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Spanish Language School in Barcelona, Spain

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Olé Languages, Barcelona:
Olé Languages in Barcelona, Catalonia in North-Eastern Spain is a professional Spanish school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in an open, personal and enjoyable atmosphere. We are located in the city center of Barcelona within 15 minutes walking distance from Plaça Catalunya on a picturesque, pedestrian avenue, We offer Spanish courses for all levels to competitive prices taught by dedicated, highly qualified native Spanish speakers. Olé Languages is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. It’s a common belief that doing an expensive Spanish course makes you learn the language faster. But why should that be the case? Our Spanish teachers are highly qualified and dedicated individuals who see teaching Spanish as their vocation. Furthermore, with a maximum of eight people per class our groups are smaller than other schools. This enables us to be much more flexible and to respond to the individual needs of our students.

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Why study Spanish?

• Spanish is the world's 3rd most spoken language and ranks 2nd in terms of native speakers.

• Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately 350 million people in 21 countries, and is widely spoken in another 21 countries where it is not an official language.

• Spanish is the second most used language in international communication, and an official language of the UN and its organizations.

Why study Spanish at Olé?

Photo of Spanish Language School in Barcelona, SpainOlé Languages is committed to providing you with every means necessary to reach your language-learning goals while making the most of your time in one of the most beautiful cities in España, Barcelona.

* Dedication and Know-how:
When Rosa Ribas, co-founder and headteacher, decided to team up with Javier Sánchez to start Olé Languages in 2006 she could count on many years of teaching experience in large corporate schools. When she began managing her own school, her aim was to build a team of highly-qualified and enthusiastic teachers who saw teaching Spanish as more than just a job that paid the rent.

The profesores who teach at Olé Languages today pursue teaching as their vocation and have made a conscious decision to work in a smaller school were the atmosphere is more personal and they have more possibilities to interact with the students. Olé’s teachers hold a B.A.in Linguistics, an M.A. in Education and have extensive experience as teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

* Small Study Groups:
With a maximum of eight students per class the study groups at Olé are smaller than in most other Spanish schools (the average number of students per class is five). Small study groups allow the teacher to focus on the specific needs of each student and give the student more possibilities to practice their Spanish.

* Price/Quality:
Olé Languages offers an excellent quality of teaching to a significantly lower price than the large majority of Spanish schools in Barcelona. 99% of our students evaluated the relation between price and quality at Olé as “Muy Bueno.”

* Flexibility:
The students may extend the Spanish course as they go along and with every additional week, the price is lowered.

* Cultural Immersion:
We believe that knowing Spain and feeling part of the community is a vital for understanding the Spanish language. With activities both inside & outside of the classroom we ensure that you live, eat and breathe Spanish.

Teaching methods:

Based on an immersive, communication-based approach to language acquisition students learn the Spanish grammar step by step according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) accompanied by writing, listening, vocabulary and conversation practice. Class activities, for example, include reading newspaper articles, practicing telephone conversations and watching Spanish films followed by analysis and debate.

Any Spanish course at Olé Languages is based on an immersive method of teaching. From beginning to end of each lesson the only language spoken in the class room is Spanish so that students learn fast to communicate effectively in everyday, real-life situations.

At Olé Languages, we make our classrooms lively and interactive spaces which provide all the ideal elements for you to quickly attain your language-learning goals through a variety of tasks and activities.


Intensive Spanish Course; Semi-Intensive Spanish Course; Spanish Conversation Classes; Evening Spanish Lessons; D.E.L.E Preparation Course; Private Spanish Tuition.


The profesores who work at Olé Languages today pursue teaching as their vocation. They have made a conscious decision to work in a school of manageable size were the atmosphere is personal and the possibilities to interact with the students are manifold. These people are the corazón of Olé Languages.

Without exception, any teacher employed at our school holds a degree in Spanish literature and linguistics, a specialization in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (E/LE) and has at least two years teaching experience.


Comfortable accommodation plays an important part when going abroad to study a foreign language and we will always make an effort to make you feel at ease, secure and at home. You can choose between:

Student Flat:
Enjoy your independence and international friends. When you choose a student flat you will share an appartment with four or five Olé students. In a student flat you’ll prepare your own meals and interact with Spanish students of all ages and backgrounds. The apartments are fully equipped with all mod-cons and located in safe and central areas close to the school.

Host Families:
To stay with a local Spanish speaking family offers a great opportunity to experience Spanish life and culture. You’ll speak Spanish all day long – because there’s no way around it and out of fun and interest in the family life that’s unfolding around you. Accommodation in a host family allows you to get the most out of your language course as it gives you a privileged view of daily life in another culture.


Once a week Olé invites to an informal get-together in the city center. It’s open to all students of the school. The idea is to meet and mingle and to get to know each other whilst exploring the city’s urban nightlife.


Barcelona’s inner city is filled with bars and restaurants. Generally speaking, Barceloneta is the place to eat Paella, fresh fish and Tapas. Gotico has a little bit of everything from sushi and pizza to tapas and French cuisine tip: Especially in Gothico it is recommended to avoid the touristic places where they charge high prices for low quality). Borne is pretty trendy and many restaurantes offer eclectic, contemporary dishes served with a young, fashionable atmosphere. The barrio also features a couple of Basque places that offer Pinchos (a sort of little appetizer mostly served on slices of baguette) and typical Basque cold, dry wine. Raval, even though more famous for its bars than for its restaurants has

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Address: Avenida Mistral , Barcelona, Spain
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If you want to know how Spanish people live, if you want to learn Spanish and have fun, if you are looking for a school with a wide variety of courses and excellent academic level,then come and visit us !
Intensive Spanish Courses; Spanish Conversation Courses; Spanish Business Classes; DELE Preparatory Courses; Spanish Courses for 50+; Spanish for Tourism, Spanish Literature Courses.