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Pandu - Indonesian Language Course, Yogyakarta:
Pandu – Indonesian Language Course- helps people understand Indonesian language and culture deeply. Pandu is located in Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta), which is well known as the city of students and also as the second tourist destination in Indonesia. In addition, it also has a stable security condition that gives visitors comfort feeling during their visit to Yogyakarta

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Photo of Bahasa Indonesia Programs in YogyakartaThrough years, our team has tried to invent a new method of teaching Indonesian Language as a second language by combining Indonesian teaching materials with educational psychology methods. Having dealt with teaching the Indonesian language to foreigners for over than 5 years, we have an idea to put the students in a real-time experience which we think as the best teaching method. It is possible that, at first, non-Indonesian-native speakers find it easy to learn the language since it has less grammatical rules comparing to foreign languages, for example, English. It is also very flexible. However, later on, they might think differently. Because of its flexibility, it is likely that certain “theory” is inappropriate to be applied to certain situation – as the society speaks differently (from the theory or rule.) So, not only flexible, but the Indonesian language is also situation-based context.


In regard to this issue, we are committed to ourselves to bring the students on the nearly-real event/situation when the Indonesian language is spoken. We always update the material by adjusting it to nowadays context. Our instructors are merrier than happy to help learning their first language in- or outside the class. It is all for the students to be ready to be in contact with the Indonesian society for real where improvisation in using the language is necessary. In short, we’ll give them what they ask for, plus self-confidence as well as familiarity with the situation.


Image of Bahasa Indonesia Programs in YogyakartaDirect Method/Real Time Experience. You will be guided to real conversations using Bahasa Indonesia without translating them into your first language. Translating to another language is somewhat accepted as long as the language has the same characteristics as Bahasa Indonesia. But not all languages are the same. There are specific characteristics that can be found in some languages but not in other languages. Considering that reason, we prefer to make you get involved in the senses of using Bahasa Indonesia and practice it in Indonesian manners.

We really care about the human aspects of the students. Each person may have a different type of learning process. There are at least three types of learning, such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. We have adopted our methods from concepts of Quantum Learning and Super Learning by giving you tasks that involve complex activities (speaking, listening, reading, writing, sometimes body movements). It helps you accommodate each type of learning. They are also considered good to improve your level of competence of using the language


Photos of Pandu - Indonesian Language Course, YogyakartaOur instructors are Indonesian native speakers who were graduated from reputable universities such as Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta State University, and Sanata Dharma University. The supervisors are experts in linguistics and psychology. All of the people were selected based on certain requirements such as competence and personality. They are "talk-active", cheerful, friendly, and unique people who are willing to help and to get involved in learning process along with their students. They are pleased to share their experiences, ideas; and in the other side they welcome other people opinions. No wonder that our students still have good long-term relationship with our instructors even when their classes have finished.


Bahasa Indonesia Course; 5-Day Indonesian Conversation Class; Immersion program.

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Address: Godean, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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