Free online word games for kids (girls, boys), spelling games for teens to play on PC, Ipad, Mac on the internet with no download. Word search games, hidden words/ scramble...
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Online Word Games / Spelling Activities for Kids

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Online word games for children, teens & Big Kids on – Find educational activities for kids as well as brain-teaser activities for adults and seniors to enjoy also. Play fun free anagram/ word scramble games, interactive spelling games for the classroom or to play at home on your computer. Test your vocabulary and concentration skills. From simple fun spelling games to difficult word thinking puzzles to challenging memory testing exercises. Happy word building!

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Sit back, relax and enjoy the variety of word games that Microsoft Ultimate Word Game can offer. Play classic titles such as Wordament, Word Twister and Crosswords for a fun game that you can relax with while still keeping yourself mentally sharp. Microsoft Ultimate Word Game has something on offer for everyone, including the option to change the background theme with one of four options. But enough with that, come and play a game and see if maybe one day you will be able to beat grandma at the crosswords.

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Words Challenge

Words Challenge is a great game for helping children to learn words and spelling as well as offering some harder challenges for older learners and adults to help improve their pattern and word recognition skills. The game objective is simple: create words out of the x number of letters they provide you by selecting them in the right order and spelling.

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Kitty Scramble

Feel like playing a good old game of scrabble, but don't feel like losing to grandma again? Well, why not try Kitty Scramble, it has the fun of scrabble but mixed with a word searching puzzle design, where you need to find all the possible word combinations in each level to win. But that's not all, as you play you will be guided and accompanied by the very charming and friendly ginger cat. Kitty Scramble is a great game to play when you just want to unwind after a long day.

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Word Scramble Animals

Word Scramble Animals is a fun and challenging word scramble game for kids and grown-ups. You have to unscramble the word puzzle by rearranging the mixed-up letters displayed, using each letter once. Test your vocabulary knowledge and develop your spelling ability in this free online game. Score points for every jumbled-up word that you correctly solve. So have fun unraveling the mystery words, and enjoy this game at your own time and pace!

The aim of this game is to unscramble the letters to name the animals, for instance cat or dog. This game will test your intellectual skills, can you figure out first of all what animal it is from the picture and also figure out the animal from the jumbled up letters. This requires a methodical and systematic approach. Think you have what it takes?

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Wordmeister is a game similar to Scrabble where you have to play letters on a board to create words and earn points depending on the value of each letter. Compete against other players to see who earns the most points and finishes winning the game. Use letters of other words to create complex words or multiple words in a turn.

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Word Search Shapes

Word Search Shapes is a classic word search game where you need to find the list of words you are given within a mess of loose letters. Word Search Shapes provides three levels for you to play and is great for younger players as it will help to improve their spelling and word and pattern recognition skills.

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Zombie Typer

Defeat hoards of advancing undead zombies by…typing! That’s right in Zombie Typer your weapon against the zombies is typing out words. Zombie Typer is a great game for those who are learning to spell and type in English such as children or non-native English speakers. Zombie Typer is also a great game for those who want to practice their typing ability; nothing develops one’s typing faster than trying to still alive.

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Drawaria Online

Join others in Drawaria Online as you put your recognition and drawing skills to the test. Drawaria Online is a casual and friendly online game where you and other players take turns drawing and guessing a secret word. You will earn points every time you get a correct answer; the one with the most points by the end of the game will be declared the winner.

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Word Candy

Word Candy is a game where you get letters and have to match them to uncover the words and earn candies. You will get several letters and have to organize them from three to six to make and discover the word. There are infinite possibilities and every game is different from the other.

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Wordie is a game quite different from any other you may have experienced before. It’s an education based game that tests your knowledge of the English language more specifically the extensiveness of your vocabulary. Though quite challenging and simplistic, wordie offers a unique style of gameplay that proves quite enjoyable

Get your thinking caps cause you’re going to need it quite a lot. Wordie’s gameplay involves a bunch of jumbled letters at the center of the screen that you’re meant to decipher. There are sentences above the screen that describe the nature of the word you’re looking for and so it’s up to you to figure out the word and arrange the jumbled words to form it

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Text 2 Twist

Text Twist 2 is a challenging word game that has you trying to assemble as many words as possible as the clock ticks on. Time is running out so you need to move fast!

