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Rating: 6.6/10 - 1431 votes lists labyrinth & maze games for children and Big Kids to play online games for free. From classic favorites such as and to new fun-to-play and challenging strategy games. We hope you enjoy these games with your friends and family.

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Photo Escape

Do you have what it takes to brave the abandoned asylum in Photo Escape, a harrowing and nerve wreaking survival and exploration game where you need to find the way out, using only your camera’s flash as a source of light! Photo Escape’s combination of photography and spooky gameplay makes it a must-play for those with nerves of steel!

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Tank Mayhem

Tank Mayhem is a fun, easy to play tank shooting game where you play within a maze against either a computer controlled tank, or a tank can be controlled by your friend who can play alongside you! Battle it out to see who will be the victor in this great battle! Use all your available skills!

Transport yourself to the battleground and hone your shooting accuracy in one of the most feared war machines of all time – the Tank. The aim of this game is to eliminate the opponent's tank with your own whilst utilizing the upgrades available, such as lasers and defensive impenetrable shields. Drive around to collect the upgrades and use your nifty fingers to find and then destroy the opponent's tank. This truly is classic warfare on a grand scale! Quick reactions, concentration, and an eagle eye are all vitally important. Don’t hesitate – you can be sure that the opponent won’t! Good luck Commander, we’ll see you when this is all over.

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Amaze is a fun, unusual and challenging puzzle game for young kids where you have to conquer all the free space in the shape! This unusual brain-teaser activity should help to improve your concentration and observation skills. This is really simple to play and very, very addictive, so come and have a go!

Your mission is to eat all the space up within the shape and conquer all of the available area! You need quick hands and a good understanding of puzzles. Use your puzzle solving expertise to figure the best way around this challenge! When you move the ball, if you press left for instance, the ball will continue moving left until it hits the wall. Bare this in mind when trying to move the ball to get that last bit of space!

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Backrooms Escape 1

Immerse yourself in a world of eerie corridors and endless mazes with Backrooms Escape 1. This thrilling game plunges you into a labyrinth of yellow rooms, filled with the unsettling hum of fluorescent lights and the damp scent of wet carpet. Your mission? To survive and escape this labyrinthine nightmare. But beware, you're not alone in this maze. Unseen monsters lurk in the shadows, adding an extra layer of fear to your quest for freedom. Can you navigate your way out and escape the monstrous loneliness of these yellow walls?

Playing Backrooms Escape 1 is not just about survival, it's also a test of your cognitive and motor skills. The game enhances your problem-solving abilities as you navigate through the maze, requiring you to think on your feet and make quick decisions. Your spatial awareness is put to the test as you use the minimap to locate hidden items and avoid lurking monsters. Additionally, your motor skills are honed as you maneuver your character through the maze, picking up items and avoiding obstacles.

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Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze is an addicting maze game for those with a steady hand and nerve, and lots of patience and determination. You must navigate a tiny black square to a green square at the other side of the maze, either using the mouse or the arrows. This will seriously test the stability of your hands and fingers! Think you have what it takes?

The aim of the game is to get the black square to the green square at the other side of the maze without touching any of the walls. If you make contact with any of the walls it will be game over and you must restart. This game will test your patience as there is no way you can complete this game quickly. Take your time and be careful as one slip or one wrong move will force you back to the start. You must above all else have a steady hand too. Use this and your ability to persevere and not give up to succeed at this game! Good luck!

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Toy Horror Store

Welcome to the Play Time Horror Toy Store! You will face various challenges here, including survival, finding objects and people, defeating enemies, and escaping through the exit. There are three difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard) and three different maps to choose from. Good Luck!

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Ultracraze is a funny adventure puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to find keys to escape a maze, whilst being chased by a massive monster! This is sure to put the fear of god into you...can you handle it?

You must go around the maze and collect the keys needed to exit, all whilst avoiding the big monster that is after you! In order to get to the Exit door,  you need to use your brain to plan a strategy to overcome various obstacles. You will become disoriented and confused since this is a maze after all. The added fear of bumping into the monster should send shivers through you, however keep calm and keep focused on the job in hand! Good strategy and good luck!

