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French Language Courses in Nice, France

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Idiom, Nice:
The school IDIOM, a private and independent enterprise, creates a perfect environment for learning French in Nice. Our courses are for adults: minimum age in the group courses: 18. We guarantee a serious learning atmosphere and you are accessed on professional subjects. In the office we also speak English and German.

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Individual Courses
Individual courses are « made to measure » : the contents are completely adapted to your special, personal or professional needs : for example sales, marketing, negotiating, banking and insurance or just simply general French.

Additional individual courses:
Make the most of your stay at Idiom by combining one of our group courses in the mornings with your own special individual course in the afternoons. With your own private teacher you create your own programme, i.e. job related vocabulary, work with personal documents that you have brought along, more conversation…

General Group Courses
Intensive mini group course:
In our mini group with an average of 2 participants you participate actively and rapidly achieve success in communicating in the French language.
Course description : EMD

Intensive Group Course:
With an average of 6 participants you will create the dynamics of your own special group and share the experience of discovering the French language in real life situations.

Semi Intensive Group Course:
With an average of 6 participants you will study the main aspects of the French language for every day life in a pleasant manner. This course proposes fewer lessons than the other group courses but the same quality at a favourable price.

Specialised Group Courses

Abitur or Matura

This course aims at students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, who want to or have to improve their grades to pass the Abitur or Matura exams. This course concentrates on grammar, French culture, civilisation and literature. Students can take part in free time activities at favourable prices or even free of charge.

Holiday Course for University Students
Are you studying French at University ?
Why not come and spend your term holidays in the marvellous town of Nice and practice what you have learned so far.
This practical course was specially conceived for you. Your oral and written competences will be tested and improved in accordance with the European Common Reference Framework for languages.

French course and activities for Seniors
This programme has been especially conceived for participants over 55.
Combine studying the French language in morning classes with sharing a variety of afternoon activities with your peers. You will enjoy discovering the South of France during the most pleasant months, in spring and in autumn.

EXAM preparation course
This course prepares for different exams in French that are officially acknowledged by the French Government. They are known worldwide to enterprises and institutions. IDIOM prepares for the new DELF diplomas that confirm your French level according to the new common European Framework of Reference for language learning. The exam can be taken during your stay (in Cannes 30 min from Nice) or in your home country. You can also prepare the exams of the Alliance Française and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and take them at a nearby centre.

Course for French teachers
You are a French teacher ? Come and brush up your knowledge of the French language, civilisation and culture and get acquainted with the latest pedagogical teaching materials and methods. Share your experience with other teachers in a small group and learn how to make your own lessons livelier and up to date.

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Paris Version à la Francaise
Courses / Programs
Learn French online using Skype! My name is Pascale Heuzé, and I run a registered French language training center called Paris Version à la Française.

A qualified and experienced French language teacher, I provide online French lessons to adult learners (ages 18+) from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a complete beginner or at a more advanced level, I can tailor the content of each class to meet your specific needs and learning goals.

I can help business professionals with industry-specific vocabulary, tourists who are planning a trip to Paris with basic phrases that will make travel easier, or students wishing to achieve a high score on French language exams such as the DELF or DALF.

The main advantage of learning French online is convenience. Schedule your Skype classes for times that best suit you, and progress at your own pace.

In addition, I offer an audio software program called "On Y Va" that allows beginners to learn French on an Elearning platform.

Based in Vincennes next to Paris, we also offer private French lessons and immersion programs.

Student Testimonial
"I am currently taking an online French course. The teacher makes it very interesting since she not only checks my language proficiency to revise what I might have forgotten, but puts herself into my intellectual and cultural level. This is what makes courses to be enjoyable and very interesting."
- Guillermina, Venezuela
Skype French lessons for adults (any level, 18+)

- Private French lessons tailored to your requirements / interests
- Business French classes for professionals / executives
- French Refresher course
- Conversational French classes
- Weekend French classes via Skype 
- DELF / DALF / DFP/ TCF / TEF French exam preparation
- Survival French crash course - ideal for tourists preparing to visit Paris
- French for travel / hospitality...

