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Free Online Bicycle / Cycling Games - BMX / Mountain Bike Action

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For children, teens & Big Kids - Play pedal bike / cycling games, BMX riding games, 3D mountain bike games on your computer for free on We believe that we have put some of the best bicycle games for kids in one area. From simple fun to very challenging games. Enjoy, and safe bicycle riding!   (There is a separate playing area for Motorbike / FMX / ATV Games)

Cycle Extreme

Experience the hair-raising thrill of mountain biking as you brave the 20 levels of Cycle Extreme. Cycle down enormous desert mountains as you hop over gorges and obstacles as you try to reach the finish line without breaking your neck. Cycle Extreme is a demanding reflex focused game and one which requires nothing but your best if you plan on completing it. Test your reflexes and decision-making skills as you push them to their breakpoint.

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Bicycle Simulator

Bicycle Simulator is a simple easy to play bike riding game where you can practice your skills and perform stunts on the ramps! Test your stunt biking prowess in this realistic simulator. Perform awesome stunts, flips and somersaults through the air – but make sure to land softly. One small mistake can mean CRASH!

The aim of this game is to practice riding on a bike and enjoy the freedom that bike rides bring. This fast-paced, hair-raising bike adventure should be a good fit for those of you who love a good push bike challenge, or any BMX fan out there looking for a really challenging virtual test of their stunt making skills. A flair for the spectacular could stand you in good stead here as there are dozens of opportunities to show off madcap mid-air flips and tricks. Most of all, you need to exhibit an ice-cool head (and a steady hand) in order to keep control of your bike under high speed and extreme pressure. Have you got the ability to become a Free Riding Legend? Let’s jump right into adrenaline-pumping action!

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Wheelie Bike 2

Wheelie Bike 2 is a game that demands your complete focus and patience as your reflexes and timing are put to the test as you try to maintain a constant wheelie. See how far you can go and how many points you can earn without losing control and falling over. As soon as the wheelie is broken, it's game over. A simple game that should provide some entertainment while you're waiting in line or in the car.

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Offroad Cycle 3D Racing

Offroad Cycle 3D Racing is a free online bike game where you race against the clock while performing as a highly skilled offroad cyclist, dealing with some very difficult terrain and challenging environments. This cool game requires exceptional skill and precision. Enjoy racing in either 3rd person or if you want a super realistic experience, go for the first person action ride!

The aim of this game is to finish the course, without crashing, within the time frame. This fun biking game offers hours of dizzying fun! Go on – have a blast! This will require quick hands on the keyboard to react to adverse situations like having to swerve suddenly or slam the brakes on to avoid hitting a tree! Keep your wits about you and focus on finishing as fast as possible!

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Mountain Bike

Juego de bicicletas BMX en línea gratis - Offroad Cycle 3D Racing Simulator: Conduce tu bicicleta BMX por la pintoresca y desafiante pista de la montaña. Desafíate a ti mismo en este duro e implacable entorno. ¡Veamos si puedes llegar al final a tiempo!

Llega a la meta antes de que se te acabe el tiempo y avanza al siguiente nivel. Para superar todas las fases, debes tener mucho cuidado con la desafiante superficie rocosa y usa tus habilidades sabiamente para evitar chocar. Recuerda que sólo podrás pasar al siguiente nivel si llegas a la meta antes de que se agote el tiempo. Así que no pierdas de vista el tiempo ni la barra de progreso de la parte inferior de la pantalla.

Para empezar a pedalear - Mantenga pulsada la tecla de flecha arriba/W. Para Disminuir la Velocidad - Pulse la Tecla Abajo/S. Para Frenar - Mantenga pulsada la BARRA ESPACIADORA. Para Reiniciar - Presione la tecla R y para cambiar de cámara, presione la tecla C

Este juego está basado en HTML5 y funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Real MTB Downhill 3D

Real MTB Downhill 3D is a high-speed bicycle game for little and Big Kids where you get to blast down a mountain race track, avoiding rocks, going as fast as you can, in order pass each level. This brand fun new virtual bicycle game provides hours of intense 3D action and excitement! It requires superb tactical riding skill and nerves of steel to make it to the finish line without getting launched downhill head first over your handlebars. You’ll need all your wits to survive this fast-paced adventure. Good luck.. as you need it!

The goal is to make it to the finish (in the fastest possible time) without crashing. Once you come off the bike it’s game over! Watch out for the big rocks – if you hit them at speed, your bike will stop but you won’t - you’ll fly into the air and then smash face-first into the ground. And in 3D! Ouch! This will test your reaction times and your quick thinking, as you must be alert to navigate your way down the hill! Ok then. Get set….GO!

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See if you have what it times to become the next king of the BMX scene in this thrilling stunt game. BMX Kid is an extreme stunt BMX game that will have you test your skills across its 40 obstacle-filled and hazardous levels! Collect as many blue stars as you can to unlock power-ups, usage items, other characters and fun costumes. BMX Kid is a great game that manages to strike the right balance between challenge and casual fun! Fun which you can experience in both of the game’s two game modes (Arcade and Survival).

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Xmas Wheelie

Who said Santa is just an old fat man? Nothing could be further from the truth in Xmas Wheelie, a 2D cycling game where you play as Santa and try to perform as many wheelies as you can and for as long as you can without falling or stumbling. Xmas Wheelie is a simple casual game to play; that said, it is still an incredibly difficult one to master.

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BMX Online

BMX Online is a hair-raising bike game that will see you soaring off into the skies! Complete as many cool flips as possible whilst trying to win the race. Find a fine balance between flipping, and racing. Challenge your opponents and your friends to a bike race they will never forget.

