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Wolsey Hall Oxford Homeschooling:
Wolsey Hall Oxford is a well-established distance learning and home study course provider founded in 1894. The sole focus of our Homeschooling division is on supporting parents and their children who are studying Primary courses (Ages 7-11), Lower Secondary courses (ages 11-14), IGCSE or A-Levels from home. This means that your child will get the best possible help with their studies. We offer a range of academic courses to both mature students and homeschoolers throughout the world, using the latest web-based learning systems to provide our students with a first class learning experience.

Why Choose Wolsey Hall Oxford Homeschooling?

Photo of Online Key Stage 3, IGCSE & A-Level Courses
We're fast
Traditional distance learning colleges just can't compete with our fast feedback. When your child sends an assignment to their tutor we aim to get it marked and returned to them within 5 working days. And we have the monitoring systems in place to ensure that it happens. We want to keep your child's motivation levels high. 

This fast feedback means we can help your child to study for their qualifications as quickly as possible. Many of our students are able to sit their examinations one or two years ahead of their peers.

We're responsive
We're available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any queries you or your child might have.

We're flexible
You can enrol at any time of the year. We don't have cut off dates because nearly all our courses can be examined in either June or November. With our fast feedback systems we can prepare your child for their examinations as quickly as possible.

We're not for profit
Wolsey Hall Oxford is a not-for-profit organisation, with any surplus reinvested in improving our courses and our service.

We're experienced
We've been supporting students on home study courses since 1894. What we don't know about home study and providing an excellent learning experience for students isn't worth knowing!  We use this experience to enable your child to complete their course successfully and, where an exam is to be taken, to get the best grades possible.
Our Principal, Lee Wilcock has over thirty years experience in the field of distance learning and having homeschooled his daughter through GCSEs he understands first hand the issues of being a homeschooling parent.

We're a Cambridge approved school
We're just one of a few online schools that are Cambridge approved. The Cambridge International curriculum is recognised by universities and employers worldwide which is why so many students choose this curriculum.

Home Study Courses:

Image of Online Key Stage 3, IGCSE & A-Level CoursesWe provide courses for home study at Primary Level (Ages 7-11), Lower Secondary Level (Ages 11-14), IGCSE and A level across a range of subjects.

Homeschooling Primary Courses (Typically studied by children aged 7-11)
Our Primary Level homeschooling courses are a partnership between you the parent, your child and the Wolsey Hall Oxford team.You will work with your child using the lesson plans prepared by our Primary Level Tutor team. And you’ll have the help and support of a member of that same team who will be in contact on a regular basis.

Homeschooling Secondary Courses (typically studied by children ages 11-14)
Wolsey Hall Oxford has designed its Secondary Level courses to be taken over two years rather than three. We believe this suits the capabilities of most young people as well as enabling them to start their IGCSE's a year earlier than their peers. The courses are designed to be stimulating and fun, as well as academically rigorous. The courses will give your child a thorough grounding in preparation for IGCSE/GCSE.

IGCSE Home Study courses

The IGCSE is assessed by a final exam. There is no coursework. This makes it particularly suitable for home study. Our students generally take IGCSE courses over 6 - 12 months (up to 4 subjects) or 12 - 24 months (more than 4 subjects).

A level Home Study Courses

Most of our A Level courses are for the Cambridge Board AL, which, because it is an International qualification, will continue to be offered at both Summer and Winter sittings. The Cambridge Board A Levels are recognised by top Universities worldwide.

Special Educational Needs:

Photos of Wolsey Hall Oxford HomeschoolingAt Wolsey Hall Oxford we understand that it can seem daunting to sign your child up for a Home Study course - particularly if your experience of education in the past was less than ideal. For some people the experience of school can put them off education and learning for life.

We also appreciate that some children have specific learning difficulties. These may include anything from literacy or numeracy problems to dyslexia, ADD or ADHD. Or perhaps English may not be their first language.

But none of these issues need deter your children from making good progress with their education. We can offer you and your child support and advice on how to get the best out of home study if your child has specific learning difficulties.

Michelle Mahoney, our Learning Support Manager, is a qualified dyslexia specialist, and provides regular help and guidance for people with specific learning difficulties. Michelle obtained her Post Graduate Diploma in Dyslexia by home study, so she understands the challenges and satisfactions of learning in this way, and will do her best to help you.

Who Will Support Your Child Through the Home Study Course?

Picture of Online Key Stage 3, IGCSE & A-Level CoursesTutors
Their Tutor will assess and grade their assignments. We invite you and your child to arrange a Skype call with their Tutor before starting work on the course. This is a "get to know you" call and will give you and your child the opportunity to ask a Tutor any questions about the course itself. Your child can then contact their tutors by email via the online environment.

Your child may also make an appointment to talk with their Tutor via Skype if they have a problem that they can't resolve on their own or by email exchange. Note that Tutors do not give online tutorials. 

Course Manager

The Course Manager will be the key link with the College, and will deal with any administrative issues, such as changing your child’s Study Schedule, helping with exam centres or anything else on which you or your child need advice or assistance.


