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Online 3D Animation Courses in Canada

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Based in Victoria, BC, 3DFilmbc offers online / e-learning courses for Autodesk Maya (3D animation courses). We provide self-pace learning course-ware which gives you the flexibility to train on your PC anywhere at anytime 24/7. These online Autodesk Maya courses are geared for anyone interested in the growing digital 3D animation industry. Students work at their own pace with access to a professional 3D animation instructor.

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Online, Self-Paced 3D Animation Courses:

Introductory Courses (Approximately 20 Hours): 
Our introductory courses provide students with an introductory level portfolio, and an opportunity to evaluate and explore a career in the media and entertainment industry. With this portfolio, you can apply for internships positions, co-operative post secondary education and entry-level jobs.

- Introduction to Autodesk Maya:

Course information:  This course focuses on core tools and techniques as they pertain to Maya's interface and the basics of polygon modeling.

Lesson 1:  Upon completion, participants will have a basic understanding and hands-on knowledge of Maya's core tools in regards to basic 3D modeling, viewport navigation, keyboards shortcuts and commands, polygon primitive creation, file management and project creation.

Lesson 2:  Upon completion, participants will have a basic and hands-on knowledge of Maya's core tools in regards to basic 3D polygon modeling using tools such as the Extrude, Scale, Move tool and Polygon Modeling tool set. Participants of this course will be able to create realistic 3D models of everyday items such as sofa, chairs, tables and more….

- Introduction to 3D Animation

Course information:  The focus of this course provides students with the core tools required for 3D Animation using Autodesk Maya.

Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to create 3D Animated objects using a variety or techniques such as; keyframe and path animation, students will also be introduced to tools which will aide in the believability and look and feel of their animations. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion. 

- Introduction to Character Modeling:

Course information
:  The character modeling course explores techniques and practices used currently in the 3D animation industry to develop 3D character's. Students will understand and execute correct modeling Topology.
Tools covered in this course include the Merge, Extrude, Move, Scale, Rotate, Duplicate Special, Merge, Merge vertex, Smooth tools. Students will also explore Maya's Image Plane importing scanned picture / images for modeling into Maya.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to model 3D Objects / character(s) using basic tools, concepts and techniques to create industry standard low polygon 3D models. Characters modeled in this course deal strictly with the basic principals of modeling.

- Introduction to Character Rigging

Course information:  This course explores techniques; binding skins / mesh to skeletons, and setting up joints, mirror joint, joint orientation, smooth bind, skin weight; as they pertain to basic rigging of 3D model / characters. The program objective is to setup, rigging of character models in preparation for 3D animation.

Tools covered in this course include the mirror joint tool, Maya artisan tool, smooth bind tool and more. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to correctly prepare 3D Objects / characters for basic animation and posing using May's skeleton system. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to Character Texturing:

Course information:  After completion of the Introduction to Character Texturing course, students will understand and be able to create, modify and apply texture maps to 3D objects with the aide of Adobe Photoshop.

The Introduction to Character Texturing course explores the tools required to achive basic texturing in Maya, tools such as Unfold, UV Map, Planar, Cylindrical and Spherical Mapping. Students will also be introduced to Adobe Photoshop and the tools required for creating texture maps. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to Lighting

Course information
:  In the lighting course, students will learn the basics of Maya's Lighting tools such as Area light, Point light, Ambient light, Volume light, Directional light and Mental ray topics covered include shadows, fog, reflections and light bouncing. The program objective is to create realistic lighting of 3D characters and scenes. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to Character Animation:

Course information:  The Introduction to Character Animation course introduces students to the art of character animation. The focus of the course is on the techniques for controlling skeletal movement, i.e. how the whole body moves, tools used in this course includes iK handles, locators, keyframe animation, the graph editor and basic graphic controllers.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to apply basic movement to their 3D characters such as run, walk and jump. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

- Introduction to 3D FX:

Course information:  The Intro to FX course introduces students to Autodesk Maya’s effects tools. These tools are used to simulated worlds, lighting effects, explosions, generate water, tornadoes and more. Most of the special effects that we see everyday in movies and on television are created in Maya. Students will explore tools such as Particle, Rigid / Soft bodies, Fluids and more...

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create realistic simulation and effects to enhance their 3D creations. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Intermediate Courses (Approximately 30 Hours)
Our intermediate courses are intended to provide portfolio upgrade for students who have completed our introductory course or current users / professionals of Autodesk. Take the next step in continuing to develop your 3D skills. Learn compelling new techniques and create higher-impact 3D models. Students will explore, and design by using Maya’s intuitive interface tools while modeling, texturing, animating and more...

