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Ever wondered if there was an exciting sport that requires no equipment, yet could be played in cities and backyards all over the world? Well, here’s one for you! Parkour is a truly awesome display of physical movements, and essentially means getting somewhere as quickly and efficiently as possible using only your body and fitness. It’s a non-competitive sport which focuses on moving with outstanding efficiency, agility, speed and ease around and over obstacles.

The online game, Parkour, is a cool street-running platform game where you play the role of Faith, a young Parkour master who gets up to all sorts of acrobatics. The goal is to use the buildings and environment of a big city to collect various objects by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping as efficiently as possible. Perform jaw-dropping flips and tricky street-running movements where you acrobatically jump from one building to the next. You can run up walls, cling onto ledges, jump from amazing heights and more!

Reach seemingly impossible ledges and dizzying summits as you scramble around searching for lost items. The good thing about this challenging, skill-based adventure is that you cannot lose any lives – you just keep coming back for more, even after a nasty fall. Parkour could fast become your new favorite online sport – just don’t try this at home! Ready to become a Parkour and Street-running Superstar? Go like the wind!

How to Play: The game takes place in a big city environment where literally every single building and structure can be used to your advantage. Control Faith using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to run. Hit S to jump, and the Up Arrow to scale various structures. There are Red Scrolls placed around the city that give you tutorial tips when you walk beside them. Be sure to read all of these, as they give you valuable hints on how to perform various movements.

The goal is to collect all 212 Red Stars and 10 lost Backpacks. The Red Stars are dotted all around the city in easy-to-access locations, but the Backpacks are hidden away in difficult-to-reach areas. You can see how many of the lost items you have collected in the top right corner of the game screen. To pause the game at any time, hit Spacebar. If you fall off the game area, you return to your last Check-Point (like a flag-pole that turns from green to red).

How to master some difficult Parkour techniques, and snazzy extras:

- Run and climb up walls by holding the Left or Right arrow key, and by jumping at them by pressing the S key just a couple of steps in front of the wall as you approach it. Once you jump, release the Left or Right arrow key. In order to start climbing the wall, you then need to immediately (and simultaneously) press the UP arrow key and the same Left or Right arrow key that you just released. For example – you were running to the right side up against the wall and had your Right arrow key pressed. Hit your S key and release the Right arrow key just two steps in front of the wall. Once in the air – immediately press UP, and then immediately press the Right arrow key again to start climbing. Got it? Good!

- Jump from rung to rung by generating momentum with the Left and Right Arrow Keys. Perform Wall Jumps from parallel walls by pushing off them with the opposite Arrow Key and pressing jump at the same time.

- Sliding: You can slide under the object (a bench or a building) – by running at it and by pressing the Down arrow key just in front of the object.

- Doing Flips: When you see a crossbar or a part of the building that looks like one, you can jump at it and hold 3 buttons at a time (S, Up arrow key and the Left or Right arrow key) depending on you movement direction. You will flip over the crossbar and get on top of it easily.

- Slow Motion: Holding the Shift key during any action makes everything go in slow motion (so you can see how the jumps are performed.) Cool!

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19 comments on “Parkour”

  1. good game thanks

  2. I keep getting stuck on the first level. Please fix this. Thanks tho learn4good.

    1. The gameis fine and it works, just getting through is tricky. Ask friends for tips and help. Please read game instructions carefully (above ) as well for some hints.

    2. man, this have bugs but i like it

      1. Bugs are a part of our lives. Especially when bugs are created by programmers who already got paid.

    3. how do i jump straight up? lol

      1. Technically u hit s , but i get ur point.

  3. i love this i got 10 bookpack 212 red thing this awesome :)

    1. i love this i play it all morning and playing strike force 2 and 1 :D

  4. Well it is kinda good.

  5. Make more levels please.

  6. i love it

  7. how do get to play games I`m stuck

  8. not the best game on this site

  9. cool

  10. yeah its okay

  11. its all right

  12. This game is a fun game and i cant find it on any other websites. Thanks learn 4 good!(:

    1. i love this game


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