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Arroyo Pacific Academy, Los Angeles County:
Arroyo Pacific Academy is a four-year private, independent, co-educational, college preparatory high school for grades 9-12 in Arcadia in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, approximately 13 miles north-east of Downtown LA. We are fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (W.A.S.C.). Arroyo Pacific Academy provides a distinctive educational program and a special place for students to learn, grow and prepare for life. Founded in 1998 by Philip Clarke, the school consistently works to serve the needs of students of the surrounding community throughout Los Angeles County.

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Arroyo Pacific Academy is fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (W.A.S.C.). The Academy places great emphasis on learning. The course of studies instill good study habits and build confident determination to ensure academic success for each student who works to his/her potential. The curriculum provides students an opportunity to explore, to excel, to experience, and to expand their horizons. Through the courses offered, students are challenged to learn to read with understanding, write with clarity, and listen and speak effectively.

High school students must complete a minimum of 240 units for graduation in a college preparatory program of studies. Each subject completed with a passing mark is equivalent to five units per semester. Students are invited and encouraged to attain the highest grades possible in each class.

SuPhoto of College Preparatory School in Los Angeles Countybjects include:

History / Social Science, English, Mathematics, Laboratory Science, Modern Language - Chinese, French or Spanish, Visual & Performing Arts and Electives (Microeconomics, Psychology or Economics)

Arroyo Pacific Academy follows the guidelines of the California State Frameworks and the Content Standards adopted by the California State Board of Education to ensure a rigorous and meaningful educational program aligned with our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results for all students.

We offer a variety of rigorous, meaningful, and appropriate opportunities to broaden the acquisition and accumulation of skills and enhance academic performance through the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results.

* Advanced Placement Curriculum
* College Preparatory Curriculum
* General High School Curriculum

College and Career preparation is completed through an academically rigorous curriculum within the follImage of College Preparatory School in Los Angeles Countyowing subject areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and History, Modern Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, College and Career Education, Information Technology, Health and Physical Education, with Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered in each of the core disciplines.

The strong foundation of our curriculum is enhanced by a unique four year course of study and our three year graduation requirement in the Visual and Performing Arts. We are committed to providing a comprehensive academic program with many courses offered on multiple levels which includes: Advanced Placement, College Preparatory and the General High School curriculum.

The college preparatory courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want a college preparatory curriculum, can complete assigned tasks with minimum supervision and have a good level of aptitude and achievement.

The general high school courses meet the needs of students who want a college preparatory curriculum but need reinforcement in specific areas of achievement. Concept courses provide the student with additional support in the areas of organization, comprehension, vocabulary, written expression, and mathematical reasoning. Some students in particular courses will receive assistance through our Assisted Learning Program.

Each of the specialized academic programs, methods of instruction and assessment results in student achievement of the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results through the successful completion of any course of study offered for all students.

The Advanced Placement Program:
The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. Based on their performance on rigorous AP Examinations given in May, students can earn credit and / or advanced placement for college. In addition, the AP Program offers students these benefits:

* Allows high school students to take courses that are challenging, rigorous and in-depth - exactly the kinds of courses they will face once in college.
* Prepares students to succeed in college.
* Enables students to pursue a double major, to study or travel abroad, or to undertake a combined Bachelor's and Master's Program through the credits they earn for their AP achievements.
* Allows students to take more advanced courses in disciplines where they have received a firm grounding from AP.

Qualified students who are willing to accept the challenge of a curriculum that serves as a national standard for college-level achievement should consider these courses. Students enrolling in Advanced Placement courses must meet stated course and grade prerequisites and departmental approval. To maximize the likelihood of successfully completing these courses, students must evidence strong academic skills, high test scores, command of the subject matter, consistency of performance and self-discipline.

The Assisted Learning Program:
The Assisted Learning Program serves students with documented learning disabilities and those who need additional assistance with their academic responsibilities. Recognizing that some students have mild learning difficulties that impact their ability to benefit from traditional methods of instruction, the Assisted Learning Program is a program designed to assist and respond to the needs of students who learn differently within a rigorous and meaningful college preparatory program.

Required documentation and evaluations must be performed by a licensed educational psychologist, psychologist, psychiatrist or developmental pediatrician and be three years current. The assessments must be in writing, report the Standardized scores achieved for each of the tests, state the qualifying diagnosis and the data that supports the clinicians' diagnosis. This evaluation is the cornerstone to an effective plan of supportive education for thPhotos of Arroyo Pacific Academy, Los Angeles Countye student. Our Assisted Learning Program has allowed students to achieve goals well beyond previous expectations. Please contact Robert S. Walley, Assistant Principal/Dean of Studies at 626.294.0661 for our specific documentation requirements.

The College Prep Outreach Program:
Students enrolled at other private and public high schools enroll at Arroyo Pacific Academy to complete the Advanced Placement Program courses, general high school courses and to remediate unsatisfactory grades.

The Young Scholar Program:
This community outreach program under the direction of Ms. Danielle Meng, offers personalized, small class instruction and enrichment classes for students in kindergarten through the 8th grade enrolled in local schools. All courses focus on the state-recommended Model Curriculum Standards. Chinese language, Arts, Mathematics, English, Reading, Writing and Test Preparation courses are available. The specific competencies for each of the curriculum standards serve as a guide to provide students with a real educational advantage for the years to come.

College and Career Education
We assist students in the identification of their interests, talents and in the development of strategies for problem solving and goal attainment. College and career education is offered within the curriculum. We enjoy an educational partnership with Junior Achievement, Inc. providing upper division students with enhanced curriculum, Job Shadow opportunities and the knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics to excel in school, careers and the community. Additional College and Career information is available on this site, under Academic by implementing our College and Career Planning Guide and reviewing our Links and Online Resources.

Visual and Performing Arts
The Arts are alive at Arroyo Pacific Academy with our four years of Arts education and our three year Graduation Requirement. Freshmen study World Arts for a semester, Sophomores study Music Appreciation for one year, Juniors experience the Performing Arts for one year and Seniors express their creativity in the Visual Arts for one year. Performance and curricular opportunities for all students include Chorus, Dance, Drama Production, and Graphic Arts.

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Address: Arcadia, 41 W Santa Clara St, Los Angeles County, California , USA
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Parent Testimonial:

"I am so grateful that a school like Delphi exists. The academic program is challenging and it makes the study of vital subjects (like reading and math) absolutely fun and rewarding.”
- Elementary School Parent
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- Preschool Program
- Elementary School Program
- Middle School Program
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- As an International Baccalaureate World School, our curriculum is based around the Primary Years Programme of the IB Programme and is presented in an inquiry-based environment.

- We introduce the children to language, mathematics, and scientific academics at an age-appropriate level.
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- Page Private School Summer Program
- Safe, clean, interactive learning environments
- Excellent parent and teacher communication
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