This game takes just a moment to learn but, like all good word games, takes a long time to get good at. You will feel the intense pressure as the time ticks on and it will prove fun and difficult in the best way possible.

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Fishing Guru

Fishing Guru is a fun interactive typing game for kids and adults where you get to catch all the fish! This new learning game is one of the most hilarious typing games currently online. It requires rapid finger movement, eyes like an eagle and endless bravery – in order to save yourself from being eaten alive by fish! Do you possess these heroic skills?

You mission is to catch all the fish that are swimming to your boat. The way you catch the fish is by typing, as fast and as accurately as possible, the word that is attached to the fish. This will test your hand speed on the keyboard, as well as your ability to deal with multiple issues at the same time. As the levels progress, you will have LOTS of fish swimming towards your boat and you must be very quick and precise to catch them all! Ready up, the fish are on their way!

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Spell School

Play a fun, word & picture-based, spelling quiz game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! Spell School is an interactive, multi-level and educational guessing game for young children where you spell out a word based on a picture at the top of the play area. Featuring various categories (Animals, Food, Flags & People), you must carefully select the letters that spell out the correct word corresponding to the picture in a number of levels levels!

If you get stuck, you can ‘light up’ for a helpful hint (which automatically fills out one of the letter spaces). However, you must have enough coins earned so you can't use this Hint Feature continuously.

This online, HTML5-based, word & picture quiz game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game could be played as a fun interactive activity and online exercise in the elementary school classroom or at home for improving a child's spelling skills and general knowledge.

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4 Pics 1 Word

Four Pics One Word is a word based puzzle game, in which you have to find a common word that unites all four pictures! Choose letters from a selection, some of which are right and some of which are wrong, the fill letter gaps. If you’re right, you’ll move on to the next puzzle. This game will test your vocabulary and verbal reasoning, especially as often the words are words that can mean many things, so you’ll be thinking completely outside the box to work it out!

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Word Search Countries

Word Search Countries title sums up what the game is about, that being a classic word search puzzle only in this game it’s only focused on countries. Spell out the list of countries you will be given every level by finding their needed letters within a mix of other letters. Find and draw a line through the listed country to clear the level out of a total of 6 levels.

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Word Cookies Online

Word Cookies is a great game for practicing spelling and training your brain! The game features a random assortment of a handful of letters that you can use to form words. The mystery words are formed in a crossword fashion- meaning the mystery words are all connected. Fill in the blank spaces by making words to complete the level! This game will make you really think outside the box and help with vocabulary and spelling!

The game has many cool features, like coins you win for completing a level. Coins can then be used to buy hints if you're stuck, for when the word just won't come to you! You can also store words in a cool little notebook for quick use, and to remember how many you've completed. Try to make words that aren't in the level for extra coins too. The game has a cool bakery theme, with pretty colours and a cool little chef to help you along the way!

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Arkadium's Codeword

Arkadium’s Codeword is an odd mix of genres, combining crossword puzzles mixed with alphabet hunting. Each letter of the alphabet will appear a number of times within the puzzle box. Your goal is to find all the correct letters and the places they fit into. Once they are labeled correctly, you can start to find the rest of the letters by filling in the crossword segments by spelling out the words that could fit into the strip. Arkadium’s Codeword is a hard game to grasp at first, but thankfully it has a helpful step by step instruction menu to remind on what to do.

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Password Crack

Password Crack is a fun words game for young kids, teenagers and adults where you have to crack the password! This colorful word learning game is a fantastic way to boost your range of general knowledge in a fun and fresh new way! It starts out easy-peezy, and then gets harder and harder until your brain is well and truly in a spin. If you get past all levels, you're a PRO!

Your goal is to successfully guess the passcode to move onto the next level. This will test your general knowledge to an extreme level, since some of the questions are not straight forward at all! You must have a solid basis from which to go off in terms of general knowledge. Another skill that will be tested is your initiative. If you are totally stuck you can have an educated guess as to what the answer may be since there are only a limited number of letters to choose from! Have fun!

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Scrambled Word

Scrambled Word: In this fun and challenging word puzzle game, unscramble the words before the time runs out! Rearrange the letters correctly to unscramble the word before the time runs out. You have four game modes to choose from, so a wide variety of activities to keep you entertained for hours! Think you know your english language? Come and put it to the test! 

