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Mandarin Chinese Lessons for Kids in Bellevue, WA

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eLearning Chinese Studio:
Learning Chinese Studio offers Mandarin Chinese language lessons for kids and teens (ages 2.5 years +) in Bellevue in the Eastside region of King County, WA. At our studio, we provide an engaging and supportive learning environment, create entertaining and interactive learning experiences and encourage respect for all people. eLearning Chinese Studio is both a Chinese language educator and Chinese culture ambassador. Our small classes are designed for students of all ages.

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Mandarin Chinese Language Programs:
We offer a wide range of Chinese language classes for kids and teens of all levels from beginner to advanced (Ages 2.5 years +). At eLearning Chinese Studio, we see each student as a unique individual. Our class activities are designed to guide students in self-discovery, while enhancing their social skills and self-confidence.

In each small-sized class, students enthusiastically discover their own talents while appreciating the genius in others. For our students to apply Chinese naturally, we communicate with them as though Chinese is their native language. Instead of teaching by bits and pieces, we incorporate vocabularies into our conversations, as we would in our daily lives.

- Tadpole Talent Series Chinese Language Classes (Ages 2.5 - 6 years):

* Tadpole Pre-K (Ages 2.5 - 5 years):  Each class has group activities and individual work time. Activities include story-time, creative movement, arts and crafts, nursery rhymes, and songs. The focus is on familiarizing students with the Chinese language. Students are required to be potty trained.

* Tadpole Kinder (Ages 4.5 - 6 years):  Based on our Pre-K program, Tadpole Kinder expands into areas such as math concepts, science observations, community awareness, with the intention to broaden students’ world view. Throughout the course, students participate in interactive reading activities and hands-on projects by utilizing Chinese with the culture practices in a natural setting. For age 5 years or younger, one year of Tadpole Pre-K is required.

- Polliwog Enrichment Chinese Language Classes (Ages 5 - 7 years):
In the Polliwog Enrichment program, other than strengthening students’ daily conversation skills, we will also be introducing basic Chinese characters. Class reading and hands-on activities are designed with themes involving numbers, families, body parts, colors and shapes, math, natural science, community, holidays and more.

- Language Builder Chinese Language Classes
(Ages 7 years +):

* Solid Foundation:  Language Builder teaches Chinese language skills starting from the ground up, from the inside out. In our small-sized classes, we guide students in finding the most effective ways to learn by utilizing their own talents. New vocabularies are presented in practical situations. Students naturally connect these words and usages to their own experiences in their own lives.

During the fun class activities, students encourage each other to share their thoughts and feelings. This is a safe space for everyone to experiment with their new skills, and find new and effective ways to communicate with their teachers and classmates.

* Pin-Yin:  Another way to help students succeed is by using Pin-Yin (spelling Chinese phonetically). People often find that writing is the hardest part of learning Chinese. They spent most of their energy writing the characters, while the joy and focus of their literary pursuit falls secondary. With Pin-Yin, students can write in Chinese on the computer as soon as they are ready. This eliminates frustration and gives them the freedom to learn the art of Chinese hand writing at their own pace.

 Learning Wise:  For each of our students, we provide a set of IQChinese learning software. This program assists students in building lasting brain connections by linking new words with what they see, hear, say, and type.

* Life Enrichment:  Understanding a culture is the only way to apply a language with ease and eloquence. Although Language Builder concentrates on the Chinese language and culture, we prepare our students with the tools and enthusiasm necessary to learn all new things, new languages, new cultures, and meet interesting people.

- Chinese Language Immersion Summer Camps
(Ages 3 - 8 years):
Students flourish in our multi-media facility. Through a wide range of activities, each child is given the opportunity to experience what it might be like to be a craftsperson, storyteller, actor, designer, scientist and more. In our supportive environment, students are encouraged to discover their own interests, and given the freedom to display their unique talents and abilities. In Chinese Immersion Camps, children learn to approach challenges with confidence, create solutions with enthusiasm, take the lead, and help each other.

