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Oak Grove School, Ventura County:
Located in Ojai, California, south of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Oak Grove School offers innovative early childhood, elementary, junior high school programs, a college-preparatory high school, and a family-style boarding program all nourished by the educational vision of its founder, philosopher and educator J. Krishnamurti. Small classes in a natural environment are guided by experienced teachers who encourage discovery and inquiry while supporting exceptional academic, creative and personal growth. 203 day and boarding students attend Oak Grove School.

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Photo of Private School in the Santa Barbara area, Southern CACo-Educational Pre-K-12 Day & Boarding School Programs:

Early Childhood:

Oak Grove’s expanded early childhood program emphasizes the emotional and academic benefits that can take place when parents and children learn together. Three facets make up the early childhood program at Oak Grove School. They include parent-infant and parent-toddler classes, a developmental preschool for three- to five-year-olds, and a transitional kindergarten program.

Infant-parent & toddler-parent classes:
Observation, interaction and trust provide a foundation for Oak Grove's infant-parent and toddler-parent programs. Children and parents come together to learn, play and observe. Facilitated by an early childhood educator, these gatherings give parents and children the opportunity to connect with other families in an enriching, safe environment and ask questions about child deveImage of Private School in the Santa Barbara area, Southern CAlopment. Infant-parent classes (newborn to 18 months) meet weekly for an hour, with approximately four infants per group. Toddler-parent classes meet one or two times each week for a two-hour period and include approximately eight toddlers per group.

Preschool Program:
At Oak Grove's preschool program, an environment is created where learning takes place naturally and intellectual growth flourishes, but is never forced. Through stories, art, nature, indoor and outdoor activities and movement, children are supported as they explore their world and become more independent. Emphasis is placed on healthy peer relationships and peaceful conflict resolution skills. See the admissions section for an overview of early childhood program tuition fees.

The Oak Grove kindergarten classroom provides a balance of small group, whole group, and individual activities, which nourish a sense of wonder and reverence for all life. The children experience a balance of active exploration and periods of quiet work in small classes of approximately 15 children. The curriculum goals are appropriate to the developmental level of the child, beginning with the manipulation of concrete objects and moving toward more abstract skills. A solid relationship between the kindergarten and the elementary school curriculum provides a gentle transition to the elementary school.

Elementary School:
The elementary school is divided into six homeroom groups, each averaging 14 students. First, second and third grade classes meet from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; and fourth to sixth grade, from 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. All classes dismiss at noon on Wednesdays. The homeroom teacher instructs math, science, language arts and social studies. Homeroom classwork is supported by staff specialist instruction in art, instrumental and vocal music, including Orff-Shulwerk, drama, horticulture, computer and science labs, library Photos of Oak Grove School, Ventura Countyskills and Spanish. Physical education is offered four days each week, introducing students to a variety of cooperative sports, games and team activities. Outdoor education programs support the child's academic and social growth while providing a vital connection with the environment.

A dedicated elementary/junior high library and resource center provides a comfortable space to enjoy a good book, develop beginning computer research skills, or get extra help with schoolwork. Elementary and junior high students also utilize Oak Grove's fully equipped art facilities, and they showcase dramatic productions on the Pavilion's outdoor stage or the indoor student center.

Junior High:

At the seventh and eighth grade level, the journey from child to young-adult intensifies. Addressing the unique academic, social and emotional needs of the junior high student is paramount. Transformation is key at this age: transformation from elementary student to high school scholar and from child to young adult. This time of change presents tremendous opportunity for academic and social learning, for personal growth, and passage from one stage of life to another.

Oak Grove greets these opportunities with a balance of traditional and experiential learning, of high expectations and mutual respect, and with a keen awareness of the adolescent spirit.

High School:

Oak Grove High School offers a small, intimate, inquiry based day and boarding program that blends college preparatory academics with deep exploration of life’s issues. Teachers support open-minded and spirited discussion, encourage inquiry, and strive to develop in each student a self-reflective capacity that leads to inner honesty, independence and integrity. Graduates go on to college having developed a global perspective, sensitivity toward the environment and human relations, and exceptional critical thinking skills.

College Placement:
Picture of Private School in the Santa Barbara area, Southern CA
Fulfillment of Oak Grove's graduation requirements exceeds admission requirements for the University of California and other highly selective schools around the country. A partial list of colleges attended by Oak Grove graduates includes: Boston University, Swarthmore, Yale, University of Redlands, University of Southern California (USC), Tufts, Cal Arts, Mount Holyoke, New York University, College of the Atlantic, Wellesley, Vassar, and all campuses of the University of California.

