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The College of Botanical Healing Arts, Santa Cruz:
The College of Botanical Healing Arts (COBHA) is a unique, innovative, high-quality educational institution and aromatherapy college in Santa Cruz (about 70 miles south of San Francisco), California. COBHA is a non-profit institution dedicated to providing training that focuses on the power of healing through the use of essential oils, herbs, and nutrition. We are dedicated to providing excellent comprehensive education in a balanced curriculum of science, holistic healing theories, and practical clinical experience.

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Photo of Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification in California & Online400-hour Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification Program:
COBHA offers a 400 hour Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification Program which is state-certified and entitles successful graduates to add CEOT (Certified Essential Oil Therapist) after their name. This state-certified program has two levels of training. It consists of:

- Level I Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy (36 hours)
- 11 Level II classes (304 hours): History of Medicine; Aroma Botany; Anatomy &
Physiology I; Anatomy & Physiology II; Essential Oil Chemistry; Mind & Body;
Clinical Science; Energetic Healing; Communication & Business Skills; Clinical
Practice Theory; Clinical Internship
- 15 elective credits (60 hours) from classes and/or workshops.

Level 1: Foundation Course in Essential Oil Therapy:
Have you ever stopped to smell a rose and felt a pleasant shift in consciousness? Does the scent of lavender lull you to sleep? The aromatic and detoxifying power of essential oils is an ancient and modern commonality that binds all humans together. An awareness of the healing properties of essential oils is a precious tool that all healers can use to better their own lives and the lives of those around them. A cohesive knowledge of the powers of these oils offered to us as medicines by Mother Nature can empower you to alleviate dis-ease and to further unfold your unique relationship with plant medicines. The unfolding of your olfactory system will provide you with more peace and joy in your daily Image of Aromatherapy Practitioner Certification in California & Onlineliving.

COBHA is proud to offer a fabulous cohesive foundation course in Essential Oil Therapy. This class is a rich introduction to the essential oil experience! The information you learn in this class will provide you with a valuable, lifelong reference guide to the healing properties of essential oils and can truly be a life changing experience. The program includes lessons on distillation methods, blending, chemistry of essential oils, physiology of skin and immune system, methods of application, safety data, the study of oils in ancient cultures, and the effectiveness of essential oils on the mind, body, and spirit.

There are 23 oils in the course that are studied in depth, and purchasing an oil kit of therapeutic grade oils at an extra cost of $200 is advised. This kit includes (5mls for simples and 2.5 mls for ancient elixers):
Lavender; Jasmine; Orange; Cedarwood; Franckincense; Myrrh; Patchouli; Rose Absolute; Roman Chamomile; Thyme; Cypress; Peppermint; Eucalyptus; Tea Tree; Juniper; Lemon; Geranium; Fennel; Grapefruit; Rosemary; Clary Sage; Ylang Ylang; Bergamot

Materials automatically included in Level One are the "aromatherapy bible" Aromatherapy A-Z by Patricia Davis, a binder, study guides, and all materials. Come join us in this fabulous opportunity to explore in depth the souls of plants, and see what secrets they have been waiting to share with you! This course is a prerequisite for Level II courses.

Level II - Course 1 - The History of Medicine:
This class is a fascinating study of the evolution of medicine. Students follow the circuitous path of herbal and Western Medicine. Students follow the circuitous path of herbal and Western Medicine. Subjects (such as the dark ages of plagues, witch burnings, blood-letting, the islands of healing light, the Salem University in Italy and the alchemy of Paracelsus) include the present day emergence of herbalism and aromatherapy along with the technological advances of allopathic medicine. Students create herbal and essential oil balms and write a research paper on one figure or subject from the colorful history of medicine.

Level II - Course 2 - AromaBotany:

The abstract and mysterious quality of essential oils become a living botanical reality as students study the plants of their origin. Students study photosynthesis and flower reproduction, as well as exploring various plant parts. This class includes field trips to botanical gardens in the Santa Cruz area. Students also participate in the planting & upkeep of COBHA’s botanical garden. Includes Botany Walk.