In our programs, we don’t treat Chinese as a separate subject. Chinese, like all languages, is integrated as a part of daily life. With all of our activities, we introduce vocabularies as a part of daily conversation. As students work on projects, these new words and their usages are reinforced though experience and the senses. Students naturally take to the language without having to study.

:  eLearning Chinese Studio offers supplementary Chinese lessons for young children and also provides tutoring for older children and adults.

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Address: 15935 NE 8th St. #B101, 98008, Bellevue, Washington , USA
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ABC Languages NJ
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• Learn Chinese privately with one of the most popular foreign language educators in New Jersey!

• ABC Languages provides quality private Mandarin Chinese classes to kids (ages 5+) and teenagers in a wide range of NJ cities and counties. Lessons take place in your family home, or agreed location of your choice in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, or other NJ cites and towns across mainly North Jersey and Central NJ.

• We also provide private Chinese classes for adults.

• Our private Mandarin Chinese tutoring is suitable for students of all levels from basic beginner to advanced learners. Our qualified and experienced teachers are native speakers, and they make learning Chinese fun!

• Private lessons mean your child receives the exclusive attention of the teacher. Children have fun learning a second language one-on-one while playing games, singing songs, and doing age-appropriate, language-focused activities.

• As well as providing private Chinese lessons in main NJ cities, we also offer classes in convenient locations in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Union County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County, Morris County, and Passaic County.
One-on-One / Private Mandarin Chinese Classes for Kids & Teens:

For children ages 5+ from Basic beginner to advanced levels

• Private or at-home Chinese tutoring
• Chinese enrichment & homework help
• After-school Chinese program

We also provide private Mandarin Chinese language classes for adults

Further Foreign Languages:
• Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Arabic and Farsi. We also teach English as a second language.
French Classes for Kids in Seattle
Courses / Programs
If you have a French language school in Seattle WA or offer private French tutoring for children and families, you can contact our site below to set up a listing here to generate inquiries for classes.
- French immersion programs for kids and high school students.
- French summer camps in Seattle or King County area.
Spring College International
Courses / Programs
With two easily-accessible campuses in Singapore, Spring College International (SCI) provide full-time and part-time Chinese language courses for children and adults from total beginner to advanced levels.

Courses include Chinese Kindergarten prep, Enrichment/Tuition courses for primary school students, Comprehension & Writing courses for secondary school students, and more.

Our dedicated teachers are very experienced in teaching Mandarin classes and will help to improve our students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Our vision is to become an internationally distinguished education provider, and our mission is to provide high quality courses, teachers, service and learning environment.

Our college aims to promote the notion of lifelong learning and to provide an avenue for children to improve their language skills or even learn a new language. Spring College International is registered with Council for Private Education, and has been awarded Edutrust Provisional Certificate.
Beginner to Advanced Level Chinese Courses for Children:

- Chinese Preparation Course for K1/K2
- Chinese Enrichment/Tuition Course for Primary Students (Primary 1-5)
- Chinese Tuition for Primary 6
- Chinese Comprehension & Writing Course for Secondary Students (Secondary 1-3)
- Chinese GCE 'O' Level Course for Secondary 4
- P2 to P6 Chinese Tuition Course (Creative Composition)
- P1 to P2 Chinese Tuition Course (Hanyupinyin Course)
- S1 to S4 Chinese Tuition Course (Comprehension & Writing Course)
Sponge Spanish Language Classes, Seattle & Eastside
Courses / Programs
With schools in Seattle and Eastside (convenient for students from Kirkland, Bellevue & Redmond WA), Sponge is a language immersion school that offers Spanish language classes for young children from newborn through elementary school.

We also offer classes in Lynnwood in the North Seattle area.

Courses include Child/Caregiver Classes (ages 0-4), Just Kids Classes (ages 3+), and Elementary School Classes (K-5th Grades).

In addition to our on-site courses, we also offer our classes at top daycare, preschools and elementary schools in the area.

