you through making and using shortcrust pastry, hot water crust pastry, choux pastry, puff pastry, croissant/Danish dough, brioche dough, strudel pastry, filo pastry and how to create fancy breads, cakes and biscuits.

Senior Suppers:
Cooking is a great way to bring people together and this four-part series of classes is designed for seniors who would like to learn to cook from scratch and meet new people. You will even take food with you from the sessions to be enjoyed at home. The emphasis is on making meals that are not time consuming and that can be prepared with ease. The design of the course also takes into consideration nutritional advice for seniors as well as the latest scientific dietary information. During the course of the classes, delicious food is produced where these guidelines are borne in mind. Very importantly, our Senior Suppers classes are a chance to meet others, learn to cook a wonderful meal together and then settle down to enjoy it with your new comrades – with a glass of wine if desired – around the Cookery School table.

Level 1 Absolute Beginners: 
Our cooking courses for beginners will take you from novice to good home cook and teach you the skills you need to cook with confidence. Over the eight sessions of this course we’ll teach you how to cook a wide variety of different styles of food, give you a great repertoire of recipes and techniques to use every day, learning knife skills throughout.

Level 2 Intermediate Proper Home Cooking Skills:
Master areas of cooking that are often considered tricky and pick up some fabulous recipes along the way. In the Intermediate Cooking Course, you will gain a really good understanding and overview of each topic covered. Take the opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and try out our foolproof techniques for yourself.

School Holiday Camps

Summer Cooking Camp for Teens:
A five day cooking course for teenagers. We promise to take you from baked beans to brilliance in one week! This five day intensive cooking course is perfect for students heading to University or off on a Gap Year and teenagers on summer holidays wanting to gain confidence in the kitchen. You will learn the essential basics of cooking and walk away with a large amount of varied, easy and enjoyable recipes that can be enjoyed every night of the week. Arrive daily to a Cookery School breakfast of freshly baked morning goods and hot chocolate, tea or coffee to set you up for a good cooking session. Each day at lunch time you will sit down around the Cookery School table to enjoy tasting the dishes that you have made. Every afternoon there will be activities – from cooking challenges to tasting tours of our favourite London food places, such as Soho and Chinatown. You are promised a most memorable week but, best of all, you will leave us filled with the confidence that you can cook well for yourself and replicate the dishes that you have learnt at home.

Professional Cooking Course

Cook's Certificate in Food and Wine:
You’ll spend six whole weeks blissing out on pasta, pancakes, poultry, puddings, puff pastry, pickles, preserves and more, graduating with both the confidence and competence to embrace the next step in your culinary journey. As a leading cooking school in London, we have all the tools, tips and tricks to provide comprehensive culinary training, imparting you with knowledge that will last a lifetime. Students leave us with a Level 3 Certificate from OCN London, a WSET Level 2 qualification in wine and the confidence to take steps towards a career in food, to become a professional chef or simply a brilliant home cook. This London-based cooking course is suitable for anyone with an interest in cooking who wants to develop their existing skills and repertoire or gain professional chef’s training. The intensive structure will equip you with the knowledge, skills, expertise and confidence to follow your food dreams, whether this be in catering, yacht or chalet cooking or professional kitchens.

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