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Sokoban 3D Chapter 3

Sokoban 3D is a fun puzzle maze game based on the classic smash hit game Sokoban. The game stays true to the original in every way with the main difference being in its visuals. Sokoban 3D is a gorgeous game with beautiful physics and animations. Sliding blocks around is made even more fun and enjoyable as you watch them wobble and shake with every movement.

Sokoban 3D's main goal is to get the blocks on screen onto the blue zones designated for them. You are in control of a bright orange block and your goal is to identify sequences that will lead to the blocks landing on the blue zone. The games difficulty can range from simple to excruciating quite easily as some levels require a bit of critical thinking and strategy to get past them

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The Maze

The Maze is a fun and challenging maze-puzzle game for children and adults. You must reach the exit before the time runs out. This is a very addicting yet simple and easy to play game for the whole family, perfect for a bit of competition between kids and adults! Who has the fastest fingers and brain?

Your mission is a simple one, escape from the maze before the time runs out! This will challenge your problem solving skills as you must figure a way to escape. The added pressure of the clock ticking down will do you no favours as well, can you handle the ever growing pressure and heat? Keep a cool head and make no silly mistakes! 

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Wobble Boss

Wobble Boss: It’s a fun challenge, but an extremely tricky escape game. You must sneak past your boss and escape the office. You can use things to help you such as tablets and chairs to hide behind. As long as you stay out of their site, which is indicated by a red cone of vision, you will not be seen. Have you got the cunning skills to escape, unnoticed? Come and find out!

Escape the room without getting caught to progress. Get out of the door, and use objects to help you. Beware of lights and cameras that will also spot you! The key to this game is planning. Take time to weight up the best approach and then use handy keyboard skills to precisely move around the office in silence! Imagine this is for real, how would you best approach the task?

How to Play: Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move the character. W/Up arrow moves forward, press S/Down arrow to move backwards and then press A/D or the left or right arrow to move left and right respectively. On mobile, swipe the screen where you would like the character to move. Keep hold of the screen to continue moving, release the screen to stop! Good luck!

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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A Maze Race II

Get the thrill of completing a maze while racing against a formidable foe. Maze Race 2 - a puzzle diehards dream who need an extra rush of adrenaline.

You have to navigate your avatar through a maze to reach a cookie to complete each level, while racing to complete the maze before your foe on the other side of the board. Treasure chests, placed in different positions all over the maze, are packed with different power-ups. There is even one treasure chest that can show you the exact path to the cookie!

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Maze Game 3D

Get ready to put your spatial awareness skills to the test with Maze Game 3D! In this challenging game, you'll navigate your way through 15 levels of increasingly difficult 3D mazes. Each level is bigger and more complex than the last, so you'll need to stay focused and think strategically to find your way out.

As you progress through the levels, you'll need to use your spatial awareness skills to keep track of where you are and where you need to go. You'll also need to use your problem-solving skills to find the key and then locate the door to advance to the next level.

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Rotate is a totally addicting brain-teasing puzzle platformer game for all ages which helps develop your logic / analytical thinking skills. You must do as the title suggests to stand any chance of winning at this game - rotate. Use gravity as your friend here as you are able to rotate the screen and this will get you out of some very tricky situations. Have you got the scientific know how to understand when best to rotate, and which direction? Lets find out.

The aim of the game is to get to the exit door and escape the room. You will also have to avoid the spikes that appear as the missions progress, impact with them and it will be game over! This game will require you to have a good sense of logical thinking as when the screen rotates, this will have a massive impact on what happens. You therefore must preempt yourself and prepare for the rotation. Also, problem solving skills will be developed as these puzzles are not always so straight forward. They will really test your brain!

