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Yoobee School of Design, Auckland:
Yoobee School of Design is a leading specialist provider of NZQA approved creative digital design courses, and is at the forefront of digital design education and training. Yoobee has three campuses in New Zealand, located in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. We offer Diploma courses and a foundation certificate course covering animation, video post production, web development, interactive media and graphic design. Natcoll makes sure its graduates are industry-ready by keeping close connections to the digital design industry, and our teaching facilities include well-appointed computer suites, furnished with up-to-date software and equipment.

iCreate Foundation course in Digital Design (Level 3, NZQA approved)
A fun and practical way to get a taste of digital media design and gain the skills to move on to further diploma level study.
15 weeks, full time.
Prerequisites: Entry is based on application and interview. There are generally no restrictions to entry. No previous computer experience is necessary.
Description: Using digital still and video cameras and computers, students produce a wide range of original art that combines traditional and digital media. Learn digital illustration techniques and how to create images and pages suitable for web publication. This work is complemented by a wide range of art and creative practices to further enhance as student’s skills base.

Diploma of Computer Graphic Design (Level 6, NZQA approved)
Learn how to combine creativity with technology to communicate ideas and information in an attractive, clear and concise way.
35 or 41 weeks, full-time.
Other accreditations: Graduates can get credit for 1 semester towards Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Animation and Interactive Media).

Alternatively, sign up for a print apprenticeship and use the PrintNZ unit standard credits gained from the course to receive significant credit towards the Printing Industry's National Certificate of Digital Processes for Print.
Prerequisites: Required to show creativity by submitting examples of work in a medium of the applicant’s choice.
Description: Study the principles of page design. Learn how to use image capture and manipulation to bring text and illustrations together. Become proficient in a range of digital illustration and editing techniques to create a variety of printed material – from newsletters and posters to magazines, brochures, packaging and advertising media.

Diploma of Interactive Design (Level 6, NZQA approved)
Learn about creating the rich media interfaces that drive the digital world.
41 weeks, full-time.
Other accreditations: Graduates can get direct entry to year 2 of either of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (RMIT) 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Games Graphics Design) or 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Digital Arts).
Prerequisites: Required to show creativity by submitting examples of work in a medium of the applicant’s choice. A working knowledge of digital imaging software such as Photoshop and illustration software such as FreeHand or Illustrator is required.
Description: Develop abilities in generating ideas, communication, research and development; learn digital imaging for interactive design; produce and edit audio and video content for use in interactive projects; design and produce interactive animated components for use in a wide variety of different media. Students will create the look, use and feel of a comprehensive range of digital media projects to enhance their portfolio and demonstrate their skills.

Diploma of Web Development (Level 6, NZQA approved)
Learn the technical skills required for dynamic and interesting web development.
41 weeks, full-time.
Other accreditations: Graduates can get direct entry to year 2 of either of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (RMIT) 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Games Graphics Design) or 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Digital Arts).
Prerequisites: Provide evidence of interests and skills relevant to this course - for example, previous experience with a computer programming or scripting language, logical thinking and/or problem solving. To do the optional advanced usability component, applicants may need to demonstrate creativity by submitting examples of work.
Description: Learn how to apply the principles of visual design to the web and how to master the programming languages that support client-side and server-side development. Learn how to research, design, write and host dynamic websites and web applications. Students gain a comprehensive base of knowledge and an online portfolio to showcase their design and technical skills.

Diploma of Animation (Advanced) (Level 6, NZQA approved)
Combine their artistic skills with the mastery of the latest computer technology.
41 weeks, full-time.
Other accreditations: Graduates can get direct entry to year 2 of either of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (RMIT):
• 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Animation and Interactive Media)
• 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Games Graphics Design)
• 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Digital Arts)
Prerequisites: Natcoll’s Diploma of Animation and Digital Video is designed as an excellent pathway into this course. However, students can still be accepted if they can demonstrate equivalent 3D modelling and animation skills.
Description: Teaches the skills to turn creative ideas into compelling images, capturing the essence of movement and bringing a character or a scene to life. Learn how to develop a storyboard, work through pre-production to character design, modelling and rigging. Use visual effects and post-production techniques to create a showreel.