Unscramble the words/sentences before the time runs out! This game develops keen observation, quick-reaction and English language skills while playing this addicting and entertaining game. Keep practicing and you will naturally be able to spot the word in its normal sense! Good luck!

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Circus Words

The circus is known as a place of entertainment, absurdities and acrobatic shenanigans, but that does not mean that it cannot also be educational. Come and play Circus Words, a fun and addictive letter searching and word-forming game that is suitable for all ages. At each level, you will be present with a number of letters that you need to join in the right order to correctly spell out one of the mystery words given to you. Find all the words to win prizes and move on to harder and harder levels!

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Type Run

Type Run is a fun typing game in which you can practice your typing skills by racing against fun characters to complete your sentences first! Your avatar runs across a bridge, which is built as you type letters of a sentence that appears in front of you. When you finish the sentence, you complete the level. As levels progress, you’ll need to work faster and complete longer sentences!

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Guess the Soccer Star

Finally, a trivia game for soccer and football fans that’s focused only on soccer players. In Guess The Soccer Star, you will be tested on how well you know your players as you try to name each player presented to you. Get the name right and earn reward coins which you can use to purchase useful lifelines if you really get stuck. Guess The Soccer Star features close to 100 famous soccer players; see if you can get them all!

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English Grammar Jul Quiz

English Grammar Jul Quiz is a wonderful learning tool when you are trying to master the difficult English language. It comes with three different difficulty levels and a clean and easy-to-use interface. You will quickly find that learning English isn't really that hard at all.

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Words Jungle

Words Jungle is a unique interactive typing game for budding wordsmiths, young and old, where you have to type any word you choose (the bigger the better) as fast as you can in. This fascinating learn to type game requires nimble fingers, a sense of fun and loads of words! It provides endless hours of fun-filled educational entertainment and mind-boggling mayhem. In this game, speed is the synonym for success. So type like there’s no tomorrow! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to create as many words as possible with the letters that are given to you. You will have 5 or 6 letters but you are able to submit words that are less than this! This will massively improve your range of vocabulary - it will more than likely introduce you to new words you never knew existed. With the added pressure of the time ticking down, the pressure will be on. Do you think you have what it takes?

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Word Chef Cookies

World Chef: Cookies is an awesome word game, in which you need to connect tasty-looking alphabet cookies on a plate to make words. You can see how many letters each word should be by looking at the empty spaces above the plate. Once you find all the required words, you'll complete the level. With more than 200 levels of increasing difficulty, this game has something for everyone!

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World Trivia

World Trivia is a way to test your knowledge of other nations and sights from all over the world. How well do you know other cultures? It is time to find out.

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Find Bird Names

Find Bird Names is a welcome addition to the genre of trivia and knowledge-based games, offering fun and educational gameplay. The objective of the game is to correctly spell out the name of 48 different types of birds, earning higher scores for making as few mistakes as possible. There is no timer to worry about, although you will only have 5 lives per bird, so don’t make too many mistakes! Find Birds Names is a great game for both children and adults!

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Outspell is an anagram-type of word game where you need to unscramble letters to create new words, and place them on the board. Whether you prefer to call it an anagram-style game or a word scramble or word jumble, or simply just a "mixed-up letters game", you will have fun trying to create words in this addicting and challenging word puzzle for all ages. 

The aim of the game is to complete as many words as possible on the board using the randomly allocated letters to create them. Some squares on the board are worth 2x or 3x more points so try and fit these in when selecting the position of your new word. This game tests your knowledge of the english language, and your anagram skills. The letters will appear jumbled and confusing but work through them and see if you can use one of the letters to add to one letter already on the board to create a new word. Your observation skills will be developed as you must have a keen eye to spot an opportunity! Enjoy.

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Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 is a great game for those who want to practice their knowledge of spelling and vocabulary, be they native English speakers or even those who are learning to speak it. Text Twist 2 really forces one to think as you have to rearrange a seemingly unrelated string of letters into proper words before the time runs out. Even native English speakers will be put to the test, and possible feel embarrassed after losing and seeing all the words they could have created. This is a great game for keeping not only your mind sharp but also your vocabulary.

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Wordy Night

Fancy testing your vocabulary skills under pressure? If so, then you’re in for a treat! Wordy Night is an entertaining and challenging word game and vocabulary quiz to test your lexicon on. This is perfect for the whole family, let's find out who is the king of vocab!

