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Art & Design Courses in Florence, Italy

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Scuola Toscana, Florence:
Scuola Toscana is an accredited Italian language school providing a wide range of arts courses with Italian language. Recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, we are located in the historical centre of Florence, in the Tuscany region of Italy (approximately 3 hours north of Rome). Our arts classes consist of small groups, but we also cater for individuals offering private tuition courses.

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Photo of Art & Design Courses in Florence, ItalyArts courses combined with Italian language learning:
(Year-round & summer holiday / vacation programs)

Italian Art History Courses:  
Study history of art and to learn the Italian language. Florence offers a wonderful richness of art and architecture:

- Join us in this exciting art history course and meander through the medieval street of Santa Croce
- Discover the marvelous Uffizi Gallery
- Admire the breathtakingly beautiful David di Michelangelo
- Examine the genial machines of Leonardo da Vinci
- Explore the Brunelleschi majestic Cupola, with time devoted to the thrilling experience of visiting some of the less known sides of the old city.

You will learn about the everyday life of the Renaissance, and the secrets of the Maestri through classes, interpretative walks, visits to museums and galleries: every visit designed and accompanied by an Italian teacher, who is also specialised in history of art. 2 hours Italian language + 2 hours history of aImage of Art & Design Courses in Florence, Italyrt every day. Duration: 1 week to 12 weeks.

Italian & Art Courses:  

- "Rinascimento": learn about the techniques of the grand maestros of the Renaissance.
- "Maestro": to try, improve or deepen your knowledge of fresco painting.
- "Bottega di Disegno e Pittura": learn the technique of painting and drawing.
- "Decorazione": if you are interested in the techniques of decoratig wood or paper, of decoupage, painting on glass or trompe l'oeil.

Italian Fashion & Design Course
Learn all the terminology you need for your study or your work in the field of Italian fashion & design, with an expert teacher and materials from the stylist`s workshops and ateliers. 2hrs Italian language + 2 hrs terminology every day.

Duration of 1 week up to 12 weeks.

Italian Culture Courses
The Scuola Toscana lets you understand Italian cultural values, issues and concerns:for the student who wants to stay longer in Florence, Scuola Toscana offers a course which will enable you to learn and perfect your Italian language skills.

You will come to know all the aspects of the Italian language and culture, from grammar to literature to art history to Italian cuisine. At the end of every year you can sit for the exams of AIL and CILS.

You will return to your countrPhotos of Scuola Toscana, Florencey armed with the new tool of the concrete knowledge of a foreign country: Italy.

Italian Music and Opera Courses
Italian is the "royal language" in the world of classical music and opera. For years, the Scuola Toscana organizes individual and group courses for singers and musicians, as follows:

- 2 hours per day of Italian language.
- 2 hours per day of Italian for music and opera.

This course includes all the caracteristics of the Italian language in music and opera: "il bel canto", the diction, the themes, the texts and of course the cultural aspects, the historical background and the techniques.

The course will take place in our new classrooms, in Via Garibaldi, located near the Teatro Comunale, seat of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

The price includes the visit of an opera or a concert together with your teacher. The course is open also for non-specialists and amateurs.

Italian and Photography Course
Together with the Italian language, learn the theory and the techniques of photography; two hours of Italian language and two hours dedicated to the art of photography.

From absolute beginners up to perfecting, theory, practice, and workshops with a professional photographer. Duration: 1 week to 12 weeks.

Italian Wine & Cooking Course:  
Learn Italian language and discovery the Italian cuisine - with an hands-on course which, together with Italian language, introduces you to the world of Italian food and wines. 4 hrs every day. Duration: 1 week to 12 weeks.

Italian Language + Jewellery Course:
Duration: 2, 4, or 8 weeks (from absolute beginners to professionals). This course is composed by 2 hours a day of Italian language and 2 hours a day of jewellery work. Topics include:

- Engraving
- Gemology 
- Jewellery design
- Restoration
- Stone setting
- Wax working

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Address: via dei benci 23, Florence, Italy
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Situated close to the center of Milan, a leading European photography school providing quality training courses to international students from around the world, as well as students living in Italy.

Short and comprehensive photography courses taught in the evenings, year-round & in summer.
- Photography & Fashion Summer Course
- One-to-one / Private Photography courses (for individuals or companies)
Good Tastes Of Tuscany, Florence
Courses / Programs
Good Tastes of Tuscany is located on the outskirts of Florence, Italy in Lastra A Signa.

Our cooking classes are conducted in a original kitchen of a 13th Century castle "Villa Pandolfini" located amidst a private estate. Florence can be reached in less than 10 minutes.

Spend a fruitful day in an original gallery kitchen of the 13th century Villa Pandolfini with hands-on instruction by one of our professional Italian chefs.

Our menus vary according to the seasonal cuisine and are universally appealing.

Our goal is to expose you to all of the Good Tastes of Tuscany. We guarantee an unforgettable experience.

We also offer Tuscan Wine Tours. These tours offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy some delicious local foods and full-bodied wines, all in the most spectacular setting of the Tuscan countryside.
Cooking Classes in Tuscany:

- Enjoy a single day, two to three days or a week long cooking classes (Weekly Culinary Adventure) with our experienced Italian chefs.

