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Educational Thai Language Holidays in Koh Samui, Thailand

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Mind Your Language Thailand - 2 Weeks To Speak - Intensive Thai Courses in Koh Samui:
Since establishing our first branch in 2001, we have worked hard to create and maintain our friendly, relaxed but highly effective environment in which to learn a new language. Over the past 19 years, we have taught over 3,000 students and continue to serve the growing number of foreigners who travel to or live on Koh Samui. Our school is located in Bophut near Fisherman’s Village on the north of the island. Mind Your Language Thailand has been officially recognized as the only PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) Certification Centre in Thailand.

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Photo of Educational Thai Language Holidays in Koh Samui, ThailandThai Language Courses for tourists or long term residents:
For total beginner, intermediate to advanced learning.

Group Course Structure:

Course name: 2 WEEKS TO SPEAK
Course provider: Mind Your Language Thailand 
Duration: 2 weeks / level; 5 hours / day; 5 days / week; Monday to Friday
Time: 09.00 am – 15.00 pm with short breaks and 1 hour for lunch
Accommodation: On request
Maximum: 10 students per class

Speak Thai from the very 1st hour.
90 % of your time spent speaking the new language.
Courses divided into 4 different levels (2 Weeks per level).
Most common words and phrases used in day-to-day situations.

T.M.C. Teaching Methods – Learn Faster and Remember Longer
T – Transformation method: Reversing sentence structure.
M – Muscle memory method: Repetition leads to accuracy.
C – Combination method: Image of Educational Thai Language Holidays in Koh Samui, ThailandCreating meaningful paragraphs.

1. Pre-learn our vocab list before joining our intensive course.
2. Review what you have learnt daily.
3. Respect your classmates.
4. You are allowed to say "pass" and follow your pace.
5. Arrive early and don't drink alcohol during your lunch break.
6. Be positive and enjoy your learning.
7. Trust the instructors and the process.

Descriptions – Level 1
1. Greetings and partings, formal and informal, politely.
2. Asking and answering “yes” and “no” questions and numbers (1 – 10,000).
3. Making basic sentence structures included the transformation of questions.
4. Introducing yourself and asking for name, surname, full name and how to spell it.
5. General useful phrases such aPhotos of Mind Your Language Thailand - 2 Weeks To Speak - Intensive Thai Courses in Koh Samuis excuse me, sorry, you’re welcome, nice to meet you, pardon me? Etc.
6. Making sentences about nationalities with your classmates including creating questions.
7. Asking Thai people what part of or province in Thailand they are from.
8. Talking about what job you have and find out what others do for a living.
9. Making negative sentences of to be (is not, am not, are not).
10. Learning can, cannot and can you?...combine with availability, ability and permission.
11. Phrases for learning more Thai such as what is this called in Thai? What does it mean? Etc.
12. Ordering food and drink items and describing in basic detail including offering the items.
13. Asking for and responding in detail regarding the location of objects and people.
14. The basic structure of the past, present and future tenses.
15. Asking for and giving directions on how to get to different places.
16. Discussing and bargaining prices of food and objects.
17. Politely requesting permission to use, borrow objects.
18. Arranging to meet your friends at a time, place, day and date in the near future.
19. Talking about how long you have been learning Thai and how long you will learn Thai for etc.
20. Question words – what, where, which, how, when, how much, how many, how long.

Private Thai lessons can be scheduled if desired and we also offer reading and writing courses to fit the needs of our students.

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Address: 142/7 Moo 1, Bophut Beach, Fisherman's Village, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84320, Koh Samui, Thailand
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