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Preschool / Private K-8 School in Costa Mesa, CA

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Page Private School, Costa Mesa:
Founded in 1908, Page Private School is a nonsectarian, co-educational school serving infants through to 8th grade in Costa Mesa, Orange County in Southern CA. We also have campuses in Garden Grove in Northern Orange County, Hancock Park and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, as well as in Orlando and Sanford, FL Since our founding more than 100 years ago, our mission has never wavered; Page offers preschool with potty training program, extended hours, summer program and advanced curriculum to provide the best student and family centered education to our communities.

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Educational Programs for Students in Pre-K through Grade 8: 
Photo of Preschool / Private K-8 School in Costa Mesa, CA* Infant and Toddler Program:
The experiences at the beginning of a child’s life are crucial to healthy brain and character development. Page has designed a nurturing, creative world for infants and toddlers to help their minds and bodies develop. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, ensure clean eating and sleeping spaces. Our state-of-the-art infant and toddler care rooms were designed with babies and toddlers in mind.

* Summer Program:
Make a Splash at Page Private School’s summer program. Page summer program has many exciting activities for students including sports, arts and crafts, theme weeks, water activities, computer lab, and field trips for all grade levels. Page provides a summer packed with fun, learning and opportunities for your child to create lifelong memories and learn important skills for the new school year.

* Early Childhood Program:

Early Literacy:  
Our nurturing staff will use creativity, play, music and movement and other developmentally appropriate activities to introduce your child to problem solving, critical thinking skills and propel their love for learning.

Page Private School’s early childhood education program is designed to engage and excite each child towards his or her full potential. Page’s early childhood education program nurtures young learners natural curiosity and helps build confidence and independence by providing activities to help students become problem solvers, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Page’s early childhood education program offers a learning experience that excites children’s curiosity and imagination and prepares them to continue on to the Page elementary program. Page’s innovative curriculum incorporates art, music and hands on learning into each day:

Our Program:
- Zoo-phonics:  Beginning phonics, reading readiness skillsImage of Preschool / Private K-8 School in Costa Mesa, CA and comprehension
- Circle time:  Your child will start each day off with sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings
- Art:  Students will express creativity, individual ideas and feelings through art
Music and movement:  Students will become familiar with the movement of their bodies and forms of communication
- Literacy and language:  Phonics, writing and comprehension
- Science:  Topics include animals, plants, seasons, experiments
- Mathematics:  Core skills covered include spatial skills, measurement, graphing, geometry and probability

* Elementary Program:
Page Private school’s elementary program challenges students academically and teaches students educational skills and habits that make them effective learners. Group activities are an integral component of the elementary program. Group discussions will be encouraged along with team brainstorming as they develop critical thinking, social and communication skills.

Small class sizes allow students to progress at their own individual pace under the guidance of Page teachers that are skilled in many teaching styles and methods of learning. Upon entering the elementary program students will have access to a greater variety of resources, higher goals, and the drive to explore further into various subject areas. Page students will have the opportunity to explore subjects such as Geography, Science, English, Mathematics, as well as to develop skills in the following Core Competencies:

- Literacy Skills
- Computational Skills
- Communication Skills
- Reasoning and Critical Thinking
- Study and OrganizatioPhotos of Page Private School, Costa Mesanal Skills
- Technology Skills

Our Program:
- Strong Math, Science and Language arts program
- Small Class Size
- Foreign Language:  Develop vocabulary, grammar, oral and writing skills
- Arts:  Music and movement, drawing, sculpture, and painting
- Science:  Scientific exploration, guided lessons and experimentation are the keys to discovery
- Technology:  Computer lab and Whiteboard technology to aid classroom learning

* Middle School Program:
The Page Private School’s Middle School program addresses the academic, social and physical growth and self-discovery of students as well as prepare them for success in high school. The middle school program is tailored to each individual students academic level. Dynamic core classes and electives encourage exploration, critical thinking and will encourage each student to reach their full potential. Our academic courses give each student an opportunity to sample a variety of interests.
Our Program:
- English:  Middle school students study literature response and analysis, reading comprehension, vocabulaPicture of Preschool / Private K-8 School in Costa Mesa, CAry development and word analysis, speaking applications, spelling, grammar and mechanics, and writing, including descriptive, narrative, informative and expository.

- Mathematics:  Basic operations, geometric figures and formulas, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making, decimals, fractions, graphs and statistics, number theories and patterns, probability and predictions, use of protractor, compass and calculator, integers and algebraic equations.

- Science:  Topics include systems of living organisms, classification, earth science, matter, forces, energy and motion, atomic structure and the Periodic Table, waves, light and sound, oceanography, ecology, animal studies, the human body, heredity, and measurement.

- Social Studies:  Covering geography, map skills, and the development of civilization students develop critical thinking and analytic skills as they discover the causes and effects of the complexities of human behavior through the centuries.

- Spanish:  Spanish courses will develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish. Students will also be introduced to the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through music, art and field trips.

- Computer Lab:  Computer lab is to prepare students for technology in our world and to complement classroom learning. Students begin with research techniques followed by how to put together presentations.
These skills are then given practical application. Students will be exposed to computer terms and an understanding of the functions and operations of the computer.