Diploma of Video Post Production (Advanced) (Level 6, NZQA approved)
Post production is the magic that turns raw footage into finished film, television, music videos or commercials.
41 weeks, full-time.
Other accreditations: Graduates can get credit for 1 semester towards Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's 3-year Bachelor of Arts (Animation and Interactive Media). Graduates can enrol for one year only in International Academy of Film and Television’s (IAFT) 2-year Crazy Filmmaking Program and work on commercial projects alongside industry professionals from around the world.
Prerequisites: Natcoll’s Diploma of Animation and Digital Video is designed as an excellent pathway into this course. Applicants who have not completed the Diploma of Animation and Digital Video are still eligible for direct entry if they can demonstrate a range of video production skills. This will require submission of examples of completed video projects for consideration.
Description: Teaches the whole process from concept and planning to delivery. Learn how to turn raw footage into a work of art using editing, effects, motion graphics, compositing and more. Uses the latest industry production tools to unlock the secrets of effective video and
audio processing, and produce a showreel to impress prospective employers.

Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) (Level 7, NZQA approved)
For people who have strong technical skills in either print, web, motion or interactive media and want to hone design skills.
35 weeks, full-time.
Other accreditations: Graduates are able to apply for entry into:
• Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design’s year 3 of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
• Whitireia Community Polytechnic’s final year of the 3-year Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts & Design)
• Waikato Institute of Technology's (Wintec) year 3 of 3-year Bachelor of Media Arts (Visual Arts) degree
• Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's (RMIT), 1-year Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia) in Australia.
Prerequisites: Applicants may have completed a Natcoll diploma, or similar course at another tertiary institution, or may have experience in a related industry. A high level of technical
skills in digital media software is required. All applicants are required to attend an interview and present a portfolio of their work.
Description: Develop visual communication skills, learn how to think critically and creatively, build design awareness and confidence, innovate, experiment and refine technical, research and presentation skills. Study art and design history, work in a dedicated studio environment, solve authentic design dilemmas. The course has time dedicated to developing practical career skills, such as how to write a CV, how to present work at interviews and put together a portfolio that gets noticed.

Diploma of Advanced 3D Graphics (Level 7, NZQA approved)
For people who want the opportunity to specialize in the field of 3D graphics and create a showreel that demonstrates their skills to employers.
41 weeks, full-time
Prerequisites: Yoobee’s Diploma of Animation (Advanced) is designed as an excellent pathway into this course. However, applicants can still be accepted if they can demonstrate equivalent 3D skills in their showreel.
Description: This studio based course works closely with industry to teach advanced skills on industry standard software and then offers the time, guidance and resources to create an impressive showreel.

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Address: 105 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand
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Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, New Zealand's leading dedicated arts and design institution, offers stimulating pathways into arts and design careers for domestic and international students.

With our 25th Anniversary in 2007, we can offer renowned undergraduate arts and design education in the areas of fine arts,graphic design, fashion design,and photography, film and video. With postgraduate options of arts therapy, arts administration and fine arts.
Undergraduate Bridging Certificate of Art and Design (Foundation), Certificate of Art and Design - 1st year BFA exit qualification, Diploma of Art and Design - 2nd year BFA exit qualification, Diploma of Art & Design (Advanced)- 3rd year BFA exit qualification, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (4 years)

4 majors in the undergraduate BFA: Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion Design & Photography, Film/Video.

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• London Art Portfolio provides successful Art and Design portfolio preparation courses and foundation courses in Central London & ONLINE in all areas of fine art and design to students from Australia & around the world - at all levels. We help to prepare you for University applications, professional interviews, or your personal development!

• Prepare for entry to a Masters Degree, Bachelor Degree, Foundation Diploma or Pre-Degree level course in Art and Design.

• We ensure successful placements at all levels, including onto University of the Arts London, UCA & other renowned art colleges & universities in the UK, USA & around the world.

• London Art Portfolio is run by Julia Dennis, a practicing artist with many years of experience in preparing art and design portfolios for degree applications, organising exhibitions and preparing students for interviews.

• Julia has great success in placing British and international students onto the right course, at the right level, at any stage in your career.

• Small class sizes with personal, tailored service year-round.

"Central Saint Martins has offered me a place on Foundation Pathway: Graphic Design. I'm so happy! Thank you so much for your guidance and all heart that you put in to help me out."
- Aleksandra, Poland

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Online Portfolio Preparation Courses in Art / Design.