Cooking course options:
- One Day / Daily Cookery Course
- Multiple Day Cookery Courses
- Cooking Vacation In Italy
- Intense Weekly Culinary Program
- Professional Cooking Courses / Chef Academy
- Educational & Student Culinary Travel Courses
The Florence Art Studio
Courses / Programs
The Florence Art Studio offers custom-made, intensive art courses in drawing and painting for students of all levels and backgrounds in the heart of Florence city center.

Taught entirely in English, our intensive Art Program is divided into 6 separate modules covering drawing & painting skills, with each module serving as the foundation for the next. Alternatively, you can choose to take any module as a stand-alone course, from one week to a month or longer.

We help students achieve their goals in the most time-effective way possible through intensive individual training and one on one instruction.

Our students learn how to learn, be patient, disciplined, and objectively self-critical to transform every small obstacle or challenge into a rewarding lesson.

We seek students wishing to learn for self-improvement only. We do not offer academic credit, but we are affiliated with the British Institute of Florence, an accredited institution by the Tuscan government.

Student Testimonial:
"I enjoyed learning how each artist accomplished their work while learning the history as well. I highly recommend this type of art education to anyone interested in becoming an artist or if you already are and want to hone your skills.”
- Kelly Schlegel, Art Student, New Mexico, USA
Intensive Drawing & Painting Courses - Taught in English

- Main Art Program divided into six separate modules, each serving as the foundation for the next

- Can also choose to take any module as a stand-alone course

Course Options include:
- Intensive Drawing and Painting Program (all modules)
- 1-4 Week Drawing & Painting Course option
- Customized course in Drawing and/or Painting

Modules / Areas of Study:
• Cast Drawing
• Bargue Drawing
• Freehand Cast Drawing
• Portrait & Figure Drawing
• Still Life Painting
• Portrait & Figure Painting
accademia d'arte
Courses / Programs
Accademia d'arte offers specialized art holidays in Italy. We are located at the border of the Italian Riviera and the famous French "Cote d'Azur", next to Monte Carlo.

International artist Nicole Durand offers painting, drawing and scuplture classes and workshops for beginner to advanced artists. Classes can be taught in English, Italian and French.

We also provide cooking lessons, food and wine testing, museum visits and other excursions to allow you to experience the Italian language and culture.

Each student is assigned a semi private studio to study and develop their own personal work, with 24 hour access, in a safe environment at the school.

Normally students come for short periods (one to 3 months) however there are many students who choose to remain longer. We organize housing for each student close to the studio. Non-painting partners are welcome.
Art Classes / Workshops (taught in English, French, or Italian)

- Painting
- Landscape drawing
- Sculpture

- We teach many techniques including on site drawing, learning about persperctive, watercolour, charcoal, anatomical studies, clay modelling, stone or wood carving.

- We also provide cooking lessons, food and wine testing, excusions including museums visits.
Style Design College, Milan
Courses / Programs
Style Design College (SDC) is an Internationally accredited institution that offers the very best design and photography courses. All courses are taught in English by top International Lecturers that are experts in their fields. The Campus is situated in the historical centre and fashion capital of Milan, Italy which provides exciting opportunities for the students.

Students from around the world join the full time Diploma and Certificate courses starting in March and October. Many students also join the college for summer courses or one semester. SDC arranges accommodation for all foreign students and English Language, and Italian lessons are offered to students wishing to improve on these languages.

SDC boasts a very high employment rate for graduates as the College has a strong focus on teaching students the vital skills required by the industry. The close relationships formed between SDC and industry have resulted in close partnerships, internships and successful employment opportunities.
- Fashion Design Certificate, 1 year
- Fashion Design Diploma, 2 years
- Interior Design Certificate, 1 year
- Interior Design Diploma, 2 years
- Photography Certificate, 1 year
- Photography Diploma, 2 years
- Fashion, Interior Design, Photography Summer course, 3 weeks
John Cabot University, Rome
Courses / Programs
• With two campuses in the heart of historic Rome, Italy, John Cabot University (JCU) is an independent, four-year American liberal arts university that provides undergraduate degrees & study abroad programs to English-speaking students from all over the world.

• We offer Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Associate of Arts degrees as well as semester and year-long study abroad programs, and summer courses.

Our graduates are globally-recognized, and have been accepted at top-tier universities in the U.S. and Europe, and for being employed by well-known international companies.

• JCU is enriched with an international environment. Our diverse student body comprises about 1200 students from over 60 countries from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, and from more than 130 U.S. universities.

• Students benefit greatly from culturally conscious views and discussions through which they become well prepared for successful and productive engagements in our fast paced global world.

• JCU is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All courses are taught in English, have small class sizes with an average of 15 students per class and are taught by faculty of international distinction.

• Whether you are pursuing a four-year degree or are seeking to study abroad, you will do so in the heart of Rome surrounded by the extraordinarily rich offerings of a city of culture, history, art, creativity, business and international affairs.
• Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs (4-years)
• Associate of Arts Degree Programs (2-years) 
• Year-long and Semester Abroad Programs
• Summer Study Programs
• Master of Arts (MA) in Art History

Majors include:
• Business Administration
• International Affairs
• Political Science
• Communications
• Art History
• Classical Studies
• Economics and Finance
• English Literature
• History
• Humanistic Studies
• International Business
• Italian Studies
• Marketing