Parents have a critical role to play in supporting your child.  Where parents are involved in working with their children on a regular daily basis, the learning experience will be much more successful.  There are many things that you can do to help:

- There are certain to be times, however good the course and however bright the child, when the going gets tough. You can offer your child encouragement at these times and discuss the issues that they are finding difficult.
- You can encourage your child to contact their Tutors or Progress Manager if and when appropriate.
- You can ensure that your child has a daily and weekly timetable for studying each subject, similar to what they would have in school. Children need structure within which to work, a timetable, agreed between you and your child, will provide structure to the day.
- You can review progress with your child, relative both to their study timetable and their Wolsey Hall Oxford study schedule at the end of each day and week.

Parent and Student Testimonials:

"To sum it all up, I would like to say I am glad to have found Wolsey Hall. Academically they will provide the necessary assistance and support; professionally they are efficient, understanding and very helpful. I have recommended this programme to some of my friends in Malaysia and will definitely recommend it to others."
- Ivy Mary, Homeschooling parent, Malaysia

"The initial study advice I received was clear, informative and easy to understand. My tutors were more than helpful and were quick to answer any of my questions and grade my assignments. They gave me their observation on my strengths and weaknesses on each subject. The course materials provided were fairly easy to understand and were more than enough to cover all the key points of the syllabus. My Course Manager was excellent in not only guiding me but keeping me up to date on events and other stuff as well."
- Jin Bo-kyung,  Homeschooling student, South Korea

“I took two science courses with Wolsey Hall and was delighted to achieve an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry. I would recommend Wolsey Hall to any student with a desire and motivation to learn.”
- Bethan Winterton, Homeschooling student, UK

"I would recommend Wolsey Hall to parents who care, not only about grades but about the study experience as a whole. Students receive the respect they deserve and they get the encouragement to move forward despite sometimes having difficulties."
- Dr Rose Haque, Homeschooling parent, Malaysia

"I really love the way the Wolsey Hall home schooling system works, it gives you spare time to focus on the things that are important to you. I really like that whenever we struggled with anything there was a lot of help available and the tutors are very helpful."
- Ame Pretorius, Homeschooling Student, Botswana

Past Wolsey Hall Oxford Students:

Images of Wolsey Hall Oxford HomeschoolingNelson Mandela - anti-apartheid activist, politician, philanthropist, human rights advocate. Mandela studied for his London University Law degree [30] through a correspondence course with Wolsey Hall Oxford during his incarceration in Robben Island jail.

S.R. Nathan – President of Singapore, September 1999 – August 2011. As a means to confront his lack of a more advanced formal education, Nathan enrolled on a course with Wolsey Hall, Oxford 

George Chambers - The second Post Independence Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Chambers education included a GCE correspondence course with Wolsey Hall.[32]

Sir Harold Evans - British-born journalist and writer and editor of The Sunday Times from 1967 to 1981. Sir Harold studied economics with Wolsey Hall whilst an RAF airman at the end of WW2. 

Matthew Tawo Mbu - Nigerian lawyer, politician (Foreign Minister of Nigeria) and diplomat.

David Martin (sociologist) – Sociologist and Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics. Martin enrolled in the Wolsey Hall, London University external degree course.

Emmanuel Afe Babalola - Nigerian Lawyer, Senior Advocate of Nigeria and founder of Afe Babalola University. He enrolled for the Senior Cambridge School Certificate examination by private study with Wolsey Hall, Oxford.

Rev. Prof. Allen Brent - scholar of early Christian history and literature and Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. After leaving school Brent developed an interested in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Religious Knowledge, pursuing these initially through evening classes and via correspondence courses with Wolsey Hall, Oxford.[37]

Canon William Purcell - writer, BBC broadcaster and Canon of Worcester Cathedral. Purcell took a correspondence course with Wolsey Hall Oxford which enabled him to enter Cardiff University to read English in 1931.

Hansi Kennedy - pre-eminent child psychoanalyst. Despite her very full life in the war nurseries during the war, Hansi found time to study maths, biology, German and English for foreigners through Wolsey Hall, Oxford.

Chief (Dr) Kolawole Balogun - Nigerian politician and member of The National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC).  Kola Balogun registered for the Intermediate Bachelor of Laws as an external student of the University of London as a correspondence student of Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Franklin C.O. Coker - the first president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. Coker registered to study Commerce at the University of London via postal tutorials from Wolsey Hall, Oxford.

Sir Satcam Boolell - Deputy Prime Minister, Mauritius 1986-1990, Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Minister of External Affairs and Emigration of Mauritius. High Commissioner in London from 1996 to 2000.He privately educated himself, with correspondence courses from Wolsey Hall and private tuition, obtaining the London Matriculation in 1942 and an intermediate BSc in economics in 1945.

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Address: 23 West Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 0BQ, UK & England
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2020-05-20 were from:

Larnaca, Cyprus;   Ruwais, UAE;   Egypt;   arroyo de la encomienda, Spain;   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;   Hong Kong, Hong Kong;   Kenya;   Windhoek, Namibia;   Lagos, Nigeria;   dubai, UAE;   and more.
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- KS4: Years 10 & 11

- KS5: Years 12 & 13


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