Level II - Course 3, Part I - Aromatherapy, Anatomy & Human PhPhotos of The College of Botanical Healing Arts, Santa Cruzysiology:

This course provides a comprehensive study of Essential Oils and herbal care in relation to Anatomy and Physiology. The focus of this class is an in-depth study of the human cell and skin, the Skeletal and Muscular System, and the Respiratory System. Students learn how essential oils may strengthen these systems and offer healing when there are imbalances or disease.

Level II - Course 3, Part II - Aromatherapy, Anatomy & Human Physiology:

Continuing the study of the human body, this class focuses on the Cardiovascular System, the Digestive System, and the Urogenital and Gynecological Systems. Students look at using essential oils, herbs and nutrition as alternative medicine for these systems.

Level II - Course 4 - Essential Oil Chemistry:

Students gain a deeper appreciation of essential oil functional groups in this course. The meaning of optical isomers, ethers, and oxides is clarified, along with the reason why some essential oils heal and others are toxic. The class offers some hands-on experience in distillation using equipment for steam, steam and water, and solvent extractions. Larry Jones provides students with a greater understanding of GC/MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry), analysis of essential oils and why it is important in order to guarantee their quality and purity.

Level II - Course 5 - Mind and Body:

This class focuses on how essential oils affect the limbic brain and endocrine, nervous and immune systems, creating a mind-body connection. Students study therapies for psychoneuro-immunology disease, including spiritual applications. This class elicits a creative response of awareness of how thoughts and emotions affect one’s health. Students learn to recognize methods that prevent disease and create harmony in thoughts and the body.

Level II - Course 6 - Clinical Science:

This course covers the study of disease, addictions and pathology, as well as the study of viruses, bacteria, fungi and some of the many illnesses that they may cause. Conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, obesity and drug addiction are reviewed. Students study nutrition and learn how supplements, such as a minerals, vitamins, herbs, and enzymes work well with essential oils to restore balance to the body.

Level II - Course 7 - Energetic Healing:

Students are introduced to the mystery of the human etheric body and the chakra system and their connection to the body’s endocrine system. Through class experiences, students explore how a person’s energy field exists and how it is affected by essential oils, learning to discern methods for keeping the body’s aura healthy and promoting spiritual healing. Bach Flowers essences, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Sound Healing and Homeopathy are also discussed and experienced.

Level II - Course 8 - Communication & Business Skills:

This course focuses on the ethics of being an Aromatherapy Practitioner. Through communication skills, the student learns how to develop a sound relationship with clients. Also covered: How to start a business, keep records, and maintain other legal considerations. Students prepare a business plan and/or design a brochure and a business card.

Level II - Course 9 - Clinical Practice Theory:

This course works in conjunction with Course 10 (Clinical Internship). Students discuss their experience from the clinic. Fellow students offer support and suggestions in dealing with client issues. Ways to improve structure and functioning of clinic are explored. Setting up an ideal clinical situation is a written assignment. Includes California bill on alternative practitioners.

Level II - Course 10 - Clinical Practice Internship:

During this course, students apply the knowledge acquired from all Level I and Level II courses. Students create a clinic atmosphere, schedule appointments, publicize their clinic to the community, and maintain records. During the Clinic, students interview clients, assess their condition holistically, do a reflexology treatment, create a custom blend and offer healthy lifestyle suggestions.

Level II - Course 11 - Clinical Internship:

During this experiential course students apply the knowledge acquired from all Level I and Level II courses. Students create a clinic atmosphere, schedule appointments, publicize their clinic to the community, and maintain records. During the Clinic, they interview clients, assess their condition holistically, do a reflexology treatment, create a custom blend and offer healthy lifestyle suggestions. They follow up with clients.


In order to complete the 400–hour program, a student must acquire 64 hours of elective credits. As a general rule, each four hours of class or workshop attended equals one elective credit. The College offers at least three workshops a year by well known national and international teachers. All students are required to take Intro to Reflexology which will be offered on a weekend. Elective credits are also offered to students attending conferences of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and / or the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (PIA).

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Address: 17th Ave. and Capitola Rd., Santa Cruz, California , USA
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