- Intermediate Character Modeling

Course information:  The Intermediate Character Modeling course demonstrates how to create a two legged humanoid cartoon character while maintaining good topology. Tools covered in this course include the following: Cut Faces, Extrude, Scale, Insert Edge Loop and Split Polygon.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create humanoid 3D characters with details such as nose, eyes, mouth, ears, arms, hand, fingers and feet. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Advanced Courses (Approximately 60 Hours): 
The advanced courses provide advanced modeling, advanced rigging and intro to MEL scripting, advanced lighting, dynamic particles and cloth simulations, rendering and more to those who wish to develop skills further in the field of 3D animation or to upgrade portfolio skills for a related career change.

- Advance Character Modeling:

Course information:  Advanced Maya Character Modeling will take you through each step of modeling a character from head to toe while employing correct topology. Starting with photographs of a human male / female model, every step from the first polygon to the final tweak is illustrated and explained through our interactive and descriptive lessons. Drive your skills to the next level as you learn how to create and use custom shelf throughout the modeling process that will speed up your workflow. Course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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Leonardo College of Design, Toronto
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Founded in 2009, Leonardo College of Design is a career training school in Toronto, Ontario that specializes in Design and Technology. Registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, we provide two full-time diploma courses in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Web Design & Development. In addition, we offer a variety of part-time courses on evenings and weekends. We welcome local students and international students from around the world.

Taught by highly-qualified instructors, our programs match industry’s trends and needs. We focus on hands-on learning, and emphasize Eco-design concepts. We offer Job Search Assistance/Placement to all our graduates. Successful completion of our programs will highly increase the chance of employment in fields such as Industrial Design, Web Design and Web Development, Mechanical Design, and Architectural Design.

We keep our classes small and 100% instructor-led. We ensure that all of our equipment and software is up-to-date. Leonardo College of Design is a WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)-approved provider and are HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) certified. We are conveniently located just minutes from Hwy 401, with a bus stop right outside our door and free parking all day.
Full-time Diploma Courses:
- Web Designer and Developer Diploma Program: 25 weeks (625 hours)
- Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technologist Diploma Program: 25 weeks (500 hours)

Part-time Courses (Evenings & Weekends)
- Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
- AutoCAD
- Blueprint Reading for Construction (Design Interpretation)
- Blueprint Reading (Mechanical)
- Dreamweaver
- E-commerce
- Flash
- Illustrator
- Mastercam
- Photoshop
- Solid Works
- Revit Architecture 2012
Capilano University
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Founded in 1968, Capilano University's main campus is in North Vancouver, nestled in a natural environment on the slopes of the North Shore and only a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. The beauty of the campus and the quality of education attract students from around the world. Capilano University welcomes international students from more than 60 countries each year. Capilano University provides a solid academic foundation and is committed to developing new and innovative programs in response to market demand. The Illustration/Design: Elements and Applications (IDEA) program is a unique three-year diploma program that prepares students for employment as visual communicators. IDEA teaches students how to think conceptually and to apply traditional and digital tools to solve communication challenges using both disciplines in an integrated way. IDEA is also different because instructors are working professionals, bringing current experience into the classroom.
3 year diploma program: Illustration/Design: Elements and Applications (IDEA). If you have artistic talent or a sense of design, the IDEA program may be for you. The curriculum addresses applied development in both design and illustration skills supported by a strong theoretical foundation. This dual training makes IDEA very different from other programs and gives graduates a definite edge in career building.
Holland College
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Located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, The Media Unit of Holland College offers full-time Certificate & Diploma programs in media & creative disciplines such as Journalism, Photography & Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, Video Game Animation, and Fundamental Arts. With programs for students of all backgrounds and tastes, Holland College's reputation as a leader in hands-on, skills-based training is putting our graduates to work all over the world.

At Holland College, we believe that you will get the most out of your college experience if you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities outside of class. When our students were asked why they chose Holland College for their career training, their top three answers were: employment opportunities; the college offered their program of choice; and the college's emphasis on skills oriented training.
Full Time Media & Communications Programs:

Diploma Programs
- Video Game Art and Animation
- Graphic Design
- Journalism
- Photography and Digital Imaging

Certificate Program:
- Fundamental Arts
London Art Portfolio - Courses in UK & ONLINE Worldwide
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• London Art Portfolio provides successful Art and Design portfolio preparation courses and foundation courses in Central London & ONLINE in all areas of fine art and design to students from Canada & around the world - at all levels. We help to prepare you for University applications, professional interviews, or your personal development!