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Bomb It 8

Get ready for an explosive adventure with Bomb It 8, the latest installment in the popular Bomb It series. This free action-adventure game takes you on a thrilling journey filled with new characters, challenges, and unlockable bonuses. With its captivating gameplay and vibrant graphics, Bomb It 8 promises an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Playing Bomb It 8 is not just about having fun, it's also a great way to enhance your strategic thinking and motor skills. The game encourages players to think on their feet, plan their moves carefully, and react quickly to changing situations. As you navigate through the game's intricate mazes and face off against opponents, you'll find your problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness improving. It's a game that's as beneficial for your cognitive development as it is entertaining.

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Unroll Ball

Unroll Ball is a fun puzzle game where you have to move pieces around and organize them so that the metal ball can reach the goal while collecting stars for the end score of each level. Solve all the puzzles and get as many stars as possible.

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Go To Dot

Go To Dot is probably one of the most devious and challenging reflex games out there! Your mission is to shoot a tiny ball through a series of rotating rings, with your goal being to hit the dot in the centre of the rings. The only catch is that each outer ring is covered with bombs that move faster than the ring rotates. Go To Dot is equally challenging as it is rewarding. See how many points you can reach before the game beats you!

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Tiny Bump

Tiny Bump may look messy but its premise and concept is simple and clean: avoid the red pieces!

This game is a fast-paced and somewhat chaotic arcade game that has you dodging red blocks as you plow through countless white ones. Your objective is to race up the screen, forging a path that smashes through the hundreds of white pieces while doing your best to avoid the dreaded reds. You have to move quickly, efficiently and accurately. There is little room for error, especially as the levels go on and the pace picks up.

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Maze Monster

Maze Monster is a straightforward and fun maze game that has you traveling all over the place as a colorful and cute little monster who just wants to eat some treats. Move him through the maze and let him eat all the candy he wants. Yummy!

This game is a simple and cute idea that is created wonderfully with brilliant controls and colors.

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Puzzle Ball Rotate

Puzzle Ball Rotate is a game that can be played to have a relaxing time and to enjoy a classic. Guide and drop the balls.

Simple and fun. This game required you to take all the balls from the center of the structure to the outside into the green pipe. You have to rotate and find the correct way through the maze for the balls to go and reach their destination.

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Africa Maze

Africa Maze is a highly innovative and addicting platform puzzle game for older kids and teens where you have to guide a little character around the huge continent of Africa. In your tour of each country, complete a cool maze going around that country's landmarks! Enjoy and good luck!

The aim of the game is to complete each maze as you move through each country, eventually completing a full tour of all Africa has to give! This clever and original maze game requires an inquisitive mind, good analytical thinking skills, and a love of problem-solving as you try to plot a pathway for your character through the different maze panels. This cool game should prove a good fit for those who enjoy maze-based platform puzzles with a twist, or anyone interested in trying new ground-breaking, interactive brain teasers. Be prepared for a real test of your spatial awareness, vision and determination.

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Maze of Infection

Get ready to fight for your survival in Maze of Infection! You are the last survivor in a secret lab where mysterious experiments were conducted on innocent people. Now, you must fight your way out by running through and eliminating dozens of zombies!

In this top-down shooter game, you will face 12 floors of creepy monsters that want nothing more than to feast on your flesh. You will need to defend yourself with any weapon you can find, and run towards the exit as fast as you can.

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Pig Escape

Pig Escape is a puzzle game where you have to escape from the maze and also save your fellow pigs! It is not as easy as it first seems, the levels get progressively more complex and difficult, to the point the puzzles are extremely challenging! This means they are lots of fun and addicting too, lets see if you can save your pig friends and escape! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to save your fellow pigs and escape the maze. The maze will have wooden boxes in. You are able to move a single box at a time by pushing it to the next square, use this to help you in your mission! This game will test your problem and puzzle solving skills! Think long and hard about the best way to go about the problem and move the appropriate boxes, since there is no time limit. Moving a box may help you in the short term but you might have moved it into a worse position when it comes to your next move, so think ahead and plan well if you are going to move them.

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