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Undergraduate & Graduate Programs in Rome

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Link Campus University:
Link Campus University is a private university in Rome. We offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degree courses taught in English to students from around the world. We favour a direct contact with the world of work, and an applicative elements' acquisition of a specific professional activity.

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Why Choose Link Campus University?

Photo of Undergraduate & Graduate Programs in Rome
- The didactic activity is integrated with practical laboratories targeted to the youth preparation for their tomorrow's professions.

- The achieved academic degree allows the access to the specialization courses of the Italian, British and American universities.

- We reproduce, with its cultural and sports activities and the interior dining hall, the climate of socializing among students, and between students and teachers - which is typical of Anglo-Saxon campuses.

- The teaching quality is constantly supervised (Quality Committee).

- All the students have the possibility to carry out an entire semester of their studies at one of the universities connected with Link Campus, at the University of Malta, in the United Kingdom, in other European countries or in the United States of America.

- We take care of the students' departure as professionals through the directly-connected organization for stage in Italy and especially abroad.

Our Goal:

The Link Campus University’s  main goal is to prepare a leading class that can operate in different systems and countries by giving young people the opportunity to succeed in the ever changing global market.

Bachelor & Masters Degrees for International Students:
All undergraduate degree programs and graduate degrees are taught in the English language (except for some that are held in Italian).

Bachelor Degree Programs:
• Digital Communication and Performing Arts Bachelor Degree
• Political Sciences and International Relations Bachelor Degree
• International Business Administration Bachelor Degree

Master of Arts Degrees:
Image of Undergraduate & Graduate Programs in Rome
• Law Major
• Business Management Master of Arts Degree
• Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences Master of Arts Degree
• Technologies and Codes of Communications Master of Arts Degree

First Level Master Programs:
• Master of Sport’s Law and Management
• Master of Luxury and Fashion Management
• Master of Job’s Services and Politics Management
• Master of Behavioral Analysis and Applied Sciences to the Investigation to Intelligence

Second Level Master Programs:

• Master of Cultural Heritage
• Master of Economics and Banking
• Master of Intelligence and Security
• Master of Sustainable Mobility and Transport
• Master of Strategy – Corporate Planning and Management
• Master of Development and International Cooperation of Economics
• Master of Behavioral Analysis and Applied Sciences to Investigations, the Intelligence and Homeland Security

Semester Placement Abroad Programs:

Photos of Link Campus UniversityThe Link Campus offers students an opportunity of one-semester study abroad that will allow them to:

- Continue their study in international sphere;
- Confront with knowledge globalization;
- Interact with their school mates in the life and study;
- Go through an unique experience of personal and academic enrichment;
- Deepen their own knowledge of languages.

The accommodation selection is constantly updated and published on the University's web site.

The announcements are completed with typology, accommodation description, its location, costs and landlord's telephone number or address. Since this is a direct service, students are personally followed in searching and finding their housing solution.

The first accommodation solutions - We select the first accommodation: hotels, bed & breakfast or with full board, that permit students to seek a definite housing solution with major attention. This service is available all year round, also for students' families.

Campus Location - Rome:

As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome: the history of art and architecture, of religion and government.

Throughout much of its long, noble history Rome was a city-state unto itself, developing and basking in its own grandeur and uniqueness. Built on seven hills, halfway between the country's fertile, industrious northand balmy, Mediterranean south, Rome has been at the centre of Italy's empire building as well as her inspiring cultural and artistic expressions.

Studying in Rome means learning from Rome and its Mediterranean pace of life, from the open markets to the sudden strikes, from the humorous Romans to the high politics of a European capital.

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Address: via Nomentana 335, Rome, Italy
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2020-12-10 were from:

Bulgaria;   Terni umbria, Italy;   saida south lebanon hlaliyi, Lebanon;   Varna, Bulgaria;   Colle Val D elsa, Siena;   nazareth, Israel;   Tianjin, China;   Bergmo;   USA;   Brussels, Belgium;   and more.
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European Doctorate in Law and Economics
Courses / Programs
The European Doctorate in Law and Economics (EDLE) is offered by three of the leading European universities in the area of Law & Economics: The University of Bologna in Italy, the University of Hamburg in Germany and the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with the collaboration of the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research of Mumbai, India. EDLE is a joint doctoral programme (PhD-level) especially tailored to provide doctoral students with systematic & methodical training in the economic analysis of law. It is an excellence programme sponsored by the European Commission under the Erasmus Mundus scheme. English is the language of instruction.

The EDLE programme prepares economists and lawyers of high promise for an academic career in a research field of growing importance or for responsible positions in government, research organizations and international consulting groups.

The EDLE presents an attractive option for both economists and lawyers. There can be little doubt that legal thinking can benefit strongly from economic reasoning. The study of Law and Economics assists scholars from both backgrounds in integrating these perspectives.
European Doctorate (PhD level) in Law & Economics (EDLE) - 3 years:

- In 1st year, students first study in Bologna, Italy and then in Hamburg, Germany. In 2nd year, students study in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

- At the end of the first semester of the second year, students will move to one of the participating university, depending on the field of specialization. Candidates who specialize on development law and economics will be offered the possibility to study Mumbai, India for one or two semesters.
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan
Courses / Programs
With campuses in Milan, Rome, Brescia, and Piacenza-Cremona, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is one of the largest private universities in Europe - boasting over 41,000 students across 12 schools.

Aside from our 200+ Italian programs, we offer Undergraduate, Graduate, Summer and Semester programs taught entirely in English.