- Art:  The student's creativity is stimulated by introducing the elements, design, periods and styles of art, as well as key artists. Students will experience the advanced techniques of drawing and painting.

- Music:  Students will listen to, analyze and describe a variety of musical pieces from different musical genres. There will be a focus on understanding music in relation to history and culture.

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Address: Costa Mesa, Orange County, California , USA
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Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is an independent, coeducational, non-sectarian day school offering a preschool through high school program on one campus.

The campus is located in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest in the equestrian community of Lake View Terrace in the San Fernando Valley region.

Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum, and the ability to study purposefully and independently.

The Delphi program includes a fully rounded curriculum available for all age levels. Even the very youngest students are exposed to basic concepts of science, history, and the various humanities.

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- Elementary School Parent
Coeducational K-12 Programs:

• Preschool
• Lower School
• Elementary School
• Middle School
• Upper School
• Summer Programs
• English Immersion Program for International Students (Academic Year)
• English Immersion Camps (Spring, Summer & Winter - 4 weeks to 3 months)
Jenny Hart Early Education Center
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Jenny Hart Early Education Center in Irvine, Orange County, is a full day Christian preschool serving children ages two years through to kindergarten. We are open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and offer a full day program, half days are not available.

We serve breakfast in the early morning as well as morning and afternoon snack. We also serve milk with lunches that the children bring from home. We have 6 classrooms and low teacher / child ratios in a family environment. We are a ministry of the Irvine Presbyterian Church, founded in 1985 in memory of Jennifer Lynn Hart. (1978 - 1984).

At Jenny Hart Early Education Center, we encourage self-esteem, social skills and creativity by fostering trust and autonomy, while providing a balance of Christian values and pre-academic concepts. Our children learn through play in an environment purposefully designed for learning, discovering and social cooperation.
Preschool programs for ages two years through to kindergarten:

- Open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

- Full day program

- 6 classrooms

- Low teacher / child ratios

- Family environment
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The Frostig School offers a full range of academic and support services for students in Grades 1-12 who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities (LD) including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia along with ADHD, ADD and Asperger’s. Situated in Pasadena, the school serves students in West Los Angeles, Pasadena and the San Fernando / San Gabriel Valley areas. Frostig School is dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities reach their full potential.

To ensure every child is learning to his/her fullest potential, we maintain a small classroom size of 12 students with a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio. All of our teachers are credentialed in special education. Frostig is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and certified by the California Department of Education. We have an open enrollment policy allowing students to be accepted throughout the school year.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses enabling them to reach their highest potential. On average, most students attend our school for 3-4 years and then mainstream back to other schools.
Accredited curriculum & support services for students with learning disabilities in Grades 1-12

- Elementary (1st – 5th Grade)
- Middle School (6th- 8th Grade)
- High School (9th - 12th Grade)
- Electives (Art, Film, Drama, Music, Computer Technology and Spanish)
- Social Skills Program
- Physical Education / Sports
- Counseling
- Onsite Clinical / Related Services
- Extended School Year
- Summer Camp (Cooking Adventures, Jewelry Making and Ceramics, Screen Printing (silk screening)
Beacon Day School, Oakland
Courses / Programs
Located in Oakland CA in the San Francisco Bay Area, Beacon Day School is an independent, Pre-K through Grade 8 school for boys and girls. At Beacon, our Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School Programs offer your child a brilliant path to success, whatever his or her interests, talents, capabilities, or ambitions. In addition to our traditional curriculum offerings, we also provide our own After-School Program, so hard-working parents can relax knowing their child is in dependable care.

We offer an academically rigorous, skill-building, project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum that is flexible enough to meet each students level of readiness. This curriculum is tailored to each student’s ability and needs. The arts, foreign language, physical education, and social-emotional learning are inseparable from the core curriculum.

At Beacon Day School, we share a single vision: to prepare our students to be passionate, life-long learners who are productive, healthy contributors in an ever-changing world. Each classroom is organized into small, flexible pace groups that allow teachers to know precisely when each student is ready to progress or needs extra help.
Independent Day School for Boys & Girls in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8:

- Early Childhood program (Ages 3-5)
- Elementary School program (Grades 1-5)
- Middle School program (Grades 6-8)
- Dedicated After School program

School features:
- Experienced teachers
- Students learn at their own pace
- Small class sizes
- Individual attention
- No homework up to Grade 5
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The Learning Castle (TLC), located in La Canada (approximately 20 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles), Southern CA, is an Independent private co-educational school offering an excellent, accelerated Kindergarten through to third-grade education. The Learning Castle focuses on each student’s needs through an individualized curriculum.

Low teacher-to-student ratios, coupled with curricula developed by and for The Learning Castle style of teaching, have led to outstanding results with students learning at an accelerated pace. The Learning Castle is based on the belief that all individuals can learn and that optimal learning takes place when all staff operationalize this philosophy.
- Kindergarten (4 year olds) through to 3rd Grade education programs

- Extended Care program

- Homework Help program

- Dance, music, foreign languages & computer classes