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Boarding High School in Colorado Springs, CO

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Fountain Valley School of Colorado:
Located at the base of Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains, Fountain Valley School of Colorado combines intellectual rigor with a spirit of adventure and exploration. The school offers a college preparatory program for motivated students who seek a diverse and challenging learning experience within a close-knit and supportive community.

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Photo of Boarding High School in Colorado Springs, COCo-educational Boarding & Day School Programs
for 9-12th Graders:

- More than 70 courses across 7 departments, including 19 Advanced Placement courses and a selection of honors courses.
- Language classes are available in French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish
- Technology curriculum includes classes in program design, digital studio and Photoshop.
- Western Immersion Program is a sophomore-year experiential-based study of the Colorado environment
- Interim program is an intensive weeklong, curriculum-based experiential-learning program.

Advanced Placement

AP courses in English Literature, English Language, U.S. Government, U.S. History, World History, Macro and Microeconomics, French Language, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Physics C, Environmental Science, Chemistry, 2-D Studio Art, 3-D Studio Art

FVS offers language instruction in three areas: Spanish (Spanish I-V, Spanish III Honors), French (French I-IV, French IV Honors) and Mandarin Chinese (Mandarin I-III).
Image of Boarding High School in Colorado Springs, CO
Math, Science and Technology

Math courses range from Algebra I to AP Calculus. Students can take classes in such areas as geometry, statistics, trigonometry and precalculus. Science classes reflect both standard curriculum and electives focusing on the Colorado environment.

Biology, chemistry and physics are offered as basic or AP courses, and there's also an AP Environmental Science class. Electives include Colorado Natural History, Geology, Physics and How Things Work, and Team Science. The technology program courses are offered based on interest, with classes in program design, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and beginning and advanced digital studio.

The School places a high emphasis on arts education. The Freshman Arts program is a required introduction to a breadth of artistic experiences and a foundation for subsequent study. Visual art classes include studio art, metal-smithing (jewelry-making), ceramics and photograpy.

The School offers three choirs - Concert Choir, Girls Select and Boys Select; and students can also participate in the Wind Ensemble or Chamber Strings. The Theater Department puts on three shows each year, including a winter musical.
Photos of Fountain Valley School of Colorado

The English curriculum is based upon seminar-style classes and emphasizes reading, writing and critical-thinking skills. The program balances studies in world, British and American literature, and the writing process includes organization, effective argument, diction and mechanics.

Yearlong courses include World Literature, British Literature, American Literature, AP English Literature and AP English Language and Composition. Electives vary, but include Short Fiction, Writing from Within, Modern Drama, Creative Writing, Postmodern Literature, The Eternal Battle: Good vs. Evil, A Fellowship of Fantasy and Film: J.R.R. Tolkien, and Twentieth-Century Irish Literature

FVS treats history in the broadest sense possible, as the study of all aspects of men and women through the past, both distant and recent. Testing involves essay writing, but evaluation also includes multimedia computer-based presentations, role playing, creative writing in a historical context and any other format that captures students' imaginations.

Yearlong courses include Global Studies, Western Civilization, U.S. History, AP World History and AP U.S. History. Electives include 20th Century Latin America, History of Modern Africa, AP U.S. Government and Politics, Freedom and Authority, and Religion, Rebellion and Reaction in the 60s.

International/ESL Program

The International Program meets the needs of international students as they adjust to the academic and social environment of a college-preparatory boarding school. An English as a Second Language (ESL) program is available, as is an International Students' Activities Program that helps unite the FVS community.

The goal of the ESL program is to transition each student into the mainstream curriculum. Courses include ESL II and III (intermediate and advanced), ESL U.S. History, ESL World History and Geography, and ESL Biology.

Picture of Boarding High School in Colorado Springs, COResidential Life Program
The School's Residential Life Program and facilities are designed based on a house system, where groups of 16-20 students and one or two faculty families live in a residential unit.

Four residence halls are divided into 10 individual houses (five boys, five girls) where 160 students and 13 houseparent families live. Spacious double and triple bedrooms, common rooms, a kitchen, dining area, bathrooms, laundry facilities and a computer lab are laid out in floor plans unique to each house.

Weekend Activities
The weekends are packed with options at FVS. The School announces planned weekend activities and allows students to sign up for their chosen activity when needed. Activities include faculty-led shopping trips to Denver, exploring the beauty of Colorado, movies, skiing, and even "spontaneity" trips where students decide at the last minute where they want to go.

Some of the most popular trips take place right on campus. These include Cupid and Stupid Weekends, which are creative and fun-filled seasonal celebrations; Club Frautschi, Reggae Fest, "make your pizza, or burrito, or sundae nights," and special events put on by individual dorms.

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Address: 6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA
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Wasatch Academy is a nurturing, independent boarding school for Grade 8-12 students from Utah, throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Our school is located in Mt. Pleasant UT, one hour south of Provo.

Teachers use a variety of classroom strategies and commit to a wide range of activities that allows every student to find their own pathway to success.

Our pledge to nurture a diverse community of learners is essential to the fulfillment of our mission. We channel our resources to attract students from many different backgrounds, welcoming students from nearly 40 countries around the world, to prepare students for success in the 21st century.
Co-Ed Boarding School Programs for Grades 8-12:

Academic subjects include:
- English
- Social Studies
- Mathematics
- Science
- Foreign Language
- Fine Arts
- Technology
- English as a Second Language (ESL)
- Extra-Curricular Activities
- Competitive Sports
- Visual Arts
Colorado Rocky Mountain School
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The Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) is a co-educational college preparatory boarding school for students in Grades 9-12, located near Aspen Colorado in the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountains on a 350-acre working ranch.

