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French Language Courses in Lyon, France

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Eife2F (Ecole Interculturelle Pour Etudiants Etrangers), Lyon:
Learn to speak French! EIFE2F is a school for foreigners wishing to learn French. Based in Lyon, the second largest French city, it is located in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage site in the Rhone-Alpes region of southeast France. The school teaches French language (grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, civilisation) and its culture. Teaching is based on a lively practise of French within the classroom. "Workshops" enable students to take part in the life of the city, in order to improve integration and to practise French outside the classroom. The school also prepares students for the DELF and DALF exams (national diplomas of the French Education Ministry). The city of Lyon is known as the capital of French gastronomy and the birthplace of the cinema. The school informs students and helps them to take part in the cultural and community life of the city and its wider region.

Beginners / Near beginners:
This course is aimed at students who do not speak (or speak very little) french. The emphasis is put on the oral practise of the language so that the student can become autonomous as soon as possible and thus take full advantage of the fact that he/she is learning french in France.

At this first level, the course does not give access to the workshops. Beginners have normal daily classes.

(This level corresponds to levels A1 and A2 of the Delf 1 exams)

This course is for students who have basic french, or for those who have already learnt but forgotten french. The emphasis is also put on the oral practise, but with more written work than for beginners.

These classes include a "spoken french" workshop. Especially created for this level, this workshop is based on civilisation and oral exchanges (see workshops).

(This level prepares for the Delf 1 exams).

This course is for students who already have a good command of french but wish to improve it. They will acquire an ease in both oral and written french, as well as enriching their vocabulary and their knowledge of the french culture.

This course includes the workshops and projects organised by the school (see workshops).

(This level prepares for the Delf 2 exams).

This level is for students wishing to perfect their knowledge of french in both oral and written. It prepares for the Delf 2 and Dalf exams.

This course includes the workshops and the projects organised by the school (see workshops).

Once a week, except for beginners, the class is in the form of a workshop designed to encourage students to apply their newly acquired language skills outside the classroom.

The workshop's object is to create situations in which to use french while opening up to the life of the city, french society and culture.

Spoken French:
(elementary / intermediate)

This workshop is completely devoted to work on the oral command of the French language. It prepares for and improves intercultural exchanges.

(intermediate and advanced)
This workshop is devised to provide a link between the classroom lessons and the students' everyday life in french society. Teachers and students build various projects whose realisation will allow students to make contacts in french society and culture.

Examples :
Making a radio show (on a monthly basis...), organising cultural or sporting events (a Lyon football world cup ?) including looking for sponsors, contacts in the media..., video inquiries on the french society and culture, open day to present one's own culture...

The standard courses last 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day, from 9 until noon or 2 pm until 5 pm.

Au pair courses last 12 hours per week. No lessons on wednesdays.

Intensive courses last 20 hours per week.

An extra course to prepare the DELF and DALF exams is also available.

The courses are for 10 to 12 students, and will have a maximum of 15 students.


The students are divided into the four levels after an assessment test taken on entry.

At the end of each month, another assessment test will establish the progress of each student and the ability to go up one level.

Each student will thus progress at his/her own pace. The general level of the course will remain homogenous, and every student's learning will be adapted to his/her own progress.


At the end of each session, the student receives a certificate attesting to the level reached.

Email: Contact Us

Address: 3 grande rue des Feuillants , Lyon, France
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• Students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome.
Online French Courses for adults & children (age 6+ years old).

French Courses:
• French courses for made-up groups (schools, universities, companies, friends, etc.) We can customize a language program for your group to suit your needs. 

• Private French lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Summer French Courses 2024:

• French courses for children (ages 6-12) 

• French courses for teenagers (ages 11-17)

• French courses for adults (16+)

• French intensive course for teenagers and adults

• Homestay program with a French family: from ages 16+