• Prepare for entry to a Masters Degree, Bachelor Degree, Foundation Diploma or Pre-Degree level course in Art and Design.

• We ensure successful placements at all levels, including onto University of the Arts London, UCA & other renowned art colleges & universities in the UK, USA & around the world.

• London Art Portfolio is run by Julia Dennis, a practicing artist with many years of experience in preparing art and design portfolios for degree applications, organising exhibitions and preparing students for interviews.

• Julia has great success in placing British and international students onto the right course, at the right level, at any stage in your career.

• Small class sizes with personal, tailored service year-round.

"Central Saint Martins has offered me a place on Foundation Pathway: Graphic Design. I'm so happy! Thank you so much for your guidance and all heart that you put in to help me out."
- Aleksandra, Poland

"At the end of the course, I had an interview at the London College of Fashion and was accepted! It was a great victory & I owe a lot to London Art Portfolio! Thank you very much!"
- Paola, Italy
Online Portfolio Preparation Courses in Art / Design.

Art & Design Portfolio Courses / Career Change / Private Tutoring in London UK:

• Fine Art
• Fashion Design
• Textiles
• Graphic Design
• Photography
• 3D Design / Architecture

Year-round & Summer Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Courses: 24, 18, 12, 6, or 4 weeks
• Digital Portfolio Preparation
• Foundation Course in Art and Design
• 1 week Enrichment Course in Drawing or Model Making
• One-to-one Tutoring
• Art & Design Short / Evening Classes
• Art & Design Summer Courses (Adults & Teens)
• Corporate Workshops
• Private Online Tutoring (Adults & Teens)
Trebas Institute - Audio, Music, Film, Technology & Business School in ON & QC
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Study at Trebas Institute, Canada’s leading audio and film school:

With campuses in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, Trebas Institute is a private, bilingual, post-secondary college in Canada specializing in the recording arts (audio, film and television, music and entertainment management), as well as business & technology.

Taught in both English and French, our programs are accessible to a wide range of students, and are updated to reflect changes within the industry.

Many of our programs also conclude with internships to give you something to put on your resume and to provide you with an opportunity to work out which role really suits your interests.

Since 1979, we’ve helped over 3,000 graduates (Canadian & international students) achieve their goals of working in film, business, music & technology by providing a range of affordable programs.

Trebas Institute provides state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal and Toronto, and access to industry equipment including audio and filmmaking gear, sign-out labs and studios. In addition, you’ll be able to participate in internships to help you showcase your knowledge and hone your skills.

Our instructors also bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the programs and are ready to provide you with the support you need to reach your ambitions. Contact us today to receive information on your  your chosen career path!
Accredited Diploma Programs:
- Diploma in Audio and Video Post-Production
- Diploma in Live Sound
- Diploma in Sound Recording
- Diploma in Sound Design
- Diploma in Audio Engineering and Production/DJ Arts
- Diploma in Film and Television Production
- Diploma in Film & Television Production and Post-Production
- Diploma in E-Commerce and Online Business Management
- Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media
- Diploma in Event and Venue Management
- Diploma in Entertainment Management
- Diploma in Show and Event Management
- Diploma in Music Business Administration
Atelier De Bresoles, Montreal
Courses / Programs
Located in Old Montreal, Quebec, Atelier de Brésoles offers the most comprehensive instruction in figurative drawing and painting available in Canada. Our program combines precise perceptual training with structural concepts of the body to give our students a thorough understanding of the human form. Our instructors have learned drawing and painting techniques passed down through the academies of Russia, Italy, France, and the United States. We are carriers of a long tradition of figurative drawing, and base our teaching approach on this tradition.

At the same time, we balance these traditional methods with a contemporary approach to the figure to give students the tools they need to arrive at a personal understanding of figurative art. Our courses utilize a variety of historical and modern materials. We teach students of all levels, and age 14 to adult, in a small-group setting. All students begin their training at the atelier with a 4-week Cast Drawing course. Once students demonstrate proficiency in perceptual drawing, they may continue with other areas of study.
We offer comprehensive programs in figurative drawing and painting. Cast Drawing; Life Drawing; Cast Painting; Landscape Painting; Anatomical Drawing; Historical Techniques of Drawing; Ecorché Sculpture. Our program combines precise perceptual training with structural concepts of the body to give our students a thorough understanding of the human form. All students begin their training at the atelier with a 4-week Cast Drawing course.