The aim of this game is to fill the grid with the blocks of letters to create words! This is an extremely challenging game since it challenges your shape perception and also you vocab levels. You can either focus on making words first then fitting them in that way, or focus on the shapes fitting first then worry about making real words afterwards. What kind of player are you? This will improve your patience and vocab knowledge.

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Zombie Typing

Zombie Typing is a fun way to practice your typing skills while killing zombies! In this game, you need to fight off the zombie horde by typing the words marked on them. Typing the word with no mistakes will fire a bullet and get rid of the zombie. Once you kill all of the zombies of a wave, the next wave will come, which is faster, has harder words, and has more zombies!

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Witch Crossword

Explore the creepy Halloween themed streets of Witch Crossword as the friendly witch tests your knowledge as you try to solve all of her crossword problems. Solve each of her crossword problems with subjects ranging from famous people, science, geography, grammar and more. Witch Crossword is the perfect virtual crossword game to unwind and relax with, and it's also just a great game to play with the family as Witch Crossword has problems that cater to most age groups.

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Monster Typer Bomb

Learning how to type should be fun and Monster Typer Bomb knows that. This game will teach you how to be a better and faster typist and will do so with bright colors, beautiful sound and fun characters.

The game is simple and easy to understand. Your goal is to type out words on your keyboard as quickly as possible in order to destroy the bad guys and advance through each level. But beware of bombs, which could spell out certain doom for your progress if they explode.

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Holiday Crossword

In addition to that packed bottle of sunscreen, towels and snacks, no holiday is complete without a good crossword puzzle. Holiday Crossword is just like any other crossword, only digitalized, allowing you to easily play a word or two with just your phone or tablet. Holiday Crossword allows you to pick from 1 of 4 category types to play, from cities, food, celebrations and gift ideas offering something for everyone. Holiday Crossword is sure to be a welcome addition to your unwinding time.

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Defend The Beach

Defend the Beach is a innovative typing game for kids, teens, adults & senior citizens where you get to practice or use your super-fast typing skills to defend the base on the beach. This fun-filled learning to type game provides hours of enjoyment and will put a smile on your face. Type your way to the final wave of attacks from enemies!

Your mission is to defend your base by using an unusual weapon - words. You must type the words as fast as possible to stand a chance. This will improve your typing ability as you must be FAST. The faster the better really, but remember to be accurate too so you must find a good balance between speed and accuracy. Do you think you are fast enough? OK, are you ready? Are you steady? On your marks. Get set. Go! Get turbo-typing!

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Word Cross Jungle

Take a stroll across the world of crossword puzzles in Word Cross Jungle. Word Cross Jungle is your standard crossword puzzle game that will have you answering thousands of crosswords as you travel the globe, from the USA to Germany to Jakarta. Test yourself as you answer questions about famous actors, names of countries and sports records. All this and more awaits you in Word Cross Jungle!

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Words Detective Bank Heist

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery, intrigue, and wordplay with Words Detective Bank Heist. This captivating game combines the thrill of a detective story with the intellectual challenge of word puzzles. As the world's best detective, your mission is to solve word clues that will lead you closer to cracking the case of a daring bank heist.

Playing Words Detective Bank Heist is not just about entertainment, it's also a fantastic way to enhance your cognitive abilities. The game is designed to improve your vocabulary, spelling, and problem-solving skills. As you progress through the game, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at identifying patterns and making connections, skills that are valuable in many real-world situations. The game also helps to improve your attention to detail, as you'll need to carefully examine each clue to find the hidden words.

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Word Sprint

Word Sprint is a captivating and fast-paced word game that challenges your vocabulary and quick-thinking skills. In this thrilling race against time, you are tasked with finding as many 3-or-more letter words as you can within two minutes. With bonus tiles that multiply your score or allow you to replace a letter with another, the game offers a dynamic and exciting experience. Strive to achieve the highest score possible and exchange your cumulative points for power-ups or extra tries to keep the fun going!

Playing Word Sprint not only provides an entertaining experience but also helps to enhance various skills. It sharpens your cognitive abilities, particularly your vocabulary, spelling, and quick-thinking skills. The game also promotes strategic thinking as you decide when to use your bonus tiles or exchange your points for power-ups. Additionally, the time constraint helps improve your time management skills, making Word Sprint a fun and beneficial game for all ages.

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