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Military Boarding Academy for Boys in Texas

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Marine Military Academy:
Located beneath the scenic South Texas sky in Harlingen, we’re sure just one visit will endear you and your son to our sweeping 142-acre military academy. Marine Military Academy is a private, college-preparatory, military boarding school for young men in Grades 8-12 with an optional post-graduate year. Marine Military Academy believes that with the right guidance, opportunity and instruction, every young man can create a successful path toward the future and reach his full potential. We balance discipline and structure with strong academic instruction to shape a purposeful, responsible young man who is prepared for the challenges of life.

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Military (MCJROTC) Program:
Photo of Military Boarding Academy for Boys in TexasThe Marine Military Academy established one of the first Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (MCJROTC) in the nation. All Cadets are members of the MCJROTC unit. Those who fail to qualify for full membership because of age or citizenship receive the training as associate members. The instilled discipline, goal orientation, and initiative of military leadership training are directed toward scholastic achievement. The program promotes the strong core values that the United States Marine Corps teaches to Marines from recruit training to completion of service.

The MCJROTC program is one of the Marine Corps's contributions to assisting America's youth to become better citizens. The program produces successful students and productive adults, while fostering a more constructive and disciplined learning environment.

The MJROTC has a standard curriculum which includes a variety of academic subjects in the following areas: Leadership, Citizenship, Personal Growth and Responsibility, Public Service and Career Exploration, and General Military Subjects.

The Marine Military Academy is dedicated to developing cadets that possess the full range of academic skills, personal values, social adjustment and physical development to be successful in whatever field of endeavor they choose. The school aims to provide a wholesome, patriotic, and invigorating atmosphere, both mentally and physically, in which students are inspired towards maximum achievement.

Academics at Marine Military Academy are grounded in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, social science, science and foreign language, but more important than this knowledge, however, is their complete transformation into responsible learners and informed citizens. MMA has a proven record of helping students increase their grade point average and preparing them for college-level work.

Image of Military Boarding Academy for Boys in TexasOn average, the GPA for new students increases by 1.71. Also, almost 100 percent of MMA graduates are accepted into colleges or universities.  With this balanced perspective, Cadets can be future community leaders and productive citizens. The faculty and staff are dedicated to excellence in all that they do and strive to create the school of choice within the military academy community.

The Academy Standard Diploma requires the successful completion of twenty-six academic credits. The normal daily course load is comprised of six academic units per year supplemented by a grade for Military Science. Academic requirements include four credits in English, one of English Composition (a local requirement of all cadets), four of Math, three of Science, four of History (includes Government and Economics), one-half each of Health and Speech, one of Computer Science, two of Foreign Language, and four and one-half credits of electives, including SAT Prep. 

Postgraduate programs are designed to meet a cadet's individual needs to strengthen their qualifications to meet college entrance requirements or for entrance to a service academy. For cadets interested in special programs, Aerospace I and II (cadets may earn a private pilots license VFR rating in Aero I and earn IFR rating in Aero II) and Marine Science (seamanship) are available.

College Preparation Courses:
Photos of Marine Military AcademyWe offer SAT Prep and ACT college preparation courses.

Advanced Placement Courses:
We offer AP courses in English, calculus, statistics, physics, chemistry, world history and Spanish.

Summer Camp:

The Academy offers an annual four week summer camp program.  Optional camp electives are offered, at an additional fee,  in Aerospace and Scuba. 

English as Second Language Program:
The ESL Summer Camp is designed to provide students additional English Language development skills in a program of daily, intense English Language Proficiency classes under the guidance of a staff of experienced MMA faculty.

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Address: 320 Iwo Jima Blvd, Harlingen, Texas , USA
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Our curriculum is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), and the Committee for International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA).
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- Vocational, General, or College Preparatory High School Diploma
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- Therapeutic services
- Psychiatric services
- SACS accredited curriculum

- Our trademark approach engages all students in a five-stage process toward spiritual, therapeutic, academic, social, and physical maturity.
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