The aim of this game is to win in the cycling race. Gain speed by completing flips and beat your opponents - these opponents could be your friends since they can play on the same game with you! Use your ambition and competitiveness to win at this game, make sure you complete the flips to gain speed whilst maintaining absolute control over the bike! Do not fall off as this will likely cause you to slip in the rankings.

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Bicycle Stunts 3D

Test your nerve and patience as you circumvent all manner of wacky courses and obstacles in Bicycle Stunts 3D. Play as a pro stunt bicyclist as you race along floating tracks, cycling past corners and zigzagging between obstacles as you cycle towards the finish line. Bicycle Stunts 3D offers you 3 game modes to try out, each with their own flavour. These modes are Levels mode (standard track racing), Challenge mode (includes obstacles to dodge and avoid), and Endless mode (as the name says, it never ends). Come and give Bicycle Stunts 3D a try!

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Mountain Bike

Free Online BMX Bike Game - Offroad Cycle 3D Racing Simulator: Ride your BMX bike on the picturesque and challenging mountain track. Challenge yourself in this tough, unforgiving environment and see if you can get to the end in time!

Reach the finish before you run out of time and advance to the next level. To clear every stage you need to be very careful against the challenging rocky surface and use your skills wisely to avoid crashing. Remember, you can advance to the next level only if you reach the finish before your time runs out. So, always keep an eye on the time as well as the progress bar at the bottom of the game screen.

To start Pedaling - Hold the Up Arrow Key/W. To Slow Down - Press the Down Key/S. To Brake - Hold the SPACEBAR. To Restart - Press the R key and to change camera, press C

This HTML5 based game works on PC/Mac browsers.

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Draw Wheels

Embark on a whimsical journey of strategy and speed with Draw Wheels, where your artistic flair fuels your race to victory. Set against a sky-high track, this game invites you to sketch your way to success, challenging your rivals in a delightful dash to the finish line. With a palette of paths at your fingertips, every race is a canvas waiting for your creative touch.

Sharpen your mind and fine-tune your motor skills as you navigate through this enchanting world. Draw Wheels offers a playground for the imagination, enhancing your spatial awareness, strategic planning, and problem-solving abilities. As you craft the perfect set of wheels for each course, you'll also refine your precision and hand-eye coordination, turning playtime into a valuable skill-building session wrapped in layers of fun.

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Bike Rush

Bike Rush is a fun and wild bicycle game where you play the role of a cool little cyclist and you must cycle down the street for as long as possible! Sounds simple right? Well, throw in some ramps, speed enhancers and some flips and you have one of the most exciting BMX games on the internet right now!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as you can without falling off/crashing, and therefore getting a high score! This difficult BMX biking arcade game requires super-sharp reactions, expert balance, and an extremely steady hand to keep your bike from crashing. Score extra points by performing spectacular stunts as you fly through the air. Ok Bike Master, let’s see some of your epic BMX skills! Happy days!

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Cycle Sprint

Cycle Sprint is a thrilling cycling simulation experience game where you get to be the fastest cyclist of them all! Customize your cyclist and perfect your bike for a thrilling adventure! Compete in Italy, France and Spain. Win all 63 races and earn your spot on the podium of champions!

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Wheelie Biker

Wheelie Biker is a platform scroller in which your objective is to get enough wheelie time while simultaneously navigating tricky terrain on your bike. Lean backwards on your bicycle just far enough to hold your wheelie while crossing bridges and bumps, but be careful not to go too far, as falling on your head will lose the level! Collect coins from completing levels that you can spend on more than 30 cool new bikes to play with in-game.

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Tomolo Bike

Tomolo Bike is a balancing bicycle game set in the sky! Yes, literally set in the sky. Carefully control and balance the bicycle as you ride down, up, and over suspended bridges to reach the finish line. One mistake, such as falling or even just overturning the bike, is an immediate game over. See if you have the patience and skill to complete all 20 levels without having a meltdown.

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Mountain Bike

Bike racing enthusiasts… get ready for the toughest challenge that you’ve ever faced on two wheels! Mountain Bike is a truly wild and wacky bicycle racing game for kids set in the woods and you must race to finish the course...without falling over! Sounds easy? Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to complete the course and reach the checkpoints! Once you reach a checkpoint with energy left, this is where you will restart if you crash, if you have lives remaining! Using your quick reactions and fast fingers is essential to success, as you can reach truly amazing speeds on your little pushbike. A flair for angles is also good to have as moving fast can make it difficult to stay upright at times...just use your judgment! This fun cycling adventure is simply out of this world – have fun, but try not to tip over!

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Underwater Bicycle Racing

Underwater Bicycle Racing is an awesome fun and fast-paced bicycle racing game with a are completely submerged underwater; in fact everything is! This game is set in the deepest darkest oceans so therefore you will have to watch out no big sharks come and see what's going on! Come and have a go, you won't regret it!

The aim of this game is to reach the end of the circuit by the time that the timer runs out! Collect oxygen, gems and speed boosts along your way! You will need good control of the bike here, good balance which will be achieved by nifty fingers on the keyboard. The route can get quite twisty so you'd better hope you are on your A-game for this! Good luck!

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Crazy Bicycle

Crazy Bicycle is a wacky, fun and fast-paced stunt bicycle game where you have collect coins while riding along the road to score as many points as you can. Take your team on a real mission as you attempt to build and grow into a formidable force! You will spend hours playing this game as it is so addicting and fun to play!

The aim of this game is to build your cycling team up behind you and take yourself and your team on a bike adventure they will never forget! Take on slippery slopes, sharp corners and huge obstacles together. You as the front runner and the leader have control over everyones movements - the team will mimic yours, so keep them safe! You will need reaction times like a rocket to avoid the random objects that fall from all directions with the intention of hurting you! Good reflexes and a intense concentration are also needed here! Think you have what it takes?

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