The Arts:
Oak Grove High School has a noted fine-arts program, which provides the tools and guidance for sophisticated artistic expression and understanding. Facilities include a fine art studio, photography lab and darkroom, ceramics studio, a music recording studio and professional slide-making equipment for portfolio preparation. A partial list of art schools attended by Oak Grove graduates includes: The Rhode Island School of Design, The Academy of Art in San Francisco, Otis College of Art and Design, California Institute for the Arts, and the Lorenzo de Medici School of Art in Italy.

Athletics Program:
Oak Grove has a highly developed, challenging physical and outdoor education program. Often dovetailing with academic studies, students and faculty enjoy sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking and water sports such as surfing and kayaking. Camping trips at the elementary- through high-school level provide opportunities to learn and practice outdoor skills in a safe and supportive setting, supplementing regular physical education classes. Facilities at Oak Grove include two athletic fields, playgrounds, trails, tennis and basketball courts.

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Address: 220 W. Lomita Avenue, Ojai, Ventura County, California , USA
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Delphi Academy of Los Angeles admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Parent Testimonial:

"I am so grateful that a school like Delphi exists. The academic program is challenging and it makes the study of vital subjects (like reading and math) absolutely fun and rewarding.”
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Coeducational K-12 Programs:

• Preschool
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• Elementary School
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• Upper School
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Page Private School, Costa Mesa
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Founded in 1908, Page Private School is a non-sectarian, co-educational school serving infants through to 8th Grade in Costa Mesa, Orange County in Southern CA. We also have campuses in Garden Grove in Northern Orange County, Hancock Park and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, as well as in Orlando and Sanford, FL.

Since our founding more than 100 years ago, our mission has never wavered; Page offers preschool with potty training program, extended hours, summer program and advanced curriculum to provide the best student and family centered education to our communities.

Page Private School has an elite team of teachers and administrators, small class sizes, progressive curriculum and innovative resources to help young minds and imaginations thrive. We provide a quality, well rounded education for pre-school, elementary and middle school students. Our objective is to promote the incentives for scholarship, character and personality through individual attention.
Educational Programs for Students in Pre-K through Grade 8:

- Page Private School Infant and Toddler Program: 6 Weeks - 2 Years.
- Page Private School Preschool Program: Preschool with Potty Training Program.
- Kindergarten to 8th Grade Program

Features include:
- Academic Enrichment Workshops
- Page Private School Summer Program
- Safe, clean, interactive learning environments
- Excellent parent and teacher communication
- Advanced curriculum including Spanish, Art & Computer lab
Summit View School at The Help Group
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The school has two locations - one is located on The Help Group's Culver City campus in Western LA County and the other is located on the Valley Glen Campus in the San Fernando Valley.

The Summit View School is part of The Help Group which is a family of non-profit agencies dedicated to providing a broad range of educational and therapeutic services to children, adolescents, young adults with special needs and their families.

Summit View School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is certified by the California State Department of Education.
Elementary, middle and high school programs for children with learning differences:

- Elementary School program: Focuses on language arts, reading, mathematics and motor domains. Students apply basic skills in a variety of learning contexts.

- Middle School program: This strengthens students' organization, time management, critical thinking skills and work habits.

- High School program: This focuses on integrating the student's individual learning style with the knowledge they've acquired.
Presidio Knolls School, San Francisco
Courses / Programs
Located on Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA, near the Bay, Presidio Knolls School is a non-profit Mandarin-immersion Reggio Emilia inspired pre-school. Our school comprises of a dedicated, generous group of parents and teachers who are committed to providing a multi-lingual, multi-cultural English and Mandarin Chinese environment where children can freely develop their gifts and interests. Since the inception of the school in February 2008, the faculty and parents have been working very hard to realize these goals. We serve families from Chinatown, Cow Hollow, Russian Hill, Pacific Heights and throughout San Fransico Bay communities.

Since the school was established, we have made great strides in implementing a Reggio Emilia inspired teaching philosophy in a Mandarin immersion classroom. To facilitate language reinforcement at home, we have produced and published weekly Youtube videos of Mandarin songs and stories. The teachers have also infused Chinese traditions, such as ancient poetry and festival celebrations, into the program to foster cultural awareness and expose our children to more sophisticated vocabularies.
- Preschool programs
- Kindergarten programs

* We offer a Reggio Emilia inspired teaching philosophy in a Mandarin immersion classroom. Bilingual Mandarin Chinese and English program.

* We teach Chinese traditions, such as ancient poetry and festival celebrations, into the program to foster cultural awareness and expose our children to more sophisticated vocabularies.

* We also offer Summer Camps.