We are an exceptional college-preparatory institution that gives our students the skills, confidence, and knowledge to be successful in life and to contribute to their communities.

Our curriculum is sequenced, both to give students a firm foundation in core discipline and to illuminate interdisciplinary connections across active and academic programs and among humanities disciplines.

Our community is exceptional, our setting is spectacular, and our program os enriching. Our faculty are possibly the best-rounded, most dedicated educators you will ever meet.

In keeping with our mission to provide a balanced curriculum, including service to the community, many of the buildings were landscaped, built, or remodeled by student-faculty work crews.
Co-ed Boarding School Programs for 9-12th Graders:

College-Preparatory Curriculum:
- A college-preparatory curriculum within a program of the arts, athletics, physical work, service to the community, and enriching wilderness experience.

- At CRMS, we graduate students who have a strong sense of self-worth and a lifelong passion for learning.

- Our students are expected to pursue a challenging course of study across our curriculum.
Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy
Courses / Programs
Located in Cedar City, Iron County UT, 250 miles south of Salt Lake City, Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy (MSPA) is a transitional boarding school for boys & girls ages 14-18, who are transitioning from a residential treatment center (RTC) or wilderness program in need of a safe environment to practice the new skills that that they have learned.

MSPA is not a therapeutic boarding school but therapy is available from trained professionals in the community who work with MSPA and understand our unique mission and philosophy. MSPA is focused on helping students acclimate back into society.

MSPA provides many of the components of a traditional boarding school, including a full-range of academic classes, college prep and ACT/SAT test prep, etc. but in addition provides the expertise to work specifically with the niche of students transitioning from higher levels of care.
Transitional Boarding School for Boys & Girls Ages 14-18:

- 1:6 teacher to student ratio
- Fully-accredited academic program
- College-prep curriculum
- Customized education plan
- College level classes
- Specialized teachers
- SAT/ACT preparation and testing
- Career exploration
- Vocational internships
- A comprehensive approach to ADD and ADHD that goes beyond academics
Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI)
Courses / Programs
Located in northwestern Montana, Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is an accredited, family-run, therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens (boys and girls) ages 13-18 from Colorado and across the United States.

In our beautiful, peaceful, and safe location, we combine the benefits of a therapeutic boarding school, a wilderness program, and a residential treatment center (RTC).

TWAI has been serving struggling teens and their families since 2002, with an exceptional degree of success.

We provide an extremely high standard of therapeutic treatment to our students, and offer help for the following presenting issues: poor academic performance, behavioral problems, addictions, low self-worth, spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and attachment disorders among others.

With a passion for helping young people in crisis, our clinical, educational, and operations staff are among the best in the country.

We are a small program (40 students) which means that we are able to provide a truly unique and customized approach for every student.

Typically our on site student to staff ratio is 5:1. The average stay at our residential treatment center is 12 months.

Parent Testimonial:
"We feel reassured that our son Chad is in good hands being guided onto the right track...We are really beginning to get our son back again! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Therapeutic Boarding School
For troubled teens ages 13-18

- Middle School Program
- High School Program
- Credit Recovery
- Accelerated Learning
- College Preparation/ AP Classes
- SAT/ACT Testing Center
- Anti-Bullying Program

We also provide a GED program, and college courses.

We create a customized program for each student that requires a minimum of 3 months. However, best results for lasting success are realized through 6+ months of treatment.

TWAI graduates average a 3.5 GPA. It is common for a student to complete 1.5 years of course work in 1 year.
Steamboat Mountain School
Courses / Programs
Steamboat Mountain School challenges the intellects and imaginations of its students to help them lead productive, creative, and responsible lives in a dynamic, global society.

Steamboat Mountain School is a coeducational boarding and day high school that blends academics and adventure, combining an outstanding college-preparatory curriculum with extraordinary programs out of the classroom and around the globe to build students’ knowledge, develop their confidence and independence, and prepare them for meaningful and fascinating lives.
Co-educational Day & Boarding School Programs for Students in Grades 9-12:

College Preparatory curriculum - subjects & activities include:
- English
- Math
- Science
- Social studies
- Foreign language
- Computer science
- The Arts
- Advisor Program
- Ski/Ride Programs
- Foreign Travel
- Outdoor Adventure...
Mount Michael Benedictine School, Omaha area
Courses / Programs
Located in Elkhorn, Douglas County, Nebraska, Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic boarding and day school for boys (Grades 9-12).

Our high school was created for the purpose of helping to shape young men. We truly believe in our mission, trusting that the surest - perhaps the only - way to change the world is to work through our youth.

At Mount Michael, the core of the academic program is a college-preparatory curriculum. This enables the students to become inquiring learners, appreciative of their heritage, responsive and committed to the challenges of the future.

Mount Michael's five-day boarding programming is often referred to as "the best of both worlds". Students enjoy the fun of dorm life during the week and the comfort and closeness of being with their families every weekend.
Boarding and Day Programs for Boys in Grades 9-12:

- Full boarding (including weekend) and weekly boarding options
- Rigorous College Preparatory Curriculum with math, science, English, social studies and theology
- Advanced Placement Courses
- College Preparation Courses SAT and ACT
- Athletics Program
- International Students welcome