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Based in Victoria, BC, 3DFilmbc offers online / e-learning courses for Autodesk Maya (3D animation courses). We provide self-pace learning course-ware which gives you the flexibility to train on your PC anywhere at anytime 24/7. These online Autodesk Maya courses are geared for anyone interested in the growing digital 3D animation industry. Students work at their own pace with access to a professional 3D animation instructor.

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Online, Self-Paced 3D Animation Courses:

Introductory Courses (Approximately 20 Hours): 
Our introductory courses provide students with an introductory level portfolio, and an opportunity to evaluate and explore a career in the media and entertainment industry. With this portfolio, you can apply for internships positions, co-operative post secondary education and entry-level jobs.

- Introduction to Autodesk Maya:

Course information:  This course focuses on core tools and techniques as they pertain to Maya's interface and the basics of polygon modeling.

Lesson 1:  Upon completion, participants will have a basic understanding and hands-on knowledge of Maya's core tools in regards to basic 3D modeling, viewport navigation, keyboards shortcuts and commands, polygon primitive creation, file management and project creation.

Lesson 2:  Upon completion, participants will have a basic and hands-on knowledge of Maya's core tools in regards to basic 3D polygon modeling using tools such as the Extrude, Scale, Move tool and Polygon Modeling tool set. Participants of this course will be able to create realistic 3D models of everyday items such as sofa, chairs, tables and more….

- Introduction to 3D Animation

Course information:  The focus of this course provides students with the core tools required for 3D Animation using Autodesk Maya.

Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to create 3D Animated objects using a variety or techniques such as; keyframe and path animation, students will also be introduced to tools which will aide in the believability and look and feel of their animations. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion. 

- Introduction to Character Modeling:

Course information
:  The character modeling course explores techniques and practices used currently in the 3D animation industry to develop 3D character's. Students will understand and execute correct modeling Topology.
Tools covered in this course include the Merge, Extrude, Move, Scale, Rotate, Duplicate Special, Merge, Merge vertex, Smooth tools. Students will also explore Maya's Image Plane importing scanned picture / images for modeling into Maya.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to model 3D Objects / character(s) using basic tools, concepts and techniques to create industry standard low polygon 3D models. Characters modeled in this course deal strictly with the basic principals of modeling.

- Introduction to Character Rigging

Course information:  This course explores techniques; binding skins / mesh to skeletons, and setting up joints, mirror joint, joint orientation, smooth bind, skin weight; as they pertain to basic rigging of 3D model / characters. The program objective is to setup, rigging of character models in preparation for 3D animation.

Tools covered in this course include the mirror joint tool, Maya artisan tool, smooth bind tool and more. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to correctly prepare 3D Objects / characters for basic animation and posing using May's skeleton system. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to Character Texturing:

Course information:  After completion of the Introduction to Character Texturing course, students will understand and be able to create, modify and apply texture maps to 3D objects with the aide of Adobe Photoshop.

The Introduction to Character Texturing course explores the tools required to achive basic texturing in Maya, tools such as Unfold, UV Map, Planar, Cylindrical and Spherical Mapping. Students will also be introduced to Adobe Photoshop and the tools required for creating texture maps. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to Lighting

Course information
:  In the lighting course, students will learn the basics of Maya's Lighting tools such as Area light, Point light, Ambient light, Volume light, Directional light and Mental ray topics covered include shadows, fog, reflections and light bouncing. The program objective is to create realistic lighting of 3D characters and scenes. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to Character Animation:

Course information:  The Introduction to Character Animation course introduces students to the art of character animation. The focus of the course is on the techniques for controlling skeletal movement, i.e. how the whole body moves, tools used in this course includes iK handles, locators, keyframe animation, the graph editor and basic graphic controllers.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to apply basic movement to their 3D characters such as run, walk and jump. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to 3D FX:

Course information:  The Intro to FX course introduces students to Autodesk Maya’s effects tools. These tools are used to simulated worlds, lighting effects, explosions, generate water, tornadoes and more. Most of the special effects that we see everyday in movies and on television are created in Maya. Students will explore tools such as Particle, Rigid / Soft bodies, Fluids and more...

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create realistic simulation and effects to enhance their 3D creations. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Intermediate Courses (Approximately 30 Hours)
Our intermediate courses are intended to provide portfolio upgrade for students who have completed our introductory course or current users / professionals of Autodesk. Take the next step in continuing to develop your 3D skills. Learn compelling new techniques and create higher-impact 3D models. Students will explore, and design by using Maya’s intuitive interface tools while modeling, texturing, animating and more...

- Intermediate Character Modeling

Course information:  The Intermediate Character Modeling course demonstrates how to create a two legged humanoid cartoon character while maintaining good topology. Tools covered in this course include the following: Cut Faces, Extrude, Scale, Insert Edge Loop and Split Polygon.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create humanoid 3D characters with details such as nose, eyes, mouth, ears, arms, hand, fingers and feet. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Advanced Courses (Approximately 60 Hours): 
The advanced courses provide advanced modeling, advanced rigging and intro to MEL scripting, advanced lighting, dynamic particles and cloth simulations, rendering and more to those who wish to develop skills further in the field of 3D animation or to upgrade portfolio skills for a related career change.

- Advance Character Modeling:

Course information:  Advanced Maya Character Modeling will take you through each step of modeling a character from head to toe while employing correct topology. Starting with photographs of a human male / female model, every step from the first polygon to the final tweak is illustrated and explained through our interactive and descriptive lessons. Drive your skills to the next level as you learn how to create and use custom shelf throughout the modeling process that will speed up your workflow. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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Everyone deserves the chance to receive the education and develop the skills that will lead to a productive and meaningful place in the world. Our staff are caring professionals dedicated to helping you find the means to discover and express your unique potential. The Blanche Macdonald Centre is a fully registered, bonded and accredited institute, recognized by the provincial government of British Columbia, Canada, under the authority of the PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutions Agency). The College is a wholly owned division of Pacifique Riche Enterprises Ltd. (doing business as Blanche Macdonald Centre).
We offer the highest quality of Professional career training in Makeup Artistry, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Hair Design, Esthetics/Spa Therapy and Nail Technology at two campuses in Vancouver, on Robson Street and at City Square.