"On y va" - Online French classes for beginners
Self-training audio software French program for beginners online
Lutece Langue, Paris
Courses / Programs
LUTECE LANGUE is a small French language school located in the center of Paris at Châtelet, where students can learn French in an informal, friendly but professional atmosphere. Since 1997, we have been offering intensive & extensive French language courses in small groups of 2-7 students year-round.

We are dedicated to high quality and flexible language courses for demanding adult French learners. We provide efficient French study abroad programs, focused on French conversation. Our very small class format encourages each student to participate actively in the class, receiving personal attention and guidance from a qualified teacher, which is indispensable to building confidence in speaking French.

Our primary aim is to give our students the best environment and support so that they can learn to speak French with confidence and succeed in managing communication in French in various daily and professional situations.
- Intensive French Course (15 hours per week)
- Standard French Course (7.5 hours per week)
- Extensive (Evening) French Course (3 hours per week)
- Private French Lessons
- Semi-Private French Lessons
- Business French Classes
- French Cuisine
Ards Holding, Montpellier
Courses / Programs
ARDS Holding offer home tuition in Montpellier, the south of France to help you learn quickly the french language, either for personal or professional reasons or exams preparations, like the DELF and DALF. The students are lodged individually or in pairs in selected host families with half or full board service. The French teacher comes to the families home to teach according to the time volume you will have selected before; the classes are intensive and shaped to answer you needs.
French Language Immersion Programs for personal or professional reasons or exam preparation, like for DELF and DALF. The total immersion one to one is the best answer to a quick acquisition of French as a foreign language; we accept all levels.
Institut De Francais, Villefranche
Courses / Programs
The INSTITUT DE FRANÇAIS in Villefranche, on the French Riviera, offers a 2- to 4- week French immersion language course for professional adults and mature students who want to acquire rapidly fluency in French.

Founded in 1969, its aim is to develop a natural speaking ability by using a unique concept, the "Total Approach", which combines the most effective audio-visual methods with practice and real-life sessions in a "French-only" speaking environment.
Intensive French Courses for Adults.
Valorme, Toulouse
Courses / Programs
Valorme is a small school offering a residential French immersion program for adults. Valorme is situated in Foix, Ariège, less than one hour's drive from Toulouse. The school is opened all year round. A new class begins each Monday. The intensive course enables you to study, speak and hear French all day long. The program includes classes in mini group (6 max), visits and conversation. We offer comfortable accommodation on site in fully furnished studio flats. You speak French throughout the day while discovering a very attractive area of southern France, with wonderful landscapes and a rich heritage.
- Intensive course program: 35 hours a week (classes, conversation during lunches and outings);

- "French and skiing" program in winter.

- Semi intensive program: 20 hours a week (classes only)
A2B Immersions, Montpellier
Courses / Programs
Located in Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France, A2B Immersions is a quality language school that specializes in French immersion language teaching for adults and professionals. We guarantee that you will learn French through an intensive and effective framework of a cutting edge training course adapted to their needs and expectations.

* Courses based on an internationally recognized curriculum: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C2)
* A teacher who assists you throughout your stay
* Workshops combining performance, team spirit and pleasure
* Small group dynamic (limited number of students)
* High standard accommodation

We offer a week long package of 40 hours course over 5 days. Half the classes are hosted in a classroom of the hotel, the other half takes place outside the hotel. Throughout the training, you are supported and monitored by a qualified teacher, from breakfast through dinner!

Moreover, A2B Immersions created 3 local theme programs combining teaching and pleasure : Vineyards & Countryside, Cuisine & Heritage and Discover the Camargue.
- French immersion programs for adults
- French immersion programs for professionals
- Vineyards & Countryside
- Cuisine & Heritage
- Discover the Camargue