Art & Design Portfolio Courses / Career Change / Private Tutoring in London UK:

• Fine Art
• Fashion Design
• Textiles
• Graphic Design
• Photography
• 3D Design / Architecture

Year-round & Summer Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Courses: 24, 18, 12, 6, or 4 weeks
• Digital Portfolio Preparation
• Foundation Course in Art and Design
• 1 week Enrichment Course in Drawing or Model Making
• One-to-one Tutoring
• Art & Design Short / Evening Classes
• Art & Design Summer Courses (Adults & Teens)
• Corporate Workshops
• Private Online Tutoring (Adults & Teens)
The Image Academy In Association with Style Icon, London
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The Image Academy in Central London offers fashion styling courses. Do you have a passion for fashion? Have you always loved shopping? Do you love offering advice to your friends & family? Do you dream of being self employed in the fashion industry? Is it your wish to become a stylist? Then this is the course and road to success for you!!

Our courses are tailored to offer you the theory that will bring you from student to fashionista in a number of days! The course is made up of 70 different topics and answers every question you may be faced within the real world. It covers everything from getting started to colour analysis, body analysis, makeup, corporate image, working in TV and magazines to starting your own business and getting your first client. Certificates are issued to all students who have successfully completed the course. The benefit of our course is that you will receive a unique mentoring service and hands on experience with a professional Personal Stylist. We do not believe in giving you the theory to teach yourself, our tutors are there to help you every step of the way. The Image Academy course guarantees success to becoming a top personal stylist!!
The Image Academy provides fashion forward styling courses that have been set up specifically to offer a new level of professionalism and expertise to wannabe stylists, PR professionals, boutique owners, high street retailers, fashion students and just about anyone who has a passion for fashion. The course structures have been designed with the modern day stylist in mind, addressing all the exciting changes within the industry combined with a hands-on practical approach of how to succeed.
Palmerston North School of Design
Courses / Programs
Palmerston North School of Design is a private design school located in central Palmerston North, the main city of the Manawatu-Wanganui region of the North Island of New Zealand. We provide courses for students who have creative talent and ability but lack the necessary skills and qualifications to go onto tertiary design training or gain employment in the design industry.

We have three courses for school leavers and mature students wanting to enter higher university study or employment. The courses are designed for students who have not gained the university entrance criteria at high school or who would like to focus on design full time.

After completion of the courses, students have expertise in drawing, the design process, graphic / fashion design and computer graphics. The courses combine nationally recognised qualifications with a professional portfolio for entry to the best degree and diploma design courses in New Zealand and around the world.

The courses do not simply prepare students for entry to higher level training or employment, but give them the opportunity to excel. Palmerston North School of Design has the highest quality rating from NZQA.
- Drawing & Design: Bridging Course:
A two year, level 3 and 4 course to help students enter the best degree and diploma courses in New Zealand and around the world.

- Drawing & Design: Training Opportunities:
A fully funded course designed especially for students 18 years and over who are registered with WINZ.

- Design & Computing: Youth Training:
A fully funded one year course for 16-17 year old school leavers to extend their creative talent as an alternative to NCEA Level 1.
Whitireia Community Polytechnic
Courses / Programs
Established in 1986, Whitireia is known for producing work-ready graduates in New Zealand and overseas. The main campus is in Porirua, sitting at the edge of the scenic Porirua harbour, 20km north of Wellington City. It is close to beaches where swimming, surfing and boating are popular recreational activities. It has easy access to banks, shopping complexes, art gallery, gymnasiums, restaurants and public transport. We offer Bachelor Degree, Diploma & Certificate courses.
Bachelor Degree, Diploma & Certificate courses:

Visual Arts, Jewellery Short Courses, Dance, Acting, Music, Design and Multimedia, Special Efx & Post-production Short Courses, Photography, Creative Writing, Journalism, Publishing, Maori Arts and Design, English Language, Floristry, Short Courses.
Raffles College of Design & Commerce, Auckland
Courses / Programs
Make the most of your overseas study experience by choosing somewhere inspiring like New Zealand! At Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Auckland, we provide high-quality certificate and diploma courses in the fields of design, business and early childhood education. We welcome students from NZ and international students from around the world.

Our college is part of the Raffles Education Corporation, which is a premier creative design and business education provider in Asia Pacific. All of our programmes are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

At Raffles College of Design & Commerce in Auckland, creativity is encouraged. Studying in Auckland allows you to learn in a country with a unique balance of natural landscapes and commercial cities. Because of this balance, film makers and expats alike flock to New Zealand from around the world.

Our learning environment gives you the freedom to develop your creativity and teaches you how to apply it professionally. With international lecturers and peers, you can learn from and with like-minded people on how to use your creativity in a professional manner.
We offer certificate & diploma courses in the following subjects:

- Design:Graphic Design; Multimedia Design

- Business: Business

- Science and Technology: Early Childhood Education