We distinguish ourselves for multidisciplinary curricula, strong ties with top businesses and industries, and services tailored to meet international students’ needs.

The University is spread over 4 campuses, with the campus in central Milan being the biggest one. Milan is the economic, financial and industrial heartland of Italy. It contains the headquarters of numerous multinational corporations and world-renowned brands.

Our students are in an ideal position to work as interns in global top companies and after graduation find work among the best employers.
Bachelor Degrees (Taught in English)
• B.Sc. in Economics & Management
• B.Sc. in International Relations & Global Affairs

Masters Degrees (Taught in English)
• Economics
• Management
• Banking and Finance
• Agricultural and Food Economics
• Corporate Communication
• International Business
• International Marketing Management
• Economics and Finance
• International Relations
• Arts Management

6-year Medical Degree (Taught in English)
• Medicine & Surgery
Florence Design Academy
Courses / Programs
Florence Design Academy (F.D.A.) is an international school providing academic and master's degree design courses in the center of Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy (approximately 3 hours north of Rome). The F.D.A. is one of the best and futuristic design schools in Europe for its international award winner teachers and designers with amazing talent. Our school offers high quality equipment. The fusion of our technology and methods are the base of a professional career.

Florence Design Academy seeks to provide a unique and exciting specialist design education which is based on futuristic methods, but which challenges conventional concepts, processes and solutions in order to meet the needs of present and future generations of students. Education has a vital part to play in shaping the future of design.

Florence Design Academy is the choice for individuals who want to learn new technologies and artistic techniques in all the fields in which design is an important medium to communicate ideas. By studying abroad in Italy, you will have the opportunity to learn the Italian language and to discover the Italian culture, art and lifestyle.
Academic courses:
- Graphic design
- Interior design
- Industrial design

Master's degree courses:
- Graphic design
- Interior design
- Industrial design

* All of our courses are taught in English.

- An Italian language course is provided for free to students of the design courses of the F.D.A.

- A special summer course of 3D visualization and advanced photorealistic rendering for professionals.
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
Courses / Programs
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, located in Lucca (39 miles/63 km from Florence) in the Tuscany region of central Italy, is an international Graduate School and Institute of Technology offering PhD programs in disciplines characterized by their applicative potential in areas like social sciences, economics, management, informatics and cultural heritage. IMT aims to push the frontiers of knowledge and to contribute to the formation of international professional elites for business and institutions. Ph.D. programs are taught exclusively in English.
Ph.D. Programs:
- Biorobotics Science and Engineering
- Computer Science and Engineering
- Economics, Markets, Institutions
- Management and Development of Cultural Heritage
- Political Systems and Institutional Change
- Technology and Management of Cultural Heritage
The American University of Rome
Courses / Programs
The American University of Rome (AUR) is a 4-year degree granting institution among the oldest American private universities in Italy.

AUR prepares students to live and work across cultures offering professional programs to degree and study abroad students from around the world.

We offer Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Arts degrees in a wide range of areas including art, architecture, business, education and more. Instruction is in English.

We also have associate degree programs, extensive semester, summer and year abroad programs, which allow students from throughout the world to come to Rome and experience the culture and history of this captivating ancient city.

The American University of Rome is accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, a regional accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the US Dept. of Education.

Taking the best of the American approach to interdisciplinary, student-centered learning, our international faculty use Rome as our classroom and Italy and Europe as invaluable resources.

The university campus is ideally located on top of Janiculum Hill (Rome's highest hill) in Western Rome.
All programs taught in English

Bachelor Degree Programs:
- Business Administration
- Archaeology & Classics
- Art History
- Communication
- English Writing, Literature & Publishing
- Film & Digital Media
- Fine Arts
- Interdisciplinary Studies
- International Relations & Global Politics
- Italian Studies

Associate Degree Programs:
- Liberal Studies
- International Business

Masters Degree Programs:
- Sustainable Cultural Heritage
- Arts Management
- Food Studies

Additional Programs:
- Internships
- Study Abroad
- English Language
- First Year Program
John Cabot University, Rome
Courses / Programs
• Study abroad in the heart of Rome with John Cabot University!

• With a student population of 1,200 students, JCU is the largest overseas American liberal arts university in Italy.

• We provide year-long, semester & summer study abroad programs, four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) & two-year Associate of Arts (AA) undergraduate degrees to students from the U.S. and worldwide. The language of instruction is English.

• JCU has a truly international appeal, as faculty and staff are dedicated to international education and students come from over 60 countries.

• Benefit from our small class sizes with classes ranging from 3-25 students, with an average of 15 students per class. Our graduates are accepted at top-tier universities in the US, UK, Italy, and other European countries.

• Authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education to operate as a four-year American university in Italy, JCU is also accredited by the American Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

• Whether you are considering studying in Rome with us for four years, or as a visiting student for one year or semester, JCU, with its prestigious and dedicated faculty, and its rich and rigorous curricular offerings, will provide an unforgettable academic experience whose fruits you will enjoy for a lifetime!

“An experience that is unparalleled by any other, and Rome is definitely a city that will teach you a lot about the world as well as about yourself.”
-Andrea, USA
• Study Abroad Degree Programs
• Year-Long & Semester Abroad Programs
• Summer Study Programs

JCU offers 4-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) and 2-year Associate of Arts (AA) degree programs in:

Business & Economics:
• Business Administration; Economics & Finance; International Business; Marketing

Political and Social Sciences:

• Communications; International Affairs; Political Science

• Art History; Classical Studies; English Literature; History; Humanistic Studies; Italian Studies

Graduate Degree:
• Master of Arts (MA) in Art History