All of our classes are designed to be engaging and effective. We think the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it and having fun. That fun is age dependent—meaning peek-a-boo for the infants and drama and art for the big kids.

Our teachers are a diverse group who come from all over the world including Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia, France, Japan, China and Taiwan. Many have degrees in language and education and years of experience in teaching.

Many are parents themselves and experience personally the joys -- and challenges -- of raising bilingual children. Sponge also offers Mandarin, French and Japanese instruction.
Spanish Language Immersion Classes for Kids:

- Child/Caregiver Classes (0-4 years)
- Just Kids Classes (3 and up)
- Elementary School Classes (K-5th Grades)

We also offer our classes at top daycare, preschools and elementary schools in the area. Please let us know if we can help you get a language program started.
ID Tech Camps, Washington State
Courses / Programs
iD Tech Camps in Washington State provide 1-week and 2-week technology and computer science summer camps for kids and teens, as well as the iD Programming Academy and iD Game Design & Development Academy. iD Tech Camps is America’s #1 Tech Camp, offering summer programs at over 80 prestigious universities in 28 states, including University of Washington - Seattle, and University of Washington - Bothell. 

iD Tech programs are taught in small, personalized classes. Instructors are able to work closely with each student in order to customize the course curriculum to each student’s skill and experience level. Whether you are a beginner or extremely advanced, the instructors find fun and challenging ways to develop your tech skills.

Discover how your technical talents and scientific passions can lead to a future career! These comprehensive week-long sessions include personalized technology instruction and a variety of fun summer camp activities.

“I really love how my instructor and everyone was supportive and caring. I made new friends here and would recommend this camp to everyone interested in game making.”
- Michael R., Student, University of Washington
Summer Tech Camps for Kids & Teens ages 7-18:

iD Tech Camp:
- Week-long Day camps for ages 7-17
- Week-long Overnight camps for ages 10-17

iD Programming Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

iD Game Design & Development Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

Accredited Continuing Education Units are available from all of our iD Academy locations.
Hua Hsia Chinese School, North London
Courses / Programs
Hua Hsia Chinese School is organising our annual Chinese Culture Easter Camp in Hampstead (3/4 to 6/4) and Southgate (9/4 to 13/4).

• Hua Hsia Chinese School offers year-round & summer Mandarin Chinese language courses for children & adults of all levels.

• Our schools are situated in Southgate in Enfield (next to East Barnet), and in Hampstead in the borough of Camden in North Central London, and are easily accessible by public transport, just minutes from Underground tube stations.

• Since 2001, we have taught more than 2000 children & adults, ages 3 to 90 to speak and write Mandarin.

• We offer day, evening and weekend classes all specifically suited to the needs of our students. As well as our classes for children from ages 6 months to 12 years, we also provide GCSE and A-level preparation courses.

• Hua Hsia is a place where our students matter, a supportive, nurturing environment that aims to encourage every student. 

• We believe that Chinese language and culture can be fun and easy to learn, and we try to make school fun with a wide range of activities, festivals, class presentations and various workshops which give students the confidence to use the language in their daily lives.

Parent Testimonial:
“I would like to say a big Thank You to Hua Hsia Chinese School for teaching my daughter Persephone YouLin from the age of 2 in the Nursery class to taking her GCSE last summer, and achieving her A* in Chinese."
- Ellie
Chinese Immersion Classes in North London:

• Nursery Chinese Classes (For kids aged 3-5 years)
• Foundation Chinese (aged 4-5)
• Year 1 Chinese (aged 5-6)
• Year 2 & 3 Chinese (aged 6-8)
• Year 4 Chinese (aged 8-10)
• Year 5 & 6 Chinese (aged 10-11)
• Pre-GCSE Chinese Classes (aged 11-12)
• 5-day Chinese Easter Camps
• Chinese Summer Camps (Age 3+/ weekdays)
• GCSE & Cambridge Pre-University Course
• Special Abacus Chinese Math Classes
• Chinese Cultural Workshops
• Adult Chinese Classes (Beginner to Advanced)
• Private Chinese classes for adults & children